Mamaw And ‘Em

This past Saturday morning I went to Panera so that I could try to get some writing done. Please make note of the phrase “try to” – because what I didn’t know at the time was that there was a huge soccer tournament in Birmingham this past weekend, and starting about 11:00, one soccer team after another filed into Panera for lunch. I was at a table in a little alcove by the cash registers, and at one point I counted 22 other people who were attempting to share that little alcove with me. Some were sitting, some were standing, some were crouching next to tables, and while everyone was very nice and well-behaved and etc., there were moments when I thought that it sure was going to be a shame when I experienced a bout of claustrophobia in the middle of a bunch of 11 year-old boys who just wanted to eat some turkey sandwiches and hang out for a little bit before their next game.


When I got home later that afternoon, I cooked supper, visited with my people – and while the little man read what I’d written earlier in the day (listen. that child is going to be our family historian before it’s all said and done.), I tried to re-work the beginning of a chapter in my head. I had an idea, but I needed some input – and I thought the Twitter might be able to help.

So Saturday night, I asked the Twitter a question:

And y’all? The answers?

Oh my goodness. If I could, I’d carve them into some sort of Southern Mamaw Monument. They are priceless.

Here’s a little sampling.

Is that not some Granny Goodness? The nicknames made me so happy – and that’s not even half of them.

Mary Lauren was one of the people who replied, and she mentioned that she’d written a post on grandmother names. After I read it I realized that I don’t remember any grandmothers who went by “Grandma” when I was growing up. There was the occasional “Grandmother,” but mostly I knew MiMis and Mamies and GaGas and MeMaws. I’d never thought about it until the Twitter helped me out.

So what about y’all? What did you call your grandmothers?

And better yet, if you’re a grandmother, what do your grandbabies call you?

By the way, I’m hoping that I’ll get to be Shug or Honey one day.

Maybe even SoSo.

But definitely not BooMamaw.

Which means that’s exactly what I’ll be.

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  1. My maternal grandma was called “Mimi,” and my paternal grandma was called “grandmother.” My mom is now “Grammy” to our daughter. I think my favorite nicknames are the ones that are original to whatever the grandchildren start calling the grandparents :)

  2. Christy says:

    I had Mama Mac and Daddy Mac. (yes, our last name is a Mc variety).
    But what I LOVE… My niece and nephews call my daddy ‘Dandy’. My niece (now 20) couldn’t pronunciate Grandaddy. So what she could get out just stuck.

  3. My mom is called Mischa…she said it was some language’s meaning for Grandma, but when I looked it up, all I saw was “gift from God” in the Russian language– haha, which I guess she technically is!! I call my maternal grandmother Mimi too!

  4. I had a MeeMaw and a Grandmother (which oddly enough, is also very characteristic of my relationship with them! comfort/loving vs formal/impersonal). My mom goes by Gran, but through the kids and their growing speech, she has also been called “Hun” (her favorite), “Han”, and is currently being called “Gone” by my youngest, who stands at the door yelling “Bye Gone!!!” and waving like crazy. My mom cracks up everytime! A friend of mine’s mom is Gramma Vegas! Her choice, she lives in Vegas!

  5. Whitney says:

    I called my grandma, “Mall”. I think it was b/c as a kid I thought the term was ‘grandmal’ instead of grandma. I remember being so confused, and having to ask many questions, ‘Are we going to SEE Mall? or are we going TO the mall?’

  6. My northern grandmother was Grandma. My southern grandmother was Grandmother. :)

  7. Grandmommy ( I’m 42 and still to this day call her that) and Grandma (pronounced Grandmaw because I’m southern like that!)

  8. Wow! I am from Philadelphia and reading all of these names make me think that us northerners need to become more creative in our grandparent names! I called my mom’s parents Mommom and Poppop, and my dad’s Gramma and Grampa. Just like every other kid in Pennsylvania! Ha!

    • My college roommate was from Deleware (I’m from Arkansas) and she did the mommom and poppop. I thought it was so clever!

  9. All the grandmothers in our family have always been Mamaws. My brother and I differentiated by adding first names when it wasn’t already clear who we were talking about… Mamaw Willie versus Mamaw Linda. My nephew has a Mamaw and a Nana. :)

  10. I have a Grandma Lavaughn and had a Grandma Luella. I’m a grandma myself now . My step grandkids call me Grandma Teri, my oldest granddaughter calles me, “Meemaw”, my three yr old grandson calls me “MawMaw” and to the others I’m just plain old “Grandma”.

  11. Such sweet names! I have two Grannies, and my great-grandmothers were grandma & the other granny Ross (her last name). My kids call my mom Nana, and my MIL Grandma (the grandmothers picked). I have friends who refer to the grandmother as Nana & HER mother as Big Nana :) I also know lots of mamaws, mawmaws, a Mimi, and a Gigi.

  12. Kimmy Sue says:

    Our grandchildren call us “Queen Bee and King Bee”
    We have bee hives in our yard and Britt our grandaughter started it,somehow it just stuck with the next two Jacob and Abby Kate. My heart just melts when I hear their sweet voices call their Queen Bee. Who by the way LOVES them to pieces.

  13. My family is pretty boring. Both sets of grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa. When we were discussing them amongst ourselves, we would tack on their last name to differentiate between the two. My younger sister took to calling them Grandpa and Grandpa for awhile which hysterically came out Crap-pa and Crap-pa. They still love to talk about that 20 plus years later. Now my parents and in-laws are Nana and Pawpaw and Nana and Papa. My boys differentiate by referring to them as “Texas Nana” and “Indiana Nana.”

  14. Buh.

  15. Charise says:

    Hi, Sophie!! :) I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and love it!

    I have a Grandma & Grandpa, Nanny & PawPaw, and a Papa M. But, I want my future kids to call my parents something more creative like Lolly & Pops. :)

  16. Allison says:

    I have a Gagi and a Mamoo. They were two of the most awesome women I have ever known!

  17. I had a Gramma Lovell and a Gramma Miller. (We didn’t say the last name unless it was necessary to differentiate in conversation.) My grandfather was just Grampa. My other grandfather was gone before my parents met, so I don’t know what he would have been called. My mom is Grammy to her grandkids and my husband’s mom is Gramommy to our son. My dad is Papa and my husband’s dad is just Grandpa.

    SO PUMPED ABOUT YOUR BOOK!! I knew you had it in you!! ;)

  18. My folks and extended family are from the north, so I had Grandma Milly, Grandma Dunston and Grandma Gorin. Now Chris’ people are all deep south, so he had Mawmaw and Mama Ora. I love the south! So glad to have grown up there long enough to call Texas and the south, my heritage.

  19. I know someone who only answers to “Sweetie” when called by her grands. I think I might try that should my turn occur in…30 years or so.

  20. I had one living grandmother who (wait for it) was called Grandmother. My grandchildren call me Mia (since I refused to be Mee Maw!).

  21. I had a Nana and a Mama. My kids call their two, Grammie and Grandma. I have no idea what I want to be called… Maybe Grand Tab. I am Aunt Tab now and I like the sound of that. :)

  22. Molly Kate says:

    My paternal grandma was “grandma” but my maternal grandma was “choo-choo”. Her eldest grand kid nicknamed her that after coming for visit on the train. It stuck so much that she even had vanity plates that said “chooch” because everyone calls her that. My mom is now a “nana” or “nino” or a “nina” depending on which of the grandkids you ask (but she says that she likes Nina the best because there was a lady that was on a soap that was named Nina who was kinda a vixen) and my sweet dad is “Bumpa.”

  23. I was born and raised in New England. Both sets of grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa. We distinguished them by last name – Grandma Mancone, Grandma Arico, etc. In terms of great grandparents, I had a Nana, a Ma, a Pa, and a Grandma and Grandpa Catalan. I even knew my great-great-grandmother, VoVo (Portuguese for grandmother). By the way, my aunts are all Auntie, no matter what their age.

    • btw – my sister is pregnant and my dad is absolutely delighted. His dad passed away about 8 years ago and he is tickled that he is going to be the next Grandpa Mancone. My mom doesn’t want to be Grandma, so she settled on Grammy.

    • We differentiated ours by last name too. My maternal grandma will always be my standard by which all other grandmas are evaluated. My mom is Nana (because my firstborn said it and he was first grandchild) and dad is Papaw. I hope, in about 20 years, to be something fun like memaw or the louisiana maman (with hopefully a southern accent. – I’m really a southerner stuck in the north).

      • Lorinda Morey says:

        My first grandchild will be born in just under two months in NC. I have always lived in the PNW but I have chosen MeMaw as my grandmother name. (I am a Southerner stuck in the PNW) I can’t wait for the day I hear it from the lips of this sweet baby boy!

        My maternal grandmother = Grandmother Larson. My paternal grandmother = Grandma Leta.

  24. Melanie says:

    My maternal grandmother was MeeMee (so named because she would say “Oh, me, me!” when something wasn’t going right).

    My paternal grandmother was Mama Lee (last name).

    I used to go to church with a sweet lady who is “Gummy” because the oldest grandchild couldn’t say “grandma”. :D

  25. Michelle says:

    We have the usual MamMa and Granny, but my children call my mother in law Buddy and my husband’s grandfather was Louis (his name). I had a friend who called her grandfather Fat Man and friend of my daughter calls her grandmother Tea Party.

  26. Mine were Mam-maw and Grandma. For my kids, my parents are GrandBob and Grandma, and my in-laws are Grandy and Pop. Loved reading all those granny names!

  27. What a fun post to read!

    I called both sets of my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa and just used their last names if they were both in the same place at once. Not quite as fun as all these! (I’m from the north, maybe that is why? We are lame? haha)

    My husband is a southern boy and he has a Momon.

    My daughter has Nana, Papaw, and Mawmaw, Grandma, Grandpa, and Grammy,

  28. We just called ours “grandma,” but my sister’s kids call my mom Meemaur because her name is Maureen. My brother-in-law calls her Mom-Maur, and he calls my sister Lisa-Maur (because Maureen is her middle name). Though out of nowhere lately the three-year-old has decided that “Granny” is just right, which we all find hilarious because Granny was our great-grandmother, who was about 7,000 by the time any of us came along. My mom is sooo not a Granny yet.

  29. well we had Granny and Nanny and my husband’s family said Mamaw and Granny Bea. my kids called my mom Dabba Dabba and Bucky. which of course, is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. they stick with Grandmama now, since they are a little older now, but she will always be Dabba Dabba to me.

  30. My mom’s parents are Mama and Papa and my dad’s parents are Grams and Gramps. I’m dating, and plan on marrying, a Midwesterner and he thinks I am so strange that I call them those names. He calls his Grandma/Grandpa and either their first or last name after. I find that so strange! My mom is Gigi to my nephew and will be to the rest of her grandkids. My dad is from Maine and he goes by Grandpa Bob. He’s the odd one out!

  31. I had a Mimi, Grandmother, Granny Lawson and Granny Maxwell. I also have a Babo (she’s an aunt but her grandkids call her Babo so now everyone else does too). My parents were originally Pot and Keg (their names are Pat and Greg) which fit my parents perfectly now they’re Nana and Granddaddy. My in-laws are Grandmamma and Granddaddy.
    You know just to name a few…

  32. I am SO EXCITED about the book – beyond beyond. And I am so sorry I missed the tweet – because I am GRAN JAN :) Both of my grandmothers were Granny – plain and simple. My boys call my mother-in-law Memama and my own mother called her paternal grandmother “Maw.” I love the South – and I love you! You’re going to do us proud. :)

  33. I had a Mimi, and two Grannies. One was a great grandmother, who we called Granny Smith (her last name), the other was Granny Mae. Her name was actually Fannie Mae, and I’m so glad the first to “name” her didn’t call her Granny Fannie!!

  34. LindseyA says:

    Love this! I have a Nana and a MaMa (pronounced Maw-Maw). My kids have a MiMi and a MeeMaw :) I also had a Granny Mann (great grandmother) and we called my other great grandmother “Pearl” which was her first name. I’ve never really received a good explanation about how that ever happened. Good luck with this fun research!

  35. Bigmama! She’s fixing to turn 91 and theres’s nothing big about her but her personality! And my grandfather was Bigdaddy! Man, I miss him.

  36. Rebecca says:

    My grandfathers were both gone before I was born. It I had a Granny and a Mama Stewart! My mother is Mimi and my daddy is Granddaddy. My husband and I knew we would need other names since they are both still living so we are proudly Grandmommy and Gdaddy!!!
    Lovin everyone minute of it too, grand kids are the absolute best!

  37. Rebecca says:

    Oops meant “so I had a granny…..”. Long day. ; )

  38. Sweet! We had Grandmother (yes, she was very proper) and Granny (and she was not). My greats were Nanny and Gramma (have no idea how to actually spell it, but pronounced Grah-mah).
    My parents are Mimi and Poppy to my kids. ;)

  39. Well I think BooMamaw is pretty wonderful :)

    My name is Renee & my son-in-law tried to christen me “Mama Nay-Nay,” but it was quickly shortened to “Naynay,” which evidently will be my moniker for the next 40 or 100 years.

    I didn’t have grandparents but my girls had a Memaw and two Mamaws, and then a Mamar.

    We’re very fancy.

  40. I had a Nana and a Dandy. Those were my mother’s parents. My dad’s parents were Bonmama and Bondaddy. I named all four of them even though I was only the oldest grandchild on one side.

    My parents are Cissy (her childhood name and still what everyone from her hometown calls her) and Poppy.

    Grandparents are the best!

  41. Chelsea says:

    My Grandmother Dorothy always liked to be called Granny Dot.
    My Grandmother Clara insisted on being called Grandmother Clara.
    Guess which one I loved more? Seriously, you can’t be a fun grandma if you force the name Grandmother.

  42. My grand’s were Bigmama and Daddy Gene – my husband had Ninny and Papaw. But my favorite is my friend who has elected to call herself Jo-jo and her husband Da-doo. Gotta love the south!!

  43. Mine are Gran and Pappy…which was great until I moved to Chicago (from Texas) and they had never heard tell of other “Pappys” and I was momentarily scarred.

    In other news, this topic has been a fave for a long time…Grandparent nicknames used to keep my roommates and I howling for hours. My favorites are “Mamp & Pamp,” “Mama Sara and Daddy Dan,” and “Bunny and Ray-Ray.”

    I love this about the South. Love it. (Except when I was in the North with Southern Grandparents. Schoolchildren, beware :)

  44. Well……my parents are: Grandy (my son could not say grandadday & it stuck) and Gee-Maw (pronounced Ghee-Maw) because my son could not say Grandma! He is the first grandchild and once he had the names down….they stuck. I am personally looking forward to being “honey” someday. One of the funniest grandma names I ever knew about was “Dabba-Doo”! She even had it on her license plates!

  45. I have a Mamaw and a Grandmother. I’m the middle grandaughter on my grandmother’s side. My older cousin called her Grandmama, I stuck with the formal grandmother because our relationship was formal and not at all casual, my sister came along and called her Memaw. 3 names for the same woman. It was as if she was 3 different women! ha!

  46. I have a Grammy and Gran-Gra. They are the coolest people you will ever meet. My parents are Poppy and Zsa Zsa. Yes, as in Zsa Zsa Gabor. I think it was supposed to be Gran-Jan and my niece came out with Zsa Zsa and it stuck. My mother wouldn’t have it any other way!

  47. I have a Memommie and a G-ma. My grandfathers were Pepoppie and G-pa. Good stuff! Even better people!

    My mom is Lovie to her grands. My in laws are CiCi and Big Daddy.

  48. Sophie, THANK YOU for the shout out! I was so excited to be included in this post. And I am LOVING these grandma names!!

  49. Michelle White says:

    My Maternal was Mamaw and my Paternal was Grandmommy. My Mom is named Laura and when her nieces were little they could not say it so they called her Aura or Arie which is what my two boys call her. My husbands Mamaw is still with us so my boys have one of those as well. So lucky!

  50. My maternal grandmother is Mom-Mom. My paternal grandmother was Grandmom.

    My boys called my mom Mom-Mom and they call my MIL “Nina” (my oldest – her oldest grandchild, couldn’t say Nana and it came out Nina. It just stuck.) They call my husband’s grandmother “Nana” and my grandmother “Mom-Mom B”.

  51. I had Nanny and Papa. My dogs “know” my mother as Nanny, too. ;)
    Most other people I know have Mamaws and Papaws. My uncle goes by Grumpy. Most unique…my friend’s children call their grandparents Munga and Bumpa ~ so named by the first grandchild.

  52. amandamw says:

    Well, this is too fun!

    I have a Gran, a Nannie, a Mammy (from Alabama!), Big-O-Mama and a Grandma Walden.

    My husband grew up with two Memaws.

    My parents are Grammy and Poppy to my children, which my mom selected for them, as moms are prone to do. My dad was just not sure of it because he was sure that it would evolve into PeePee, which he wanted no part of it. Luckily, that has not been the case!

  53. We have two Nanas (my great-grandmother and kids grandmother), Big Mama (my great-grandmother), Gaga (my grandmother), Papa (my grandfather), Papoo (kids grandfather) and Papa Stan (my grandfather). But my most favorite is my grandmother (and kids great-grandmother) Miss Betty. She lives in a small South Carolina town. People always comment how nice it is when I say her name (blessedly, she is still with me – 98 yrs old) . When I have grandchildren, I would love to be called Miss Beth.

  54. Well Shug, sit down. My kids call my mom NeMe (like MiMi with an N). We called my grandmother Buddy. My mother had a grandmother-in-kind she called TwoMomma (because she was like her second mother). I know a Plum, a Peaches, a Honey, a Big Dot, and if you have a few hours I can probably come up with some more.

  55. I called my grandmothers Grandma and MaBert (her name was Bertha). My grandchildren call me Gran. I know grandmothers who are called Honey and Khaki.

  56. we have a honey, a shugah, a granma, a granny, a mama K, and a mimi.

  57. Maternal: Grandma and Grandpa. Paternal: Grandma and Grandpa.

    What. I grew up in the Midwest, okay?

    But my husband’s southern grandma, God rest her soul, insisted on being called “Grannie” as it didn’t sound as “old” as “Grandma.” Allrightythen!

  58. We call my grandmas Mamo (ma-mow) and Grandma. My great-grandmas were Big Mama and Mama Pearl (her name).

  59. This California girl of Yankee extraction had a Gramma John (last name was Johnson) and a Granny. My mom is Nanna.

  60. You remember Mudgie! She would have celebrated a birthday last week. I miss her like crazy.

  61. I had a Mimi and Grandma. My husband had a Grandma and a Grandmother. When the great grand kids came along – Grandmother changed to GG. My kids call my mom Grams or the Graminator. My MIL is Grandmomma. My nephew calls my MIL GrandmommaNorman – all run together. We wonder if he calls his other grandmother by her full name too!

  62. My grandmothers were Nonnie and Grandmom, and my grandfather was Gandy. My mother is Bunch, short for “Honey Bunch,” and my daddy was Daddy Ben. My husband’s parents are Neena and Granddaddy.

    The absolute cutest grandparent names were my friend’s grandparents, Himama and Hidaddy. She called them that because she heard her own mother walk in their door and say, “Hi, Mama. Hi, Daddy.” Isn’t that precious?

    My mom taught kindergarten for years, and she had a student who called his grandmother “My Wienie Roast.” Is that not hilarious? I guess they roasted hot dogs at her house!!

    My friend’s mother’s name is Sally, and she wanted her grands to call her “Mustang” for the song “Mustang Sally.” Didn’t work out. She’s Sassy to all of her grandchildren.

    What fun I’ve had reading the comments. The South does have great grandparent names!!

  63. I called my maternal grandpatrents MaBonds and DaddyBonds (their last name was Bonds). My paternal grandparents were Nanny and Gramps. My mom was GrandJan, and my husband’s parents are Grandmaw and Pawpaw.

  64. I call mine Grandmother and Mamaw, and I also had a Great Grandmother. My kids call my mom Marmee and my mom-in-law Grandma. My cousins called their grandma Guggie, and I had a childhood friend who called hers Grannybug. Another friend called hers Mama Two.

  65. My grandmothers were Mam-maw and Mam-maw Bettie. My children though? Denote their grandparents by the color of their house: MeMaw and PePaw at the Red House (paternal grand-parents), MeMaw and PePaw at the Yellow House (maternal grandmother), and MeMaw and PePaw at the White House (maternal grandfather). And when my grandparents were still alive, they were MeMaw and PePaw at the White House With the Porch Swing.

    Talk about a mouthful. And of course the house colors have, for the most part, changed since those days. :)

  66. I had Grandma/Grandpa on my dad’s side and Grandmommy/Granddaddy on my
    Mom’s side.

    However, my great grandmothers had more creativity. Nanny, Pearlie, Trietschie. And my mom is now Pearlie to her granddaughters.

  67. I am so lucky to still have a Granny and a Grandma. And growing up, my great-grandmothers were MaMa and Edna. So we had to be creative when our kids were born. My mom is GranJan and MIL is MeeMaw. I also have Grand-daddy and PaPa (short a sound). My dad was Bee and my FIL is PeePaw. I also had a great grandfather who was Gramps. I love that one.

  68. We are from Arkansas so of course I had a MawMaw and A Paw Paw but we also just did grandma and grandpa. My eldest niece, Sophie, got very creative when she began naming granparents and re named everyone. My son has 10 grandmas amd they are: Neena, Mammy, MeMe, Grandma Texas then great grandmas are LuLu (her name is Lorelei), Junie, MaMaMa, Nonnie, Nanny, and a great great that is Granny. He gets a lot of presents and bright red lipstick smooches. So blessed with grandmothers.

  69. I might be laughing at BooMaMaw for a long, long time.
    My grandmas were both Grandma…Grandma Lillie and Grandma Bertha. :) My Grandma Bertha also went by Big Bert sometimes (and it’s not because she was overweight) (I did not inherit the thing she got her nickname for) (I’m bummed about that). Lillie was quiet, but don’t get on her bad side. Once, an ornery brother-in-law of hers pushed the last button (I think I’m mixing metaphors here) and she shoved a diaper full of something mushy in his face. I believe it had whipped cream in it or something, but I’m sure he thought it was something else for a second anyway.

  70. Laura Beth says:

    I called my dad’s mom Granny Hop (her name was Hope) and my mom’s mother Ooma. My husband’s grandmother–and now my mother-in-law as well–is Gagi (rhymes with ‘foggy’).

  71. My grandmothers are Granny and Nana. I was the first grandchild and named my grandfather Doe Doe. My cousins call my Granny “Granny Coconut” because she lives on the lake and smells like coconut from her suntan lotion.

    When I was pregnant with my first we spent months trying to come up with a grandma name for my mom. She wanted to be called Shugah until one day we passed a hole-in-the-wall restaurant call “Big Nell’s” and my sister screamed, “Mom, we can call you Big Shugah!” For some reason my sisters and I thought that was the most hysterical thing (and not the least bit offensive), but my mom could never look at the name Shugah again. She is now Mimi.

  72. Well, lets see my paternal great-grandmother was MeMaw – great grandfather was Grandad(original huh?) My maternal grandparents were Granma & Paw, My paternal grandparents were Granny & Paw Paw. Now my parents are called Dolo (my mom’s name is Dolores – that’s what she wanted to be called) and the kids call my Daddy, Big Daddy… And I had a friend once who called her grandmother, Lovey. Love that! :) Can’t wait to read this chapter of yours!

  73. Wish I had time to read all these comments right now! I’ll share though. My grandmother was Granny Bo. My first(in order of age) cousin called her that because he couldn’t say Granny Belcher. I was the last of twenty-six cousins. My kids call my mo
    Grandmommie, except my baby girl couldn’t say it for the longest so she calls her Grandgommie. I had cousins with a Big Mama, MawMaw and Nana. My great grandmother was Mama Woods. I think those are all I can remember. Can’t wait to read your book. I’ll be back home in the South before it’s done, so it won’t make me homesick!

  74. I am from the North and I always called my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. But, I call my son’s cat named Memphis–Meemaw, so that I won’t ever be called that, if he ever gets married (he is 31 years old for goodness sake) and gives me grandchildren.

  75. Julie Reynolds says:

    I love this, my kids have a Mimmy,a Gammy, a Nana and now that I’m a GranJules to one and Bibi to the other, let me tell you there is nothing like it! Can’t wait for your book Sophie!

  76. My nieces & nephews call my Mom “Nonna” and “Ma”. Mine were G&G.

  77. I grew up with lots of grandmothers…Nana, Grandma Edna, Great-Grandmother, Mama Ballew, yet my mom tended to call them all Grandmom. Whenever she’d refer to her mother as Grandmom I’d be confused and would ask, “you mean PLAIN grandmom?” It was hilarious and it eventually stuck, so my maternal grandmother was henceforth know as Plain Grandmom. LOL!

  78. I had a Grandma and still have a Granny. My 3 yr. old grandson calls me “Grammie”. I love it!

  79. dallimomma says:

    The older ones call me Grandma, but the littles call me either Nonna or Maw. I’ll answer to anything as long as they’re calling me.

  80. Rutheee says:

    We called my Grandmother Grossmommy. You have to really roll the r to make it sound as German as she was. She was a wonderful person.

  81. Both of mine are/were called Grandma, but my Great-grandma was Mee-mo and I guess my Great-grandpa was Pee-co but I didn’t know him. Mee-mo’s other grandkids called her Granny. My mom goes by Momma, and my MIL is Grandma (but she’s from NJ)

  82. My kids call my mom Cookies. They call my mother in law Tommie. Her name is Becky. Go figure!!! So..they have a Cookies and a Tommie.

  83. My husband’s mom didn’t want to be called “Grandma” or “Granny”… On their first Christmas she gave our daughter and nephew each a gift and she has horrible handwriting. On the FROM on one package, it looked like she wrote “ManMaw” on the other’s package it looked like she wrote “Mona”. So, we asked, “which name do you want them to call you by and she said “Mona” and they/we have called her that ever since. Of course, being in the south, people thought we didn’t raise our kids up right because they were calling her by a first name, ha,ha!

  84. Dana Prattd says:

    My paternal grandparents were Annaugh and Cookie. I miss them so very much.

  85. My mom is Lola and my dad is Pop. My husband’s mom is called Enna (Her name spelled backwards) and his dad is Poppy.

  86. I call my mom’s mother Maw-maw (which is the most popular grandmother name in West Virginia) and my dad’s mother Gran. I called my dad’s grandmother, my great-grandmother, Nanny. On my mom’s side all the great-grandparents were called Maw or Paw and then their first name. So I had: Maw Bessie and Maw Orpha (really pronounced Orphie). My girls call my mom Nanna.

    In the extended family, my Aunt Mary is called Ya-ya, my Aunt Joann is Nana, and my Aunt Pam is Mem. I know of some distant relative that was called Big Mommy.

    For the men, I called my grandfather Paw-paw. Most grandfathers in West Virginia are called Paw-paw. My great-great grandfather was called Poppy by his kids and grandkids. My great-grandfather on my dad’s side was Grand-Dad. And my dad is Big Daddy. My mom said nobody could ever call her Big Mama. :)

  87. I just had grandmas, but we call my husband’s “grams”. My mom is Nana and my MIL is Gigi. My favorite ever though, my husband’s aunts grandma name is “Mammy”. Love that.

  88. My friends call their grandparents Sue Mama and Joe Papa. Mine were Nanny and Granny. I know a Boppi and a Baba as well :)

  89. I have LaLa and Big Daddy and Mimi and Papa. And since I don’t even have any children, that’s all I’ve got! I do like the idea of my mother being Sweetie or something like that. I think that’s just precious!

  90. My nieces & nephews call my mom ‘Bobbi’. And going to her house is a trip to Bobbiland. Where sodas wait for you in the fridge & bowls of candy roam free. When we asked the nephew who started it all why he calls her Bobbi (her name is Agnes), he just gave the most melting smile & said ‘cuz I love her!’.

  91. We are “northern folks”, so we might do things a bit different! We called ours Grandma and added their last names. Our kids have called my MIL “Granmarge” (For Grandma Marge) and my parents my son will call (at 2 yrs old) “Poppop and Bobo”..we’re not sure where it came from, but we thought it was cute, so we have stuck with it! Fun to look at all the names…I hope when I have grandkids, I get a cool name!

  92. Well my grandma was Nana but whenever my oldest daughter starts complaining about her aches and pains (lol she’s 14) I ask “Can I get you your walker, MAmaw?” ;) It’s now become the household name for whomever is acting like an 80 year old woman ;)

  93. Grandma. And Grandma. And several Great-Grandmas. My kids? The same. Sometimes I wonder if it might have made more sense if the South had succeeded in their seceding a couple hundred years ago. It’s like we (us in the North and y’all in the South) ARE FROM TOTALLY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Or PLANETS.

  94. Eileen McAllister says:

    My 1st grandson named me Memo (pronounced Mee Mow as in mow the lawn)! That’s what all 3 grand kids call me now. I had always wanted to be called Mimay, which is what my French Cajun cousins in Loiusiana called their grandma, but my grandson had other ideas. I love it now though because it is so unusual and a grandchild decided it for me which makes it even more special!!

  95. I have a Nanny and grandma and my kids call my mom Mimi and their other Grandma Kay. My mom’s name is Mandy and wanted to be called Grandy but the kids had something different in mind, hence Mimi!! Love your blog :)

  96. OK, I have not seen the name we called our grandparents. My sister, the oldest grandchild, could not say grand, so we had Ginmother and Gindaddy. But we often called my grandmom, Ginmom. And no, they did not drink. My other grandmother was Ma-Ma. Sadly, my precious mom died before I had babies. I have an 11 month old grandson. I will let him come up with a name for me. I am so grateful God let me live to be a grandma, I tease and say my grandbaby can call me ‘dumptruck’ if he wants to. My cousin insisted that her grandchildren call her Diva. I do NOT want to be called Diva. Anything but!

  97. I am so loving BooMamaw!! Hilarious:)

  98. ohlookaduck says:

    My California grandma was Grandma (last name). My Texas kinfolks of the grandmotherly variety were Teta, Meemee and Mo. Great question–can hardly wait for the book!

  99. Dambarr (the first grandbaby born’s version of Grandma, pronounced dam-bah) & Papa, Granddaddy Jake; I love what my kids call my in-laws–Grandy & Noni (has anyone mentioned those?). And my favorite might be for Tad’s grandmother, when great-grands were born: Gigi (short for GreatGrandmother).


  100. I so enjoy reading your blog! You always keep me laughing and thinking!

    As a Texas girl we called my maternal grandmother “Gran Gran” and my maternal grandfather “PawPaw”. On the paternal side my poor grandmother got the unfortunate name of “Mutt”. Not quite sure where that came from since her name was really Fern. Last but certainly not least, my paternal grandfather was known as none other than “Big Daddy”. :-)