The Lady Is 80

Today about 25 of Mama’s friends surprised her with an 80th birthday luncheon. It was such a fun way to celebrate my sweet mama, and I would show you loads of pictures if 90% of the ones I took weren’t so blurry. Apparently I was VERY excited about all the festivities and merriment and whathaveyou. #shakyhands

One of the centerpieces

The birthday girl’s flowers

Martha and Mama

Mary Allison and Mama

Some of Mama’s friends

The birthday cake – strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing (thank you, Lord)

And this picture? Is my favorite.

First of all, it’s quintessential Mama. Great hair, cute outfit, fresh manicure – I could go on and on. She was still a little shocked from the surprise of it all when I snapped this picture, but she looked so pretty.

And what makes the picture even better is what’s going on in the background: Martha, wearing her three-quarter length sleeve jacket, talking ninety to nothing. I have a feeling that she’s saying some variation of “Oh! You don’t mean! Do you mean it, Jane? You don’t mean!” – but I can’t be completely sure since I was too busy snapping blurry pictures of party attendees. I consider it my calling.

Happy Birthday, Mama – you are deeply and dearly loved by so many!

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  1. Susan berry says:

    Your mom is a beautiful lady!! Reminds me of my mother in law who we called Miss Priss! She always kept a fresh manicure, weekly hair appointment and many many beauty products.. She loved to tell us how pretty people said she was….lol..and she really was until she died last year at 96.. I miss her so much.. Hope your mom enjoyed every minute of her party!
    I love love the stories about Martha!! I think she might be a handfull but makes me giggle!! Love the expression on her face….

  2. Wow! I hope I look that good when I turn 80. Beautiful Mama!

  3. I spotted Martha in the background before I read the paragraph and was pleased to note that she was, indeed wearing a jacket- one from the Steinmarts, I trust. I love reading your blog. Thank you for the joy you bring to my day.

  4. I too spotted Martha before I read and noticed her sleeves. Love me some Martha. Happy Birthday to your sweet Momma. I can tell she is sweet from all the love and honor she was given on her day.

  5. Precious! Nothing like the love of a Mama!

  6. This post made me happy and made my morning. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday to Sophie’s mama! Ouida, I believe the cake said? You are indeed very special. I know this because any mama of Sophie’s HAS to be. You’ve given us a gift–your daughter! Eternally grateful!!!

  8. I love your mother’s name, Ouida. You’ll have to tell us the story behind it sometime!

    Yes, I spotted Martha in the background of that last pic even before reading your post. Both she and your mother are darling. Your mother must be a wonderful lady with a sweet heart to have so many friends. I don’t think I even know 80 people! HA!

    Beautiful cake, by the way!

  9. Okay, I feel really stupid. Your mother is EIGHTY, and she had TWENTY-FIVE friends to celebrate her birthday. Just to set the record straight, if only in my own mind… ;-)

  10. I love that this party and its participants all appear so quintessentially southern. Perfect!

  11. I saw Martha in her pink 3/4 sleeve jacket before I even realized your mama was the focus…lol. What a fabulous event and love everyone’s dressed up for lunch!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Sigh. One of the greatest blessings of my life was living nextdoor to your sweet parents. I miss them so much!

  13. Kristen says:

    Happy, happy birthday to your mama! What a blessed family you must have. Thank you for sharing the party with all of us. The photos were lovely!

  14. Oh, I love it! Happy birthday to your mama!

  15. Katherine says:

    This is so awesome – I love everything about it! So SOUTHERN! A perfect ladies’ luncheon. Happy birthday to your lovely mama.

  16. Two things: I tell you this every time you post pictures of your mama, but you look just like her, and I love that. You’re both beautiful ladies. And the other thing? I LOVE THAT YOUR MOTHER’S NAME IS OUIDA. Seriously, it makes my life.

  17. Happy Birthday to your mama. She is a lovely lady.

  18. Becky in 'Bama says:

    So happy for you and your mama! She looks great. My mom just had her 79th and is not even able get out of the house her health is so poor. Give thanks every day your mom is doing well. Blessings.

  19. Susan B. says:

    Happy birthday, mama! What a blessing!

  20. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Boomama’s mama!

  21. Thank you for letting us share in your Mama’s birthday. My own sweet Mama started her Eternal Life last month and I find myself so blessed when others share their Mamas with me. :) I just love all the pictures of all those beautiful Southern ladies!

  22. This is the epitome of Southern-ness I think. Love it! Happy birthday to your mother.

  23. Your mother is beautiful:) My dad will be 80 in June. I immediately noticed Martha in the background of the last picture as well! So cute! Love these pics:)

  24. Flowers $$$. Cake $$$ Great picture of Mama with Martha in the background.. Priceless.

  25. Margaret says:

    My Mama was also one of those prissy ladies. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any of it. I miss her daily. Give yours an extra hug from those of us who can’t hug theirs.

  26. Destiny says:

    Southern living at its birthday best!

  27. Simply beautiful! Happy Birthday to your pretty Mama!

  28. Sophie, she is a doll! You look so much like her, too. I squinted really hard to see if I knew any of the ladies, pulled out my reading glasses even, but the only one I can pick out is Robbie. This is absolutely one of my favorite places for a party; It’s where I had my wedding reception, my 30th birthday, and many a Sunday-after-church lunch with my husband’s sweet grandparents. I miss the fried oysters and mashed potatoes. Sweet post. Happy birthday to your mama!

  29. Please wish your sweet Mama a happy birthday from me! The party reminds me so of Mudgie’s 80th from years ago.

  30. Happy Birthday, Boomama’s Mama!!! She looks absolutely wonderful! Hubs and you have very elegant looking mothers. Very sweet, too!

  31. Your momma is just beautiful Sophie!!! And I love a southern birthday party! I mean…how does it get any better than that? Precious. And yes…the last picture is priceless. Go Martha Go!

  32. That last picture is perfection! How blessed you are to have your mama and Martha in your life.

  33. I want to eat that cake.

    You are the spitting image of your beautiful mother!

    I love Martha!

  34. Sophie, Absolutely loved this post about your Mama. The Southern sugar just dripped all over the beautiful pictures of your Mom! I love Southern women…especially older women since I am rapidly becoming a member of that club!! I think you should write a book just on Southern women! You wouldn’t have to go far for story lines…..Martha in her Steinmart jacket, etc. !! It would be a best seller….especially here in the South!

  35. Your sweet mother is beautiful! Oh, what a wonderful party!!

  36. My favorite thing: Mama holds her pinky out when she holds her cup. TOTALLY Southern! :)