Soup For You!

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a really annoying habit of being completely gung-ho about a certain food and then cooking / serving it so frequently that my people burn out on it and never want to see it again. In any form. BECAUSE I’VE RURNT IT FOREVER.

This pattern hit full force when D and I were newlyweds. I kept about five things in constant rotation and proceeded to WEAR THEM SLAP OUT: chicken marinated and baked in Worcestershire sauce, chicken & broccoli casserole, shrimp & wild rice casserole, chicken spaghetti, and Martha’s chicken pie.

You should know that the fall-out from the constant repetition of these dishes was deep and long-lasting. I haven’t cooked Worcestershire chicken in over twelve years. I made chicken & broccoli casserole for the first time in a sweet forever about two years ago, and my husband experienced flashbacks so severe that he was unable to finish his meal. Same for chicken spaghetti and chicken pie. I have managed to gradually work shrimp & wild rice casserole back into our holiday meals as a side dish, but please know that this was only possible after a lengthy season of professional counseling as well as a fresh work of the Holy Spirit.

He is able, y’all. He is able.

The only up side to my food obsessions is that I can pretty much associate any year of our marriage with whatever meals happened to be in rotation at the time. 2000? Ground beef & noodle casserole. 2001? My friend NK’s recipe for tortilla soup. 2002? Taco soup. 2003? Chicken & wild rice casserole. 2004? Spaghetti & spinach casserole.

I’ll spare you the last six years, but suffice it to say that old habits die hard. And also: after the last ten months, I’ll be totally surprised if anyone in this family is still eating roasted asparagus in 2012.

Last night I was trying to figure out what to fix for supper, and after a quick inventory of my refrigerator and pantry, it dawned on me that I had everything I needed for one of my old stand-bys – a stand-by that I haven’t made in a long time. Once I weighed all my options and decided that my marriage could withstand an appearance by this particular food friend from our past, I quickly assembled all the ingredients and turned on the stove. After about five minutes I couldn’t help but smile when a still-familiar smell started to fill up the kitchen.

And at that point I walked to the den, looked at my husband and said, “Tonight’s supper is brought to you by 2002. TACO SOUP.”

Y’all, I kid you not. He looked like he wanted to cry.

He recovered quickly, though, and tried to muster up as much enthusiasm as he could manage. Then he half-heartedly said, “Oh, good. We haven’t had that in, um, A WHILE.”

I explained that I happened to have all the stuff for taco soup on hand, and since there was a hint of a chill in the air, I thought it might be tasty – especially since I don’t think I’ve fixed it in the almost five years that we’ve lived in this house. D said that sounded like a fine idea to him, and at that point I thought it would be best to leave well enough alone. I figured he needed a few minutes of solitude to work through his very complex taco soup-related feelings. I didn’t encourage him to pray about it or anything like that, but I’m pretty sure that when I walked back by the den a few minutes later I heard him whispering The Lord’s Prayer and then begging God for strength.

When it was time for supper, D bravely fixed his bowl of soup, and as he got ready to sit down, he grinned really big and said, “Alex? Do you know that before you were born your mama and I used to eat taco soup all the time? ALL THE TIME? And do you know that there were lots of Saturdays in the fall when your mama would make a big pot of taco soup, and we would eat it on Saturday? And Sunday? And Monday, too? Because we ate A LOT OF TACO SOUP?”

Alex started to giggle, and I said, “I know. I know. Is it too much for me to expect you to eat it again? Are you having flashbacks?”

“I’m really not,” D answered. “You know, taco soup is actually one of my favorite soups – and I like it more when I’m not eating it every single weekend.”

So see? As far as I’m concerned, he totally gave me permission to re-introduce it to the suppertime line-up. TACO SOUP IS BACK, Y’ALL. Fall 2011 is gonna be the best one ever.

What about you? Have you burned out your people on any particular food / casserole / soup? Anything that might make them shudder if they saw it on the dinner table one more time? Understand that I’ll absolutely be making my next grocery list from your comments. That’s what you call EFFICIENT MEALTIME PLANNING, my friends.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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  1. I can say with great confidence, as God is my witness, we will never eat tuna noodle casserole again.

    • OMG!
      That is mine too! We ate it through 4 years of living in married student quarters at college. We was poor. After graduating, buying a house and getting real jobs and being able to afford REAL groceries my sweet husband asked, “Why don’t you ever make that awesome tuna noodle casserole anymore?” I just about died.

  2. For my poor Blessings and Beloved it is “Cowboy stew” – which is a meatball stew that I make in the crockpot, and in the last five years that my three boys have played football – i may or may not have burnt them out until I think that they might burst into tears if they saw it coming from the kitchen…….Just sayin’

  3. Oooooh, you’re kind of hitting close to home on this one, Sophie!!

    I have this amazing Sausage Cheese soup that my husband loved and I served regularly until he became ill one point (completely unrelated to the soup, I might add! No one else got sick!)

    Now it really bugs me that I can’t serve this soup, because I love him too much to put him through those memories again, albeit technically unrelated! But now you have me thinking…he’s going to be on a missions trip for about a month next March. I can pull out that recipe and see if I can make all the kids and my mom sick. Um, I mean, love it.

  4. “please know that this was only possible after a lengthy season of professional counseling as well as a fresh work of the Holy Spirit”


    I’m *thisclose* to burning my husband out on my homemade pizza, which would be really unfortunate because it. is. FABULOUUUUUS.

  5. Well, I think I get burned out on cooking the stuff before my family gets burned out on eating it. We have a pretty good rotation.

    I do know when I was young my daddy was working 2nd shift and he would fix supper for me and my sister before leaving for work. (Mama would get home later from the beauty shop.) I still to this day remember sitting with TV trays in front of the television and eating chicken pot pie or Bunker Hill beef and rice with corn, or homemade spaghetti. My daddy is a good cook, but he was getting ready for work and we were coming in the door from school. Convenience mostly won out. I got sick one day with some virus like kids get and my last meal before my sickness was chicken pot pie. Never again. NEVER AGAIN.

  6. If my hubby goes the rest of his life without Rotel Chicken Casserole he will be just fine. I learned how to make it the first month we were married and was so excited. He loved it! Now, not so much.

    • That was my first recipe too! I still pull it out for church potlucks, because it’s so easy – and those are fresh victims – I mean, diners!

  7. i think with any family, the real issue is the LEFTOVERS.
    i, as the sole cook in the family, like to make a massive 9×13 pan of “whatever”, so i can squeeze 3 meals out of it. that’s why my family gets sick of stuff. becuz, let’s face it.. there are only a few select dishes that really ARE as good or better the 2nd day!

  8. I believe if cheeseburger meatloaf made a repeat appearance on our supper table, my family would immediately get up and begin perusing the offerings on Craigslist to see if they could find a new momma.

  9. I have taco soup on the menu for this week. I’m halfway expecting a mutiny. Made a lot of taco soup last winter. :) What’s your recipe, pretty please???

  10. I am embarrassed to say, that when we got married, I could only cook three meals. My husband hates all forms of spaghetti (lasagna included) to this day. I also may have innocently worn out grilled chicken (probably because he was the only one who could work the grill and it was easy). Maybe chicken in general, to be honest.
    To make matters worse, I absolutely love pasta, and I still try to sneak in a pasta dish now and again, but it always ends up in his PTSD returning. Poor man. I am now embracing a low carb lifestyle. But chicken is always on the menu!

  11. I’m a meatloaf-aholic. I think I have officially burned my family out. :)
    I love taco soup though! You’ve given me a dinner idea for this week ~ so thank you!

  12. Taco Soup is exactly what we are having for supper tonight!!!

    I do tend to go through the rotation myself. One thing I’ve worn out recently is Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man Sandwiches. Loved them, and proceeded to make them about once a week. The last time I mentioned having them for supper, I got “that look” from my husband. I’ve found that if I let something rest for a few months, I can work it back in occasionally. But I need to be very discerning! :)

  13. We love Taco Soup, but it’s known as “Cricket Soup” at our house. One time, my hubby made a huge pot to serve the officials at a basketball tournament our junior high was hosting and after it was transported to the school, a cricket jumped in the pot. Jesse fished it out and everyone dove right in and ate the whole pot. It’s been Cricket Soup ever since…

  14. RURNT – seriously I couldn’t even concentrate on the rest of the post…. I use the word but have never seen it in written version and I canNOT stop giggling.

    • Beth – I did the same thing! I giggled again when I read your comment. Exactly the same for me – I use the word but it hit me as hilarious to see it written!

  15. I can tell you that we’ve had enough Shepherd’s Pie in this house that I am afeared my family is scarcely able to handle seeing the shepherds in a Christmas Nativity scene.

  16. Seven Can Stew–I flat wore that one out five years ago during the fall and winter. It has not been on my stove since then. If someone in my family even mentions my preparing it for a meal, I have to vote them down–since I am the chief cook. I do not have a family of picky eaters so I am the family member who usually gets tired of a particular dish.

  17. I must say I am a little jealous of this post. My family would eat a steady rotation of pizza, spaghetti, tuna casserole and salmon patties, all of which are easy -peasy to make and inexpensive to buy and (except the pizza, because I can mix it up on the toppings) make me want to CRY LIKE A MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL. I am always in pursuit of new and creative options for dinner, and my family just shrugs and says tuna casserole or spaghetti would be fine with them.

  18. We had just put a contract on our first house after 8 months of searching when we found out we were pregnant for the first time. I hadn’t been feeling sick at all, so a couple of nights before the move I made a big lasagna so that we wouldn’t have to eat out after the move. However, the morning sickness hit full force that week, and I couldn’t even look at the lasagna. My poor hubby had to eat the entire lasagna all by himself. For over a year we couldn’t have any type of spaghetti/lasagna/anything with marinara. Luckily, after a year and half I can safely make marinara based meals about once every couple of months. :)

  19. What’s funny is *I’M* the one who gets bored with meals. There is no way I could do a weekly rotation, it’d drive me crazy. I started doing Pizza Friday a few months ago and I am already SO SICK of my homemade pizza. I’ve been trying to find some ways to switch it up (Mexican pizza was a fail last week).

  20. Girl — we are sisters in the ‘wear you slap out with a recipe’ category. I just figure it’s easier when I’ve made it a few or 453 times. I retired taco soup also as it was a STAPLE round these parts. I made a pot a couple of weekends ago because it was just cool enough — sadly I made enough for a couple of football TEAMS, but it freezes beautifully (a nod to Steel Magnolias).

    I’ve retired — chicken crepes, chicken pot pie, chicken stew and chicken noodle soup.
    These days we are living on a regular diet of Father Chicken (it’s my own recipe of sauteed chicken, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers seasoned w/ all manner of spicy stuff and served over noodles) and white chicken chili. I think I’ve got about 6 months remaining before these are removed from rotation.

  21. I can totally shatter my husband’s spirit by suggesting red chicken chili. Its probably in my top 10, but I think he could go the rest of his life without it. After eating it on a weekly basis for probably 5 years, he finally suggested that we enjoy it less frequently. Honestly, I think he gets palpatations at the thought of it. Coincidentally, it seems to pop up in the dinner schedule whenever he crosses me.

  22. Like many of you, my family has the endurance of a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter… I, on the other hand, love change…. I write it off long before they do… last month I went back into the vault and found some old recipes. After cooking about three of them, I remembered why they were put in the vault! Sometimes I think if I never cooked chicken or something with ground beef again they would never ask for it, but my budget can’t afford a trip around the cuisine world weekly, therefore we will have another ground beef dish tonight. Beef strognaff is on the menu for tonight!

  23. So funny. It’s just the opposite in my family. My husband begs me to start a rotation. He would love to have Taco Tuesday, Meatloaf Wednesday, etc. Me? I’d make a new recipe every single night if it wasn’t for him.

  24. I am the one who gets sick of the same thing. My family? eh. The Husband would eat whatever it is I put in front of him…even if it is the same thing every day. The kids too…although the little one is kind of picky.

    Last fall/winter I made chicken n dumplins, shepards pie, meatloaf, and chilli mac almost every week. Ugh…however, like a commenter before me, since I have 5 to feed (including myself) I can’t afford much more than chicken and ground beef :/

  25. Raising my hand because I am sooooo guilty of doing this in the last seven years of our marriage but after I went through a stage of not cooking after my second baby was born, my husband eats everything I cook with a thankful heart. So, maybe you should stop for awhile and he will love all those fun chicken dishes again. Remember that we serve the God of miracles!

  26. I have this problem often… I could eat some of my favorites every day for a month and I wouldn’t get sick of it. My boyfriend, not so much. But the good thing is it’s rare that he gets sick of a protein specifically. We could have chicken in some form or beef in some form and he likes it, as long as it’s executed differently. Pasta is another thing he could eat every night, which is great. Pasta is so cheap and easy and there are a skillion and seven things you can do with it.

  27. I have burned my family out on spaghetti. I could eat it every week. I love the stuff. I haven’t made it regularly in years. I still have to ask do you mind if I make spaghetti. And I swear I can only make it once or twice a year if I’m lucky. I think GOD the Deli at my office makes it every other week. So I get my fix without my family suffering for it.

    We do get in ruts. But spaghetti is the only food I can think of that they actually cringe at me for suggesting I make it for dinner.

    • i could eat spaghetti-or any type of pasta for that matter-everyday; but my husband is burnt out on it. Hamburger Helper we got burnt out/grossed out on too.

  28. OMG! You must be related to my husband. If I never (and I do mean never) see chili again it will be too soon. He makes vats of the stuff and we eat it for what feels like, weeks on end. Needless to say, I now hate it. He likes to make one meal and eat it for a week. It is only the two of us, so that’s a lot of eating one thing. I am good for a one-time left over, after that my tastebuds are scarred and I long for something new.

    I say NO to chili…

  29. Rebecca H says:

    As someone who could eat pasta 6 nights out of 7, it’s safe to say I’ve overdosed my husband on all manners of noodles & sauce. I married a former farm boy, too, which means the centerpiece of a meal is a slab of meat, and things like pasta and salad are SIDE DISHES ONLY.

    And can I just add that I was having kind of a glum day when I read this post (pesto cavatappi…mmm) and your post just made me laugh out loud. You have such a gift for words.

  30. Spaghetti.

    We are really burned out on this recipe – but it is so easy and it’s one of the few things the kids will eat well.

    I made Taco soup last night too! it is one of my favorites. Load it up with broken up tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and sour cream…delicious.

  31. Rebecca H says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to say I read your post *while eating lunch.* I don’t normally blurt out random padta references.

  32. JulieinMichigan says:

    Share the taco soup recipe please…….and other bloggers share your recipes too!
    I try lots of recipes so nothing to be sick of yet!

  33. I wish! My husband can eat the SAME THING for lunch for YEARS before he even thinks of getting sick of it! My kids seem to be the same, at least if it’s something they like. I keep it mixed up, because I get bored.
    However, I believe everyone has a few stand-bys. My current ones are: tacos (but I do really good tacos, including home made guac, sauteed chicken chunks, and home-fried corn tortillas), sausage spaghetti (a little spicy), curry, Moroccan chicken tagine with green olives and preserved lemons, and pesto.

  34. This is exactly what I do for meal planning. I find a few things that work…and then work them to death. I then have a brief period where I am all enthusiastic about new recipes and venturing out in the food world via Rachel Ray, Pioneer Woman, and Real Simple, and then I realize I spend too much money and time on it all and we get a new rotation of staples.

    You are not alone.

    Some of my staples have consisted of enchiladas, pancakes, apple-chicken saugage and peppers, Greek Salad, Quiche, and flank steak. These have all invariably turn into my weekely recipe-ish post where I tell you how to make it, but through a convoluted email to some celebrity. It’s entertaining recipes, and it’s always a staple.

    Is there anyone that doesn’t cook like this?

  35. You RURNT me.. Completely… fall on my face laughing RURNT me.. cause I do the SAME thing… So much so that my man is now the official cook in my empty nest kinda house. He and I both grew so TIRED of the same dishes. Now.. he’s Mr. “HOW ABOUT THIS RECIPE?” and I’m the one trying to conceal my real emotions. I’m submittin’ and eatin’ girl.. cause I don’t have to cook a lick.. unless he’s travelin’. Love you Big.

  36. One thing I love to do in the winter months is Bfast for supper. I can never get anyone remotely interested. Sadly someone starts making a PB and J w/ the toast and it goes down hill from there. I also cannot fool them w/ any variations on Taco Soup. I have tried to change up the ingredients/recipes and after the 2nd try it is out of rotation ! But these folks at my house could eat Chick fil A 24/7!

  37. I have only been married 6 months but it looks like I am going down this same path! I make chicken casserole, cheeseburger helper, and Pioneer Woman’s Sour cream noodle bake at least every other week. I have already burnt myself and my husband out on tacos and don’t care to eat another one ever again!

  38. We eat tacos way too often. Maybe I should make it into a soup. ;)

  39. Italian Casserole. I can buy the ingredients without a list and make it without a recipe…it is always fabulous! When my husband sees the ingredients out on the counter he shudders! Make it for your 2011 dish… you will not be disappointed!

  40. Cream Cheese Chicken.
    Sophie, it’s so good, AND SO EASY, and I’ve made it so much that I can only really make it 2 or 3 times a year now. Why I love to make it? Obviously the taste, but equally as awesome, you make it all in one dish… so it’s super easy to prepare:
    Soften a block of cream cheese in a baking dish, add 1 can cream of mushroom soup, some onion flakes, and s/p… mix it all up and lay in the chicken breasts (or strips). Bake an hour at 350. (I’ll make rice and green beans to go with it… plenty of gravy from the chicken dish to put over the rice).
    It’s easy to double if you want leftovers for the next day too!

    • I make a similar dish. I think I got the recipe from Southern Living and I do it in the crock pot on low. Mix the cream cheese and mushroom soup with a packet of Italian dressing mix (dry) and 1/2 cup of white wine or chicken broth. You can also saute some fresh mushrooms and add to the dish. Very good with rice like you mentioned!

  41. We repeatedly rotate the same menu items. The only questions that remain now are, “How do you want your pork chops this week? Smothered or grilled? and while at the grocery store, “Would you rather have steak or roast?”

    Seriously. We have the same menu-planning conversations week after week after week.

    Nonetheless, our nearly 13 years of marriage have seen two former staples disappear from our table. The chicken crescent (basically chicken and cream cheese wrapped in a crescent roll) and the cheeseburger pie are extinct. It’s been years since we had either. I would actually like to have the chicken crescents again, but D says it’s a no go.

    I do hope that somewhere today in newlywed land, the chicken crescent and cheeseburger pie live on. They have served us well.

  42. Made taco soup this weekend too. One of our grands thinks it is ‘the best’! And made beef stew (for the first time this year) and my husband remarked it was the best I’d ever made (ha). He won’t be saying that pot after next I’m sure, but the compliment is sweet while it lasts! Same ruts, same soups, blah blah blah. If he weren’t such a finicky eater, I promise I’d do better and cook more of an assortment of dishes, promise??!!
    Hope your Taco Soup has a great run once again during these cooler months ahead.
    Blessings today and always,

  43. Stir fry does it for my husband. I haven’t made a stir fry in at least 10 years now. I made is so often as a newlywed that my husband shudders when someone else eats it. I RURNT the stir fry. BTW you are hilarious. Just sayin….

  44. Since you asked……………….Adiele’s Teriyaki Meatballs with jasmine rice. Sampled at Costo and we fell in love with them. Unfortunately, fixed those one too many times and they are now banned from the Costco grocery cart. :(

  45. Oh, yes. David walked in one night at the beginning of summer as asked, ever so politely, if I could refrain from cooking anything with chicken for a little while. Bless his heart. I had chickened him half to death with poppyseed chicken, chicken spaghetti, chicken and wild rice casserole, chicken enchiladas, and so on and so forth. I’ve only made a few chicken dishes since early June. He hasn’t complained, but I, too, have seen the look of terror on my husband’s face brought on by the mere mention of the word CHICKEN. :)

  46. This is one of my favorite posts ever. “fresh work of the Holy Spirit … He is able y’all, he is able”. Laughed out loud.

    Probably loved it so much b/c with the exception of the all out hilarity it could have been me writing it. I have ruined many a good meal by serving it one too many times.

    Now … where is the recipe for your soup? :)

  47. My goodness, this made me giggle. Early in our marriage, we lived 7 miles from my in-laws. Now I love my in-laws and loved being with them but if my father in law decided he wanted to cook…Granny bar the door. He thought he was a gourmet chef. Now he could do a few things really well…he was full I-talian. But he had a “recipe” for broccoli chicken. I use the term loosely. If he made that, you were doomed to eat it often. As in, all the time, for months on end. He would call, several times a day and say, “y’all come now, I’ve made chicken and broccoli.”. I thought I would cry. To top it off, he’d make this disgusting pie for dessert. It was so sweet you could die from a diabetic coma. Just not my thing. And EVERYTIME he made those dishes he would watch you eat and puff up with pride and ask how good it was. To this day, my husband and I can do a whole stand up routine about Lou’s chicken and broccoli. Our kids just look at us like we have lost our minds. We tell them we did from eating this so many times. I blame it all on being taught as a child to respect your elders. If I could have just told the man that his chicken and broccoli was not that good. We just smiled and ate it. Cannot bring myself to make any dish called chicken and broccoli.

    Laugh out loud good post. Medicine for the soul after a hard, sad week in these parts. God is able, yes indeed.

  48. When we were first married and very poor in seminary, I had this incredibly heavy indoor grill and I LOVED it! I grilled those thin breakfast pork chops weekly. I still get a hard time when I serve pork, in any form!

  49. I just asked my husband if I RURNT any meals for him … and then over-explained what I was reading, etc., etc. I was ready for his truthfulness until he said, “I don’t know. You don’t really cook much anymore.” Ouch! That’s the last time I ask!

  50. I’ve done pasta with marinara sauce WAY too often! I still enjoy it, but we lived on that when we were first married. I haven’t done taco soup… I’m curious about your recipe… share?

  51. Hahaha!

    We got married in 2002 and taco soup was definitely in heavy rotation at our house too, along with the other five recipes I used at the time! (As was the fabulous George Foreman Grill… Now that I think about it, I have no idea why that thing is still in my kitchen cabinet: We’ve moved four times since the last time I used it!) Taco soup is still a big go-to recipe around here, maybe because I tend to wear things out by season. We’ve been having it about every other week, but it really is a Fall thing for us. I really mixed it up last week, though, when I strayed from the recipe and bought black beans instead of the light red kidney beans I’ve used every single time before. And yes, I was pretty proud of myself, haha!

  52. Oh my word. Seriously. I just laughed til I cried and then read this post out loud to the hubs. I do the same thing with my meals, oh, and while we’re on oddities, I do the same thing with music. Hubs is usually good with the first two plays of a particular song but I’m not even warmed up until round 837. Repeat repeat repeat!

    Let’s see. 2011’s food ruts. Beef stew, double-decker burgers (I use half ground turkey) (great recipe from taste of home), smoked sausage / beans / rice cooked on the stove thing, round steak in the crock with cream of mushroom soup, tacos made with stale shells (the stale part is never intended but always attained), and pasta with pesto and smoked sausage mixed in. Mmmm!

  53. I have been meaning to share this recipe with you for a LONG time now. About 7 years ago, a friend of mine started having an annual Halloween party at her house. She served the following recipe at the Halloween party, and it has changed a LOT of people’s lives. We now make appoximately 3 huge crock pots of it for our annual Halloweenapalooza! I associate this recipe with LSU football and Halloween (fall). Everyone who eats it wants the recipe. So, BooMama, make this for your husband (if you don’t already have the recipe), and thank me later.

    Creamy Tacos
    1 lb. ground meat, browned and drained
    1 pkg. taco seasoning mix
    1 can Rotel tomatoes
    1 can regular diced tomatoes
    1 can chili with beans
    1 can chili without beans
    1 can kidney beans, drained
    1 lb. Velveeta cheese
    1 pint whipping cream

    Combine all ingredients, adding whipping cream last. Heat well. Serve over Fritos. (the little ones are the best—–not the Scoops). If you or your husband or child don’t like beans you can omit the kidney beans and the chili with beans. JUST DON’T OMIT THE WHIPPING CREAM!!!!!

  54. Well, I posted but for some reason I guess it didn’t go through? Anyway, I get *really* bored of food if I have to eat the leftovers more than once, so I’m all about exploring new territory, all the time. Thank goodness my husband likes variety! But one of my favorite staples (aka that I’ve made a full FOUR times ever, which is a lot for me!) are these wraps:

    They are so delicious! My carnivorous husband didn’t even care that they don’t have meat. He loves them.

    Also, Mexican pizza (not what you think) is a staple I grew up on:

  55. Oh these comments made me laugh! I am the QUEEN of overkill in my house!

    When my husband and I were first married, I decided to make a turkey meatloaf. Except I knew if I told him it was turkey, he wouldn’t eat it. So I decided to just glaze it in ketchup and tell him it was beef! I kid you not, he bit into it and started full on gagging. He kept asking me why the beef was WHITE?! And if I checked the date on it?! He tried so hard to eat it, I finally broke down and told him it was turkey!!!

    To this day if I make ground turkey, he refers to it as the ‘white beef’ and won’t come near it! Should have just been honest about that one, perhaps… we will never be able to eat ground turkey!

  56. You sound like me in the meal planning department, and ditto to the year of roasted asparagus (tho I could so eat some right now!).

    I do believe 2011 for us will be known as the year of the Six Can Tortilla Soup, a recipe I found a fwe months ago at It’s to DIE for, and even easier than Taco Soup, I kid you not! I’m going to share the recipe with you, then maybe it can take the pressure off Taco Soup for your family.

    My suggestions are not to use the called-for can of chicken, though. If you don’t want to mess with stewing your own chicken, stop by Walmart’s deli & grab a rotisserie chicken. I double everything in the recipe except for the chicken, and add in a couple big cans cream of mushroom soup, plus chili powder and sometimes cumin. I usually use frozen corn rather than canned, but either will do. Go make some, you’ll thank me, I promise…though your family may not after the 23rd time you serve it this season. ;-)

  57. I still remember tuna casserole, circa 1997. And how I am NEVER EVER allowed to make it again.

  58. This is one of your best. I can’t quit giggling. Mine was taco soup and chicken spaghetti. Then there was that good run on sour cream chicken enchiladas. Lasagna, quiche, and vegetable pie have all had lengthy appearances and I’ve had to let them rest a while.
    I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to reintroduce Taco Soup. My husband has his own name for it, but I don’t feel comfortable typing it on ye ole family-friendly blog. It’s not terribly bad, but it’s man talk, and a bit crude. Nevertheless, taco soup is probably off the list permanently unless food is rationed and all we have left in the pantry are cans.
    Fantastic post, BooMama. You captured the essence of what all mama’s deal with in meal-planning. Thanks for the laugh.

  59. When we got married, I only knew how to make macaroni and tomatoes and that awful tuna casserole with potato chips on top….I will say I haven’t made the tuna casserole for 49 years!! We have been married for 51….

  60. On the verge of losing the privilege of making the easiest recipe ever!

    Pour a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot.
    Pour a bottle of barbecue sauce over it.
    Cook for 5 to 6 hours (I do it on High).


  61. Like everything else in my life, I have a tendency to live in extremes. I have seasons where I run recipes right into the ground followed by seasons where I try out new recipes every single night for a long, long time. My poor family never knows what to expect. And they know if it was new to never expect again because I’ve already lost the recipe. Plus since I have a tendency to “make recipes my own,” i.e., I forgot to get all the ingredients required, the chances of it ever tasting the same way twice or next to nil.


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