Because Of All The Cuckoo

I’m going to be a little out of pocket for the next week or so. Granted, I realize that people aren’t exactly sitting around and hitting “refresh” and waiting for me to write a blog post because, well, not even my own mama cares that much about what I have to say, but since the blogging schedule is going to be reliably unreliable for a few days, I thought I’d go ahead and get my “uncle” cry out of the way.

For the record: UNCLE.

And also: TÍO.

See? I said “uncle” in two languages. Because 1) I am very fancy like that and 2) I am still trying to redeem myself from the unfortunate “My name is fried chicken” incident in Ecuador.

Anyway, the good news is that I’m still planning to do a vacuum (Oreck!) (yee-haw!) (I think that’s maybe the third time I’ve used the phrase “yee-haw!” in my life) (when not watching The Dukes of Hazzard, of course) giveaway this Thursday, and next week will hopefully be a little more normal-y. Or normal-ish. Or at least not as HOLD ON TO THE REINS, GLADYS, ‘CAUSE IT IS ABOUT TO GET LIVELY as this week.

So. If I don’t see y’all before Thursday, I will definitely see you Thursday. Or at least I will see those of you who are interested in entering a giveaway for an Oreck vacuum cleaner. Or maybe I will see some of you who just want to say “hi” and then maybe we can sing a medley or something. It’ll be a bonding experience.

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. We’ll miss you & hear from you Thursday! Have a good week!

  2. I’ll be around to try and win the Oreck and will gladly sing a medley, too. Show tunes? Old hymns? Praise songs? Camp songs? You name the genre and I’ll sing! Have a good week Sophie.

  3. Anotherlisa says:

    We have friends in Thailand, working with Wycliffe. I tell them often “we may not hear from you, but we still check on you, and continue to pray for you.”
    Same goes for you, sweet lady.

  4. Hello, Boo Mama! Hola, Boo Mama! (I tried to figure out how to say “Boo” in Spanish, but…well, I just didn’t get very far.)
    I check on you daily. Sometimes twice. ;)

  5. Why, yes, I do occasionally hit the refresh button.
    Hope your week goes smoothly.
    The Oreck is a wonderful thang.
    Book giveaway over at my hizzy on Thursday – it ain’t a vacuum, but it doesn’t totally suck, either. (Sorry.)
    I’ll just go Hoover down some potato chips now. (Sorry.)

  6. Just so ya know…I absolutely sit around and hit the refresh button thankyouverymuch!

  7. I’m always checking your blog for new posts! You totally crack me up, Boo. I’m praying your week smooths out nicely. I’ve had weeks like that — more and more lately, with an elderly mother, a teenage daughter, and a husband to keep up with. Keep on keepin’ on! And we will see you — read you — Thursday!

  8. Have a wonderful couple days! See ya soon!

  9. have a great week and don’t let go of those reins! I think we should sing a medley of 80’s sitcom theme songs.

  10. I do look almost everyday for a new post I THANK YOU. Cindy enjoys utilizing the word “Cafro’ inplace of uncle so feel free if you like. I think the only time I’d hear YOU saw YeeHaw would be watching HEE Haw, at a rodeo (not the skreet) or quoting something Keri Ray Galey would say – Ha Ha! Love til Thurs!

  11. The only response I can ever think to write when I comment on your posts is, ‘you crack me up’…..because you always do. You’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys! ;-)

  12. See you on Thursday…that is if I can remember. After all I am getting a little old here.

  13. You’ll be missed but sometimes you just gotta break and deal with whatever is going on in the crazy called life! Hope all is well.

  14. Oh I need a vacuum cleaner so bad and Oreck is my absolute favorite! I have gotten in the spring cleaning mood. Except where do i start??!!*** Every inch needs something done to it I think. You will be missed and yes, I check daily so don’t be gone too long.

  15. Summer Nelson says:

    Oh, how I would love this! My vacuum officially sucked its last breath last week. With a 102 mph of airflow and only weighing 8lbs. its a dream come true! I might even “want” to vacuum with this fancy machine. Oh, nevermind…i’ll do it…but i will never want to do it! :)