I’m gonna have a lot of words on Monday. A LOT of words. Words about some STUFF and some THINGS, mind you. Just you wait.

But in the meantime: pictures. Or pintures. Or pinterestures.

1) These return address stamps are fab.

2) I’m obsessed with this skirt. I can’t explain why. All I know is that I went in Anthropologie a couple of days ago to buy a candle, and when I saw this skirt hanging in the window, I ran over to it and gazed at it longingly. They had a navy and white striped shirt with it in the store – which was an interesting choice (that’s my code for I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ANTHRO MATCHING TECHNIQUES) – but on the website it’s paired with a denim shirt. And it looks super cute.

3) All my favorite foods. All in one place.

4) It’s called Fail-Proof Pizza Dough. AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. The ingredients in this dough are the same as another recipe that I’ve used for the last year and half-ish, but the ingredients are combined in a different order. As Robert Frost once wrote, “that has made all the difference.”

5) Comeback Sauce is a staple in the South. Or at least it’s a staple in Mississippi. I don’t hear people mention it as much in Alabama, but maybe that’s because people can’t stop saying “ROLL TIDE” or “WAR EAGLE” long enough to talk about deeply meaningful things like Comeback Sauce.

Comeback Sauce is great on chicken (prepared any which way), hamburgers, and I’m sort of partial to using as a dip. The only trick is that if you use it as a dip, the dipping agent needs to be saltine crackers. Not chips. Not Triscuits or Wheat Thins. Saltine crackers. Just trust me on this one.

6) I think about this purse more than I feel it is normal to think about, well, a purse.

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

7) This pillow makes my heart go pitter-patter. This pillow is also beyond my budget, so unfortunately it will not be making my heart go pitter-patter in the comfort of my own home. But still. Love it.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Oh Sophie, I have yearned for (and longed after) the Texas and Louisiana (where I lived for a while) and the New Mexico (where my 2 sons live) pillows and all the other state pillows representing all of the other great states in our US of A FOREVER.
    Just forever.
    Love them.

  2. Susan berry says:

    Oh do I love love comeback sauce with crackers too!! Yummy yummy!

    If you are slightly handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is , it is easy and much cheaper to buy the Mississippi hand/tea cloth and make a pillow. My daughter made one and it is so cute.. She also matted and framed one as a gift.. I bought one which is still waiting for two years now for me to get crafty…..
    Did you see the state and ole miss game? I actually made it through without have a case of the “bad nerves”.. Go state!

    • Where do you find those towels? I’ve wanted a pillow of Kansas, Oklahoma, etc. for years. They are so cute, but more than I want to spend on a pillow. Help, please!

  3. 1. I have recently discovered “Comeback Sauce.” My life is now happier. The 1st time I even heard of it was at a little hole in the wall in Daphne, AL. Spencer and I were intrigued, and then pleasantly surprised. Since then, I’ve seen it everywhere. Most recently at Mugshots (have you been there? If no, GET THEE TO MUGSHOTS POST HASTE. I cannot even describe their buns. Burgers will be served on them in heaven.)

    2. The Mississippi pillow? I have the Alabama one. Spencer gave it to me for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. I LOVE it. He got it at Swoozies. And it was considerably less dollars (like half) than the link you posted. Might wanna try there…

    3. War Eagle. :)

  4. Well…
    1). Address labels can be beautiful
    2) skirts are to die for especially when there is an anthro price tag attached. Seriously the discounts we should get for being Giada fans!!!
    3) goodness that looks yummy
    4) I must try that crust
    5) OMG!!!! Where has this sauce been my whole life??? I mean really I grew up in Kentucky and live in Texas????? I trust you on the saltines… You would never steer me wrong on such important things!
    6)sorry I’m still thinking about the sauce
    7) Lordy I’m drooling

  5. That skirt? I can only see it clinging to my hips and thighs. Mercy me.

    Comeback sauce? Never heard of it before, but it looks like Thousand Island Dressing. I’m from SC. Maybe it’s a Deep South thing?

    I’m going to pin that crust and try it soon.

  6. I found the state towels on Now, I must order/make this pillow.

  7. My favorite pillow, too! I literally long for it every time I see it and tell myself…next bday check…then I always need something else:) Mine would be a Mississippi pillow, too!!

  8. Wow, that was a reminder from my childhood! I havent heard of comeback sauce in years. Maybe I’ll go find my mama’s recipe. Can’t wait till Monday!

  9. I’ll have you know that that pillow is currently on sale for 50% off at the Purple Elephant in Starkville. Road trip this weekend?

  10. Comeback sauce….now I thought I in the know of all things southern…I was born and raised in North Alabama and I do TRY to take time away from saying WAR EAGLE from time to time to expand my horizons..but the comeback sauce…hmmm…this is a new one and I am EXCITED!!!

  11. I am going to make that crust TODAY. I have not been able to get enough pizza lately, so this will be so helpful.

  12. Comeback salad dressing! Yum! I grew up in Vicksburg, and my mom contributes Comeback salad dressing to the church bazaar every year. Not to mention, there’s a catfish place called Rowdy’s that serves batter fries with Comeback sauce. WON-derful. Of course, for the sake of your arteries, you should probably only eat the batter fries and Comeback sauce once a year or so.

  13. Thanks to Robyn (3girlsmom) up there, I just realized that my favorite burger @ Mugshots – the COMEBACK burger, has the COMEBACK sauce on it. Ahem.

    Roll Tide :)

  14. I was able to purchase a Catstudio pillow at half price. I would not have bought it otherwise.
    I have this great idea to buy the dish towels from all of the states and we have lived (And Germany) (my husband is in the Army) and frame them to hang in my kitchen. They are only $20. They also have satin pillows with the same designs just not the needlework. They are also less expensive. They also have totes and other fun state things that might do it for you.
    Have fun!

  15. The skirt is darling, but my first thought was the ironing nightmare with all those pleats. I have never heard of comeback sauce- will have to look it up.

  16. anotherlisa says:

    my 16 yr old saw the anthro catalog, and promptly used her gift card to get very similar skirt at
    smart girl, if i do say so. and the skirt is permanently pleated (washes well, no ironing) and swirls in the cutest southern-belle way. no clinging, very flattering.

  17. You make me laugh!

  18. Your Roll Tide/War Eagle comment made me laugh out loud. TOO funny. And as a Mississippian, I LOVE Comeback Sauce. LOVE IT.

    I live in Starkville and I saw that Mississippi pillow in a store here. I knew the second I saw it that I NEEDED it. Then I looked at the price tag. Turns out, I don’t really need it. :(

  19. I do share your love of purses. I just bought a pink one. Came home with it and asked hubby if a 50 year old can still get away carrying a pink purse and he said, “Your 50, you can do whatever you want to do!” Ain’t he grand! Oh, and that skirt is great too!

  20. I have the Tennessee version of this pillow, only mine is a hand towel. I found it at a little shop in Nashville. Next time you come in to see sister, you must go to Fabu. It’s on Charlotte, near 46th Ave. GREAT stuff in there!

  21. Dana Mitchell says:

    Oh my word! This pizza crust/ breadstick recipe is for real. It’s the first homemade recipe I have ever used that was not flat and bland. The honey makes the difference. My family went nuts that they can have garlic breadsticks like a restaurants right out of the oven. Thanks!

  22. The first time I had comeback sauce was at a local steakhouse in Arkansas a gazillion years ago. With saltines. Yummy!
    No way I could get even a thigh into that skirt.
    Love the pillow, live in Mississippi but say “War Eagle!” Have only said the other battle cry one time, to a bama friend (yes, we can be friends, that’s proof there is a chance for world peace!) after that horrible tornado last spring!

  23. Thank you kindly for including a link to my blog post about Comeback Sauce in your delightful post! I love your site and don’t understand why I haven’t stumbled (gracefully, of course) upon before now.

    Best of luck on your upcoming book!