Please Excuse My Absence

I haven’t been a very good blogger this week. In fact, if not for your mighty entertaining comments about grandparents’ nicknames, there wouldn’t have been much at all going on around here, I’m afraid.

I don’t even have a decent excuse. It’s just that after spending the first half of last week with the Granthams and the Crawleys, then spending a big chunk of this past weekend with my BFF Microsoft Word, I have had to pay the responsibility piper this week. Mostly I’ve just been trying to catch up on a few things – like, for instance, the fact that the laundry situation in this house is officially past the point of all reason. Hopefully it’ll be under control soon.

I don’t really think it’s going to be under control soon, by the way.

I just tell myself that so that I don’t feel quite as tempted to throw all the clothes in the driveway and SET THEM ON FIRE.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your great comments and for being kind about my current state of bloggy unpredictability (no idea if that’s an actual word or not, but I’m running with it). And just so you know: our 4th Annual NCAA Tournament Challenge will be up and running very, very soon. I’ll post details this weekend.

(Oh, I do enjoy March Madness.)

(It’s a delightful time of year, my friends.)

Hope y’all are having a great week!

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  1. Well you just don’t know how this eases my mind. Just this evening when my husband and I were out for a lovely dinner at a snazzy restaurant I looked him square in the eye and said ” My word, do you know that BooMama has not mentioned the Tournament Challenge yet”? To which he replied calmly replied “no”.

    So, OK then. I’m all set.

  2. Missed you this week. Know about the laundry! Once I flooded my house and the nice people came by and packed up all my laundry and brought it back done a few weeks later. Maybe you should try that. Hope you are caught up soon.

  3. I was drafting a letter to ESPN telling them how hard they are making it for me to be in bed before 11! I love March Madness

  4. Was reading some basketball related stuff tonight and wondered to myself “I wonder if Sophie is gonna do a bracket challenge again this year?” I will admit right now that my selections will probably be more related to mascot names and school colors I like instead of any real knowledge of the field. Outside of Florida and Baylor I just haven’t really followed the season this year. And, unless the Bears and the Gators get their acts together this week, neither will last very long at the big dance.

    Not going to fill out a bracket for the women’s tourney. No one is going to beat the Lady Bears from Baylor. You heard it here first!

  5. Hang in there, Sophie girl. You’ve got a very full plate these days and we get that. No need to commit laundry arson on our behalf. Wash, dry, fold, write and we’ll be here when you catch up.

  6. Hey there!

  7. I think a clothing bonfire sounds delightful. Especially on the days that I find un-worn, clean clothes in the hamper just because it was easier for the kids to throw them there than put them in their drawer. Or when I find dress up clothes that have been put on for aproximately 4 minutes then tossed into the hamper. I hope you do not detect too much bitterness….just joy. Joy at the thought of a clothing bonfire :)

  8. Seriously, how do you turn you back for a few days and the laundry TAKES OVER?? My word, trying to reign it in here as well. . . .

    Oh and M I Z-Z O U!

  9. Setting your laundry on fire- now there is a plan…

  10. Brenda from Georgia says:

    My college son is coming home Friday for Spring Break and bringing all his laundry with him. He works out every day, so there will be lots and lots of stinky gym clothes along with all the regular stuff. So looking forward to seeing him – his laundry, not so much.
    By the way, my best friend saw Travis in concert at a little church in our little town last weekend and said she felt like she’d been to heaven. Love him!

  11. This is unrelated to laundry but for some reason I’ve been obsessed with making Poppyseed Chicken, don’t ask me why, this is just how my mind works. I will not be able to rest until I make it. Anyway, I thought I’d heard it mentioned here on the blog but can’t seem to find it. Fellow Boomama readers, help a girl out please! Thanks!

  12. Love your blog, your voice and your bloggy unpredictability. :) In other news, I can’t wait to buy your book!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Speaking of our friends from the Abbey– have you found a way to watch Season 2? I watched Season 1 (in a day and a half, no less…) and am a teensy bit disappointed that Season 2 isn’t on Netflix,, or iTunes. What on earth shall I do if I can’t find out what happens to the Granthams??

  14. The Granthams and the Crawleys are a totally valid excuse!

  15. anotherlisa says:

    Downton Abbey gets in our blood. I was at a meeting on a Monday morning (just after watching that Sunday night) and was horrified by my speech. Slight accent on certain words, British turn of phrase or two… they had seeped into my vernacular! Details elude my recollection, thus I humbly apologise.

  16. A laundry bonfire sounds like a great idea! I’ll bring the marshmallows!