dotMOM Birmingham 2012

It was so fun, y’all.

dotMom 2012 from David Lowe on Vimeo.

Many thanks to the talented David Lowe for the wonderful pictures!

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  1. Looks like you and Melanie were having fun!

  2. Oh! So many happy faces and such beautiful music! I can’t figure out why I’m teary?! Thank you for sharing.

  3. You look so pretty! I would have loved to see you and Melanie live and in person!

  4. What great pictures! I so wanted to come – but alas my youngest son’s wife is “great with child,” and could not travel. But I want to bring both of my daughters-in-law next year – perhaps Chattanooga. This conference is so good.

    Tomorrow is baby day for our family – grandchild #4 on the way – God is so good!

    Much love to you Sophie!

  5. I wish I lived in Birmingham.

    Hugs from Minnesota

  6. Hey Sophie! I just wanted to say that I just loved meeting you at dotMom! You are so sweet and you and Melanie we a total crack up!
    Many Blessings to you!

  7. Okay, so I was late to the beginning of dotMom. (I know, I know. I’m sorry) And I can’t remember where I read that you contributed to The Pioneer Woman’s blog (which I love). BUT I just now found out who you were…. all that to say this…
    You were (and are I’m sure) HILARIOUS at the dotMom conference. Your wit cracked me up! I am thrilled I have tracked you down (which is a little stalkerish I know – sorry). Now I can keep up with your funnies. Thanks!!

  8. I can never see these vimeo pics. is it just me?

  9. I am in Alabaster & I am so mad at me that I didn’t go to this or know more about it!
    Looks amazing!!!