Spring Has Sprung And Music Is Good (A Spontaneous Giveaway)

Hey there, internet peoples –

So. I was just thinking. It’s been absolutely gorgeous here in Alabama today, and I am of the firm belief that springtime begs for great music to go with it.

Which made me think of my family’s favorite new musical treasure.

And I thought some of you might like to win one.

I mean, you can’t actually win Dave Barnes.

His family would probably object to that. Since I’m assuming that they enjoy having him around and all.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to give away five copies of his latest CD, Stories To Tell. Why five? I have no idea. It just sounds right, I guess. It certainly sounds better than giving away four CDs. Four just sounds so, I don’t know, even.

I’ll leave this post open for 24 hours, and when the 24 hours is over. I’ll draw for five (NOT FOUR!) winners.

If you’d like to enter to win, just leave a comment. I don’t even have a prompt or anything. Just say hey. Or tell me your middle name. Or tell me what your parents almost named you but didn’t (I was almost an Isabel, by the way).

Happy Spring, everybody!

p.s. Nobody is sponsoring this giveaway.

p.p.s. Nobody asked me to do this giveaway.

p.p.p.s. Sometimes it’s just fun to share something you love.

p.p.p.p.s. I wish I could also share some fried chicken.

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll notify winners by Wednesday night at the latest!

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  1. Oh heavens, my sweet Alabama fan daddy wanted to name me Paul Bryant had I been a boy. Luckily the Good Lord prevailed and I was, alas, a girl…Martha Elizabeth after my maternal grandmother. It’s a name that has served me well for all of my twenty-six years.

  2. Ahhh I love Dave Barnes!! Haven’t listened to this one yet, but I’ve only heard great things!!

  3. Hey :)

  4. I have no earthly idea what my parents would have named me…. There were oodles of times I wanted to change my name. Now I’m glad they didn’t let me! ;)
    By the way, my middle name is Rene’….
    And I want to win a CD!!

  5. Valerie says:

    This CD is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop! I ordered it from iTunes, but if I won an original CD, I’d pass it along to my son and his wife. Courtesy of BooMama, of course!

  6. Middle name….Dee,

  7. Dave Barnes is a new artist to me, but I’d love to win this CD. I’m hearing good things about his music.

  8. Sounds just like my kind of music.

  9. Kelly b says:

    my boy and I would be over the moon to listen to Mr Barnes while playing on our porch!!!! and a bit of chicken would just be delightful too!!!!!

  10. Oooo, Sophie – if I win this, I will for sure send it to my first-born daughter, who I just left in SAVANNAH last weekend to begin her adventures in art school, and that’s a whole other story because OH THE PAIN AND THE TEARS AS WE DROVE AWAY but she seems to be happy. So far. And I’m sure she misses her mama.

    See, this made me think of her, because she turned me on to Dave Barnes in the first place. She’s always on the cutting edge with the music. Anyway, my middle name is Odom, because in my mama’s fine family tradition, the oldest girl gets her grandma’s maiden name. Lucky me. I did continue the tradition with my oldest daughter – the one I JUST JUST LEFT IN SAVANNAH. WITHOUT ME. ALONE.

    Sniffle. Sob.

    Good grief. Pass me a Kleenex if I win this thing.

    (thanks) (you bring me so much joy)

  11. Would love to have this!! My middle name is Leigh. :)

  12. Jenn P. says:

    My middle name was a family name, Lane. Now it is my maiden name. Lower Alabama has been L.O.V.E.L.Y. so far but summer is right around the corner!

  13. Oh how fun! Would love to win this!

  14. When I was young, I didn’t like my name because I couldn’t find ANY pencils, cups, keychains, etc… with my name on it. Now I love that no one has my name!!!

    GO DAWGS!!!!

    • Jaclyn Hooper says:

      I am so right there with you.. I was not pleased with my parents as a child because my sisters: Jennifer and Brittany, and my brother, Jonathan always had the coolest personalized things but Jaclyn was just too different. Now, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  15. Ever since you wrote about Dave Barnes I have wanted to explore his music but have not yet had the time. Would love to own his CD. My middle name is Anne, unless you count my maiden name, Selden, which is now technically my middle name. Reading your blog makes me want to visit Alabama! And run into you…oops, now you are creeped out. Just a fan :)

  16. I have heard great things about this cd but haven’t heard it yet. Would love to!

  17. First of all, Go State!

    Second of all, I’ll totally win the “Worst ALMOST name” contest. My mom was going to name me after her three best friends growing up. I was going to be

    Lequita Francine and they were going to call me BUNNY!!!

  18. Samantha says:

    I would love to win! I am constantly listening to music and something new would be great!

  19. I’ll go with what my parents would have named me if I’d been a boy…. They did name me Brooke Leigh, and if I’d been a boy I would have been Brook Lee. I guess they liked the name!

  20. I’ve been listening to this album on Spotify and LOVE it! I’d love to have a copy of my own! Thanks for doing this!

  21. ohhh I hope I win! I LOVE Dave Barnes, and not just because he’s a Mississippi boy (although that doesn’t hurt!).

  22. If I was a boy, I was going to be Zachariah Thaddeus :)

  23. My real name is Amanda but have always been called Mandy (my mom loves the Barry Manilow song). New music is just what I need – it would help make up for the sad shape of my March Madness bracket. :)

  24. I too enjoy the fried chicken. Please send me some ASAP! Love and Happy Spring to all!

  25. Happy Spring to you as well!!! :) I’m Athena Colleen (but go by Tina, no idea how that nickname got started)…my mom was voting for Heidi. She got her way for my sister.

  26. My middle name is Beatrice. It was going to be my first name, but my siblings talked my parents out of it. And I will love them till I die for that.

    P.S. I wish you could share some fried chicken too. :)

  27. I have heard of him but never listened to anything of his. I’d love to check him out….i love fried chicken!!

  28. middle name ~ sullivan ~ and i don’t know what my parents were going to name me. maybe i should ask. ummm, fried chicken… forget the chicken i really just like the crunchy skin.

  29. Hey! Love your blog. Never heard Dave’s music before. Would love to! My parents almost named me Chris. Thankfully I was a girl or I would have been Chris Cross. And now, I’ve got a hankerin’ for some fried chicken. Cheers!

  30. I have 2 middle names, kinda like royalty. :)

  31. I was going to be named Carter if I was a boy.

  32. You introduced me to him with his Christmas Cd, and I would love this new one!! My middle name is Michelle ;) Happy SPRING!

  33. I LOVE me some Dave Barnes! Not only is he an amazing musician, but he also seems like such a darn good guy.

    P.S. Apparently, the other name option was “Mickie”.

  34. I just love Dave Barnes. My husband and I danced to “Annie” for our first dance at our wedding.

  35. My parents debated between Sara and the Karen that I am. Not sure why they chose what they did, but for most of my life I’ve been quite happy with my name!
    Enjoy your spring!

  36. I’ve always been told that I was supposed to be Terry, if I had been a boy. On the other hand, my Granny wanted them to name me Maxine Lee (after her husband and oldest son) and my Grandaddy (on the other side) wanted them to name me Roxie Ann for his mother. No offense to any of the Maxines or Roxies out there, but I just can’t see myself as either.

    And I would LOVE to have a Dave Barnes CD.

  37. Oooo, pick me! Pick me! Middle name – Elizabeth. Almost named Lauren, but forever will be…

  38. A new artist, I am in. I love music! I was suppose to be a JR so for the first year of my life I lived in a blue room with blue outfits. I am in therapy for it now and will only wear pink. Kidding! ha!!!!

  39. I’d love a Dave CD!

  40. Brandi Connor says:

    Would love to win this CD! My favorite song of his for all time is “God Gave Me You”. Have heard really great things about this one too!!

  41. I’m not sure about MY almost names, but I named my daughter after my grandmother (who we call Munner). My daughter’s first name is my grandmother’s maiden name and her middle name is my grandmother’s (and aunt and cousin’s) middle name. AFTER we announced her name, I learned that my grandmother hated both her maiden name (as it rhymes with a particularly foul curse word and I’m sure that was used in nicknames when she was younger) AND her middle name. So, you’re so welcome that we could honor you that way, Munner. Hahahaha!

  42. I love Dave Barnes and I love your blog! :)

  43. Eekkkk!! This giveaway makes me so excited! I concur….it was a GORGEOUS day in Alabama! Only wish I could have spent the day at the beach..

  44. Hey – Some fried chicken sounds good right now, do you deliver?

  45. What a great giveaway! I was almost Priscilla. Glad they went with Erin. :)

  46. I live in Nashville and feel like everyone in the this city has bumped into Dave Barnes somewhere! I haven’t reached that milestone yet, but think that winning a cd might inch me closer in that direction!

  47. How funny! I am eating fried chicken while reading this post!

  48. What a sweet idea! My middle name is Ann… like 67% of the other Julie’s in the world ;)

  49. Christa says:

    I am a huge fan of Mr Dave Barnes. and Matt Wertz for that matter. I am shocked I don’t have this in my possession yet. I’m going to wait a quick 24 hrs with my fingers crossed before I buy it for myself.

  50. Hey! I’d love to win this CD!

  51. Cassie Thompson says:

    Love his voice and especially the song with Jonny Lang on it…

  52. Gretchen says:

    Hey! Thanks so much! My middle name is Joy. If I had been a boy my name would’ve been Toby Dean, whew! Dodged that one, huh? Love readin what you write!

  53. Once upon a time, my parents pondered long and hard over which names they would choose when I was born. They thought and thought and decided that if I were a boy, my name was going to be Seth Thomas – as in the name of the clock. (This is where God showed His mercy in sparing me a name that isn’t associated with an object that can also be known as a Cuckoo. I prefer to consider myself timeless.)

    Instead, I received the name Kelly Irene. Kelly because of a nice girl my mom knew from working at the bank, and Irene after my grandmother, whom I never had the privilege of meeting.

    So, my full name growing up was Kelly I. Fite (pronounced fight), which was great fodder for all kinds of jokes and entertaining calls from telemarketers, most of which were pretty funny.

    When I grew up, I ended up becoming a teacher so I had an awesome teacher name, Miss Fite. After one year of teaching, I got married, thus I sadly lost the sweet teacher name, but at least I gained a sweet husband with whom I am living happily ever after.

    And that is the story of my name. :-)

  54. I would love to win this CD. My middle name is Elizabeth. A good southern name – my oldest daughter has the middle name Elizabeth just like me, my mom and grand mom!!

  55. Middle name: Leanne. ‘Cause my Mamaw’s middle name was Lee and my Momma’s middle name is Ann. Gotta love Southern tradition. And Dave Barnes.

  56. Elizabeth Holloway says:

    I could’ve been Eleanor Arlene… Would love to win this!

  57. JennyJoT says:

    Hey, I’m just thankful I wasn’t named for my paternal grandmother. HER name was Verlie Cordelia!

  58. Would love to win! :)

  59. pick me! Middle name Ann, without an e…

  60. Love Dave! Pick me! :)

  61. Hi! My middle name is Kathryn & I was almost a Claire! :-)

  62. I love Dave Barnes!

    My middle name is Alise, pronounced Ah-lease, which was seriously not well thought out by my parents. It’s spelling is far too close to Alice, which is what most people say.

  63. My good southern mama gave me the middle name of Ellen-same as hers, her mother and her grandmother-I had 3 boys so my niece now bears the burden-or joy- of Ellen as her middle name! None of this is important in the scheme of life :) but at least I’m not name after either of my grandmothers 1st names!! (Beulah and Vivian!)

  64. jenn black says:

    was almost named casey…ended up jennifer jones instead…probably one of the most common names :)…love your blog and love dave barnes’ music…pick me!!

  65. Melanie says:

    I was almost an April. Glad to be a Melanie. :)

  66. Would love this CD! The middle name is BESS – not cool, never really liked it as a kid.

  67. Kristen H says:

    I saw him with Drew Holcomb in a Christmas show a couple of years ago and loved it! His Christmas cd is one of my favorites.

  68. My middle name is pronounced Sha-von, supposed to be spelled Siobhan, and accidentally spelled Soibhan. So it’s technically pronounced sew-E-ban instead. Whoops!

  69. I see another Julie Ann a couple of comments above mine. I think I was going to be a Brian. My sister and I wanted to name by brother either Bo or Luke.

  70. Lynnetta says:

    My middle name is Carol, just like my Mom’s.

  71. Kristin says:

    My middle name is Elizabeth

  72. My mama wanted to name me Laura, but there were too many Lauras, Loris, and Laurens at their church, so then she wanted to name me Leah. Well, she looked up the meaning of Leah and didn’t care for it, so I ended up being named Amanda. Had I been a boy, I would have been named Travis. My middle name is Brooks after my papaw, and my daughter is named Laura Brooks, because I always wished my parents had named me Laura instead of Amanda. ;)

  73. Put my name in the pot!!!!!!
    Oh, and my middle name is Marie after my Nanny.
    I think I would have been named Jeremy if I was a boy.
    My brother’s middle name is Jeremy.
    I think I need to go to bed now:):)

  74. yes, please!

  75. Hey. SO GLAD YOU’RE DOING THIS GIVEAWAY!!! I want to be a Dave Barnes fan but I simply have not had the time to branch out!!!

  76. Paige S says:

    If I was a boy my mom would have named me Ethan. I really like that name and my think about naming my son that one day!

  77. I’d like a new CD, thank you!

  78. I was supposed to be either Tracy or Stacy, but neither my mother nor father can remember which. Eventually it was ruled out because they were afraid I’d be teased as “spacy Stacy/Tracy”. Heaven forbid!
    I do love me some Dave Barnes! I would love to have his new musical stylings!!

  79. SueEllen W. says:

    I’d love to win a Cd – I’m certainly not gonna win anything with my bracket. :S

  80. My name is Diana Lynn but i was almost Heather Lynn. I love them all but grateful for what my parents decided on!

  81. My middle name is Elizabeth after my grandmother, and I think my parents almost named me Megan or Rachel. Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Jeannie says:

    I’d love to win. And my middle name is Linn. Never found another Linn that spells it that way…other than the one that my parents named me after (she was a student of my dad’s). You continue to keep me laughing!

  83. I’d love to win one of the cds!

    PS – Fried chicken sounds good too; I also wish you could share some!

  84. Would LOVE this CD.

    Middle name Jo.

    Would also love some fried chicken.

    Thanks, Boo Mama

  85. My parents almost named me Adam, but then I arrived as a girl, so they had to rethink that one.

    I’m still a girl. That sentence made that sound in doubt.

  86. Middle name is Bernadette. Almost named Danielle.

  87. I need some new tunes and he comes highly recommended.

  88. I would like the cd…and some fried chicken…please and thanks

  89. Hey!

  90. Kristen says:

    My name is Kristen but I was almost a Stephanie or a Kirsten.

  91. Oh man! You must share this Dave Barnes love with me.
    I can’t imagine him being anything but awesome!!

  92. Jenn H. says:

    I give you full credit for introducing me to Dave Barnes. And now I love him. So thank you.

    And since you asked, I was almost an ‘Annie’, as in the little orphan Annie. Thank God my mom objected because that would have been a ‘hard knock life.’ Although I’m not sure choosing the most popular girl name for almost two decades (Jennifer) was a great alternative…

    Oh well.

  93. Reagan groom says:

    I would love some new music! I was almost a Brittany.

  94. I’d love to win some music by a Mississippi boy, since it’s my home state!

  95. I have almost exactly the same name as my Mom. Causes major confusion. And I go by my middle name. More confusion. But I would love a CD!

  96. Yay for surprise giveaways!

    My middle name is Renee which is what I go by. My sister and I both go by our middle names. I got to pick out my sister’s first name. I was 4 1/2 and I thought I was big stuff. Of course, Mama gave me three choices she could live with. ;)
    My daddy picked out my first name, but lost out on calling me that name.

  97. Honey I’m thinking Dave needs to come do a concert in our hood since everyone congergates to our house around the firepit!

  98. pettsallowed says:

    I would love to be lucky and win this, then i can also put it on my new Ipod that i bought for myself,….because i deserved it! ;) lynn, by the way….


    Ohhh-kayyy, but . . .


    It’s complicated. But you asked. Rena, well, it isn’t my middle name but it IS part of my middle name. Only a little different. But first, my first name. It’s Shelia. NO, NOT Sheee-la as in “OH, OH SHEEEILLAA!” Not that. It’s my mother’s first name. It’s an Indian name. Cherokee? I have no idea. But it’s pronounced SHEEL-ya. So. Then there’s my middle name. Named after my Aunt Marina, my parents decided for some reason to drop her M and name me Arina. NO, NOT Arena seeing as how they decided to call me Rena WITH AN E for the entirety of my life. Because that would make WAY too much sense. In high school I found my birth certificate. Funny, up until that moment I thought my name was Shelia Arena “RENA” Robinson. Not so. Apparently it was {and still is only with Gunther attached now} Shelia Arina “RENA” Robinson.


    How’s that for confusing? Mom doesn’t do the internet. But if she did, I’d have to say, “WHY’D YOU DO THAT, MOM? I mean, I love my name, Mom.”

    I thought long and hard when I got married {the second time which is really neither here nor there but as long as we’re airing all our middle names and all . . .} about going with Rena Robinson Gunther which technically, I do go with most time. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sign it. I had to include the whole crazy name.

    At our house closing for the home we currently reside in, I had to sign an affidavit of name correctness with no less than one zillion names on it including every variation of my former married name Sutton. Lovely. Just lovely.

    You can call me Rena.

    The CD. Not the person.

  100. Up until the minute I was born my parents thought that I was a boy. The doctor’s had misread the ultrasound (this was thirty years ago before technology was what it is today). My name was supposed to be Mark Allen. Everyone bought blue everything and was all ready to welcome the new baby boy… and then I came out and surprised everyone! Now my middle name is Jill which honestly I’ve never been crazy about, but I suppose it could have been worse.

    Anyway, I love Dave Barnes and would love this CD!