A Few Friday Favorites

1. Hush.

If you haven’t read Angie’s latest post, you need to go do that right now. Seriously. It’ll be the best gift you give yourself today. Promise.

2. Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

I used to use Phomollient. But for some reason I stopped – probably because the salon where I get my hair cut doesn’t carry Aveda products. Recently, though, I re-discovered Phomollient, and in my opinion it is the best product out there for people who have fine hair but want a little extra volume. It’s lightweight, it smells great, and it gives me a little lift in the crown area.

I’ve spent most of my adult life searching for a little volume in the crown area. It’s been a bit of a quest.

3. Lineation File Folders

These folders make me want to organize things. And be very efficient. And walk into a meeting and say, “Let me see if I can find that information for you” while I pull the blue and gold file folder out of my bag and then thumb through a few pieces of paper before I find the document in question and announce, “Oh, here it is – I think this is exactly what you were looking for.”

All while looking over my reading glasses, of course.

Even though I don’t wear reading glasses.

4. Lands’ End Men’s Pocket Polo

My husband loves these shirts. They don’t fade, they hold their shape, and the ends of the collars don’t roll. They also don’t shrink in the dryer, which is such a plus. Right now the price is a little high (in my opinion), but if you buy 3, you get $15 off. Might be worth checking out if you need some shirts for the men people in your life.

Men people. I’m going to try to use that phrase more often.

5. Highclere Castle

I want to go to there.

And I want to have dinner with the Dowager Countess.

And I want to help Mrs. Patmore and Daisy in the kitchen.

And I want to sing a medley with Mary and Edith.

And I want to walk down the staircase wearing a drop-waist dress.

And I want to go to the Servants’ Ball.

And I want to visit the refugees with Mrs. Crawley.

And I want to give Anna a big ole hug.

These are my goals.

Granted, my goals are a little tricky since none of the people I just mentioned are, you know, REAL – but you never know. Maybe it’ll all work out.

Blind optimism. It’s my favorite kind.

Happy Weekend, everybody!

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  1. Lovely list. Thanks for the nudge to go to Angie’s blog.

    And I would love to take a walk with that wonderful doggy who’s rump we see with each opening, as the gorgeous music begins. Issis? I’m having trouble remembering his name. I probably need to watch Season One a THIRD time :-)

    • Valerie says:

      I think the dog’s name is Isis. I really miss having new episodes of Downton Abbey to look forward to each week….

  2. Ooooooooh! I could hug you for the folder link! I have had a project I thought would have to wait until we return stateside {and get our things shipped back over and unpacked} to do- hooray!! If you sign up for LE e-mails, they send out coupon codes and discounts very often. They just had a 25% off regular priced merchandise and free shipping.

  3. Even a simple little list reminds me why I’ve alwaysalways crushed on the Boo.

    And, ha! For some reason the memory of seeing/meeting you for the FIRST TIME just popped in my head and I was ridiculously NERVOUS (Mellie and Shannon, too) ’cause I was meeting a BLOG STAH. Good gravy…those were the days, my friend… :)

    Hope all is well….

  4. Exactly. Which is why I am going to win this:


    (I have a feeling that’s gonna go straight to your spam folder. Which is excellent, as it will give me a greater chance of winning.) *maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh*

  5. Ohmygoodness Angie created some sheer wonderful with Hush. Made me want to hug my children and my God all at once! I also might have cried just a little bit.

    I have a confession. I haven’t watched Downton yet and I don’t know why because it is certain to be my kind of viewing pleasure. I think I have a stubborn streak that resists the popular bandwagon. sigh. I don’t think I can resist much longer…

    I also wanted to tell you that I’ve been praying for you especially in these last weeks as you juggle all the crazy. I’m so excited for you!

  6. Christy says:

    I read Angie’s post last night. I’ve lurked for over a year there – and that post last night….well, I became a first time commenter. It was beautiful.

    I love phemollient. I’m with you – my salon doesn’t carry it – so I have to make the occasional trip to Dillards to stock up. I just try to not walk through the shoe department on my way to their salon or I get distracted.

    Happy Friday to you Boomama.

  7. We are currently planning out trip to the UK in September. Our tickets are booked, but we haven’t planned out the sites. Well, except the usual stuff (Buckingham Palace, Westminster, the city of Bath…).

    HOWEVER! When I found out that this castle wasn’t too far off the path of where we were interested in going….YOU BET IT IS ON THE AGENDA. My husband is going to be bored to tears. But I promise you, we are going, and come hell or high water, I am getting as close to that castle as possible.

  8. And Sybil better come visit before she has that baby. I’m scare to death of her getting caught up in that IRA mess! (what?? Sybil’s not real?!!!?)

  9. This is soooo funny to me because I just finished watching the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and feel pretty much the same way!!! Nicole Conrad is my daughter and she told me you were presently into this show also!! Not sure how far along you are but I was elated by the last scene of the final episode of season two!!!

  10. Downton Abbey has some of the best characters , and I became totally invested in them and care deeply about them. My favorite Dowager quote is , ” What ( pause) is a weekend??” Downton Abbey is my crack.

  11. I am very busy watching Season 2 again before they take it off pbs.com. February had the most lovely Sunday nights. I’d put kids to bed and make a vat of tea and snuggle up with the Crawleys. One of the very best things is the lack of commercials. You actually get to just WATCH THE SHOW.
    I would like to help serve dinner. But I suppose now that the war’s over, they won’t need me for that.

  12. I SO agree with you on Downton Abbey!

  13. Would it help if I told you it was about one and a half hours from where I live? I have some US visitors coming in a couple of months and we will have to see if we can plan a visit. So when are you arriving to visit too????? You are very welcome!

  14. OH- have just become a fan of Downton!!! Love it!

  15. I’m an Aveda lovin’ fool! Love that product & the blue oil & the shampure, oh I could go on & on :)
    Stay safe in the storm!~ The wind is a blowin’ here in Alabaster!!

  16. You must try the new Invati products from Aveda! My stylist (that sounds so fancy!) has used them on my hair the last two times I’ve been in for haircut, color,etc., I have VERY fine hair and NEVER skip a day of shampooing my hair….just not possible. With this, I can actually skip a day without my hair looking like it hasnt been washed in a week! I would have purchased it the first time, but I had new-ish bottles of my regular Shampure products (along w/ Phomollient) and I am too frugal…cheap to do that, and because I knew I’d never use them after starting on these. These products are so good, they can’t keep it stocked, so I’m waiting for the next shipment to come in, so I can have my very own! (Disclaimer; I do not work for an Aveda salon or for the Aveda company, nor was I paid to write this….I would, however, be happy to receive any free products they would care to send!)

  17. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your alliteration! I did link to your site on my blog :)

  18. Hello! Was that you in Panera this morning around 10:45? I wanted to say something but I weenied out!

  19. Maybe these will hold you over until the next season of Crawley goodness! :) http://www.vulture.com/2012/02/print-out-vultures-downton-abbey-paper-dolls.html


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