Because I Luv Memory Lane

Earlier this afternoon on the Twitter, Ree posed a question that stopped me in my tracks and then propelled me RIGHT BACK to 1979:

“Does anyone in this universe remember Luv-It jeans?”

Because, um, YEAH.

I actually had a couple of different pairs of Luv-Its. One pair had some sah-weet satin hearts on the back pockets, and another featured some satin roller skates. And if you weren’t a child of the late 70s/early 80s and are therefore trying to figure out what made Luv-It jeans so special and memorable, you may have picked up on the fact that it was THOSE SASSY SATIN APPLIQUES.

After I read Ree’s tweet, I spent some quality time reflecting on the days when I thought my Luv-It jeans were the absolute pinnacle of elementary school fashion. The only thing that made them better, of course, was when I accessorized my Luv-Its with a gigantor comb in my pocket (thanks, Holly, for that reminder), but obviously I tried to change up my fashion routine a little bit when I’d make a trip to the skating rink on the weekends.

I mean, if I was gonna break it down and backwards skate to some Donna Summer “On The Radio,” then obviously I wanted to look as much like Tootie on The Facts of Life as I possibly could.

Because Tootie? SHE WORKED IT OUT.

Anyway, all the thoughts about the Luv-Its jeans and whatnot prompted a stroll down my fashion memory lane (late 70s/early 80s edition). And these were a few of my favorite things:

1) Luv-It jeans. Obviously.

2) Mork & Mindy suspenders. Nanu-nanu.

3) Green corduroy Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Mama bought them at McRae’s, and I thought they were very fancy.

4) Old-school Nike tennis shoes. White with a blue swoosh.

5) Wooden handle purse with reversible monogrammed covers.

6) Add-a-bead necklace.

7) Yellow t-shirt with “How To Roller Skate” instructions on it. It looked fab with my Mork & Mindy suspenders.

8) Painters’ pants. I thought they were FANTASTIC with a ruffled plaid blouse.

9) Reversible down puffy vest. If I close my eyes and think really hard, I can still smell the feathers.

10) Pink fake-silk shirt with a maroon ribbon around the neck. It was awful and wonderful all at the same time.

11) Yo-Yo sandals. They were perfection with a pair of culottes.

All righty. Your turn. You have no idea how happy it will make me to read about your best elementary school / middle school clothes-related moments.


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  1. Clearly remember going to KMart wih mom to buy alligator patches so she could make me some fake izod shirts. I’m certain all the kids were fooled.

  2. Oh my. These comments are bringing back scary flashbacks! I had completely blocked out the whole vest look… tapestry-like front, silk back. Ugh. Tight-rolled jeans. I used to double my t-shirts and my slouchy socks doubled as well. Stirup pants/leggings, sweatshirts big enough to fit 3 people. friendship pins on my shoes, ribbon barrettes. Oh yes… those were some high fashion times!

  3. First, I had a wooden handled purse with a monogrammed cover that buttoned.

    Let’s see…
    1. white swatch watch with a blue face protector
    2. keds tennis shoes (which I used to twirl in)
    3. Espirit tote bag with a big pocekt on the front
    4. Guess jeans
    5. Tretorn shoes with a plastic sleeve where you could change the color swatch on the side.
    6. Outback Red shirts with the 12 (?) little buttons.

    Fun memories. =)

  4. Also: Pinstriped jeans! And I had a pair of Bongo jeans that had all colors of flowers on them. No wonder I can’t find a pair of jeans these days that I like. Denim has lost it’s will to sport a pattern.

    Remember those silk shirts that we would button all the way up and then pin a giant broach over the top button right at the adam’s apple? Loved! And it went well with a giant blazer with huge shoulder pads and stirrups.

    One more word: PAISLEY

  5. Candies! Loved my candies. And those Dr. Scholls sandles.

  6. I am a child of the late 70’s-early 80’s, but I don’t remember Luv-It Jeans! The first jeans I remember loving were Guess jeans, which I’m sure my mom’s wallet did not love. I also remember shopping at Maurice’s a lot, and through middle school most of my clothes were probably Paris Sport Club outfits. And of course I would head to the row-o’-colorful-socks and find a perfectly matched pair of socks for each outfit. I’m so glad the days of matching socks (and Paris Sport Club) are over!

  7. Izod sweaters
    Top Sider shoes
    Penny Loafers (it was the 80’s, not the 50’s)
    Plaid winter coats
    Really, all you have to do is watch That 70s show and you can see what all I’ll write down! Oh, and my husband still wears Members Only jackets. Refuses to give them up. Embarasses the mess out of the kids, who are in their late 20’s. He’s a pawpaw already without any grandchildren.

  8. I was also of the 70’s generation and the accessory that sticks out the most in my memory was…wait for it…the ID bracelet! And if you were lucky, you had one that included a watch in the little monogrammed panel. Good thing our eyesight was good back then!

  9. hammer pants
    ‘punky brewster’ clothes
    blair warner was my hero with her big hot rolled curls
    ricky schroeder was my boyfriend and arnold was my bff, so was tootie
    plastic charm necklaces
    slinky and jelly bracelets
    jelly shoes
    jelly stickers
    all things jelly, basically
    big bangs (there was a theory, all right)
    the brighter the better, of anything
    side ponytails