The Bravo Is Calling My Name

I checked the DVR a few minutes ago and realized that Top Chef Masters started last night. It is probably my all-time favorite competition-type TV show (well, except for Survivor, of course), and now that I know it’s waiting on the DVR, I HAVE TO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY.

This would probably be a good time to nod your head and pretend that this sort of behavior is very normal.

We took Martha back to Mississippi today so that she’d be home in time for her standing appointment at the beauty parlor tomorrow, and right before we left Birmingham, I decided that it was as good a day as any to let Martha and my parents read the book (well, the chapters that are about them, at least – I want there to be at least a few parts they haven’t read when they see the whole thing for the first time). Suffice it to say that I was very much in touch with the word “vulnerable” when I handed over those stacks of paper, but I really needed to know if they were okay with what I’d written since I’ll be jumping headfirst into the editing in the next few weeks.

Because if my family isn’t okay with what I’ve written in a book about, well, family, then that would be unfortunate. And also cause for massive re-writes.

After the little guy and I dropped off Martha at her house and stopped by my parents’ house for a few minutes (just long enough for me to hand Mama and Daddy the chapters, over explain myself, and jump back in the car because what, what if they didn’t like it, WHAT WOULD I DO THEN?), we ran by the Popeye’s to grab a late lunch and visit with my cousin Paige for a little while. Strangely enough, A doesn’t like chicken on the bone, a quirk that’s a little bit of a sore spot with me, and quite frankly I’m not sure where my parenting went wrong. Obviously we would appreciate your prayers. Anyway, he had just taken a bite of a chicken tender when a song that I haven’t heard in a long time started playing on the speakers, and I am here to tell you that between the 80’s music and the fried chicken and the hometown, the wave of nostalgia was so strong that I had to brace myself against the table to keep from falling over.

Listen. There’s not a whole lot of 80s music that I miss or even like anymore. But some Steve Winwood? With James Taylor singing harmony? Yes, please. So I sat there and ate chicken and listened to “Back In The High Life” and thought about how I’m way older now and and the boy is growing up and my parents were reading part of my book and Popeye’s is still as delicious as ever and it was just about more than the PMS and I could take.

(SIDENOTE: the coats in the Steve Winwood video just kill me. They’re so good. And big. And flowy.)

(Sort of like his hair.)

In the end everybody was fine and kind and good with the book stuff, and I am so grateful for that. In a way it was strange to hand over the words that I wrote to the people that I wrote them about, if that makes sense, and I’ve continued to hang out right on the edge of a really good cry for the last five or six hours. I guess I just feel relieved. And mildly terrified that all those pages are going to be a book next June. And a little panicked that I haven’t yet located the perfect corner where I can HUNKER DOWN AND HIDE.

So. I’m going to watch Top Chef Masters now. Maybe follow it up with a documentary about how to make tires or something like that. Anything to help me turn the emotional gauge down a notch. I think it’s a good plan.

But heaven help us all if I hear an old Chicago song.

The end.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Oh, BooMama – I just love you! I’m sure your book will be FANTASTIC… no need for hunkering anywhere at all! :) I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. Mary Feagley says:

    I get that way sometimes too…where the nostalgia is so thick in my throat I can hardly swallow. How did we get here? Wasn’t I just sitting in the computer lab humming “Everybody Wants to Rule the World?”

  3. Can’t wait for the book.
    Make Kingwood, Texas your first stop on your book signing tour! Bring Mel with you!

  4. Did you have a biscuit? Please tell me you had a Popeye’s biscuit (or 3).

  5. I love that song. Truly. And I am so glad that music videos have upped their game since when that one was shot. Because whoa.
    Totally, TOTALLY unrelated, but have you seen this:
    It’s Mariah Carey selling her products on HSN and it is a delight. I thought of you when I saw it because you appreciate a good YouTube clip.

  6. BRAVO! (Sorry.) But really – good for you, girl!
    On a sadder note, June is a long way away. How will we ever wait that long?

  7. So funny you mentioned Steve Winwood…I just downloaded When You See a Chance yesterday. I had the album (as in vinyl) of Arc of a Diver. Sometimes I miss that feeling of holding an actual album cover in my hand and studying it, reading it over and over. Itunes is great but its a whole ‘nother experience. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Two things:
    1. NEXT JUNE!??!!???!! How are we supposed to be able to wait that long? I’ll see you when you come to Houston. But if your publisher could get a move on, and get your book out sooner than that, well I’d be beholden.

    2. My daughter doesn’t like chicken on the bone either. Where did I go wrong? I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me. ;)

  9. I am older than you and so while you were listening to 80’s music I was having my third baby. I do not know who Steve Winwood is. I was busy working full time, raising babies, and watching Johnny Carson. The music on my radio was oldies. 50’s and 60’s. And some country. But James Taylor – now him I know. I still love him.

    You guys talk about Popeye’s so often I wish I could find one. Up here in the north we don’t have HEB, Popeye’s, Sonic or anything else you find heavenly. Dang it!!

    Hugs from Minnesota

  10. Just stumbled over here, and so glad I did! Oh gosh, I’ll be singing that song all day.
    Can’t wait to come back and learn a little bit more about this book of yours…

  11. When I wrote my first book, I let my mother-in-law read my mother-in-law chapter before I sent it in, and holy cow. Good thing. I had tried “really” hard not to share the awful-est details of our previously-rocky relationship, but she was still really hurt. I rewrote it completely, let her read it again, and whew. She was a-okay with it. Every now and again, I wish I would’ve kept the original version. ;)

  12. I’m praying about that chicken situation.

  13. Nelson's Mama says:

    The drive back to my hometown requires me to cross Kentucky Lake, it never fails that while I’m trying to get my car across this old dangerous bridge, well past it’s prime, that I’m also fighting tears.

    What is it about home and old memories?

  14. Merri Jo says:

    It dawned on me what the heartfelt affinity is that I have for you– you so effectively write what I feel! “Hanging out right on the edge of a good cry”– I’ve been there, felt that, just never so capably put it into words. And certain Chicago songs,….just step back & pass the Kleenex.

  15. Once again Boo Mama stirs my heart!! I am a bit uncertain about having to wait until June on this highly anticipated book you are delivering (b/c strangely I would think of writing a book being sort of like giving birth since you might possibly have all your business out there for everyone to see). I will be praying for patience!

  16. I was a little disappointed with Top Chef Masters this week. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I wasn’t in love like I usually am. Maybe because I couldn’t find a specific chef to root for. Maybe one will grow on me. One guy looks like Dauber from Coach (remember that show with Craig T. Nelson??), so I was completely distracted by that, too. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  17. Hey do you play songpop on the iphone? It is a fun app that you can play about all kind of music.. Look it up if you haven’t. You can get a free app and try. I can not wait for your book to come out.. I know it will be wonderful.

  18. Stephanie says:

    You just made my day. And I’m not a fan of meat on bones. But my children love it!

  19. We’ve got lots of dark corners around here in the South Carolina Lowcountry (or as I call it, the SLOWcounty) where you can hide. Our little swamp is, to borrow a favorite movie quote, “two weeks from evahwhere.” We’ll make sure you have lots of snack crackers. No Popeye’s here, though. Will Bojangles do?

  20. Love!! Cannot wait for your book.
    Enjoy your shows!

  21. thank you thank you…did not know top chef began…

  22. Want to read it so badly! I didn’t know James Taylor sang back up! XM 80’s is the highlight of my day when I’m in car alone & songs like that come on. Also, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Pebbles, Asia, Bryan Adams, my list could go on & on.
    Adore you, Sophie!

  23. I’m with A, I really cant stand to eat chicken off the bone either. Even when I buy chicken breasts to make myself I have to do a lot of trimming before it’s acceptable. It may all go back to my great aunt and uncle who would clean ckicken bones completely clean…accccckkk!

    And I also cant wait to read your book!

  24. Every time I see the Popeye’s sign, I think it says “Pope Yes.”

  25. And I don’t know if the Pope even likes chicken.

  26. Thanks for that 80s flashback and for always being so real. I’m so sad that we didn’t get to hang out at Callaway this summer.

  27. oh, Chicago. That takes me back to middle school every time I hear it! So glad your people were good and kind with the book! :)

  28. Don’t go watching any Hallmark commercials!

  29. It takes a lot of courage, Sophie-girl, to do what you are doing! And look how God is stretching and growing you! To Him be the glory : )

  30. UpsidebrownKbrown says:

    You had me at Steve Windood.
    Loved that song!!!!

  31. I cannot wait for the book. Oh, I just can’t. When you go throwing out there that it’s going to be like a whole year before it’s available, I feel like a kid whose parents just told him he is going to Disney World. IN A YEAR. ;-)
    Also, when in that emotionally fragile type mood, I would advise immediately switching the channel should an ASPCA commercial hit the screen. Those are known to leave me in tears (clinging to my cats) for hours.

  32. I’m an adult and I don’t like chicken on the bone – it compleately grosses me out. I can’t even watch other people eat chicken on the bone. It has annoyed my family for years (especially my dad who likes to gnaw on the bone), and I really try to be gracious and not gag at the table … but … ew! I have a lot of issues with textures and food …

  33. Yes, I feel like Bravo calls my name every night!! It has the best shows that always keep me entertained. I love it!