A Few Friday Favorites – 03.30.12

Slow Cooker Brownie Pudding Cake

I’ve never been more sorry that I gave up sugar for Lent. But I’m gonna tell you what: come Easter Sunday, we are gonna have a crock pot that is filled to the brim with a batch of brownie pudding cake. AMEN.

In the Wake of Drought: What Remains

A couple of days ago Beth Moore wrote a post about some trees around her house, and as I read it while I sat in the car at soccer practice, I nodded so much that I’m surprised I didn’t sustain some sort of neck injury. It’s chock-full of wisdom and truth. And I’m more certain than ever that trees are my general revelation love language.

Into the Glorious – Christy Nockels

My love for Christy Nockels’ music (and hair) is well-documented, I know. But y’all, I’m really not even the tiniest bit biased when I tell you that her new CD (available Tuesday) is her best ever. I got a complimentary copy a couple of weeks ago, and I weep – WEEP – every single time I listen to it. It’s extraordinary.

OPI Holland Collection Thanks A Windmillion

It’s not gray. And it’s not green. It’s sort of a muted pistachio that looks much more gray than green on your toes. AND I LOVE IT.

American Idol

I’m not blogging about each episode of Idol this year, but I have to say that Wednesday night’s episode may have been the best I’ve ever seen. Sweet mercy at the great performances. Is anybody else watching? Do you have a favorite?

(I definitely have a favorite.)

(Well, three favorites.)

(Phillip, Joshua and Colton, for the record.)

(This week, at least.)

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Weren’t they great? I love Phillip and Elise right now. I’m off to read Beth’s post and look at that sinful dessert.

  2. I’m torn between Phillip and Jessica! And enjoy that brownie cake…it’s one of my absolute faves! Happy weekend! :)

  3. Phillip….is my favorite……everyone keeps saying Jessica…but I just don’t see it…..can’t put my finger on it exactly……..but Phillip?…I’m old enough to be his mother…but love, love his voice!!!

  4. Love American Idol this year. The three that are your favorite is also mine. Love them. I think Colton has a great testimony…. Have a great day..

  5. I have to agree with you on Beth’s post: magnificent. Are you coming to LPL in KC? Please?

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I’ve had the crock pot cakes and well, they are interesting. A bit chewy, spongy, but okay. Honestly, your Lenten fast isn’t missing anything, in my humble opinion.

    Now to Idol: Agree with your three faves. This week’s episode was a.maz.ing. I think the voters made the right decision based on the contestants body of work thus far (who am I? A Supreme Court Judge?). I still like little blonde Hollie, but she’s going to have to make better song choices to survive. My fave this week was Joshua – he does his stuff so easily. Enjoying it for sure!

  6. I love Colton too. I feel like he already sounds and acts like a professional and I love that he’s using his platform to praise God. How awesome is that? I also thought this week’s show was one of the best and I think it was because they were each allowed to choose their own genre so they were singing what they are best at. And my hubby thought i was dumb but I thought it was cool that Randy knew Lifehouse and mentioned Switchfoot and how Colton could fit in doing that type of music.

  7. 1. Crock pot cooking for me is either hit or miss. I have had more misses.
    2. Beth hit it out of the park with that post. I have reread it several times.
    3. Christy’s CD sounds awesome. I am all about the weeping.
    4. I am afraid of colored nails. I keep getting french/ natural/ neutral….
    5. I like Elise, Phillip, and Hollie ( because she lives in my area)

  8. BooMama! I gave up sweets for Lent, and to celebrate the end of it/Easter, I’m hosting Cake Week! You should check it out!


  9. Jennifer L. says:

    You just made my YEAR with the Christy Nockels CD announcement. Just a few weeks ago, I scoured the Internet looking for any recordings of hers that I didn’t already have. I found about 9. And now a new treasure trove! I’m thrilled.

  10. I’m a 34 yr old happily married mother of three.
    And I have a serious crush on Phil Phillips.

    Also, I vote for Colton bc he’s quite fantastic and he loves Jesus.

    Lastly, I think I need that cd and the nail polish.
    While eating the crock pot o chocolate thingy.

    The end.

  11. Colleen says:

    Oh, BooMama – PLEASE post about American Idol every week!! I have LOVED hearing what you’ve had to say about it in years past and I’ve missed you this time around! :) Anyway, I agree – but my favorites are Joshua, Phillip, and Elise.

  12. AI was really good this week. I, too, miss your weekly Idol review. It was always so much fun! I think the overall quality of the girls is better than it has been in many, many years.

  13. I love the nail polish! I used to have different nail colors almost every week when I didn’t have kids yet. Happy weekend girls! TGIF :-)

  14. I have that OPI color on my toenails RIGHT NOW, Sophie!! ;-)

  15. That post of Beth’s took my breath away. Had no idea it was going there. That thar is a gift. And I want it.


  16. Shannon says:

    Boomama, I made the brownie pudding cake yesterday. I thought it looked like heavenly goodness in a crockpot. It was very moist and spongy, but had a very bland taste. The vanilla ice cream on top was the only thing that saved it. If you have this on Easter after not having any sugar during Lent, you will weep from disappointment.

  17. I just heard Christy Nockels are Woaman of Joy Louisville this weekend. I loved her!! I will be there Tuesday to get the new CD!

  18. I love that color of OPI and I may need to get it now. It seems like the perfect shade of in-between. Also, you spoke of trees. Did you ever share what you found to hang for art in your master bedroom?

  19. Phillip, Colton and Elise. It’s not that everyone else isn’t a lovely singer. But particularly when Phillip gets on, DO NOT TALK TO ME. NO CRISIS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THE NEXT 5 MINUTES.

  20. You were so right about the OPI Thanksawindmillion polish! I bought it last night and I’m wearing it on my toes today. LOVE.

    Also, I CANNOT WAIT for the new Christy Nockles CD!

    Thanks for the good info, BooMama!

  21. I agree with Shannon… I made the brownie cake and was so excited about it. Sadly, when I tried it, it was almost tasteless ) : I checked the recipe to make sure I didn’t forget something. Nope, I did everything right. I even thought about adding a little salt so we could taste something?!? Try something you LOVE for Easter!