Still Pinning

Whenever there’s some big new interweb fad, it’s tough to tell if my initial fascination is going to last. Because, I mean, Google Plus? Not so much. I don’t understand it.

But Pinterest? YES MA’AM.

In fact, I think Pinterest and I may be in this thing for the long haul.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

Are y’all still pinning, too?

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  1. Yes, love it! Need an extra day a week just for pinning, though:) Never enough time to get lost in space!! Love the Mississippi pin!

  2. Pinning. pinning and pinning some more! I am totally addicted to it and having fun! I even reviewed the site at my review blog Are You on the Fence. If anyone wants to follow me, I will happily follow you back. Find me by Mary Vogel or MBryt1.

  3. Oh pinterest is awesome. and evil. and awesome.

  4. I am, but I haven’t had as much time to devote to pinning as I would like. And I’m afraid my pins are not as well organized as I would like them to be. I think some of my categories need subcategories. And I haven’t had any chance to check out everyone else’s boards to do some repinning.

    I love how I can take something as perfectly harmless as Pinterest and contaminate it with my issues.

  5. I think the question is will I ever give up pinning?! Always enjoy when your pins pop up :)

  6. I’m obsessed. It’s amazing. And it’s helping to feed my Nutella obsession with all sorts of tempting recipes.

  7. love that kitchen! of course green is my favorite color so my eye went straight to it! :-) I am just starting to pin things and I love it!

  8. I’m a bit of a pinaholic….

    • sad to say but I have to agree with that… maybe at some point that there will be a Pinterest’s Anonymous!!! and I will be sitting in that meeting :) Love me some pinterest!

  9. What timing — I just joined Pinterest today and thought to add you, but then got a little nervous b/c you have no idea who I am. But oh my word, where did five hours of my day go???

    I’m v.tentative about GooglePlus too . . . it doesn’t help that the four people I know there don’t really post anything . . . so how am I ever supposed to get used to all the features.

    (You know, you think that the internet is going to allow you to hide in the comfort of your own home and all, but what it really does is add an extra level of potential social trauma. LOL)

  10. I am up waaay too late most nights, just pinning away! I love it! I’ve found several recipes that we’ve enjoyed and a few crafty ideas as well. Oh, and useless pics of million dollar homes and vacations, but they look so nice! :)

  11. you betcha!! Pinning is waaaay better than listening to A&M whine or dwelling on the wildfires…..I say my prayers (yes…for both of those things) and just PIN!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

  12. Yes ma’am!! Love it! Sometimes I get Internet-bored and remember Pinterest and it’s like Christmas every time!

  13. I heart Pinterest.

  14. I’ve totally been pinning! And I can’t stop! I may need a PSL to distract me!

  15. Am I still pinning? Yes Ma’am! Multiple times a day! (And that green kitchen – OH MY LOVE)

  16. First of all, I am SO relieved to know that you don’t “get” the whole Google plus thing, ’cause I don’t either.

    Even though you and I are in a ring (circle?) (rhombus?) together on it, I think Google is sitting back and laughing at all of us, because we don’t do anything to it.

    Pinning, though? I heart Pinterest!

  17. yes, cupcakes caught my eye this week!

  18. LOVE pinterest! It definitely can make me lose track of time, though! I’ve gone to bed late on ‘many a night’ because of my pinning habit :)

  19. I have YOU to thank for all the madness and awesomeness that is pinterest. Never heard of it until your blog, so….gracias! And thank you for this post. The comparison quote could not have come at a better time. You could be called PinMama =)

  20. loving it!
    Just went to follow you and it said “UGH the servers are busy try again in a while”….hmph.
    You better bet I most certainly will!

  21. Oh yes Ma’am! Though my current (crazy) schedule has me pinning less and less these last few days, but I am there!

  22. I am still just a-pinnin’ like crazy. It’s so highly enjoyable. AND USEFUL. May we never forget the useful.

  23. Isn’t it GREAT? I use it for inspiration boards for my novel- I planned a beautiful wedding for my character on Pinterest the other night- so much fun when working with an imaginary budget!

  24. I just came from my boards : ) I made an adorable cake and some super cute cupcakes for my daughters birthday this past weekend. They’ll be on my blog tomorrow and I got the ideas from pinterest. I love it!

  25. comparison is indeed the thief of joy, but pinterest is the thief of time. i could/do spend hours browsing, but oh how i love it. i guess it’s a thief you can’t resist, like the ones in the oceans movies.

  26. That place is addicting! Who knew all the creative things out there?

  27. It was the thing I missed most on my week sabatical while up in the mountains of NC! I wonder how I organized any thoughts before this phenomenon was found a few months ago! I do love it!

  28. Yes ma’am! I just got started with it not too long ago. It’s so inspiring seeing all the great ideas out there. Thanks again for the invite Sophie!

  29. Pinterest? You mean, “Internet Crack” right?
    I am hooked to the point that I have to restrain myself to prevent depression. A little bit inspires me, but too much Pinterest makes me feel like I can’t compete!
    Pin on, sisters!

  30. I need a Pintervention! Pin all the things!!!!!

  31. Not only am I pinning, I’m actually making stuff that I’ve pinned!

  32. Oh, I do I love all the pretty pictures but it’s kinda like scrapbooking was for me (only a lot easier and cheaper): a lot of fun, but never enough time or space to devote my all to it without it taking over my life. So, I’m now more of a pinning voyeur–I really like to look at all the pretty pins, but I don’t participate myself too much.

  33. I love Pinterest. With a big puffy shiny sparkly heart. It is the ultimate in internet fun to me. Recipes! Crafts! Cute clothes! Rainbow hair I will never have! More crafts! Etsy finds! Ideas! And to have it all just as “Look at all the pretty pictures!” I finally gave up Frontierville/Pioneer Trail on Facebook. I’m spending my spare internet time on Pinterest, which is a lot more fun AND I’m getting great ideas and things to try in my REAL LIFE. CAN YOU IMAGINE??

  34. I’m on Pinterest every day. LOVING it. Sometimes I log out so I can see random pins. My facebook profile pic has become an ever-changing quote from Pinterest.

  35. Pinning: Can’tstopwon’tstop.

  36. You KNOW I’m still at it, girl! It’s like window shopping without ever having to leave my couch. WIN!

  37. Oh my! I’ll never turn my back on PINTEREST!!
    It’s amazeballs!

  38. Okay. So I’m coming out of hiding. I have been following blogs for about a year and recently started my own (although I haven’t mastered posting regularly). I have seen pinterest mentioned dozens of times. I’ve even been to the website and snooped around. It’s like a giant magazine and I love it. But, when I requested an invite it asked to access my facebook page in order for me to join. Is this normal? I haven’t set up an account of my own b/c that seemed sort of weird to open up my facebook info to a website. Plus, am I right that it randomly posts to my fb page? Really want to get on the bandwagon, but not sure AT ALL what to do. Can anyone help this “closet siesta” out?

    • It is normal for it to ask you to register ‘through’ facebook or twitter. I think it’s their way of ‘connecting’ automatically to new potential members.
      As far as I know it doesn’t post to your fb page unless you ‘like’ something with the fb button. The only things posted to my fb page have been things I posted on purpose.
      Good luck and happy pinning!

  39. i love pinterest and found out about it here-so thank u! but just like fb it is a time-waster. i have to be careful sometimes and use self-control because a little is ok but too much is using time that could be more productively used.

  40. Totally addicted! The ideas and the food and funny!! LOVE it! You gave the best description of it – it’s like a magazine where you get to pick just the stuff that interests you! I’ve gotten so many great recipes and ideas off of it. The clothes and makeup and just so much stuff! There is not enough time to pinterest and certainly not enough to make it all!!

  41. I love it so far! We recently cooked a Crockpot potato soup recipe I pinned and it was wonderful. I don’t know a ton about pinterest (I usually only see what friends have posted unless I see links on a blog), but seeing what others find on the web is neat.

  42. I AM ADDICTED!! (in the best sense of the word – ha)

  43. haha! You sound like me. Pinterest is love. Google+ is confusion.

  44. Yes Ma’am! Check out my boards:

    Me and Pinterest are best buddies.

  45. ha! funny what you said about google plus because i haven’t really been interested.

    and then tonight i decided i’d get caught up on emails and such and saw a ‘you+’ icon in the top left corner of my gmail. (i’m looking at it now as a matter-of-fact.) i clicked on it and bada-boom-bada-bing, i’ve become a member of this thing i have no interest or time for becoming a member of and i guarantee it will be one of those places like myspace where i have a membership but never visit. dang.

    but pinterest? peaks my…ahem…pinterest. (sorry, had to.) i know i will become addicted to it once i link in, so i’m waiting as long as i possibly can. but i think the wait may be over, now that i’ve seen your cute pictures.

    uuugggh…because i need to be member of one more social media activity like i need a hole in my head. seriously? seriously.