A friend of mine told me about this book late last week, and I really can’t think of anything that I’d rather read right now.

The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook: The Best Eats for Celebrating College Football by Southern Living

I’m gonna venture a guess and say that there are some excellent dip recipes scattered throughout those pages. Since we’re trying to eat healthier in our house, I may have to vicariously enjoy some of those dips through the pictures, but I’m also realistic enough to know that there’s no way I’ll make it through college football season without some cream cheese. It would be plain delusional to think otherwise.

So anyway. I just ordered my copy. It’ll be here in two days. And I’m just as tickled as I can be. CANNOT WAIT.

(That’s not an affiliate link, by the way.)

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.)

(But I just wanted you to know.)

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  1. Cookbooks and magazines with great recipes are my favorite reading material. And I agree, cream cheese and dips are wonderful!

  2. Thanks for this…I subscribe to SL but hadn’t seen this yet. Just pinned it to my Pinterest site so I’ll remember to order one. Go Vols : )

  3. Oh man! Tailgating? Wow….that might be a must have for this football season!

  4. BRING ON THE FOOTBALL (and cream cheese!)!!!!


  5. Looks like one great book for you! We’re trying to eat healthier, too, but I’m being realistic about it. Eat at least one dip full of cream cheese this season and enjoy it!

  6. Looks delicious – love a good dip!

    In other news:

    Have you seen this? (or maybe you already know from the source)

    Reality TV, Lisa, AND former beauty queens?!?

  7. I’m going to have to check it out! Thanks for posting about it!

  8. Robyn (3girlsmom) says:

    Bought. It.
    Thanking the Lord for Southern Living & Amazon Prime.

  9. Well this is a must buy purchase for today. There is nothing more exciting in life than the anticipation of football and the food that comes with it! I would be lying if I didn’t have a trial run this weekend with some dips.

  10. Danielle Parker says:

    Oh Happy Day!! I had to order as soon as I saw it on your blog. I cannot wait to get it. Geaux Tigers!!

  11. Do you REALLY tailgate in the south? Maybe a “Midwest Living” magazine is in order with the first article being written from Lambeau Field. (?)

  12. Jennifer says:

    This could only be better if it came in a Scratch ‘n Sniff edition.

  13. oh my word. i saw the tailgating issue for the first time last year, and it was divine! maybe it was another publication; i can’t remember. but at any rate, tailgating recipes are the best!

    and i have to add a hearty GIG ‘EM to the conversation! :0)

  14. Must have for the season!

  15. I can’t tell you how often I’ve picked up one of those little recipe books or foodie magazines at the checkout because of the food pic on the cover. It’s downright cruel to put yumminess right out there like that!

  16. Seeing that has me longing for crisp autumn days.

  17. If you ever come to the Shadow of the Golden Dome we’ll show you how we tailgate at Notre Dame!!

  18. OHHHH…may have to get this! I think the football season at the Gerken household needs this! =)

  19. Speaking of dips- I will forever be in your debt for the White Rotel Dip recipe you shared a few years ago- (the one with regular and maple sausage….) OH MY STARS- you have made me a popular gal on the dip circuit!!