The This And The That

Tonight has been one of those times when Facebook has pulled me into its stifling vortex and refused to relinquish its hold. I don’t know why I barely glance at FB for weeks and then suddenly feel compelled to catch up on the lives of people I haven’t seen in approximately ten years, but that’s exactly what I’ve done tonight. It’s been every bit as productive as you might imagine.

In equally earth-shattering news, I have a cereal-related issue that’s puzzling me. I’m concerned that the squares in Cinnamon Toast Crunch seem somewhat smaller than I remember them. The taste is delicious, as always, but I’m pretty sure that the squares used to be bigger. If you have the inside track on any Cinnamon Toast Crunch trade secrets, I can assure you that your wisdom and sound size-of-cinnamon-squares counsel will be deeply appreciated here.

Which reminds me.

I know that from time to time we like to keep each other abreast of various snack cracker options, so I wanted to share this news with you. A few weeks ago I made a discovery that is outside of my normal Cheez-Its / Triscuits / Sesame Thins wheelhouse, and oh, it has been a delightful find.


It has the consistency of a cracker but the flavor of a pretzel – but it’s not trying to be a cracker and a pretzel at the same time like those Town House cretzel prackers that came out a couple of years ago. Pretzel Crisps are a pretzel through and through in terms of flavor, but the thinness makes it more like a cracker. Delicious. And it looks like there are lots of flavors, so that’s always an exciting development in the snack cracker / pretzel / cretzel / pracker industry. KUDOOZ TO YOU, Pretzel Crisps!

(Speaking of “kudooz” / Ramona / RHONY – is anybody else watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and pretending like they aren’t?)

(Good. That always makes me feel better.)

(I’m pretending not to watch, too.)

(I don’t know when I’ve ever not watched such a sweet-mercy-Bessie-would-you-get-a-load-of-this-trainwreck hour of television.)

(Not that I know anything about it, of course, since I’ve never seen it.)

All righty. I guess I’ll shut down the computer and do something productive. Like watch Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Or maybe even Dancing with the Stars.

Very busy here. Clearly. Very busy.


p.s. The Compassion bloggers are in Tanzania this week, and you do not want to miss their posts. This post by Maggie is absolutely beautiful, as is this post by Kelli (I highly recommend following every blogger’s Tanzania posts via RSS feed). They’re on the Twitter, too.

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  1. Laura says:

    The Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps and a bowl of hummus was my dinner tonight. It was wonderful.

    • Merri Jo says:

      We really like them with hummus @ our house, too. We buy the BIG bags @ Costco!

  2. Casey says:

    Oh I love your train of thought…because Ia m right there with you. I happen to think chocolate donuts have gotten smaller!

  3. Trisha : ) says:

    Rosemary Herb Lentil Crackers – Oh Yummm. So delish and very durable for scooping up lotsa dip/spread. {you don’t really notice the healthiness}

  4. I adore a good cracker. I’ve got one for you: Back to Nature Sesame Tarragon Crackers. (100% natural, so they’re good for you, naturally). We are HUGE Triple-D fans, too. HUGE. There’s a Greek restaurant here in Nashville that was featured on the show and we’ve been meaning to try it!

  5. Lee Stuart says:

    Your perception about Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares is accurate. There has actually been a shortage of cinnamon because there are fewer cinnamon farms in America today. It’s a sad reality but the cinnamon business is not what it used to be…….really sad.

  6. I cannot offer any intel on whether Cinnamon Toast Crunch has shrunk. And I’ve run the Velveeta crisis into the ground. But I can tell you with certainty that they’ve been messing with the Spaghettios sauce, and it’s not pretty. If I wanted tomato soup, I’d buy tomato soup. What a world, what a world.

  7. I have simply given up pretending that I don’t watch and now freely admit that I am thoroughly addicted to RHOBH, RHONJ, and RHOA. I poo-poo OC and NY, I mean, you gotta draw the line somewhere. The burning question for me tho, is how Teresa can seem so ‘normal’ on the Apprentice and so crazy on RHONJ? Oh. My!

    • CJ you made me smile. I draw the line on Atlanta and New Jersey but will not miss OC or New York. I think we all agree that Beverly Hills is the pinnacle of housewife watching. Yes, I used the word pinnacle and real housewives together in the same sentence.

    • This question has been debated in my household with the fervor of some sort of law-making body. Fascinating, isn’t it? You see crazy Teresa come out every once in a while on Celebrity Apprentice, but I think the difference is business and personal relationships. She was nuts before Melissa came on the show, but there is something about that poor woman that drives Teresa to distraction. It hurts to watch sometimes, because Teresa is beyond irrational, and Melissa needs to give up the dream.

  8. I discovered these delights after also discovering Pretzel Crack on Pinterest. That’s right–Pretzel Crack! Apparently that’s the name given to Hershey’s Hugs and M&M topped pretzels baked in the oven. The pictures on Pinterest showed square flat pretzels which I can find nowhere. But these seemed the perfect size and fit for the crack. By the way, the Pretzel Crack turned out to be every bit the deliciousness {and addiction} I thought it would be.

  9. I’ve been loving pretzel chips for a while now. It is hard to find them around where I live. Recently though, the Walmarts near me has been carrying this brand that you show and I want to buy them up and hoard them! No food issues here.

  10. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Mmmm…. not sure what “KUDOOZ” means. Should that be ‘kudos’ ? meaning honor, glory, acclaim? Sorry Boo – it’s the English teacher coming out in me.

  11. traci says:

    Pretzel chips and roasted red pepper hummus. Dinner of champions in our home. And now I am off to pinterest to find the above mentioned pretzel crack. yep busy day…..

  12. Strawberryrose says:

    I agree, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares are smaller. Love Pretzel Crisps! My mother-in-law introduced me to them. She finds the best snacks.

  13. Kim M. says:

    Those pretzels are AWESOME– our personal favorite is the Buffalo flavor. We can easily inhale an entire bag within minutes. The fact that they’re not that high in fat is somewhat comforting when that happens…

  14. Carolyn says:

    LOVE the jalepeno pretzel crisps! Bought them at walmart on a trip to orlando, but forgot about them! I will be tracking them down!!

  15. oh Boo, thank you for the sweet words + link to my post. every comment/email/mention online is like a giant boost of energy!!!

    shaun and keely have mentioned you a few times and i decided that i’d like to meet your funny self, too. come to tanzania quickly? we’ll be here until friday.

    ok, perfect ~ see you sooooon.

    xoxo, gussy

  16. These pretzel chips are awesome! The flavored ones can get all fancy-like, too, at a party with a little champagne mustard and what-not. :) LOL about the CTC crisis. It also seems like “they” are putting less and less sugar on our loved Frosted Shredded Wheat? Have “they” no shame?

  17. Never thought I’d be able to add to YOUR extensive list of cracker goodness but…..

    Triscuit – Dill & Sea Salt flavor


  18. OH, I just read this whole post out loud to my husband, because we both LOVE those pretzel crisps. I introduced him to hummus with them, and he thought he liked hummus for a while. Then he realized that he just loved anything if you put it on one of those crackers. You are hilarious!

  19. Danielle Parker says:

    Cretzel Prackers!! I love it! It took all I had not to laugh out loud at work. Thanks for making me laugh today!

  20. I finally tried the CheezIt Duoz that you recommended so long ago and am in love with the Parmesan/Sharp Cheddar combo. Then this past week I bought a bag of Cheetos Simply Natural White Cheddar Puffs and they are so delicious I had to tell you about them. Yum!

  21. Yes, let us give a shout out to the Pretzel Crisps! I LOVE the plain in the blue/white bag. I mean I’m addicted to them. I have a few almost every day and when I run out, all I can thing of is “I need some Pretzel Crisps!” Crispy and just the right amount of salty, they satisfy my crunching needs. **sigh**

  22. I’ll be adding those to the grocery list. Righ this very minute.
    I’d also be interested to know who you’re rooting for on DWTS. I was so disappointed in Urkel. He wasn’t nearly as cute/charming as I needed him to be. Now, that William Levy– I’m finding him to be quite charming. Yep. Charming. {cough cough}