Playing Catch-Up

– Okay. If you haven’t read the comments on yesterday’s post, GO. They are HILARIOUS. I clapped and hooted when I read them, and quite frankly I don’t know how we’ll ever pick a winner.

– Yesterday I was so busy shutting down the bridge to fun that I forgot to tell you about the most wonderful thing that happened this past Sunday. I have listened to and loved Daniel Renstrom‘s music for several years, so you can imagine my joy when I discovered that he was leading worship at our church this past Sunday. OH, THE HAPPINESS. It was such a treat to hear him sing in person, and sweet mercy at the thoughtfulness and intention with which he leads. So, so good.

– Jennifer’s posts always make me think about how I can be a better, more intentional mama, and this post – which focuses on helping kids decide who they want to be – is no exception.

– Also: this post of Angie’s? Yes ma’am.

– I found the recipe for these Chubby Hubby Bars on Pinterest, and they may be my undoing. Because chocolate? And pretzels? And sea salt? And caramel? IN THE SAME RECIPE? Why, I believe I will.

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  1. I followed that link to Chubby Hubby Bars and fell in love with the website. OH MY WORD does that woman make some good stuff. I already feel the extra 10 pounds I gained looking at the pics.

  2. well… just great SOPHIE.. go and distract me why don’t you… :)

    I just love ya girl.. and your words that make me smile and encourage others…

  3. I have an 8-year-old too and I have not yet shut any bridges down, but I know the multiplication timed test pain…I found a website to help. Yes she actually enjoys studying for these timed tests now AND she asks to study for them. It has a few flaws. Her timed tests go up to 11 and 12, but the website only goes to 10…However 11 and 12 off the computer we can study…So here is that link…

    Hope it helps. ;) I have said “you’ll shoot your eye out.” But that is neither here nor there and this comment probably should have been on the other post, but I put it here for some reason…HUM…Well…I hope the link helps.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope your little man is choosing gentleman instead of punk these days!

  5. Lisa Covill says:

    Thanks, Sophie, for pointing me to those two great posts. I didn’t even look at the Chubby Hubby thing, though. It is one of my all time favorite ice creams, and know I would not handle that temptation well. Love your blog!

  6. Well- I am planning to make the Chubby Hubbies for this weekend! They will be the perfect ending to my tailgate meal (Boston Butt sliders with Dinks sauce, Ree’s mac and cheese, Chinese slaw, honey crisp apples w Caramel dip). And…Target has those necessary Reese’s cups on sale (2 for $5) – so I might have to make a double batch!