It Has Been A While

I hardly ever post on Saturdays, but considering that we have had a day with absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to be (though I did make a quick trip to the Steinmarts since I had a coupon burning a hole in my pocket), I thought I’d check in here.

So. Let the checking in commence, I reckon.

In all honesty, the last 8 or 9 days have been sort of a WHITE HOT MESS in terms of some junk that I’ve been walking and wading through with people I care about a whole bunch, and while I think everything (Martha-speak alert) is going to be fine! just fine! it’s all going to be perfectly fine!, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s made for a pretty tiring week-and-some-change around these parts. A few nights ago I met some friends for supper, and as much as I was trying to be a gamer in terms of contributing to the conversation, there were several points during dinner when I nearly dozed off. My friends were hilarious, mind you, but there was something about the combination of the dimly-lit booth and being able to sit still for an extended period of time that left me a wee bit drowsy.

And that’s pretty much been the norm around here lately: plow through the day, try to stay awake during meals, fall asleep during a TV show, crawl in the bed, wake up at 5:30 the next morning – and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Oh, it has been a refreshing time.

Last weekend I told D that since I’m pretty locked in to several different obligations, this isn’t really one of those times when I can just decide to cut back on a couple of things in the interest of feeling more sane and rested. So, since I can’t necessarily do less, I have to figure out how to work smarter. I feel fortunate because I love everything that I’m doing / working on, but I’m not much good to my people if I’m so worn out from it all that I’m walking around in a daze half the time. And that is precisely why we now have a new addition to our family.

Yes. You’re seeing correctly. That would be a (used) elliptical motion machine. We bought it from one of our neighbors earlier this week, and I’m hoping that it’ll help Mama here have a little more energy and as a result be significantly less likely to fall asleep in the middle of TV shows and/or conversations. It’s HUGE, so today we’re going to try to figure out the best place to put it.

And by “best” what I really mean is “least conspicuous.” BECAUSE IT IS SO VERY GIGANTIC, MY WORD.

I have to say, though, that over the last day or so things have slowly been feeling a little more normal. We watched the Bulldogs play Thursday night, and I loved every single second (for the record, I made Southwestern Salad and a rotel dip with white cheese – both were tasty). Last night D and I went to see this guy in concert, and it was A DELIGHT. We had such a good time. Right now I’m watching the Ole Miss / BYU game, getting ready to fry up some chicken and looking forward to the LSU / Oregon game tonight. This morning on Twitter I mentioned that I don’t know how Les Miles is going to eat grass since he’ll be coaching tonight on artificial turf, but I’ll tell you what: I’m excited about the possibilities.

Anyway, enough about me. How are y’all? How’s your team doing this weekend? Do you have any fun Labor Day plans? Have any exciting naps on the horizon? Any wide stretches of time where you can hang out in your pajamas and spend quality time with your people and hopefully laugh a whole bunch?

A girl has to prioritize, you know.

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  1. Well, I’m at my computer because my football team is down by two touchdowns and the nerves just can’t take it. It’s still early in the game, so GO COCKS!

    Oh no. Another turnover….

    I might just stay on here all night.

  2. My Tide rolled today, as expected :) Reading all the crazy comments on – they are a treasure! Settling in to watch the LSU game and thinking how Erin Andrews pretty much has my dream job.

  3. A good football day for Alabamians. Roll Tide! Glad AU managed a W today too! Take care of you!

  4. I want to warn you, it seems to me like the first week or so after beginning an exercise plan, I’m more tired than normal. But then you should pick right up! Good luck to you! Oh, and went and watched my Steelers play their preseason game, it was absolutely lovely! Enchante!

  5. I know just how you feel. I have had a hard time blogging lately because I have been wading through some stuff lately that has just zapped me. Glad to know that I am not alone.
    Watching the Oregon/LSU game now. Things are not looking good for the Ducks right now. SEC is having a super strong day. Happy Football Day!

  6. Sallie Baker says:

    Baylor beat TCU last night!!! Go Bears!
    My weekend is almost complete!!

  7. It’s been a good day watching college football. Best sport in the world. I’m a Bama fan so…Roll Tide. But, I’m sorely disappointed in Georgia tonight. I’m going to bed slightly grumpy.

  8. Geaux Tigers! So happy that they did so well despite all of the recent controversy with Jordan Jefferson and “friends”. I hope Jarrett Lee takes this time to SHINE!!! Love my tigers!

  9. Even in 112 degree weather, watching the Arizona State Sun Devils whomp UCDavis 48-14 Thursday night was a blast! LOVE college ball!

  10. I’m jealous over the elliptical machine. Those are great! I have a treadmill that does the job. Keep pushing to get some work-outs done past the two week mark and the habit will be easier. The initial exhaustion will go away after that too.

  11. Well since the weather forecast in Knoxville called for 0% chance of rain, 0% of the Tennessee faithful brought ponchos. As the stadium was about to explode after the band played the National Anthem, the band started running off the field. Evidently the 20 degree drop in temperature was a subtle indicator that a monsoon was about to hit. An hour and a half later, 100,000 people cheered their Vols on even though it looked as if we all just got off the Grizzly River Rampage at Opryland! Go Vols!

    • I COULD NOT BELIEVE how many people stuck through it and stayed through the entire 93 minute delay, could you? After the delay (I’m a student, so I was in the student section), my friend and I were amazed at the fact that the stadium actually looked more full than it did before the rain hit.

      And about our running game: HUMPH.

  12. I’m not a die-hard footbal fan like you are. Oh, I watch Ohio State and the Bengals (Lord knows it take patience w the Bengals) pretty regularly but am not that into them. I do love your passion about your team. Very cool!

    I sympathize with an overwhelming schedule. I just completed my third week back to school. I teach 5th graders (I LOVE that age!!) but I can’t remember being any more excited over a 3-day weekend in my life:) Having said that…….maybe you should have some bloodwork done. Your thyroid, potassium, etc. can effect your energy levels. It’s just a suggestion. I wouldn’t want you (or anybody) doing a “George Jetson” on your machine. Love you, Boomama!!!

  13. We absolutely were NOT goug to the TECH game yesterday, but ended up in Libbock anyways (YAY) for some business an then a friend actually volunteered to watch the Bug while we went to the game.

    I figured it was meant to be and we scored cheap tickets outside the stadium. The first half was rough as we have SIXTEEN new starters this year, but then we scored fifty unanswered points in the second half and experienced a major dirt storm so all was right in the world.

    Our plans for the rest of this chilly (leave it to Texas to go from four months of 100 plus to 60 overnight) weekend our to nap. Just gotta get the baby to cooperate!

  14. Love your blog to bits , Boomama !
    I was trying to find a link to a link you posted once (convaluted I know, sorry !)
    It was a link to a blog of a lovely woman or something a friend of yours had done, regarding bringing down a blessing using the scripture in Joel 2; 25. ” He will restore the years that the locust hath eaten.”
    Please, please can you give

    me the link, on a day when you have MUCH less to do than right now, obviously ; )

    Ta very much, as we say in England.

  15. Happy long weekend! Way to go for the elliptical machine! I wouldn’t know what on earth to do with one of those.
    PS. Loved diptacular.
    It was Spectacular.

  16. Whew! Just looking at that machine wears me out!
    Loved college ball yesterday! And I know you are SEC and all, but you know – I just can’t help myself – GO BOISE STATE!!!! They are just so awesome!

  17. Way to go! I recently started an exercise program too, and it has made me feel so much better! I am sleeping better at night, but I don’t feel so sleepy and lethargic during the day. I wake up with more energy and feel much more ready to handle the day. :) By the way, I love your blog header! “Read by tens of people every single day!” My blog is read by tens of people every month! :P

  18. We saw you in Chuy’s today! My girls said “This must be where all the celebrities come to eat”……last time we were there we saw Sara Evans and Jay Barker! They were a tad disappointed I wouldn’t let them run out to the parking lot and get your autograph :) Not that I didn’t want to run out there with them, but I couldn’t tear myself away from the creamy jalapeno dip.

  19. My Labor Day plans include doing homework like the good little college student I am, and (hopefully) exploring Birmingham a little bit more. As for the team? Well we lost pretty bad (Bulldogs! I love you! Still!) but there’s always next week…throwing the optimism out there.

    In other important news, have you ever been to Iguana Grill? I went last night after the game and the cheese dip? So good. And I don’t even like cheese dip.

    Also? If there’s some possible way I could help with editing your ebook (future profession in the works – praying and hoping and working towards, at least) or anything just let me know! I’d love to watch the little man or clean or whatnot, now that I’m in Bham. Okay, cleaning isn’t my favorite, but I do love there’s something.

  20. You need to know that on Saturday night we started a new tradition at our house. Diptacular for dinner. Our beloved aggies weren’t playing until Sunday so we were home with nothing to do but eat “diptacular”. It was fabulous by the way. My husband says it was genius. So I have you to thank.

  21. Best wishes with the eliptical! I’m not an exercise junkie, but I do a strength & resistance class pretty consistently at the YMCA. (I need a deadline, and would never use a machine. Sad but true.) I am cheering you on as you start working toward balance & and end to the fatigue!

  22. Our team got creamed Thursday night, 41-16. It was the first game for our new coach and he has a long way to go, but we feel good about the future. We watched TCU/Baylor Friday and it was so great. We have irrational dislike for TCU and a slight connection to Baylor, so we were quite pleased with the outcome.

    Last night we stayed up far too late playing games with family. We played the fun game that is like telephone, but with pictures too, and it was so funny.

    Today has been blessedly peaceful, although I am filled with concern for friends and family in fire danger. Thanking God for relief from the heat while offering prayers for safety for others.

  23. Wow… THAT thing IS large!!! Good luck with it!!! Proud of ya!! ;-). Miss y’all!
    Can’t talk about the rebels!! Barf!

  24. You know what I call an elliptical machine? The devil’s bicycle. Back in my 20’s I got a gym membership to the gym at OCH. The personal trainer put together an exercise routine for me that he hoped would include 30 minutes on that thing. After about 5 seconds I looked at him and said, “Nope.”

    You’re a better, stronger woman than I. May the force be with you.

  25. Have you had your blood pressure checked recently. I know several years ago, when I was going through a stressful time, mine went up and stayed up. I was falling asleep here and there as a result-as it made me more tired than usual. Just thought I’d throw that out there just in case.

  26. boomama, i first heard of dave barnes through you but then went to his christmas concert last year with my own personal faves drew holcomb & the neighbors. and that was when i totally fell in love with dave barnes even more.

    so i started tweeting him…not an obnoxious amount, just ‘great show, dave!’ ‘you’re hilarious, dave!’ ‘i want to have your babies, dave!’

    (not really on that last one.)

    (i mean…that’s not *exactly* what i said.)

    and i would never hear back! (can you believe it? i know.) and that’s when i started feeling like i was *that* girl…kind of creepy/stalkerish…and he hasn’t heard from me since.

    (did i just say all of that out loud? crap.)