Happy Place

We just got home from the beach. And while a pesky bout of insomnia kept me up most of last night (was anybody else watching The Bodyguard on Lifetime in the wee hours of the morning?), I’m so grateful to have had time with my people to do some laughing and relaxing and staring at the water.

And oh, I can do some fine water staring.

I could probably win some awards, even. If anyone actually, you know, gave awards for that sort of thing.

In addition to watching the water, we managed to squeeze in a few other memorable moments.

1) The Muppet Movie – We watched it one night after supper. I loved it. Laughed out loud and everything.

2) Talking – Seriously. I always think that our little family does a lot of talking on any given day, but being in a completely relaxing environment changes the conversation, you know? The here-and-now always gets so much of our attention that it was fun to spend time talking about the down-the-road. Plus, the little man loves to hear family stories, and it cracks me up to hear him repeat parts of those stories. Yay for talking.

3) Fisherman’s Corner – This little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is tucked underneath the bay bridge in Perdido Key, FL – only a few miles from Orange Beach, AL – and the food is unbelievable. They have great gumbo (and I am picky about gumbo), delicious fried green tomatoes, and excellent seafood. It’s not a place to go if you’re in a hurry, but the atmosphere is fun and your meal will be worth the wait. Also, D says that the bread pudding is out of this world. It was his selfless act of service to vet the dessert menu, of course.

4) Duck Dynasty – I never would’ve expected to like this new show on A&E, even though Melanie has been singing the praises of the Robertson family for the last couple of years. But listen. IT IS A TREASURE. I watched the first episode again tonight with Alex. So entertaining.

5) And finally, this:

He’d chase those waves all day long if he could.

Makes me smile.

All righty. I am off to watch the season premiere of Mad Men and get way too wrapped up in Don Draper’s life. CANNOT WAIT.

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. Love watching those waves crash into the shore.
    Glad you got to go to your happy place!

  2. Always love a post about the beach. It brings me joy to read about yours while basking in that glorious handiwork of God.

    Also, I totally had to Google vet for the definition of its verb form.

  3. I am with you on duck dynasty!! It was a gem of television watching!! I am fairly certain that any number of guys I went to high school with would be perfectly happy to wear camo all day, hunt all the time and make duck callers for a living!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great little get away!


  5. The Beach is always good. Don Draper is always dreamy….

  6. Christy says:

    So glad you had a getaway with your favorite people. I just got back from the beach myself-best vacation in a while.

  7. Terrie Cash says:

    Please tell me you made it to Lamberts, home of throwing rolls and pass arounds. So glad you come and visit my neck of the woods. I don’t think my family and I have dinned at Fisherman’s Corner, but we have made it to the Crab Trap several times. Good eatings on the beach.

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter ;) (I still crack up just thinking about your blog post on sports talk radio). AND YES, I was up in the wee hours watching “The Bodyguard”. And, “Duck Dynasty”, oh my word. Hilarious. My hubby made me watch it because he is originally from their town. We were laughing hysterically :) Glad you had a great trip. I’ll have to try out Fisherman’s Corner.

  9. Judy in Mi says:

    Mad Men is on my instant watch list for Netflix right after White Collar. I also added Duck Dynasty to the list when Melanie was singing its praises. In the mean time I’ve been completely no use to my peeps once dinner is done as I’ve been sucked in by Drop Dead Diva. Have you watched it??? Two seasons are available on Netflix right now, Season 3 currently showing on tv (Sunday night), and Season 4 purported to be in the works. I. love. it. Rock on, Brooke Elliot – you are a doll!

    Wasn’t watching Bodyguard – Kevin Costner is dead to me.

  10. Oh you are in my happy place, Perdido! Going in June to celebrate our one year-o-marriage (Yep, I was the one who got married there last June). Glad you had a great week! Never been to Fisherman’s Corner… will have to try. So drawn to Shrimp Basket, Bubba’s, and Lillian’s.

  11. BOOMAMA! I just watched Duck Dynasty the other night and am HOOKED. I LOVE THEM! I want to be a ROBERTSON! Oh my gosh they are great! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you commented on it and watched too. FUNNY FUNNY STUFF!

    Loved reading about your Mom’s birthday. So sweet!


  12. Christy Cate says:

    Lol! I went to college with Jess (Willie) and Kori Robertson when they were newlyweds. We actually spent a semester in Florence, Italy together. It is so funny to me to see the prep in full beard and camo. He always was a prankster, though. So glad that family’s love for the Lord has blessed them in a unique way to reach a whole different audience. Thanks for spotlighting them! (And glad you had a relaxing vaca with the fam!)