The .MOM Report

Listen. I’m just as happy as I can be to report that the emceeing/hosting/interpretative dancing duties at .MOM ended up being surprisingly easy and breezy and DARE I SAY comfortable. Maybe it was because the women who were there were just as sweet and supportive as they could be. Maybe it was because the LifeWay folks totally set us up to succeed (Seth Worley and Jeff Venable were the brains behind the opening video, and Lydia Campbell made sure that we always understood what we were supposed to be doing during the event). Maybe it was because Mel and I have gotten to know the event team pretty well over the last three years and the built-in comfort factor was HUGE. Maybe it was a combination of all those things.

Because do you know what?

It was really, really FUN.


I wish I had all the right words to sum up what made .MOM so special. I know I’ll fall way short if I try to explain it, but I definitely think that the solid teaching combined with God-honoring worship combined with good, old-fashioned fellowship made for a mighty encouraging two days. What I love most of all is that I came home with some real, practical, much-needed wisdom (along with some fresh perspective) about how I can better serve my people. So good.

.MOM is going to be in Birmingham again next year, and we would love to see you there (you can actually register now if you’re interested). Melanie and I are going to emcee again (WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE), and now that we know what to expect, I have a feeling that both of us will look forward to next September LIKE CRAZY.

There are several things that I am dying to talk about but don’t have time right now (a certain eight year-old said all 66 books of the Bible to his Sunday School teacher yesterday, and we have a date for celebratory frozen yogurt just as soon as he finishes school today). Chief among those things is the fact that the Duggars showed up for an impromptu .MOM visit Friday night, and Jim Bob and I had a bit of an awkward exchange over a microphone. It was one of those situations that struck me as so funny but I couldn’t act like it was funny and the more I tried not to get tickled the more I wanted to get REALLLLY tickled and finally I just backed up and stood behind the Duggars and tried to behave.

Just FYI: I don’t think I behaved nearly as well as those 18 kids (the littlest wasn’t there) and 2 grandkids.

I also want to discuss what happens when Melanie and I get to watch college football together. OH, IT IS LIVELY. But more about that later.

Okay. I’m off to get some yogurt. But I hope y’all are having a great day. And I hope that if you were at .MOM that you’re catching up on your rest. And I hope that if you weren’t at .MOM that you had a great weekend with your people. And I hope that somebody shows up at my house tonight with some fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but something tells me that it’s not gonna happen unless I decide to run through the drive-thru at the Popeye’s.

Which, now that I think of it, SORT OF SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.

See y’all later!

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  1. Oh, BooMama and the Duggars together….I wish I could have witnessed that!

  2. I’m penciling ya’ll in for next year! Was bummed to miss all the fun this go ’round…

  3. I’m so glad it went well. I was praying for you two.

  4. So glad it was a win for you and BigMama.

  5. I could not go this year but my best friend was there and she tweeted all weekend for me. I sorta felt like I was there. God willing, I am going next year!!!

  6. I’m totally pumped to join in on the next conference. So glad it went so well.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. And now I’m craving Popeye’s, darn it!

  8. .Mom was incredible and you and Melanie were a huge part of that! Boo Mama, Big Mama and the Duggers!?!?!? You have never seen a pregnant woman run all over a hotel so fast trying to snap so many pictures. The weekend was filled with one blessing after another. I came home encouraged, challenged and determined to be the sunshine! Can’t wait until next year!!

  9. You and Melanie were amazing!!! I am so proud of ya’ll. You looked comfortable and I love your humor sweetie. NEVER stop being yourself. You two make a great team. So glad you will be with us next year. Dot Mom was very special. It was for moms and grand moms of all ages.

  10. I too enjoyed my time at the Dot Mom conference! So much fun and I came away enlightened, refreshed and ready to “be the sunshine!” Highlights included nerding out at Melanie’s break out session and taking an obscene amount of pictures both covertly and out in the open and then quietly uploading them to Facebook. Also, running into Boo Mama at the Tarjay on my way home. It was as though God wanted us to meet and converse about the weekend! Loved meeting you Sophie and cannot wait for next year! Hopefully, we will meet again and I do not mean that in any sort of stalkerish way. I just bring the crazy wherever I go!

  11. You and Jim Bob. I’m tickled just imagining it.

  12. I wish I could have been there! Sounds like fun!

  13. I thought you and Melanie did a great job! You looked very relaxed up there. I really thought it was a great conference for all the reasons you mentioned, and the Duggars were the icing on the cake! Wow!

  14. Girl, you and Melanie are hysterical. The Alamodome wasn’t the fail you imagined. I think that whole thing got out of control which is totally expected when sailing uncharted waters. I was grieved to the core to miss dotMom but had already been gone the 2 previous weekends and needed to have a sleepover for my bday girl before she became convinced her mother didn’t love her. Sometimes you can tell when your family has had enough of fending for themselves.;)

    So glad it went well…I know yall killed it. In a good way.

  15. Either I was sort of speed reading through your post or a had a small episode of dyslexia because when I read “TAKE THAT, ALAMODOME,” it registered in my brain as ALA MODE, which made me think YAY, WITH A CHERRY ON TOP. We all knew you two sweeties would be wonderful. Wish I could have been there!

  16. You did a phenomenal job! Y’all were hysterical and did not disappointment! Can’t wait to go again next year. :-)

  17. Related to nothing at all, but I have to tell you because I know you will appreciate it. The Mean Green WON!!! We won! We beat Indiana. It was our first win at home in something like 3 years. Our defense was on fire and it was just so great. So, yeah, I had a good weekend (my Texas Rangers also clinched their spot in the playoffs).

  18. I thought you all did a great job at .MOM. It was just what I needed! Thanks so much!

  19. I cannot believe you got to meet the Duggars, and like hang out with them. That is so cool.
    I thought of you this weekend, as my little cousin got to cheer with her Guntown, MS cheer squad at the MS State game on Sat.!!!!!

  20. I’m so glad y’all had a better experience this time. I hate I missed it!

  21. Have you ever noticed how Jim Bob kind of looks like Kenneth on “30 Rock?”

    I’m so glad that everything went well. It sounds like it was so much fun!

  22. So here’s the thing. I was hoping to get the chance to meet you, I just didn’t think it would be in the bathroom. So thanks for smiling nicely at the crazy person who introduced herself when all you wanted to do was dry your hands. And then again when I was able to to meet both you and Melanie after dotmom was over, I got all verklempt and mumbly. I’ve never been so proud of myself. Really.
    On a different note, you all did an amazing job with the witty and the banter. And the video of you all traveling together? Ten kinds of awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing you all again next year. Maybe I’ll be able to redeem myself and form some of my own witty banter. Or I can regale you with tales of the twins potty training success.
    A girl can dream.