Short Notice, I Know…

…but does anybody have any interest in participating in a little impromptu DipTacular this Wednesday? College football starts Thursday, you know, and since our last DipTacular was a couple of years ago, I thought maybe y’all might have some new dip recipes to share.

Here’s how it would work: on Wednesday you’d post two or fourteen of your favorite dips on your blog or Facebook page (you could post your recipes as a note and then make sure your note setting is public), then you’d copy the URL of your blog post and add it to a Mr. Linky that I’ll have posted here.

I’m assuming, of course, that everyone still enjoys dip. Perhaps the dip landscape has changed in the last two years. Maybe cupcake craze has dictated that cupcakes are the new dip. But with football season just a few days a way, I can’t help but think that at least a few of us would enjoy some dip-related inspiration.

No pressure, though – and if nobody’s up for it I’m sure we’ll all still be able to find some new and exciting uses for cream cheese this fall. I just figured that it couldn’t hurt to ask.

So if you’re interested, just leave a comment. If there are at least, say, 25 people who are game, then we’ll plan to have a little dip party on Wednesday.

Hope y’all have had a great weekend!

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  1. I am interested. I made some really yummy dip recently and it deserves to be shared!

  2. I’m in….love dips!

  3. Funny you should mention this….I just wrote a post to be blogged tomorrow about college football. I included one of our favorite dips…and asked for more recipes. I have no idea how to do a “linky party” so I asked for emails…Love if you would do one!!! We all need some great, tried-and-true “tail-gating” recipes.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. Bring it on. Dip good. Recipes good. Football good.

  5. Yes, please!! I had people over for dinner last night and I am in a dip funk- need new ideas!

  6. Me too!

  7. I’ve been pinning recipes for dips all week in anticipation of tailgating and football season! I nearly screamed(and I may have squealed a little bit) when I saw that you wanted to do this!

  8. Are you serious? I am almost as excited about the partaking of the dips Saturday as I am about the football. I’ve been tweaking our dip menu for the last 2 weeks… Gotta be ready!

  9. Oh this is exciting! What better way to start the college football season than with new dip recipes. Dip is one of my favorite food groups, right after white cake/buttercream icing. So glad you are doing this again. SEC, d-i-p, yipee!!!

  10. Yes!!!! I’m in! Got some great ones to share!

  11. I am totally in! This Southern girl can’t pass up an opportunity to exchange some DipTacular recipes. Especially if they involve cream cheese! Yum-O!

  12. Ready to dip on in. :)

  13. SURE, I’ll dive into dips with you!!! :D

  14. I’ll join in :)

  15. Love this! I’m in for sure. I was browsing a recipe blog earlier and legitimately couldn’t figure out why “Dip” wasn’t listed under the “Food Groups” category. Apparently others don’t take the sacredness of a good dip the way I do…

  16. I’ll participate!!

  17. I’m all about some dip recipes and just some other good ideas for what our family calls “football food”. . . you know, all the appetizery stuff!!

  18. i’m in!!!

  19. totally in…. can’t wait…. dawgs play Saturday, but in honor of you I will be watching Thursday night :)

  20. Um…yes!!!!

  21. I’m *so proud* to say that I love dips so much I’m indoctrinating my 3yo to love them as well. For example, she dips her apple slices in ketchup and her green beans in BBQ sauce. Because, really, dips make everything better.

    All that to say…yes, ma’am, I’m in for a Diptacular!

  22. Sounds good to me!

  23. I’ll be tied up at work and stuff all that day, but I’m interested in being a DipTacular lurker! ;-) My friend and I had to bring dip to a church coffee hour two weeks ago, and I totally had her look up the last DT for ideas.

  24. I’m game! (ha…all puns intended!)

    that is if you don’t disqualify me for lamest joke EVER!

  25. Count me in! My hubby and I just got our Fantasty Football teams all set up, and we are now counting down the days until football starts. This will be a great way to prepare for the football season!

  26. Well yes- dip is always in. A pie day would be fun this fall too!

  27. Let’s have a dip summit and all gather someplace and watch college football for several weeks! I’m excited that Thursday is the day! Really, is anything more fun than college football?

  28. Oh my yes. I feel it’s only right that I fortify myself with some spectacular dips before I hit Kyle Field Sunday (!!) evening to see the Aggies BTHO SMU!

  29. I live for dips. I’m in.

  30. IM All In!

  31. Dips! Dips are my favorite! I love dips!

    Pie day also sounds like a heck of an idea, you know, as if you didn’t have anything better to do this fall. :)


    I’m in.

  33. Count me in. :)

  34. Would love to join in.
    Blessings today and always,

  35. Cupcakes are NOT the new dip. And better not ever be. If all the world forsakes the dip, let’s you and I stand united and strong!

  36. YES!! I was so sad there was no diptacular last year. Two years ago I made three dips that I got from diptacular linky party that we drove all the way through West Virginia from DC for the Kentucky Game. Tim Tebow did suffer a concussion at that game, but I don’t think that was the dip’s fault.

  37. When I dip, you dip, we dip.

    You’re welcome. :)

  38. kelli @living in grace says:

    Ya sure, ya betcha!!

  39. Dip. Is. Good.

    Hubby and I were just talking about our snacky football watching. Then my 10-year-old fell in love with white Queso dip from Lucas Oil Stadium at the Colts game on Friday night. I’m sure it comes from a can but I’ll be looking for a recipe anyway!

  40. Oh, I’m down with the dip. Absolutely.

  41. YAY for a DIPTACULAR. Dip calories don’t count, right?

  42. I’m in!

  43. Count me in! :)

  44. Margaret says:

    I have a couple of great ones but I have no idea how to link since I don’t have anything but this to send messages so I’ll just enjoy instead of sharing my Daddy’s Dill Dip.

  45. I’m sure I can find a great dip recipe to share…I first started reading your blog after the last Diptacular, so I’m in!

  46. This may be the highlight of my week.

  47. Oh YES MA’AM. Count me in!

  48. Honestly Sophie…..I can’t imagine there to be a dip that you do not know of!
    I’m hereby DEMANDING you to write a DIP COOKBOOK….NOW!
    You’ve got the skinny on all the yummy when it comes to party dips! Do it, girl!
    I’ll even help sell the suckers!

  49. wouldn’t a food network show on dips be great…

  50. Sadly, I myself have no delicious dip recipes. However, I am a dip fan, so I’m quite excited to stalk this event.

  51. Let the Dipping commence!

  52. Dip me in!

  53. Oh I love dip. Count me in!

  54. Headed off for the Big Fantasy Football Auction this weekend. My husband’s league takes themselves very seriously. It’s held in Minneapolis, and people will fly in from Virginia and San Diego, plus drive from all ranges of distance. It’s a full weekend of activities, with dinners, an auction, bowling, more dinner, breakfasts — I’d love to bring some dip!

  55. I am looking forward to it!

  56. ooooh! This sounds SUPER FUN!!!

  57. Count me in!

  58. Lisa Hudson says:

    I”m in! I married well…an awesome Godly man from Louisiana who can out cook any one on this blog! I’ll have to sneak some of his guarded Secret Recipes!

  59. Margaret, you must share your daddy’s dill dip recipe!!!

  60. I’m in!

  61. I’m totally in…..better go to the grocery store!

  62. I most definitely could use some new dip recipes!

  63. Sounds fun,, I love dips of all kinds!

  64. Sorry, too complicated for me. Can I just send my recipes to Melanie:)


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