Today & I Have Had Just About Enough Of Each Other

Today was one of those days where I woke up with high hopes for balancing all the normal weekday responsibilities, but by 7:02 in the AM I’d already flat-out blown it. The day didn’t get much better from that point on – I lost my patience not once, not twice, but THREE times before the clock struck noon, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with that sick feeling you get when you know that you’ve reacted in ways you shouldn’t react and basically gotten so sick and tired of your own dadgum self that you’d fire yourself from being yourself if you could.


However, this afternoon when the little man got out of school, he greeted me with the news that he aced his math facts test. I was so tickled for him because it can’t easy to be eight years-old and have your BRIDGE TO FUN shut down for the better part of two days, but by diggity he hunkered down with that math and got ‘er done. So needless to say, the BRIDGE TO FUN has officially re-opened. As well it should have.

Anyway, in the aftermath of a crazy, not-so-good day that I’m honestly sort of eager to put behind me, I thought I’d share a few things that have made me smile lately. A turn-that-frown-upside-down sort of thing, you understand. And by the way, if you’re reading this and happen to be the mystery person/people who left balloons and a sweet card on my mailbox this past Monday night, THANK YOU. It made me happy then, but it made even happier today when I thought about it again. So, so sweet.

Okay. HAPPY FUN TIMES. Here we go.

1) Project Runway

Despite the fact that the runway music has a tendency to lull me to sleep, I have loved this season of the show. And I think this season’s top five contestants may be my favorite mix of personalities so far (not to mention that they’re all crazy talented). I just noticed that a new After the Runway show started tonight, so I have the DVR fired up and ready to go the next time it comes on.

2) The Strange Case of Origami Yoda & Darth Paper Strikes Back

Last weekend I was looking for some new books for Alex, and Melanie suggested a couple of books by Tom Angleberger. Alex got such a kick out of both books, and I got such a kick out of hearing him laugh out loud while he read.

3) Sister Schubert’s Soft Dinner Rolls

I bought these for the first time yesterday. They seemed like a nice alternative to the Sister Schubert yeast rolls and Parker House rolls that I normally buy. And I have to say: THEY ARE SO TASTY. They remind me of the rolls that Mama used to serve for Sunday lunch, only they’re even better than that. They’re well worth a try if you’re looking to change up your normal roll routine. I think it’s good to keep the roll routine interesting, don’t you?

4) A Pinterest find

I ran across this Bible verse art on Pinterest earlier today, and it did my heart good, oh yes it did.

5) A blog reader named Brenda sent me this picture yesterday. She said she’d seen it on Facebook and decided I needed to see it, too.

I couldn’t agree more.

Truer words have never been spoken, my friends.

If I knew how to do any sort of activity that requires a needle, I’d put that little slogan on a pillow in a heartbeat.

But as it stands I’ll just stare at the picture. Because it makes me laugh.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. 1. Can’t comment on Project Runway as that is a show that just isn’t on my radar. But so happy for you that you are enjoying it.

    2. Saw one of the little boys at church with that book last night. I think my 11yo would think it a bit beneath him now, but looks fun.

    3. Sister Schubert’s: they are my go-to roll these days. I confess I can be a roll snob. I used to make dinner rolls from scratch almost every week. These days it is usually Sister’s rolls on my dinner table.

    4. Very cute! I find the most awesomest stuff on Pinterest… yesterday I came across a barn door with a great verse from Zephaniah on it. It was from an etsy shop… just $95! But…. another $75 to ship it from PA. :(

    5. LOL! Bacon is my friend.

  2. Oh girl….it must be some crazy phase of the moon thing, because I was the SAME WAY yesterday! It all started when I was 15 minutes late to work because I had to wait on the horse trailer caravan to come by before I could cross a highway, and then I had to wait for them to all turn in at their destination some 1/2 mile down the road. (Rodeo in town) Thank goodness my principal was in the vehicle behind me, so he was stuck too and I didn’t get in trouble! Then I just never could get it all going the rest of the day. Love, love, love the Bible verse art! Think I’ll be ordering that for my office.

  3. I ordered both of those books for my 8 yo son last week from the Scholastic Book Club. Can’t wait for him to get the books now!

    Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse that I have held close to my heart this year as I have went through some trying times. Love it!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Two things to make you very happy:
    1) There’s a gas station here in town that has a marquee out front that lists all of the amenities available there. On one single line it simply reads, “Pork chop ATM.”
    2) And this:
    Happy Friday!

  5. So glad you enjoyed the bacon sign and it came on a day when you needed a smile. I was having the same kind of day when I saw it!

    Now, if they’d just come out with a Sister Schubert’s with bacon, the world would be plum perfect!

  6. Sweet Boo! Love that the balloons are still making you smile! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I trust that you’re going to see your Bulldogs play since they are paying a visit to your hometown. Hope they bring you a birthday win!


  7. Oh, Sophie I totally feel your pain. My week was less than a “banner” week too. I blogged about it today too. And we love SS rolls, nothing finer than homemade I guess, but who has time for that?!

  8. Andrea Clark says:

    I showed the last one to my fifteen year old son who is an avid devotee to all things bacon, and he has declared that you have the BEST BLOG EVER! His mama wholeheartedly agrees!

  9. I have stalked and enjoyed your blog for some time now without commenting, but the bacon sign has drawn me out of the cyber-shadows. So funny (and so true)! What does that say about me, though?!

  10. Love the bacon pic! haha My son’s name is Blake and his best friends family called baconblaken. He is called this because Blake asked how many peices of bacon could he have and they made the mistake of saying take all you want. They didn’t know I have to make at least one package of bacon just for him when I’m makeing bacon. And if my husband and I don’t finish the package we get then he eats the rest. He LOVES breakfast buffets. That bacon doesn’t stand a chance!

    Thanks for the laugh. I hope and pray you are having a better day/week. And go Alex on his math test! At’ a boy!!!

  11. Karen S. says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jer. 29:11 art, in fact, I just ordered it!

    Oh, and I’m stealing the bacon sign and slappin’ it up on FB just as soon as I get done reading my morning blogs.

    Thank you for making me laugh through your writing…it truly is a gift from God.

  12. I have those “do-over” days too…with 3 kids under 6, I try to remind myself that I’m normal…trying not to let the mom guilt get to you is hard though!
    Here’s to a happy, bridge to fun weekend!! :)

  13. Your balloons made me smile. The simplest kindness from our friends carries us for a long time. I’m glad Alex’s bridge to fun is open again. As the mom of 2 adults, I can’t tell you the ridiculous things that have come out of my mouth. However, God’s grace is sufficient! Hopefully, my two have short memories of Mom’s crazy! Happy Friday, and bacon on!

  14. Yay for acing the test! Origami Yoda? Seriously? My son is looking over my shoulder wanting me to get him those books.

  15. Way to go, A! So glad he did well on that math test…and even more excited that the bridge to fun is officially reopened! Glad to hear that the balloons and card are still making you smile, too. Hope Friday is 100 times better than yesterday was!!

  16. Thanks for pointing out the Star Wars related books – my son loves all things SW so these will need to be added to his collection! And he’s 23 – they never outgrow Star Wars once they’re hooked.

  17. If bacon is your thing you MUST try this!!!

    WARNING! It is highly addictive and should you find yourself waking at midnight and questioning if it would be wrong to sneak out of the house and go buy bacon to make this, you are oh so normal! Enjoy again and again…..and again!

  18. I can top your day by 100%. I went to DSW yesterday to use a $10 off coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. Spent an hour in the store just enjoying the heck out of myself trying on shoes and boots to my hearts content and thinking I am having the best lunch hour EVER! I go to make my purchase and get my keys out of my purse and GUESS WHAT… THEY ARE NOT IN MY PURSE. The bridge to fun had officially shut down! I spent the next hour looking for my keys along with just about every employee they had in DSW. NO KEYS. Had to call the office, say I’m a dummy, I’ve lost my keys. But the worse phone call was to Mr. Hubby who was less than happy that he had to drive over an hour to bring me a new set of keys. On a happy note, the day ended with fish tacos from the best mex place in the world so I guess that kind of makes it a wash :) Guess I should have stayed with my original plan of going to the gym in the basement of our office building at lunch. Probably would have been better for me all around… but the coupons, they were a’calling… and I did end up with some really cute shoes.

    and yes, go bacon or go home!

  19. We are living in a world dictated by math facts as well, and yes, it can be a world most cruel. Double-digit subtraction is our latest beast to slay.

    The books look great and sound like something my boys would really like. You really can’t go wrong with Star Wars and humor.

    I concur with the bacon sentiments.

  20. I really love that bacon sign! My four year old girl, Lily, is an official bacon head! When we were staying at the Hampton Inn after the great flood of 2011, as we like to call it, they served bacon buffet style one morning, and I think I stopped her at like piece number eight or ten. When she was two or so, she called bacon steak for a while and we thought that was oh so cute.
    On to another subject, am I the only person not on Pinterest? Never even checked it out.
    I am so happy you chose to move on to things that make you smile. We all have our days we’d rather forget! Or our weeks, months or even years sometimes! God’s mercies are indeed knew every morning, afternoon and evening! We can always get on our knees, ask for a new start, and begin again. And what a great way to get a smile on your face, a precious boy who now has access to the BRIDGE TO FUN! Our six year old boy’s has been closed for the weekend due to an annoying case of bronchitis/sinus infection. No soccer tournament for him. He is not happy about this.

  21. When I read about your day, I wondered if TOYS R US had been in any way involved?!?! Who knew buying a bike for your grandson would cause such a ruckus that at least 12 people were involved before the final gentleman carried said bike to my car as a courtesy for my angst and patience! I almost lost my witness I tell ya! : )
    LOVE the Jer. 29:11 canvas, that has been a huge verse in our home for many years! Hope you have a great weekend and tell A congrats on the math test, I am in awe!

  22. Thank you for posting the Pinterest find. I am ordering it TODAY. I was looking for a piece to center a gallery wall of black & white family photos and that is PERFECTO!! It is darlin’. Darlin’ PLUS.

  23. As a children’s librarian – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for saying that a book for your son made you smile! You made my day.

    Go bacon or go home – I love it!!

  24. I just saw the same wise words about bacon on a t-shirt! It was on….and yes, I thought “Boomama would love this!” :) Here’s to better–and hopefully bacon-filled!–days in the coming week.