Because I Luv Memory Lane

Earlier this afternoon on the Twitter, Ree posed a question that stopped me in my tracks and then propelled me RIGHT BACK to 1979:

“Does anyone in this universe remember Luv-It jeans?”

Because, um, YEAH.

I actually had a couple of different pairs of Luv-Its. One pair had some sah-weet satin hearts on the back pockets, and another featured some satin roller skates. And if you weren’t a child of the late 70s/early 80s and are therefore trying to figure out what made Luv-It jeans so special and memorable, you may have picked up on the fact that it was THOSE SASSY SATIN APPLIQUES.

After I read Ree’s tweet, I spent some quality time reflecting on the days when I thought my Luv-It jeans were the absolute pinnacle of elementary school fashion. The only thing that made them better, of course, was when I accessorized my Luv-Its with a gigantor comb in my pocket (thanks, Holly, for that reminder), but obviously I tried to change up my fashion routine a little bit when I’d make a trip to the skating rink on the weekends.

I mean, if I was gonna break it down and backwards skate to some Donna Summer “On The Radio,” then obviously I wanted to look as much like Tootie on The Facts of Life as I possibly could.

Because Tootie? SHE WORKED IT OUT.

Anyway, all the thoughts about the Luv-Its jeans and whatnot prompted a stroll down my fashion memory lane (late 70s/early 80s edition). And these were a few of my favorite things:

1) Luv-It jeans. Obviously.

2) Mork & Mindy suspenders. Nanu-nanu.

3) Green corduroy Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Mama bought them at McRae’s, and I thought they were very fancy.

4) Old-school Nike tennis shoes. White with a blue swoosh.

5) Wooden handle purse with reversible monogrammed covers.

6) Add-a-bead necklace.

7) Yellow t-shirt with “How To Roller Skate” instructions on it. It looked fab with my Mork & Mindy suspenders.

8) Painters’ pants. I thought they were FANTASTIC with a ruffled plaid blouse.

9) Reversible down puffy vest. If I close my eyes and think really hard, I can still smell the feathers.

10) Pink fake-silk shirt with a maroon ribbon around the neck. It was awful and wonderful all at the same time.

11) Yo-Yo sandals. They were perfection with a pair of culottes.

All righty. Your turn. You have no idea how happy it will make me to read about your best elementary school / middle school clothes-related moments.


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  1. I had the Luv-It jeans with the roller skates, too.

    A lot of my friends had rainbow shirts. They were white with three-quarter length sleeves. The rainbow went across the t-shirt and down the sleeves. Don’t know if they were a national phenomenon or not, but it was very hip in my grade school (note that I said grade school, because we didn’t say elementary school where I came from).

    • I had one of those!! A group of my friends gathered together and made one large rainbow – I still have the picture!!

  2. Little House on the prairie dresses.
    Jordache Jeans-comb in back pocket OF COURSE!!

    I had the first pair of Nikes in my class. That’s right I totally did.

  3. Outback Red – (AND HELLO- it’s back. Check out The Limited); Parachute Pants, Coca Cola, Swatch Watches, Jordache Jeans, Members Only Jackets, Panama Jack Long Sleeve t-shirt (specifically, baby pink with the lettering on the sleeve), Gotcha Shorts, Vans, Tickle Deoderant, Love’s Baby Soft, jazz shoes, puffy socks, etc. ooooooh this is fun.

    I’m going to get my photo albums out!

  4. HA — I was just about to post Members Only jackets!! So many memories.

    And I had a ton of those covers for the purse with the wooden handles!

    Let’s see, what else…. I had a pair of lace-covered suspenders (YESIDID!) that I wore with a long neon yellow skirt and matching shirt (with the collar up, of course). I was hot, let me tell you.

    Oh, and slouch socks. They were the coolest.

  5. I don’t remember what these shoes were called, but they were white and had a little patter on the side (again I don’t remember what-I’m super helpful, I know), and you could change out the color of the pattern with these little inserts. I think there was blue and red and yellow and maybe some other colors. Does anyone have the slightest idea what I’m talking about?

    My friend and I also would wear two different colored pairs of socks and alternate the colors on each foot. Oh, and t-shirt ties were quite the rage, as were slap bracelets.

    Oh memory lane, how I love thee!

  6. coolots (sp?) and sam & libby shoes :-)

  7. Amy in Italy says:

    So how many of you caught your big comb/ripped your pockets standing up from your school desk/chair??? LOVED THIS POST BOO MAMA!

  8. Culottes. Now THERE is a memory – raised in a home where the ladies (still) don’t wear pants or shorts, what is a little girl to do in gym class? Why, wear culottes of course. I had them in every color. If any pictures surface of that time in my life, I will be coincidentally on trial for murder.

  9. Puff painted t-shirt tied on the side with a scrunchie; keds with the shoelaces replaced with bright colored curly elastic band things (?); AND slip on keds that were personalized with paint pens; T-shirt dresses; tight rolled jeans with 2 different colored socks scrunched up; red jeans from the department store downtown; wind-suits with a turtleneck underneath; ahh…memories.

  10. OmGosh! Someone had YoYos on at church this past Saturday and I stopped DEAD In my tracks and stared for at least 2 mins. :) Then I said to myself .. man I want some of those babies. :)

  11. Parachute pants, member’s only jacket (purple of course), a saweeet airbrushed t-shirt from Gatlinburg with my name and a unicorn and rainbow painted on it, knee socks with shorts or culottes, Jordache jeans, and instead of the comb in my pocket I loooved me some grape lip gloss – especially the kind you got at Cracker Barrel in the little gold pot with a slide-back top. Does anyone remember that lip gloss?

    • I think Bonne Belle had some slide-tin lip glosses. Tarte made some several years ago that defeated the purpose, because they had pigment, which just stained the fingers.

      • Okay, it probably was Bonne Bell! I used the little slide-top pots in elementary school and then in middle school and high school I used the “chap-stick” like sticks. My favorites then were peppermint and Dr. Pepper. When I was really little I looooved the roll-on type lip gloss. I can’t remember the brand – just the grape flavor and the way I thought it made me look so much older with my shiny, shiny lips! Ha!

    • The lip gloss tins were Village Lip Lickers. Here’s a photo :
      I LOVED these!!!

      • OMG !!! I was so excited to get one of these on one of our only family vacations to (drumroll please) Nashville, Indiana. And I was so lucky to have purchased this with my own money right after we were treated, and I do mean TREATED to some yummy warm cashews. So, when I went to use my Village Lip licker for the first time, it became incredibly salty from the cashews. And the salt…NEVER.WENT.AWAY. It would be there to this day if I still had the tin. Lip balm with Salt. Really good when you have chapped lips! Oh the memories.

      • Thank you! I almost got a little teary looking at the picture of these! I had grape and watermelon and I LOVED them! So fun.

      • Loved them too.

  12. I came a long a smidge later (just a smidge!) but I remember having hand-me-down bell-bottom Girl-Scout pants that were mortifying, and I thought about doing the pegging thing (we called it tight-rolling) but then I thought, “That’s insane.” Then a year later it was all the rage.

  13. OH! In grade school, it was super-hip to have topsiders that you didn’t tie, but you tied each end of the shoelace around itself in a spiral. OH! And in 8th grade, it was cool to carry, instead of a backpack, these ENORMOUS Esprit book bags that made everyone lean to one side. And also, all the spoiled rich girls had Liz Claiborne purses, which makes me laugh now because WHAT AN OLD-LADY BRAND.

  14. I LOVED my rainbow shirt just like the first commentor mentioned. Also, baseball shirts, I think they were called, with the different-colored sleeves. Mine was white with purple sleeves and had my name on it in purple letters – this is before we were concerned about strangers knowing our names. Also, briefly in about 3rd-4th grade (1983-4) knickers were all the rage. Not culottes, but knickers with tight bottoms just under the knee. And I definitely remember wearing legwarmers – of course I am from Colorado.

    • I was in 7/8 grade and we had knickers. they were so cool…. The girls used to have some kind of lace up shoe that my mom wouldn’t let me get, nor the knickers. She said it was going to be some kind of fad… We also had different colored shoelaces, iron on t shirts, and I LOVED those purses with the wooden handles and you could change out the covering.

      • Yes, I wore the knickers! I had some sassy red and white ones that I wore with white knee socks in the spring and a couple pairs of corduroy that I wore with tights in the winter. And I did have one of the purses with the wooden handles. I think one side was navy and it reversed to khaki. I did not have the privilege of having it monogrammed though!

    • Leg warmers are back. I have seen them with my very own eyes.

  15. And charm bracelets and necklaces! The chain was plastic, and you could get the charms in bubble-gum machines for 25 cents. And Swatch watches.

  16. Tami Sirmon says:

    Maybe it is a west coast thing, but we had the big flare San Francisco riding jeans, and Pimento jeans and Britannia jeans. How about the jeans with a rainbow stiched up one leg and down the other back leg. ..also Laura ashley dresses. Funny remembering all of these styles! Can’t forget leg warmers too!!!

  17. LA Gear sneakers! White with pink glitter of course.

  18. Oh my goodness…when I was in elementary/middle school, Units were so popular…the combinations were endless! Coca-Cola Shirts, acid washed jeans (tight-rolled, of course), Guess jeans, bubble suits (those one piece jumper pant outfits), tapestry vests, duck head shorts in every color, sweater dresses, liz claiborne purses, Electric Youth perfume, Liz Claiborne perfume, neon anything….

    • Units!!! OMG! I totally forgot about those…..awesome! And twist a bead necklaces. I distinctly remember a first day of school outfit which was cordoroy knickers with argyle socks. Of course, I live in Texas so I must have been burning up!

      • Oh yes – Units were more of my high school years. Twist-a-bead necklaces were a big trend in middle school. I borrowed my mom’s a lot but Ididn’t have any of my own.

  19. I’m young, but I remember some awesome outfits featuring biker shirts with a lace edging. My grandma handmade me some suh-weet floral jumpers. And I loved jelly shoes.

  20. J. Johnson says:

    I had these quite lovely gray pleated corduroy knickers. I wore them with white tights and a prairie-ruffled blouse. The whole look was very Victorian page boy, but I thought I was quite the stylish one.

  21. I was and still am pretty fashion illiterate, but reading through these helped me remember some of the things I loved. I definitely loved the baseball type t-shirt with different color sleeves. My favorite had purple sleeves. I also had some purple corduroy knickers like someone else mentioned that I loved. I always coveted the parachute pants, but for some reason my mom wouldn’t get me any. And I always felt inferior because my pants just didn’t seem tight enough around the bottom edges. My pre-teen self would be totally embarrassed to see the wide legged pants I wear these days. In my older teens I had a flower print bubble jumper that I loved. I remember when I reached the teen years my mom would let me shop with my older friend/big sister type, Charlene, and I was always so much more confident in her help than my moms. Thanks for the (fun) walk down memory lane!

  22. I’m alittle bit older than you…the rage was BB jeans and huaraches (with the tire bottoms). You could still wear your huraraches in the winter with rainbow toe socks.
    But my all time favorite shoes were my BASS wedges. They laced, and I had them in the camel color, as well as the maroon. Oh and I forgot about the white leather nikes with red swoosh. I had a shoe thing way back then…that hasn’t gotten any better. Thanks for bringing us down memory lane.
    P.S. Did you have your own skates with big pink pom poms like me?

  23. 1. Sunset Blues jeans by Chic that were patterned in the back and plain in the front.

    2. Twist-a-beads.

    3. Jams.

    4. Jelly bracelets and jelly shoes.

    5. Swatch watches with multiple face protectors.

    6. Dexter shoes.

    • Re: the Sunset Blues jeans – YES, LORD. I’d forgotten all about them. They were SPECTACULAR.

      • Oh yes. I loved Sunset Blues. I had some with some weird striping going on. I bought mine at Goody’s. I don’t know if you all had Goody’s where you lived but they were the main supplier of all Sunset Blues jeans for my middle school! :)

  24. I’m older than you but I loved my Candies (the shoes…mine were a purple suede)
    I am a child (teen) of the 70’s…there is much to love and loathe about that fashion decade.

    tube tops, Charlie (perfume), body suits, knee socks, halter tops

    I loved the purses with the interchangeable covers…Pappagallos was a favorite store of mine.

  25. Thanks, Joyce for representing the 70’s! I’m one of those types, too. I wore Candies to school every day and clip-clopped down the hall wearing jeans that sorta resemble today’s skinny jeans – very tight at the ankle.

    But my favorite was the Jessica McClintock dress. It was kinda prairie/American revolution with a lace up bodace. Always a lovely floral cotton. Top it off with a ribbon or a comb in your hair and you were gold!

  26. Oh how I saved up for my first (and only) pair if Guess jeans…my mim just did’t get it. We also wore jeans that zipped in the back with our Forenza sweaters with matching, double-layered socks and Tretorn tennis shoes.

    • I would wear a Forenza sweater RIGHT NOW if I had access to one. My yellow one was STUNNING with my hot pink pants and my hot pink Connie flats. Amen.

      • Loved my Tretorns! Did you have some with a pattern on the side? I saved up for mine and just got plain white but I coveted many a girl at Band Camp who had plaid or some other pattern.

  27. I had a pretty spectacular pair of plum purple corduroy overalls that I wore at least once a week in the Fall and Winter of 6th grade, always with the same pink and purple striped long sleeve shirt. It was my absolute favorite outfit. One time I had a basketball intramural game after school and forgot a change of clothes so there I was, running up and down the gym in my corduroy overalls. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t so great at basketball. (But at least I had a killer fashion sense.)

  28. My favorite outfit in middle school was a pair of black leggings and a long sweater that went nearly down to my knees. It was black and fuchsia diamond print and I loved it.

    On another note, I’m going to an 80s party tomorrow night. I’ve got black leggings, a teal short sleeved sweatshirt (terrycloth) and a jean jacket. What else do I need???

  29. Oh, I forgot to mention. The planner of the event was not even alive for 3/4 of the 80s. I feel old.

  30. I loved those ribbon-wrapped barrettes that left streamers of ribbon blowing in the wind as I rode my bike. And I also had some of those SWEET Tretorn tennis shoes with the plaid accents that I BEGGED my mom to buy for ages.

  31. Well you young’uns grab this ole memaw a rocking chair and I will tell you what we wore way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    Hot pants, fishnet stockings, white lipstick, blue mascara, nehru jackets, HUGE bell bottoms that were ragged on the bottom from scraping the ground, and the longest, straightest hair possible that was parted straight down the middle.

    • Class of 70…and yes, I had some brown suede hot pants! Also white lipstick and everything Yardley…Aziza blue mascara…and yes, that same hairstyle. Please don’t forget the granny glasses. :)

  32. Confession time.
    I got married last May.
    My new last name? Mork.

    When I have to give my name over the phone or to someone face-to-face who needs to pull up something with my name on it, they often ask me to spell “Mork.” I often say, “Mork–like ‘Mork and Mindy’.”

    Sadly, a large majority of the people who are assisting me don’t know “Mork and Mindy.”

    (And yes. As a child I had the Mork suspenders.)

  33. 1. Anything with “Esprit” on it, even though they forgot the vertical line on their “E”

    2. For some unknown reason there was one year when we all wore shoelaces laced through the collars of an oxford shirt and they sold hundreds of different patterns. I was partial to the one with alligators; a nod to Izod I guess. (remember the pink and green color combo?)

    3. Friendship Pins on the shoelaces of our white Keds- these were safety pins that were strung with little tiny beads. Do I sense a shoelace theme? Kids these days have no idea what they are missing since the advent of velcro.

    4. United Colors of Benneton. So trendy.

    5. Hunt Club shirts…the lower/middle class version of Ralph Lauren. Available at JcPenney, I think.

    • Oh my word…friendship beads! I’d forgotten about those! And yes on Hunt Club. I sported a Dorothy Hamill ‘do for almost three years! And leg warmers were a necessity for those of us who were forced to wear a plaid jumper. We were allowed to wear blue polyester pants when it was cold out, but that was the kiss of death. Leg warmers were the only fashionable alternative to frostbite.

    • I believe the Silly Bandz are the friendship pins of our day.

  34. I had painter’s pants in several colors. Also the add-a-bead necklace and the suspenders. It seemed like everyone had the Nike’s. I have a picture somewhere taken in high school of a circle of everyone’s feet them. My favorite perfume was Loves Baby Soft.

  35. Um.

    Tight rolled jeans and jelly shoes.

    Also, when wearing sweatpants (generally with a matching sweatshirt in school colors and with the name of town on front) it was a MUST, to pull them up above the calf, and just below knee.

    A must.

    I wasn’t cool and I even knew that.

    Also, very important to wear your coat but to not have it up on your shoulders, but rather lying across your mid back strung from bent elbow to bent elbow.

    So cool.

  36. And jams.

    How could I have forgot jams?

    I told you I wasn’t cool.

  37. Oh my word, this is the exact post for me to read today. I have laughed right out loud so many times. I think I probably wore 85% of everything listed. But mine was never the brand named it was always the knowck off brands. Bless my mothers heart for all the grief I must have given her. I am going to call and tell her how much I love her.
    My all time fav was my 1st day of my senior high year. Guess overalls (worked all summer to buy) sleeveless turtleneck shirt and granny boots. W/ my twisted bead necklace. HOT I TELL YOU HOT!!!!

    • I should not fail to mention the hot pink lip gloss, bright blue eyeliner and the cloud of loves baby soft!

  38. 1. Love’s Baby Soft Perfume.
    2. Famolare shoes with wavy soles. Rainbow criss cross straps.
    3. Permed hair
    4. Monogramed overalls.
    5. Purple eye shadow. Beginners wear blue, professionals purple. We all looked bruised.
    6. Dr. Pepper lip gloss.
    7. We starched our painter’s pants. Why? I don’t know.

  39. Perhaps Luv-Its were southern, or maybe I was Even More Out of It than I remember (which is hard to imagine). But I remember purple knickers as my first day of 8th grade outfit, with a baseball-style shirt with purple arms and a decal of a flying unicorn over a rainbow. Oh, I was stylin’.

  40. Nelson's Mama says:

    I had a pair of those jeans with hearts on the pocket! Didn’t remember the brand! My Mama bought them for me as Christmas gift and I had a white tuxedo type shirt that went with them and it had shiny, gold lame’ pin stripes! They came from the coolest store in town called The Place!

    Always wanted a pair of Yo Yo’s but never got around to buying a pair. We all wore Famolares at my high school (with toe socks!) Do you remember those?

  41. I’m a bit older than you (graduated high school in 1982) but I definitely wore a lot of the same things! In addition, Ditto pants, painter pants, Calvin Klein jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, a blue satin baseball jacket (LOVED that thing), Hawaiian shirts, and I was preppy so I had deck shoes and Jacque Cohen espadrilles, K-Swiss tennis shoes (and the infamous Nikes you mentioned) as well as sweaters that coordinated with my button down shirts, to tie around my neck LOL.

  42. Parachute pants and duck shoes.
    Though not together of course. Then those little bootie shoes where the top folded down, which, coincidentally, have come back in fashion.

  43. Y’all, I was voted “Best Dressed” in my 4th grade class in 1980 and I know it was because of my “rust colored” (can’t think of another name for that orangey color) corduroy knickers with the cream and rust plaid ruffled blouse to match. Oh, yes AND….AND….I made my own ribbon barrettes to match!! I remember working at night to make those barrettes to match every outfit I owned. Oh, I was the fashion queen.

    • Ooo, I had that SAME outfit, I swear. Pretty sure my school photo from 4th Grade (or Grade 4 as well call way up here in Canada) has me in those rust knickers and cream and rust plaid ruffled blouse!

    • Oh, the ribbon barrettes. I made them, too! I added beads to the extra ribbon hanging down. Fancy!

  44. Didn’t anybody do the barrettes where you would braid different colored plastic– and then make the ends long enough where it would end where your hair ended, then finish them off with complimentary colored beads?? My friends and I would spend HOURS accessorizing our outfits (mainly in elementary school, thank God) with these “friendship barrettes.” Maybe it was a northern thing– I grew up in Northern VA, but haven’t seen any comments on those. I remember mostly the Coca-Cola shirts, the jelly shoes, the rainbow/unicorn shirts… I remember one particularly horrendous school picture– white shirt with a Peter Pan collar complimented by a purple sweater featruring PINK prancing unicorns merrily marching across the chest. Oh, and I had a frienship barrette that matched. Yeah.

  45. I wore Jelly Shoes all summer LONG! And of course wore my fair share of stir-up (sp?) pants! And layered colored socks too!

  46. I’m a little older (class of 80) but Gunne Sax tiered prarie skirts with Bare Trap wooden sandles, Sticky Finger jeans, Dittos jeans. My favorite -wrap around pants- shaped like a diaper. Tie around the front then pull thru legs and tie around the back-very wide legs and always got caught in the bike chain. Late 80s I wore stirrup pants with pumps- I was stylin!

  47. It was all about the Izod shirts, Levi’s jeans (boy’s of course), and Aigner pocketbooks. I had a green Addidas shirt with yellow lettering that I thought was super cool. Addidas tennis shoes, high top Converses, top siders, espadrilles that were constantly dirty. Long coats with a belt and hood and letter sweaters. Add-a-bead necklaces in jade, gold, and cloisonne and serpentine chains.

    If we go way back to the early 70’s I can tell you how much I HATED stirrup pants and turtlenecks. No pully tight things on my feet or neck could be tolerated at all, so when they came back in style when I was older I avoided them like the plague.

  48. I kind of love you even more for this post.

    I had peach Gloria Vanderbilt cords with a matching peach sweater and thought I was IT.


    Luv-It and Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. With the required comb in the back pocket, of course.
    Yo-yos ( I begged and pleaded and wheedled until I finally got some in 6th grade)
    The day I got the much coveted satin jacket with a giant roller skate on the back from Palais Royal was the best day ever.
    Oh when you mentioned Mork & Mindy rainbow suspenders I was almost done in by a wave of nostalgia.
    Plain Nikes, I think mine were blue.
    Blue tennis shoe skates with jumbo yellow wheels.
    How does anyone survive junior high?
    Ruffle front shirts.
    Polo button down oxford shirts with matching ribbon *ties*.
    Those suede half-boots? What were they called? Whatever they were you couldn’t get through 8th grade without them.

    This was SO fun!!

  49. I begged my mom for some Dr. Scholl’s sandals!!!!! LOL!!!!! If I’m not mistaken, we bought them at the K&B drugstore!!

  50. Andrea Clark says:

    Izod shirts in every color, ribbon barrettes and those gold belt buckles in a variety of preppy shapes with the thin colored belts…not really sure what they were called, but they were a must have in Auburn where I grew up!

    • They were in Birmingham too! When I was in high school, I worked as a “Gap Girl” and got a sahweet discount but before my Gap phase it was izod or Ralph Lauren polos, tretorns in EVERY color, Tommy Hilfiger shirts, Espirit, friendship bracelets made of embroidery floss, friendship pins and don’t forget a gold chain – the thicker the better!

      I also rocked a Laura Ashley bubble/romper with keds and a big ole grosgrain ribbon tied around my pony tail during rush at Alabama. It was vertical stripes of different shades of pink and white so I suppose it is appropriate that I ended up pledging Phi Mu.

  51. Commenting on one of yours…
    #5 – you forgot to mention that one of those reversible sides was corduroy. Preferably in some shade of mauve or wedgewood blue. The wooden handle was awesome for smacking your brother with. Hypothetically.

    Now mine,
    1. Espirit EVERYTHING.
    2. Jams. It was the only way we could wear shorts to school – they were long enough. And awesome, too.
    3. Twist-a-beads. I’m pretty sure I’m STILL grounded because I snuck them out of my mom’s jewelry box & wore them to school on picture day with my plaid shirt. THE HORROR.
    4. Rose tented lenses on my glasses. (mine also had my name etched on them. I was PA-RECIOUS, let me tell you.)
    5. Jelly shoes. I had tan lines on my feet in the shape of my jelly shoes.

    THIS IS FUN. I’m loving reading them.

  52. All those things plus Panama Jack t-shirts and ‘jams.’ Which are long, Hawaiian-type shorts for the uninititated!

  53. stacey taylor says:

    button your fly t shirts

    duckhead brand shorts/shirts

    maroon guess jeans with a maroon and gold striped guess shirt

    wearing all the scrunchies you owned…at the same time

    hypercolor- the outfits that change colors when you got hot

    GITANO jeans that came up to your neck

    i could go on and on… i love this!

  54. I had the roller skate Luv Its, but aIso had:

    Lipstick, comb, mirror
    Luv Ya Blue with an oil derrick (Houston Oilers)
    Chocolate Chip cookies

    Don’t forget the big comb in the back pocket.

    I also had Famolare shoes, rubber wedge, that had a sort of wave motif….there was a store in the Houston Galleria, but I think dept. stores sold them, too.

  55. The only thing I see missing are tretorn (sp) tennis shoes. Also, I worked at the Limited Express; and don’t forget the famous flip-top jeans. They came in denim and colored flip-top.

    • whoa, flip top jeans! forgot about those–on purpose?? and the jeans/pants that came way up above the waist and then were belted with a skinny belt. had pleats and skinny ankles.

  56. Omg…When I was in sixth grade (1970ish) my mom bought me a my sisters skinny rib shirts and white hip hugger jeans with a leather “chain” belt that had like, 18 inch fringe at both ends that tied. I LOVED that outfit!!

  57. Twist-a-beads necklaces. I had a pink a blue combo with a huge shell clasp.
    I can’t remember the name, but those belts you could change out with different buckles. I had the alligator buckles that looked like their mouths were clamped together. :)
    Tulip rings

  58. I loved my Add-A-Bead necklace, as well as my Twist-A-Bead (I think that’s what they were called) necklaces! I also loved my Kangaroo tennis shoes because I could put my snack money in the pocket and I of course loved the velcro. And jellies! They weren’t exactly comfortable, especially after having worn them onto the playground and getting playground dirt/ dust all over my feet in a jellies basketweave pattern. I also loved Tootie, as well as Punky Brewster! I was obsessed with Guess jeans. I begged and begged for a pair & finally got some for my 11th birthday, but my sweet mama wanted them to be special so she bought white ones with silver stars all over them and a Guess shirt to match. I so appreciated her effort, but I really just wanted regular blue denim ones so I could wear them more often!

  59. And… Etienne Aigner that we thought was pronounced “Agg-ner.” :)

  60. When I was in late elementary, everyone was pinning/rolling their jeans. You had to tight roll them. So that it left marks on your legs. And sometimes you just said to heck with rolling and safety pinned them. This made it all the easier to pull your two socks over the bottom. You know, your black and red socks, or yellow and blue or whathaveyou. Two pairs of socks. With your Keds.

    Honorable mention: kangaroo shoes with the zipper pocket, hightop Reeboks, Michael Jordan’s (with the pump), Zubaz pants, mismatched earrings (with one of them being ginormous), stirrup pants, and giant oversized shirts. And then junior high for me was all about the plaid flannel – thank you, angsty Seattle music movement!

  61. I had the skate jeans too!! I LOVE.EVERY.WORD in the post and comments.. today my fashion heart is full :)

  62. oh my goodness – PAINTERS PANTS!

  63. oh my goodness – PAINTERS PANTS! I LOVED THEM!

  64. Oh heavens! Yes I do!
    1) Izod shirts
    2) Jordache jeans
    3) Rabbit fur jackets (for the fancy folk…)
    4) Members Only jackets
    5) Short short jogging shorts ( a few 80’s pix– )
    Oh and let’s not forget FEATHERED BANGS ya’ll!

    Those were the days, baby!

  65. Low cut bell bottom jeans with frayed hems; macrame belt and purse; long straight hair was a must, angora yarn around the classring your boyfriend gave you that proved you were “in love.” Oh, fish net hose and shimmer hose. Dresses with several puff sleeve layers. Baby doll shirts. Can you guess when I grew up?

  66. I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t been stated before: Mork and Mindy Suspenders, Rainbow Shirts, Coulottes, Parachute Pants, Jelly Shoes… I loved this post, and the comments! And now I want to have a 70’s/80’s party, and hand out those prism metalic stickers with hearts/rainbows/unicorns as party favors. :D

  67. Okay here we go…
    *bangs that started roughly in the middle of my head. seriously. rocked the fullest set of bangs EVER.
    *ponytales that were swept to one side of your head…. and accented by hairbows(on headbands) on the OTHER side of your head.
    *jelly shoes
    *BRIGHT colors
    *hairbows that were roughly twice the size of my head
    * the cool-lots… oh. the cool-lots. (I can’t even spell those properly. but, golly goodness, I wore ’em)
    *those neon colored, squiggly shoe lace replacements- they never held your shoes on very well, but they made you feel like Punky Brewster & that’s all that mattered!

  68. Jelly shoes, Jordache purses (they’d maybe hold some change and a comb or some lip gloss), and banana clips!

  69. I remember all of these… about tretorn tennis shoes and flip-top jeans from Limited Express (i worked there).

    • OOH – the flip top jeans! Why (OH WHY) did any of us think it was good and/or acceptable to add another layer of denim (with buttons!) around the midriff area?

  70. I was sweet and sassy in Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, Sassoon jeans, and velour v-neck shirts. Also, Nikes or Kaepas with the interchangeable triangles.

  71. This is a fun post!
    I had jordache jeans and we used to pinch roll them at the bottom so they were super tight at your ankles and we’d wear slouchy socks with them. hahaha

  72. remember that lip gloss in a clear glass tube thingy with the roller ball at top and a gold colored cap. flavors included: spearmint, bubblegum etc…….hahaha, what a globby mess that was!

  73. remember the Trapper Keeper? just had to have one of those babies!

  74. Oh, I hardly have anything to add! I waited and WAITED to get a Coca Cola shirt and finally got one about six months before they went out of style. Same with Guess overall’s! I think I had to save up my babysitting money for Tretorn’s and Kaepa’s.
    Does anyone remember Sam & Libby ballet flats with the big bow on the toe? I had a friend who had a pair for EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT she owned!

    • Yes, I loved those shoes! I had a white pair that I wore almost every day one summer. they weren’t really white anymore by the end of the summer! :) I also had black and red I think. Those really were some cute shoes.

  75. OMG – I just spit out my sweet tea, because you, oh Boo Mama, bear such a striking resemblence to Tootie! CRACKED me up. I was all over it with the coulots (SP) with rainbow embroidered pockets. Never had the luv-it jeans. I guess I was repressed. Thanks for a great post!

  76. LA Gear high tops
    Exclamation perfume (because it’s what Debbie Gibson said she wore)
    tight-rolled acid wash jeans, ideally Guess? jeans
    banana clips, so your permed hair resembled a mohawk
    oversized shirts
    slouch socks, the bigger the better
    stir-up pants (didn’t we know that strap on the foot pulled the crotch down to our knees? Why did we do that to ourselves?)
    Lots of neon

    I could step into a Rue 21 or Charlotte Rouse and find many of the above styles again. I thought that they would certainly never make a comeback. Boy, I was wrong!

    Thanks for the memories! :)

  77. Late 80s, maybe 1990 I wore a floral jumpsuit/romper with a lace collar on a field trip to the museum. Because obviously you have to be fancy when going to the big city museum. I also had a frizzy perm. It was awesome.

  78. I loved my baseball style shirt with my name iron-on in back. And my Dr. Scholl sandals. I actually recently saw them in a shoe store and man, I was back in time! I love these memories!!

  79. Oh, I had the jeans with the satin appliques. But, in our family at that point in history, we didn’t buy “branded” jeans. I did have a pair of hand-me-down Wranglers, which were from a BOY, thus killing the coolness factor. But, I loved running my hands across that satin applique, which, now that I think about it, must have made me look like a very strange child.

  80. I had a MINT GREEN ACID WASHED denim skirt. Jeans that zipped up the back of the ankle and had an acid washed ~bow~ at the top of the zipper. Benetton rugby shirts. Swatch. IOU. Hypercolor t-shirts. Anything Guess. Z-Cavaricci pants (I once spent all my birthday money on a pair.. they were crazy expensive and crazy ugly). UNITS. Outback Red. Liz Claiborne perfume in the big yellow triangle. Then I graduated to Giorgio (I was 72 in 8th grade). Liz Claiborne purses. 6 tons of jelly bracelets. Pink Reeboks. Wearing 2 pair of mens boxer shorts (???!) as acceptable pants (one backward, one forward. very flattering.)

  81. The one thing I remember wearing was thongs”…the FLIP FLOP kind!! They have a whole new meaning now!! When I was young, the Dorothy Hamill haircut grew into the “big hair/lots o’ spray” look that turned into short hair with a “tail” (I had mine conveniently on the back/side so I could braid it!). Definitely blue eye shadow!! We had the scrunchy socks (not the leg warmers) that we wore over leggings!! And definitely the shoulder pads and flipped up collar! What a sight we were in the 80’s, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything–I wouldn’t go back to it–but I wouldn’t change it Lol!!!! Good times, good times!! Fun to see all the different things I hadn’t long forgotten about! Thanks for your blog! I always enjoy it!

  82. Did anyone remember having those plastic charm necklaces? I remember having them in elementary school and they were SUCH a huge deal!

  83. Oh my gosh, you’ve filled my love tank. Here we go:

    1) Buckle-back jeans
    2) Royal blue roller skates with fuzzy yellow pom-poms
    3) The jeans that had glitter/sparkles in them
    4) I (heart) NY t-shirt (even though I had no idea what NY meant)
    5) My white Nikes that had burgundy swooshes
    6) The barrettes that you wove yourself with ribbons
    7) Friendship pins on your tennis shoes (which I’ve taught my daughter to make)
    8) Quilted Bible covers with handles

    I’m so overly nostalgic right now. :)

  84. Oh, and I forgot my royal blue Kangaroo sneakers in which I kept my milk money in the zippered pocket.

  85. I loved my t-shirts from T-Shirts Plus! I had a kitty shirt, a horse shirt, a school logo shirt, and, my favorite, a Dukes of Hazard shirt! Some even had my name in fuzzy letters on the back! I can still remember the smell of the hot press at T-Shirts Plus.

    I also had some Yo-yos that I thought were quite grown up.

    And a pink ruffled “prairie shirt.”

  86. Oh my goodness, I need to meet you because you make me laugh everyone I read your posts and it makes me happy. Reading the comments made me giggle. Here is what I remember:
    1. Monogrammed shirts with Peter pan collars
    2. Cable knit sweaters
    3. Pappogallo shoes
    4. Jordache and/or Calvin Klein jeans
    5. Twist a bead necklaces
    6. Add a bead necklaces
    7. Pocketbooks with wooden handles and the button on covers.
    8. Painter pants
    9. shorts for gym (or practice) that were one color nylon with the another color trim that went around the leg and up the side of your leg. If you were lucky, you had a top that matched the trim.
    10. Aigner pocketbook.
    11. Bright colored corduroy pants
    12. Charlie or Love’s Baby Soft
    13. Espadrilles
    14. Long maxi coats

    This has been so much fun. Thanks!

  87. For whatever reason, I pulled out my middle school yearbooks last night! Oh the flipped collars & peg-legged jeans! Benetton bags, Coke shirts, Pop Swatch watches, Guess jeans. AND jelly shoes…WHY???

  88. Does anyone remember those tall plastic clips that you put around a ponytail? And what about those shirt clips that you would weave the shirt through? I have my girls hooked on jelly bracelets – they were very impressed when I showed them how to cross 2 together to make one bracelet. And I had not thought about friendship pins for shoelaces in ages – I am so going to bring that back for my girls – they will love it!

  89. Maxi dresses on Fridays in elementary school; parachute pants in high school; lots of Izod and Polo in high school, too, and mustn’t forget the Lauren cologne!

  90. Okay, since you hit on most of my elementary school favs, I’ll add some of my middle school delights. Remember when sailor shirts hit BIG? That would be 7th grade for me, I believe. But in 6th grade there was a season where we wore these all in one, almost overall type outfits with poofy pleated fronts that looked much like maternity clothing. Does anyone remember anything like this? I think I’m confusing Google when I try to search. But I do remember rocking some blue mascara with my lovely overall-ish poofy yellow what-cha-ma-call-it. Which reminds me–this was also the year that I fell in love with the Watchmacallit candy bar.

  91. I had the Luv-Its with the hearts too! Complete with a giant purple comb. In sixth grade I had some taupey velour baggy overalls with a champagne satin top with a big bow. My mom ordered it for me from Spiegel catalog for the holdiay season. I thought I was big time! And I also remember like it was yesterday my first big Esprit purchase. My little Oklahoma town had two stores that started carrying Esprit. Again, we thought we were big time! (one of those outfits was red and orange that I wore with red jellies.) (oh my)

  92. I used to pinch & roll my jerbeau jeans. And what about those tye-dyed shirts that would change colors?!
    I wasn’t a cheerleader, but I loved those tennis shoes (either converse or Nike or something?) that you could change the emblem color on the sides. :) All while listening to Tears for Fears.

  93. I LOVED my wooden handle purse with reversible monogrammed covers! Totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder! And… my gigantic comb had my name on it. :)

  94. GREASE (the Movie) jeans in 4th grade
    TRETORNS in jr high!

    Those were the days!!!

  95. Stir-up pants, long-ish shirts, and those link necklaces (my links were in the shape of hearts).
    I also had a fondness for the little house on the prairie plaid button up high collar shirt with jeans that had pleats in the front so that the hips were ballooned out. WHY was that ok?
    In Middle School my twin and I bought converse hi-tops. One pair was yellow and the other turquoise and we wore one yellow one turquoise shoe.
    Plus we got the home perms my mom did for us.

  96. Michelle Washington says:

    Does anyone else remember Skidz? They were like pajama pants and the logo had the slippery when wet sign! I also rocked Z.Cavaricci’s, and Hammer pants, banana clips, and mall bangs. That was my era!

  97. I remember rompers, oversized t-shirts gathered on the side with these plastic discs (or a scrunchie if you were desperate. One of my treasured items was a Hypercolor shirt that changed from pink to purple. Also Sam and Libby shoes, the flats with the bow on the front.

  98. I too love the Jessica McClintock dresses!
    One popular thing with gals my age was to embroider Holly Hobbie patterns onto lightweight denim shirts. We also embroidered patterns on the pockets and belt loops of our cut off denim shorts…early version of the Daisy Dukes…
    I still have one pair of my cut offs…Nooooooo, I don’t fit in them!

  99. Guess Jeans -tight-rolled, of course. And in the acid wash.
    United Colors of Bennetton Shirts/Sweatshirts

  100. Jelly shoes. Slouch socks – wearing two pairs in different colors and wearing them say, green on top yellow underneath on one foot and yellow on top green underneath on the other foot! Fortunately, not with the jelly shoes!