Deeply Felt Deep Thoughts Of Considerable Depth And Feeling

Our little Miss America viewing party this past Saturday night was THE MOST FUN, mainly because everybody’s comments were hysterical. It was definitely a multi-media viewing experience, and between updating the blog post, reading the comments, and responding to texts, I thought, Gosh. This is exactly how I watched the pageant back in 1978 when I could talk to one person at a time on the rotary dial phone and my parents still had an antenna on their TV and we had to use one of those clicky things to make the signal stronger.

Technology is a kick, y’all.

I still don’t understand why Miss Texas didn’t win, and a college friend of mine may or may not have been so outraged by Miss Texas’ absence from the Top 5 that they promptly clicked over to the Miss America pageant’s Facebook page and LET THEIR THOUGHTS BE KNOWN. As for me, I’ve never been less accurate in my Top 5 predictions than I was Saturday, so apparently my finger is no longer on the pulse of the Miss America program. I’m saddened and confused.

The other big development this past Saturday (besides Mississippi State’s basketball win over Alabama, of course) is that I realized that my contact lenses were feeling a little dry. Usually this is my sign that it’s time to put in a new pair of lenses, only, HOLD ON, I FORGOT TO RE-ORDER THEM.

In light of this tragic turn of events (oh, how I do enjoy the hyperbole), I decided that wearing my glasses for a few days wasn’t the worst thing in the world (sidenote: I cannot mention eyeglasses without thinking about Jan Brady refusing to wear her eyeglasses and, as a result, careening into the garage on her bicycle and slamming into the hidden family portrait and SURELY SHE LEARNED HER LESSON). I wore my glasses most of Saturday, and that night, when I got ready to take off my make-up, I saw my skin with a whole new level of contact-free clarity.

And y’all. All I know to say is that it was humbling. I’ve been trying a new line of skin care stuff (I’ll share all the details once I’m sure whether or not I’m going to stick with it), so I know that what I saw in the mirror Saturday night is better than what I would’ve seen a month ago, but all I could think of was Dear Self? WHAT HAPPENED? I felt like every pore on my face was big enough to apply for statehood, not to mention that there are some little dry bumps underneath my eyes that I’ve never seen before. It was all I could do not to pour a whole vial of Retinol on my face and hope for a fresh start, but I restrained myself since I didn’t want to go to church Sunday morning with half of my face peeling off.

What I did do, though, was to carve out some time Sunday afternoon for a little trip to Sephora. I made a beeline for all the skin care products at the back of the store, and the nice sales clerk had barely gotten the words, “Ma’am? May I help you with something?” out of her mouth before I whirled around with a serious case of the crazy eyes and said, “OH YES PLEASE BECAUSE I AM IN DIRE NEED OF SOME EXFOLIATION.”

For the next 30 minutes I nearly bored that sweet girl to tears with tales of my very specific skin care needs and issues and requirements and concerns. In the end she recommended an all-natural / made-from-some-special-trees-somewhere / completely-free-of-parabolaoctagon-something-or-other gentle exfoliator that’s supposed to make my skin better and also solve the world economic crisis. SO WE’LL SEE.

Finally, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but right after Christmas I discovered that Nick at Nite shows four (FOUR!) episodes of Friends every single night (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!). I promptly set the DVR to record all of them, and while I’ve tried my best to stay caught up (re-watching the episodes about Ross’ wedding to Emily was an especially delightful time), I dropped the TV ball last week and got a little behind. Which is why there are currently 23 episodes of Friends on our DVR. And it’ll be 27 by midnight tonight.

So if you need to find me, I’ll be right here, trying to catch up on Friends, lamenting the fact that Miss Texas was ROBBED, I TELL YOU, ROBBED, all the while obsessively exfoliating my face and awaiting the arrival my new contacts.

I’m just livin’ the dream, people.

Just livin’ the dream.

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the Miss America pageant. I too was totally baffled at the top five. Then your eyeglass remarks made me laugh out loud. Thank you !

  2. Well, lots of folks let their disappointment, dismay, distrust, etc. of Saturday’s pageant on the MAO Facebook page. Pretty much at the same time the President and CEO of said MAO were gushing about how great the show was! how wonderful the producer was! how good the ratings were! Did they see the same show we saw??? I sure hope they read the comments and make some changes. Lots of folks echoed what we had already said here. I don’t think, Sophie, it’s as much that you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the Miss America program as it is the Miss America program does not have it’s pulse on the viewing public!

  3. just gotta say, you deliver a consistent amount of LOL to my day. i appreciate this greatly. thank you, may you enjoy exfoliating, and may the resulting dewy and fresh skin be the stuff of dreams.

  4. Exfoliate but still moisturize!!!

  5. I just threw my head back and cackled like a crazy woman. I think I started laughing at the 1978 reference and didn’t stop. I’m still going. My sister-in-law and I can reference an episode of friends for any life situation. And yes, the Ross/Emily wedding/fiasco…that’s great television right there. Thanks for making my day!

  6. I have seen a few episodes of Friends lately on N@N too. Oh the giggling while trying not to wake the two children who should be in their own bed anyway. I also caught an episode or two of Designing Women a couple of days ago. I used to love to watch that and Golden Girl reruns on N@N. Friends is the best thing they’ve had in quite a while. I used to work nights back in my twenties/ early thirties and spent a considerable amount of time on my nights off watching all those old reruns of the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, etc. Those were the days. I didn’t really watch Miss America, but I looked through the pictures of them on Yahoo! and I was surprised at the winner also. Normally you can count on mostly Southern girls in the top 10 and top 5, but since my hubs is from WI, I was okay with it, not that the pageant people called me up to ask my opinion or anything!

    • Is anyone else watching the Bob Newhart Show on Hallmark? the one with Suzanne Pleschette? Oh the clothes!!! I soooooo forgot about all the “maxi” dresses and skirts(and not just for evenings) and the huge collars and the plaid pants on the men. such fun just watching for the fashion show.

  7. Do you read Small Notebook? She recently did a post on skincare and I went and bought the soap she recommended and it has changed my life. Well, at least it has changed my skin. I have always had large pores but I have been using this soap twice a day for just over 2 weeks and my pores are now almost invisible. The soap only costs 3.50 at Publix (it was with the organic facial care stuff) so it’s worth a try. I did not like the smell of it at first but I am used to it now. Link to her post here:

    • I saw her post and ordered the soap too. Good timing, b/c I had decided at Christmas that I needed to revamp the ol’ skincare regimen. Great info in that post.

      • I too decided to try something more than my shower soap, so I bought the Olay skin machine thingy—-still in the box, but now resides in the bathroom by the sink, so maybe I will try it soon. anyone else have good results with it?

  8. You crack me up! Happy Exfoliation to ya!!!
    I’m off to a Bud’s Best Cookie Field trip today!! WHooo Hooooo!
    Have a great day to my favortie Blog giver ever :)

  9. Thank you to our Mississippi friends for exposing the injustice that was the Miss America Pageant 2012. We Texans just can’t speak of it right now.

  10. You’re so funny, thanks for the chuckles! Please be sure to let us in on your new skin care regimen. I’m a products junkie and always looking to try what works for others!!

  11. As one of your Oklahoma readers, I think it needs to be said that it was indeed the darling Miss Oklahoma who was ROBBED OF THE CROWN. ROBBED.

    She could not have been more adorable, y’all. And do you know what her platform was?? DRINKING MILK. MILK, I tell you. It doesn’t get more American than that. Also, she made no references to twitter, Britney Spears, or manipulating the media. She was a GEM.

    Ok, I’ll stop. Texas was cute, too. NEXT YEAR, girls. The southerners will prevail!

    • As another Oklahoma reader…I could not agree MORE!! She was just as precious as could be and totally rocks her sweet name! BETTY FOR PRESIDENT!

  12. I have the BEST thing ever for exfoliation. It’s a Clarisonic Mia.

    I found this recommendation from Whoorl – – and it really is the best thing ever. Got it for Christmas and use it every day. Feels like a little facial and my skin is so smooth and exfoliated! :) Little pricey, but well worth it for a facial every morning!

  13. I was just going to suggest the Clarisonic. My teenage daughter asked for one at Christmas and grandma got her one. She uses the one for blemishes and fine lines and it has really cleared her skin up. I am trying to justify the money for me to have one now! Sephora sells them too!

  14. “…so apparently my finger is no longer on the pulse of the Miss America program. I’m saddened and confused…”

    wow- might have peed a little!

  15. Indeed on multiple levels. I’ll start with the least painful first:

    1) I just found out that my AMAZING anti-aging regime that I have been using for TEN YEARS contains multiple forms of Paraben, which has been linked to breast cancer. That’ll teach me to read labels early on! I don’t know what I’m more saddened over… the idea that I’ve been using harmful chemicals for ten years or that I have to give up my beloved anti-aging regime! So, I’m on the hunt as well…

    2) The Miss America pageant… I agree, Betty from Oklahoma was DARLING. I adored her. Regarding the telecast, here are my major disappointments (a) The fact that in order to become more “mainstream”, Miss America is leading girls to believe that they have to be/say more “edgy” things to do so. Yuck. I sat, mouth wide open, when I heard some women refer to “manipulating the media,” “sex appeal,” giving shout outs to male celebrities/sports stars to “call me” (and there was another thing, but I forgot now). (b) The fact that Chris Harrison, a middle-aged man, married for 16 years and with semi-grown children, said that watching swimsuit was the “highlight of his job.” EEEWWWW. So, so inappropriate. (c) Having the girls line up behind their favorite contestant. WHAT???? It is called a SECRET BALLOT, people. That was just plain mean and it bothered me that everyone (minus the contestants themselves) seemed so excited about it. Mean.

    All that being said, I LOVE the new sponsors (Hello, WEN HAIR CARE!!!), the outfits from Express were super cute, and the Evening Gowns this year were THE BEST EVER. Minus the big bow. That young lady’s dress was gorgeous, but I wasn’t a fan of the bow :) BUT, bows are not for everyone, and those who know me know I’m not all that trendy, so maybe I need a few more bows…

    Also… Teresa Scanlan (outgoing Miss America, Christian, home-schooled smarty cutie pants)… wouldn’t she and Tim Tebow be the cutest power couple ever? Just sayin… :)

  16. I think our wonderful Miss Wisconsin deserves her crown and I think she is beautiful and amazing! But I may be slightly partial, as she was a high school student of my mother’s, graduated from my high school and college and is from my very own hometown. :)

  17. OH! Also: I missed much of the pageant and didn’t hear of this whole “stand behind your favorite girl” part and that is just weird. That is just sort of like middle school cruel. Goodness, it makes Toddlers & Tiaras look FRIENDLY!

  18. I love FRIENDS. I was so excited to see them late at night on Nick. Of course I do not doze off unitl the last show has ended! I record them and go to sleep!

  19. My favorite Jan Brady moment was her awesome wig. “It’s the new Jan Brady!”

  20. RecentLy stayed at a hoteL with a magnification mirror. Oh, it was scary – SCARY – Let me teLL you!
    As for Miss America, not a true Southerner in the top 5 – what gives?

  21. Perhaps your pulse on the Miss America Pageant is only possible if you’re wearing contact lenses?? Perhaps the extra layer of glass between you and the beauties causes untold amounts of confusion?

    Just a theory.

    I hate that I missed the viewing party, but as it was, I’m kinda glad I didn’t know about it, because I was having so much fun laughing at it with my husband. It’s a good marriage when you can bond over the Miss America pageant AND he leaves the room for the swimsuit portion, I tell ya.

    My favorite part? Miss West Virginia making a flatulence joke. And then I promptly prayed a prayer of thanksgiving that it wasn’t Miss Alabama.

  22. If you still need to try something for your face you might try the Revolve DDF 400. It’s like Clarisonic, only a tad cheaper. (Just a tad!) They sell it at Sephora. I am 42 and my skin has just started to do so many weird things! But, my skin has never been softer than it has after using this, and I have dry skin. I love it! use it with Cetaphil and Alba moisturizer (both cheap!).

  23. Miss Texas was the one who played the piano, right? Wasn’t talent supposed to be something like 35% of the score? She was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. And adorable, too. Seems like she should have placed higher than she did. The first runner up (Betty something?) was as cute as could be! And Miss South Carolina was completely inspiring – 150 pound weight loss? Incredible.

  24. I totally feel your excitement over finding “Friends” and DVRing it! I felt the exact same way when I found a channel that airs 4 episodes of “Designing Women” every night. I nearly wept with joy! :)

  25. Celeste :) says:

    As they say on Rick and Bubba, “Long-time reader; first time commenter.” (Well, they sorta say that.)

    Baby wash and sea salt as a scrub; peroxide as cleanser; olive oil as moisterizer. About $10 a year. It changed my life. CHANGED MY LIFE.

    “I shall nevah buy product a-gain!”

  26. Your humor is refreshing. I love it. Keep up the ‘fun stuff’ and post them we all need a good hearty laugh. (especially in the makeup and facial care section) At age 57 I see changes I am not sure I am liking can’t wait till you tell your ‘secret’.

  27. I think the Miss America pageant issue was having too many celebs as judges. Those people don’t know anything about good hair or things you have to spray on to keep your bathing suit in place. Or real talent, for that matter. On a more positive note, we have been watching Friends, too. We call it The Friends Channel. It replaced The Wings Channel.

  28. Well, I can’t wait to see and how how your new, younger you turns out. I feel your struggle. Just the other day I looked in the mirror and thought, “Sheesh, you used to take really good care of this situation.” I guess after I stopped working to stay home with baby girl, the beauty budget took a hit. But you’ll love this: Just this morning I was reading up on MK’s new skin care offerings, and I read about one product that claims to, and I quote, “target the skin matrix.” The SKIN MATRIX!? Oh, yes. Let’s do this.

  29. Well, this is my first visit to your blog and I have to say you are too funny! Hysterical, in fact! I am one of 4 sisters and I moved away from my family 6 years ago. States away! Reading your blog is almost like being in the middle of one of our get togethers…love it!

  30. Yeah!!!! Miss Wisconsin

    Born in WI

  31. Please share your skin care regimen! I have been washing my face with baby wipes and the occasional squirt of Bath & Body Works antibacterial soap!

  32. Since I know of your love for all things Miss America, I thought I would share this with you she was Miss Arkansas of 2005. A high school friend of mine is now in New Orleans and owns a restaurant bar with her husband, and Eudora is appearing there. I thought of you immediately when I saw the post from my friend on facebook, and decided to pass this on. Another little piece of trivia to add to your Miss America knowledge………now when someone muses “I wonder whatever happened to Miss Arkansas of 2005?” you will know! I so appreciate you and your outlook on life, thanks for sharing with us!

  33. Hey! You don’t know me but I have to say that I enjoy reading your blog and I literally am crying from laughing so stinkin’ hard at you! Thanks for bringing a bit of laughter into my life! Love it!