Etc. And So On And So Forth Amen (Round Two)

Okay – let’s see if this post behaves now. It was in a state of utter rebellion when I tried to publish it earlier today.

– Brant Hansen’s post about a recent visit to Hollister is hilarious. Here it is. I think you’ll enjoy it.

– College football is only nine seven (I stand corrected) :-) days away. I can barely contain my joy.

– Recently I have noticed that I am unable to watch an entire episode of Project Runway without falling asleep. And it’s not because I’m bored. On the contrary, I’m generally pretty fascinated by the proceedings and engaged when I watch. Even still, it never fails: at some point between the runway show and the elimination, I doze off.

The other day it dawned on me that the culprit may very well be the trance-like music that plays in the background when the contestants are standing on the runway for critique. I know that it probably sounds crazy, but y’all, I think that Project Runway may very well be featuring some narcolepsy-inducing music. Has anyone else struggled with this TV-watching inconvenience? Or do I just need to buy me a sweatshirt that says “Mamaw Likes Her Naps” and be done with it?

– Speaking of TV, I have a post up over at Ree’s blog about my favorite TV couples. And Melanie wrote a post about the five books she can read over and over again. We’re having big fun writing about all of our pop culture favorites. It sort of feels like a bloggy summer camp.

– A couple of days ago I bought the new Selah CD, Hope of a Broken World. Sweet mercy it is some musical goodness. And if you’d like a little sneak preview, may I suggest watching this video? Maybe starting it around the 3:40 mark if you don’t have a full 8 minutes to spare?

See? I rest my case.

– Pat Summitt. My goodness. She absolutely personifies grace in the face of adversity. That’s all I know to say.

– This morning I decided that every girl over the age of, say, 17 needs a sequin tank top. I bought one on a lark earlier this year, not because I wanted to walk around in a tank top (MY WORD, NO – I am far too paranoid about my arms) but because I thought it would make a fun layering piece underneath some form of Maude-esque cardigan. I have enjoyed it so much, and even though it seemed like such an uncharacteristic way to spend $20 at the time, I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone as far as All Things Shiny are concerned. There are tons of cute sequin tops online; I love this one, this one – not to mention this one. And all of these.

(I haven’t done any official research, that has to be the girliest paragraph of this, my 41st year.)

(I’m almost certain of it.)

– A couple of weeks ago LoraLynn and I made a spontaneous trip to the movies and saw a late-night showing of The Help. I thought it was wonderful. And also: the Southern accents were fantastic. Have y’all seen it? Did you enjoy it?

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  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie The Help. It was so good. Project Runway is 30 minutes longer this season and now that you have mentioned the background music I’m going to listen for it.

  2. I can’t wait to see THE HELP, we are planning on it this weekend. CUTE ,CUTE sequin tops~ love the ones you posted…. I always wear jackets…it’s an arm thing…: )

    Read your post on Ree’s… LOVED it… great TV couples…. my all time faves’ Lucy and Ricky and Rob and Laura : ) and NO I wasn’t alive when they were originally filmed, but I still love them.

  3. 1. I love Brant Hanson and that post made me laugh out loud.
    3. Love the couples post and couldn’t agree more about Jack and Liz
    2. I clearly need a sequined tank. How is it I don’t already have one?
    3. FOOTBALL! Can. not. wait. (and i think the football evens out the girlie tank top comment:)).



  5. I was going to see The Help on my vacation last week but it didn’t work out. I’m hoping to go soon.

    We are counting down the days to the start of college football. We just watched Rudy last night to get ready. Our team opens a new stadium and we have a new coach and we are hopeful for a few more wins this year.

    I now cheer for Mississippi State just because of you and your loyalty. :)

  6. I love Old Navy tank tops! Add sequins and they just get better.

  7. I’ve been dying to hear your opinion of The Help. I loved it! I was curious about your take on the accents. As a midwestern flatlander, I thought they were lovely, but I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate.

    Didn’t you love the clothes? The cars? The furniture? The food? It was all delicious!

    Thanks for the other linkys. I’m happy!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for referencing Coach Summitt….I am a senior at UT (found you through PDubs and have followed your blog ever since) and she is the foundation of all we stand for….we are a little “shook up.”

    And of course, I can’t wait for football to start…I just want to watch Coach Dooley for extended periods of time, to be honest. ;) (Still upset you didn’t get to stay and watch him at Media Days)

  9. Listen. I am 100,000% born and bred UGA Bulldog fan. But I love, LOVE Pat Summitt. I literally cried buckets when I read about her diagnosis. Please read this article. So beautiful and touching.

  10. I hate to correct you, but I think you’ll be glad. College football actually starts ONE WEEK from right now. Not 9 days – 7. And your beloved Bulldogs are playing on that first night on tv. Yes, that’s right. This time NEXT WEEK you’ll be watching those Dawgs beat the stew out of Memphis!

    Hallelujah!!! We made it to the next football season.

  11. LOL! I’ve fallen asleep during the last 2 project runway shows!! I didn’t pick up on the music but maybe that’s it. I just figured my body is greatly missing the summer routine!

  12. I loved The Help! I sat until the very end of the credits because I really just wanted to see it again. The accents were great!

  13. I LOVE the Hollister post! I know this sounds like a “Hey, go read my blog now!” kind of thing, so I hate to do it, (really, no pressure at all, everyone! I’m not “that person”), but a few years ago I recounted a very frightening experience my sister and I had in a Hollister store when we were in a mad frenzy for cargo pants. It was not a good decision, but it was an experience in teenage culture. (Why is it loud, dark, and scented??) *shudder*

  14. I haven’t even finished reading your post because I stopped to read the Hollister post and I’m still crying from laughing so hard!! Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s had those same thoughts in that store.
    Pat Summit…yes, she’s an icon. I’m a Kentucky girl transplanted into the hellish heat droves of Texas and my son (for some reason unbeknownst to any of us) is a HUGE Tennessee fan (it’s ok we still love him). But her grace and willpower and determination are nothing short of amazing. I wish her nothing but the best and somehow get the feeling if anyone can beat that horrible disease…it will be her.
    The Help….haven’t seen the movie because I loved the book so much but I’ve gotten the green light from enough folks who read the book and saw the movie that I’m thinking I can safely go without experiencing another “DaVinci Code” or “Angels & Demons” situation. I wasn’t sure my husband was ever going to the movies with me again after those incidents!!

  15. When Skeeter was at the lunch counter and the man behind it told her to go to Aibileen’s house, and all those women were there… I totally just burst into tears.

  16. LOVED The Help, both the book and the movie! I am still thinking about those girls 2 weeks later!

  17. I loved the Help so much I had to see it twice and plan to see it one more time before it leaves the theaters. It sure would be nice if it could be released on DVD before Christmas.

    I hate to even admit this, but the entire scene about who uses what bathrooms flooded memories of what my grandmother use to tell me. It almost made me sick right there in movie. I took my mom to the movie a week later for her to confirm that my grandmother was not to the extreme these women were in the movie. My mom said she wasn’t but I wonder sometimes due to some of what she said as I was growing up in the 70’s.


  18. I, TOOOOOO, was thrilled with the accents in The Help!! Was relieved that they didn’t do the fakey-fakey accent that falls somewhere betwixt Gone With the Wind and Foghorn Leghorn.

  19. You lost me at sequin tank top. :)

  20. I am loving the posts over at PWEntertainment. You have nailed it every time. I especially enjoyed bringing back the memories of Moonlighting. I loved that show. I went with my mom to see The Help last week. We both loved the book and really enjoyed the movie. I could have done without all of the language in both, but that’s just me. We live in Knoxville and the news about Pat Summitt has hit all of us really hard. She is close in age to my parents and it has shaken them up a lot.

  21. Brant made me choke. OH. MY. I have ventured in Hollister’s for my nephew for several birthday gifts, and lord… the overwhelming scent of cologne slayed me.

    I loved the Help, and even better so did my husband.

    The entertainment portion at PW is just crack for me. I cannot get enough.

  22. I loved the book and the movie The Help, however, it made me realize what an embarassment that part of our history is. I am just so thankful to those who stood up to make a difference. And yes, I am READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

  23. The Help was good, but I really liked the book better. I’m an editor and have just finished helping to adapt a book to a screenplay, so I’m probably hyper-critical, but I would have done The Help a little more true to the book.

  24. I finally saw the Help this last Monday. I loved it, but I could’ve done w/o the older lady behind me….”Oh, CHOCOLATE PIE!”….every single time they showed a pie, chocolate or not. I guess this is why I havent been to a theatre since I took my niece to Horton Hears a Who!

  25. Trying my hand at the blog thing and the resounding advice has been to view blogs similar to your own… This is the 1st [post] that had me literally laughing out loud. Stepping out of your comfort zone as far as “things shiny” were concerned?.. Classic! lol. Love it girl!

  26. Oh. My. Word. The Help was soooo good! I thought they did a very good job of keeping it true to the book. The funny parts were still funny, but the sad, thought-provoking parts of the book were absolutely heart-wrenching. Sequined tanks…funny you should mention them. I bought a sequined t-shirt last night just for the layering purpose!

  27. LOVED the movie- wouldn’t change a thing from the casting to the clothing.
    Sooo-sequins are not just for night time anymore? I can sparkle in the daytime?!
    Project Runway (and the Bachelor/ette) are getting longer and longer.
    (Did you hear that Ben is the next Bachelor?)
    (I don’t watch every episode I just check in from time to time)
    and…FOOTBALL…I can’t wait. I just made my menu and grocery list for the upcoming weekend! I saw Steve Shaw (SEC ref) will not be on the field this year. He was one of my favorites. Now we just need the cooler “football” weather!

  28. 1 . I love the song



    Just take a look .You will be surprized that babies can be that cute just by wearing those hats

  29. Loved that video and song—I can relate!!! ;-)

  30. YES (hides head in shame and sobs) YES I have often missed winner of ProjRun because I am snoring! About halfway thru the runway I just drift away!

    I think it may be because Tim just soothes me. He’s like a very fashionable lullaby.

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