10 Things

1. I am so behind on DVR’d programming. In fact, I haven’t watched a single episode of American Idol this season. I’ve only seen one episode of The Bachelor. The only show I stay caught up on consistently is Top Chef. What does it all mean?

2. Dave Barnes’ new single is called “Mine To Love,” and it makes me sway and smile. Totally infectious. I think you need it in your life.

3. Slowly but surely I’ve been following up on some of y’all’s new music suggestions. I’ve loved NEEDTOBREATHE’s music since we saw them open for the aforementioned Dave Barnes a few years ago, but somehow I neglected to buy their latest album. WELL. I bought it earlier this week, and SWEET FANCY MOSES it is a winner.

4. It’s a winner because of songs like this one.

That right there? Will restore your faith in American music.

5. I have a big giveaway coming up next week. And it’s for a fancy vacuum that I have grown to love and treasure. Stay tuned.

6. Earlier this week Melanie wrote a post over at Ree’s about her favorite book quotes, so I spent the next two days thinking about all of my favorite book quotes. There are a couple from classics like To Kill A Mockingbird and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that make me teary-eyed every single time I read them, but here’s my favorite makes-me-teary-eyed quote from a more recent book:

“My sister, Swede, who often sees to the nub, offered this: People fear miracles because they fear being changed – though ignoring them will change you also. Swede said another thing, too, and it rang in me like a bell: No miracle happens without a witness. Someone to declare, Here’s what I saw. Here’s how it went. Make of it what you will.” – Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

I adore that book.

7. Remember how I told y’all that I was using a new skin care regimen that a sweet friend sent me? Well, I’ve had to stop using it for a little while. I think some part of it is just too much for my skin. I say that because there has been a great deal of itching (especially after I use the morning moisturizer) and no shortage of break-outs. So I think a change is in order (cue the sad trombone).

8. This little sign is speaking volumes to me these days.

9. This little sign makes me say “amen.”

10. And this one? Just makes me laugh.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Peace Like a River is one of my all-time favorites, along with Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns.

    And I love that last sign. So very true!

  2. Kimberly/OKC says:

    I love Peace Like a River too. It stays with me. I want to read it again and again. I wonder why the author gave it that title tho…hmmm. I want to start a journal of “quotes that I love from books”. It will have to be separate from my “quotes I love from the Bible” and the just plain “quotes I love” books. I love words, phrases and sentences.
    Uhh, thanks for reading my musings…

  3. LOVE me some Needtobreathe. “Washed by the Water” is one of my favorites. Haven’t put “Slumber” on my iPod yet, but need to. I am going to start playing it over the intercom in the mornings to get the kids out of bed for school.

    Like those signs! Both very true…

  4. The last sign! Laughing so hard! It’s so true!
    Now I want to go read the entire Chronicles of Narnia. (I have insomnia, you see.)

  5. I LOVE that last sign! I can’t wait to hear about this giveaway. There is nothing like a good vacuum.

  6. I may have to “PIN” that last sign. Actually, they are all great. Loved “Mine to Love”..wasn’t familiar with Dave Barnes. Thanks for sharing.

    • You need to check out ALL of Dave Barnes’ music. My teenage daughter and I both love him – and there’s 31 years difference in our ages. When an artist who can appeal to that age range – you know he is amazing. Thanks again, boomama for introducing his music to me several years ago. :D

  7. I lerve the wall art. The quotes are fun and inspiring. :)

  8. Want some awesome music? Check out Marcy Priest: http://www.marcypriest.com/

    I knew she was legit when she could play both hands of Heart and Soul by herself – we were in the 2nd grade. No seriously, she could. No seriously, if I hadn’t known her since that time, I would think she was too good to be true, but since I have known her that long, I know she’s true enough to be good. Check her out!

  9. I LOVE NEEDTOBREATHE!!! It took me all of about 14.7 seconds to buy that album on my iPhone after listening to that song! YAY!

  10. Oh, Sophie. I needed that pin about the creative life. It’s true about every aspect of life, and I’ve been struggling in grad school because of crippling insecurity. In undergrad, if I was wrong, I didn’t care, not even a little. I need to let it go.

  11. Love the Oscar Wilde quote!

  12. here’s my skin care regime ~ maybe it’ll work for you?? http://pursuingjoy.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-dont-have-what-anyone-would-call.html

  13. LOVE the insomnia quote! So funny!!!!

  14. Have you tried Murad? I have really sensative skin and always struggle to find soemthing that works. It’s expensive but a bottle of facewash lasts over 6 months and it has done wonders in making my face blemish free and soft!

  15. Loved the link to Melanie’s post at Pioneer Woman.

    I read To Kill a Mockingbird about once a year. I love it. Something in my soul craves that book. When Rev. Sykes says, “Mis Jean Louise, Miss Jean Louise. Stand up. Your father’s passing,” I lose it every single time. I got weepy simply typing the words.

    I’m reading The Chronicles of Narnia (has a better series ever been written?) to my 2nd graders and we just finished The Horse and His Boy. “But of course,” he (Shasta) thought. “I was quite safe. That is why the Lion kept on my left. He was between me and the edge all the time.” Oh, CS Lewis, you complete me.

    Happy weekend. :)

  16. I love the insomnia one. hahaha It’s funny because it’s soooooooooo true!

    Have a great weekend! Oh, BTW, AI has some awesome singers this year. :-)


  17. We saw NeedtoBreathe live last November and it was great!

  18. Nowhere on your DVR list do I see “Downton Abbey”. Simply MUST see this! Love the Englishy-Jane Austen-ness of it! Maybe you will enjoy it also…

    • Yes! You must watch this show! I saw the first season on netflix, but heard about it in time to DVR the second season. Saw this week that the second season only runs through February 19th and get sad every time I remember that we only have 4 more episodes to go. Surely there will be a 3rd season!

  19. Julie Reynolds says:

    Hey Sophie – thanks for sharing the great music and I love the signs!!! Too Cute – I wanted to share with you an album of beautiful music that I have been listening to and I can’t get the soul-stirring lyrics out of my head. Christa Wells & Nicole Witt’s Image of God album is amazing! You can see videos of a couple on YOUTUBE. I love the 2nd song on the album “SET FREE” – let me know what you think!

  20. Hi Sophie,
    Just wanted comment really quick about a facial wash I have been doing. It’s totally natural, and after the week I have had with some serious allergic action to a certain cleanser, I welcomed the change. Are you ready?? It’s honey. Seriously. Raw, natural honey. It has done wonders for my face. I use honey and water for my morning routine, and at night to remove makeup, baking soda and..yep, honey. I promise I am not some crazed hippie who abhors all commercial products but this one is a gem. To moisturize I have been using Jojoba oil and tea tree oil. That’s it. One of my friends has a blog and posted about how this skin care regimen has changed her life and I promise it works. I had red, raw, itchy skin on Monday, Tuesday, started the honey facial wash on Tuesday night…but WEDNESDAY my co-workers had noticed. Just wanted to pass it on. :)

  21. The last one cracked me up!

  22. I love the quotation you posted for number eight. As a web designer and designer in general sometimes I am afraid of criticism. Then I realize that feedback is good and is the only way I will grow as an artist.