In Which I Am Ready For Some Pageantry

Edited to add: the Miss Mississippi live feed didn’t work Saturday night, so we didn’t get to have a viewing party after all. We’ll try again in 2013!

Well, after three big days-o-fun in Texas, I’m home again. My flight left San Antonio early this morning, and you can imagine how upbeat and chipper I was at 5:45 in the AM, especially considering that the three-day total for sleep came in somewhere around the 12-hour mark. But oh, we had us some fun. And some laughs. And some REAL good food.

I didn’t get a picture of our Mexican food from Monday night, but Tuesday at lunch we took a little road trip and had some spectacular fried food. Exhibit A: Chicken fried chicken. With French fries and fried okra. And, you know, a salad. Just to keep it healthy and all.

There was also homemade chocolate pie with a wee bit of meringue.

Oh have mercy it was good.

And last night, much to my delight, I finally got to experience the wonder of a Chris Madrid’s tostada burger. Melanie has been telling me about them for years, and now I absolutely understand why. It was spectacular.

Please note the ring-o-cheese that surrounded the burger, and I don’t mind saying that in the days to come, when I think about that ring-o-cheese, I will sigh. And then I will hum old Air Supply songs.

(Yes, I realize that all my pictures are sideways.)

(I have no idea why.)

(So be careful not to sustain any sort of neck injury when you look at them.)

I slept all the way home this morning – didn’t even read the first magazine – and the sleep was an unexpected blessing considering that I was sitting next to someone who apparently dipped himself in a vat of Axe body spray before boarding the plane. He was young (bless his heart), and I get that it takes awhile to figure out the delicate balance between using enough cologne so that people notice that you smell nice and using so much cologne that people develop insta-migraines and grab several blankets from the overhead bin in an attempt to turn seat 26A into a scent-free cocoon.

Anyway, since we’ve been to the library and the grocery store this afternoon, it’s time for me to start cooking supper. But before I do that, I want to make sure that you know that this Saturday night, June 30th, is the Miss Mississippi pageant. Last year we had such a blast watching and commenting together, and I’d love to have a repeat of all the fun this year. So, I’ll embed the live pageant video here (8 pm central time), and we can all hang out here and watch and applaud and have us a big time.

Who’s in?

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  1. This post is exactly why I will love your book :) Your writing is perfect & funny & just lerve-ly.

  2. I’m in, Sophie; last year was such fun.

    Miss Texas is next weekend but I have not seen live stream info yet. One of my daughter’s friends from her years at Baylor is a contestant!

  3. If my feeble brain can hang on to the information long enough, I’m in. I finally got around to reading my Eleusis this morning and was tickled to see that Miss MSU is a Chi O. So, X and a Horseshoe, and all that jazz! I was also thinking, as I read, how nice it will be to see your name in the section about newest Chi O authors.

    Looking forward to pageant night.

  4. I love watching pageants with you and your readers. You make it extra fun!

  5. i heart pageantry and o my word you are hilarious a cocoon in 26 a!

  6. Love the scent-free cocoon idea…my son is in the stage of scented deodorant (Old Spice’s Swagger, uh huh) and hasn’t yet figured out the fine line of too too much and just enough. I tease him about his “Swaggah” :)

    • Can you even believe these boys are wearing Old Spice? I tell my son that my grandfather wore Old Spice!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that pie !
    Looks incredible.
    Great food photos ! Enjoyed them . . .

  8. I’m in! Oh yes. Yes, indeedy.

  9. I didn’t even realize the pictures were sideways until you mentioned it and yes I realized afterwards that I had turned my laptop sideways three different times and looked at the pictures–guess I have come to expect the unexpected when I come here to visit. LOL

  10. Now, back to that pie. I live in SA, and that pie needs me. Where can I find it, please? Oh and yes on the Chris Madrid burger (found that with Big Mama’s help!).

  11. I always joke that I am “one whiff of cologne away from a full-blown allergy attack.” And when I say that I always joke about it, I mean that it is literally stated every day when I see one of my teenage boys pick up their bottle of cologne spray. It’s more of a threat, as opposed to a joke.
    They come by their love of cologne honestly. When we are at the mall, and we get anywhere near Abercrombie and Fitch, one will say, “I smell Dad.” Nothing like a mid-life crisis to send a husband (and then ex-husband) to the land of teenage shopping to purchase cologne and tight clothes.

  12. Molly P. says:

    I’m in!
    Since last years Miss Mississippi, I have moved to Jackson which is closer to the pageant’s location in Vicksburg. Therefore, the media coverage has been just superb! I’m so excited about our live discussion Saturday night. :)

  13. I think I spy the Bluebonnet in Marble Falls… I also get the chicken fried chicken, but I get the mashed potatoes instead of fries. I also get the salad for health reasons. The pie. OH MY!! Chris Madrid’s macho burger for me with a little side of pico de gallo to help set off the grease.

  14. Hoping a State girls wins the crown for the 4th year in a row! :) I do love that billboard (scroll down to the bottom to see it)

  15. Oh, honey…let me tell you how I’d like to start a “smell-free campaign”!!
    I have multiple chemical sensitivity, and it really sucks. I cannot use any kind of scented items whatsoever, no soap, lotion, detergent, cleaners etc. And I work in a retail store where we’lll say that the male clientel, on a Friday night such as this, will come in dressed to the 9’s….with an entire bottle of cologne thrown on top for good measure! It kills me, literally. I (like you) just dont see any need for it, I wished people would realize how offensive their being :(

  16. Yummmm….looks like y’all went to the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls! Fun road trip! Love that place. Love the pie! We always get chocolate cream. Mmmmmm.

    And Chris Madrid’s is awesomeness. Love their burgers!

    Glad you had a fun trip to TX and a good time with Melanie!