In The Texas

This afternoon I flew to the Texas, and right now I’m sitting on Melanie’s couch and watching The Bachelorette. We’re discussing how one trend this season is to assign Emily the role of tour guide in the various cities they visit, and while it’s a little awkward, it’s also pretty delightful to hear her explain various cultural landmarks before she and her date settle in to dine in some sort of local cave and then watch fireworks on a nearby barge. ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD.

Also, Mel just picked up on the fact that John told Emily that she and his mom would be “two peas in a pot,” and there’s a sense of completeness in my life that was missing before.

However comma I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Emily and Jef’s puppet show left a legacy of awkward that may be unprecedented in the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise. I just…well…wow. That was something else.

We had some excellent Mexican food tonight and even better conversation, and we have high hopes for more of the same. I’m excited about all the relaxing that’s going to keep us very busy. And I will do everything in my power to meet my personal relaxation goals.

See y’all in a couple of days!

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  1. I would have loved to have heard you two discussing that show together. How fun!

  2. Awe, nothing in the world like being with a great friend!
    You two enjoy each others company (and tell us how those guest room walls came out)!

  3. I also love chips and crackers and myriads of dips…I wanna come over and play, too. :)

  4. Hey, how about a podcast while you two are in the same room? That eliminates some of the technical crazy, doesn’t it? Y’all have fun!

  5. Listen, what are you gonna think of me when I tell you that I LOVED the marionette show? DIED! Yes, awkward. Agreed. Yet it only endured me more to one f Jef.

    • I loved it too! I laughed out loud a couple of times. I thought it was cute and he was very witty. Thought I was the only one! :-)

  6. I needed to be invited to your Bachelorette viewing party of two!!!! Was it just me or was the date with “wolf” terribly awkward for Emily but super perfect for “wolf”? I’m thinking out of the box here but you could you and Mel not podcast together and oh by the way make it an “After the Final Rose” episode?! I would SO tune it for that. Just let me get my chips and salsa and my tub of Ben and Jerry’s so I can be prepared! Hope ya’ll have fun this week….and I’ll be looking for my invite.

  7. Merri Jo says:

    Although I don’t watch Bachelor, your descriptions still give me great giggles. “Two peas in a POT”!!–apparently this is female humor, because when my hub asked me what was so hilarious, I read it to him, and he did not respond as a normal-humored person should. I cannot imagine more fun a laughter in one place than the two of you together!! PLEASE for the joy of my vacation, do a podcast. Have FUN!! :-)

  8. i’m countin’ BIG! big, i tell you! on a podcast during this relaxation-fest.

    thanks in advance :)

  9. I NEVER watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. But last night, I tuned in as I was flipping channels. I saw the Marionette show. So RIDICULOUS! What a loser! He’s such a baby compared to her. She was saying, “He’s a kid at heart…he would be a great father to Ricki.” Whatever! He would be your SECOND CHILD!!!

    Two peas in a pot reminded me of something I said on the way to church Sunday. I was applying my makeup in the passenger mirror as I do every Sunday morning. My hubby was driving, and he is the WORST DRIVER EVER! I was telling him how peaceful our drive to Gulf Shores was with ME behind the wheel instead of him. (He thinks he’s Mario Andretti). Anyway, when I was done with my makeup application I meant to say, “The bloom is definitely off the ROSE”, and I inadvertently said “The bloom is definitely off the ROAD”. I can’t stop laughing when I think about it, because at times I think it does look as if a MACK TRUCK has driven right over my 40 year old FACE!!! LOL!

  10. In the Mississippi, it is Pageant Time!!

    • molly p. says:

      That’s what I was thinking! I wonder if we will have a viewing party. I may or may not plan my Saturday night around it! :)

  11. You have no idea how deeply happy it makes me to hear about your “peas-in-a-pot”-related completeness. No one understands when I say watching Top Model makes my life complete, but maybe you do.

  12. Victoria says:

    I also hope you meet all of your personal relaxation goals, as long as it includes recording a new podcast. Jessica Simpson has added to her Fancy collection. Need I say more? Pretty please??

  13. Podcast! Podcast! Podcast! (Now I believe you gals know the extent of our Big Mama/Boo Mama goals for your time together!) Oh, and a description of any delish dips you may have indulged in.

  14. Annette says:

    I love that you two are friends. Only “know” each of you thru your blogs, but still- it makes me smile. Safe travels home!

  15. Jeannette says:

    The two of you, together in Texas! I hope you are having a blast. Besides the podcast I hope you get to go shopping. Eat lots of Tex-Mex and plan your book tours.

  16. Jef, one f, seems to be a really nice guy. But, and there’s always a but isn’t there? He’s a little young looking and acting and I keep my hand up on my hair whilst watching Jef because I just want him to smooth down that poof on top of his head. Makes his head like a foot and a half long vertically. lol

    Have a good time

    Hugs from Minnesota