Everybody Clap Your Hands

So here’s what we’ve been doing.

I mean, we haven’t been just staring at a scoreboard.

But we have been watching the Bulldogs play in the SEC Baseball Tournament this week. And I don’t want to overstate it, but so far it has been THE MOST fun. We’ve run into friends from Birmingham and friends from my hometown – and today Emma Kate and her kids drove over for the game. We hollered and cheered and clapped and laughed our heads off, and it was exactly like college except for the fact that we are almost 20 years older and we answer to “Mama” and we no longer regard the hair bow as our favorite go-to accessory.

Oh, we had ourselves a fine time.

I never have really high expectations for the tournament (though State fans do love themselves some baseball), but yesterday we beat Arkansas, and today we beat LSU, the #2 team in the nation. It was delightful. Tomorrow we play Kentucky, and if we win that game, we won’t play again until Saturday. I say all of this like I have a real understanding of how the bracket works, but I have had to consult about 7 different sources to make sense of it all. The bracket reminds me a little bit of when Joey Tribbiani auditioned to host Bamboozled, but I think I understand it better now, and the gist of it is that WE NEED TO KEEP WINNING ALL THE GAMES.

Thanks to Neutrogena SportFace SPF 70 and mainly sitting in the shade, I’ve managed to avoid any tournament-induced sun poisoning, and I’m just as tickled as I can be about that. It’s always a good thing when you meet your personal free-from-sun-poisoning goals.

So what about y’all? What’s going on with you?

And most importantly (though a completely different subject), what do you think about the American Idol results?

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  1. pettsallowed says:

    I LOVE FRIENDS, so I love when you throw in a little snippet from the show! So funny. I picked Phillip Phillips early on , so i’m happy. Someone on facebook mentioned that his parents most have known he’d be famous with that name. i went to school with a Patrick Patrick, wonder what he’s doing?;) have a great weekend!

  2. Elementary principal here: 1 1/2 days of school left. Even though I don’t get summers off anymore, I do love a good Last Day of School!

  3. I was thrilled Phillip Phillips won. He was my favorite since the first audition. He is from Georgia and I think he is darling! So excited.
    As for what I am up to … Jury duty. Ugh! I was supposed to go visit my sister in Brunswick this week for sister time and beach time at St Simons Island. I am so aggravated. Instead of telling us if we were or were not chosen today, I have to go back tomorrow at nine!! Even if I am not chosen that has shaved off another day of my visit. :(
    I love your blog and cannot wait for your book!

    • That stinks, but as soon as you get there change to ‘island time’ and all will be good! Can’t wait to go this weekend also!

  4. I was so happy that Phillip won. I cried when he started crying!! So sweet. That last song he sang, “Home”, gave me such a lonesome feeling…I loved it. What am I up to??? Ten more days of school left and baby I am ready, eddy, eddy!

  5. I was bummed because I wanted Skylar Laine to win and I thought her song with Reba was the best part of the show. But I liked Phillip from the beginning and I’m glad he won. His song Home is really good. As for the show last night, I thought it was really odd mix and I fast forwarded through a lot of it. A lot of it just made me uncomfortable with the unitards, dancing and odd songs. And I’m not just getting old because even my 16 year old was not impressed. When she found out that J Lo was older than me she said that, “that’s just not right”. Cracked me up!

  6. elissa says:

    So jealous of SEC baseball so close to you… We have A-10 baseball down the road, but really, does that even count?? Northern baseball just doesn’t compare.

  7. Bamboozled. That is hilarious. I personally don’t watch American Idol, but my husband and I laughed to the point of not being able to breathe last night after finding out my dad had voted this week for the Phillip guy. If you only knew my dad, you’d be rolling on the floor too. Have fun at the tournament! And GEAUX Tigers! :)

  8. Yay for Phillip, a good South Georgian, just like me! And if the Georgia Dawgs are playing give them one hoopla for me! Thanks!

  9. I was born and raised just a few miles from Leesburg, GA, so I am thrilled that Phillip won. Jessica probably is, technically, the best singer, but I just think Phillip is adorable, and he has such soul. At some point Tuesday night, I’m pretty sure I crossed the line from supportive fan to crazy obsessed lady with a cell phone. I won’t even say how many times I voted.

  10. Was JLo trying to revive the hammer pants or was that just my eyes deceiving me? Please say it isn’t true. I am beyond thrilled that Phillip won. And his song Home is the best Idol coronation song ever. I read somewhere that he goes in next week for kidney surgery. Poor guy, I hope the next few days don’t completely wear him down.

    And in addition, anytime anyone includes a Friends reference, it is a good day.

  11. I’m getting ready for my daughter’s last day and a half of school, waiting to get my van back from the body shop, and looking forward to this long weekend ahead of me.

    I couldn’t possibly be happier that Phillip won American Idol. I can’t wait to see the concert in August.

  12. Just rub it in why don’t ya! Like pouring salt in an open wound. I sooooo want to be there. I haven’t been since before having kids but I will be back. Soon. I’ll need a place to stay when I do??????

    I live Phillip. Feel bad his name is Phillip Phillips but he’s a great musician. Love his style and he’s so sweet and genuine. Although I like Skylar too since she’s a MS gal.

  13. MEMORIES…spent a bit on time in that left field lounge as a Bulldog Coed. Great days! GO DAWGS! HAIL STATE!!

  14. LOVE Phillip Phillips! Happy with the outcome but we are LSU fans here. Of course we are also Dak Prescott fans so your Bulldogs(football!) are important to us as well.
    I’m really commenting incase you seriously get sun-poisoning! I do and have the remedy that you may not know about! Take a tagamet in the morning, and a claratin at night prior to your first day in the sun, then continue that for as many days as you will be at the beach or cruise or whatever! It works!! Generic forms work as well. You will still need sunscreen but NO SERIOUS SUN-POISONING! Let me know how this works for you!!

  15. andrea says:

    lol bamboozeled good times!!
    o i couldn;t be happier with idol results!! i love me some philip phillips..i have downloaded 12 of his performances and 2 of joshuas’ from the ol’ itunes..and have listened to philip sing home approximately 22 times since last night!!!

    i also cant wait for skylars cd to come out! loved her too!!

    have fun at your games!!:)

  16. Merri Jo says:

    Watching college baseball games with friends and family under the summer sun (or in the shade) sounds SO FUN! I love baseball, and living in a Chi-burb, we love to make the trek to Wrigley, but it is EXPENSIVE! There’s a 1-A farm team in a nearby suburb with as much sideline entertainment as on the field, for about 1/5 the cost, where we have enjoyed some great family memories as our sons grew up. We look forward to taking our little grandson there soon, too.
    Hubs & I just returned from a week in SanDestin, to gorgeous weather here at home, and I have been gardening ’til my creaky knees can hardly bear anymore. Just lovin’ summertime (in late Spring)!

  17. prayer moms breakfast, botanical garden field trip (my 2nd grader) on the same day as field day (my 3rd grader), school wide picnic, class pool parties and end of year chapel service… oh, and there is a three year old still at home. i don’t know how to be three places at one time!

  18. Go Dawgs!

  19. I think Jessica is amazing, but I would have 0 – 0.00% interest in an album she would put out. Phillip Phillips will be the first AI alum album I will buy. I just know I will. I loved everything he did. And leaving the stage to hug his mama – what a nice boy. Now please, take care of your kidneys so I can enjoy all of your music for the next 50 years.
    I kind of wished it would have been Phillip/Joshua. He was more interesting to me.
    Now. How can I put this delicately….can we talk about the….onesies…some of the ladies wore to perform? Fantasia? Chaka Khan? I can’t imagine a time or place where I would want to put myself in something like that. Goodness sakes. I’ll bet if I lived in the South, this is where I’d say, “Bless their hearts.” I admire their boldness.

  20. Brenda says:

    Love baseball, I don’t care who’s playing! In fact, I’m headed to a 11-12 year old game tonight to watch my favorite catcher.

    Love Bamboozled! Just saw that episode the other day and laughed out loud for sure.

    Love Phillip! Bless her heart, I think we need to circle Jessica in intercessory prayer. I think she may flame out. I hope not, but someone who seems to be so self/career centered at age 16 scares the living tarnation out of me!

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Kimberly/OKC says:

    Only one person quickly mentioned this but I thought it was THE SWEETEST THING when Phillip couldn’t sing the song anymore, stayed up there till he couldn’t…then took off his guitar and headed straight for his family!!! After all, it’s about your mama and your family!!! I will love him for that forever.

    Just like I love Taylor Swift for the first time she won a big award (don’t remember which) but she got up there and said something like, “I dedicate this award to the person who used to love to cook dinner at night, who used to enjoy hanging with her girlfriends, and who falls asleep on the plane with her mouth hanging wide open because she’s so exhausted…my MAMA!! Thanks, mom, for being with me for this last year!!!!”

  22. That sounds like so much fun! Our college does not have a baseball team yet, but hopefully we will in a couple of years. I love baseball and I love college sports.

    We have a 4 day weekend and then 2.5 days of school left, which is totally dumb.

  23. I’m sitting in a Starbucks working on my novel. I’m 160 pages in and the characters stories are swimming in my head and dangit if I can’t tap them out fast enough! I’m trying to slow my heart rate by reading a few blogs. Your blog always makes me happy. :)

    Now I may need to go home and watch the Bamboozled episode. :)

    And Philip Phillips? I have a totally appropriate mom crush on him. The way he walked into his Daddy’s arms? *sigh*

    And thus concludes my rambly comment. Back to writing…

  24. I used to live in Mississippi, so I’ll gladly jump on that bandwagon. We stopped watching Idol this season because we got busy. But, he had me at Thriller, so good for him! We are LOVING the new season of The Next Food Network Star and we already have our favorites.

  25. You need to go watch those Vandy boys and cheer for them for me. A handful are involved in our college ministry and no kidding, Sophie, they are some of the dearest men in the world. And cute as the day is long. And good baseball players. And I’m done.

  26. I live in Kentucky…right outside of Lexington….we have a baseball team? Really? I am that big of a loser :-)

    • Hahahahahaha! :)

      Yes, and they were really good this year (or so I hear from my friends on Facebook).

      I went to Asbury College (now Asbury University), so I am friends with a lot of people who are also UK fans.

  27. Go Dawgs! SEC Champs!

  28. Wrapped that championship up in Maroon and White! It is a great day to be a Bulldawg!!!