A Few Friday Favorites

one thing that changes life

“Let the dying moments remind us where to find the living…” – an absolutely beautiful post by Emily.

Black Bean Hummus

Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

And just an FYI: I prefer lime juice over lemon juice in black bean hummus, but the Holy Spirit may lead you in a different direction.

Kingdom: A Journey through Matthew

Our church has been studying the book of Matthew for the last few months, and the whole series has been so rich and timely and good. I thought several weeks ago that I wanted to link specifically to Bart Box’s sermon on The Sermon on the Mount, and the fact that I just remembered probably says a lot about my current mental state. Anyway, the whole series is excellent (this past Sunday’s message was exactly what I needed to hear), so I thought I’d share.


I love having a notepad right by my computer, and if it can double as a mousepad, all the better. This past week I ran in the bookstore for a few things, and when I saw this cute, encouraging notepad/mousepad, it made me smile. It’s colorful and handy – especially if you’re like me and still like to write out your to-do lists the old-fashioned way.

This one is also mighty cute.

ESPN Tournament Challenge

If you’re interested in joining our 4th Annual NCAA Tournament Challenge, you can join our group now. We can’t fill out brackets until after Selection Sunday (March 11th), but feel free to go ahead and join the group.

Fatao’s Heart

A six year-old little boy named Fatao lives in poverty in Burkina Faso and suffers from a heart defect called ventricular septal defect. He needs heart surgery, and he’ll have to travel to India to get it. So while Fatao is part of a Compassion Child Development Center, his medical expenses – approximately $23,000 for travel, visas and surgery and follow-up care – are so great that Compassion is helping him through their Medical Intervention Fund.

You can get more information on the Compassion blog, and you can make a one-time donation on the Compassion website. Just a few dollars from each of us would help so much.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Have a great weekend! I’m off to listen to the sermons.

  2. Thank you for sharing about Fatao’s Heart. I can’t imagine. My daughter had back to back open heart surgeries this past fall and the cost was astronomical. We call her our “million dollar baby”, which probably isn’t too much of a stretch! : ) However, thankfully we have insurance and while it certainly wasn’t free, it wasn’t outside the realm of what we could do. So to know that his parents desperately want him to get well but just simply haven’t been able to afford it for the last 5 years since they discovered it – wow. Going right now to pay it forward.

  3. “And just an FYI: I prefer lime juice over lemon juice in black bean hummus, but the Holy Spirit may lead you in a different direction.”
    I swear I laughed so hard I about wet myself! You are so witty and btw the Holy Spirit leads me to lime juice with you! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I will pray for Fatao’s recovery. And hope things get well for his visa and medication. “Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord.”

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. No lie, I’m sitting here right now eating black bean hummus from Whole Foods and wishing I had a recipe. I love that you read my mind!

  6. I was JUST thinking about the bracket challenge!! So fun!

  7. Thanks for linking to Fatao’s story — since Caden, heart defects are close to my heart . . . I’ll be praying for him!!

  8. Phyllis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the link about little Fatao’s surgery. I use the internet for my purposes and interests, so it’s beyond GREAT that via the same internet, I can (easily) participate in God’s ministry!