Will Blog For Bacon*

So apparently it is Thursday.

I’m not entirely sure what happened to the first three days of the week, but they have been speedy little devils. I had lots of working and cooking and errand-running to do after being away from home at the end of last week, and judging by the times that I’ve fallen asleep the last few nights, I have also been trying to set some personal sleep records. I haven’t hit my personal best sleep time yet – that would’ve been when I was a senior in high school and once slept for fourteen hours – but let’s just say that rest has been high on my priority list this week.

(She says, as she types a blog post at 6:13 in the PM while wearing her favorite pajamas.)


One of my favorite parts of this week was Tuesday night when I watched an installment of SEC Storied that focuses on the life and career of former Mississippi State football coach Sylvester Croom, and oh my word did it ever make me teary-eyed. It was really inspirational, and if you get a chance to sit down and watch it with your family, you totally should. I enjoyed it so much. D still hasn’t seen it, so I’m going to watch it all over again when he does.

And in other riveting news, I also picked up some new pillows for our couches on Tuesday. I realize that this isn’t at all interesting to anyone besides me, but I am just as tickled as I can be to have the new pillows because the sofas needed a little pick-me-up. Sister and I picked out fabric a couple of months ago, and my friend Barbara worked her magic with the sewing machine. I love the way the pillows turned out.

Here. You should meet them.

I know that the whole chevron thing is trendy, but since I tend to run a solid two to three years behind the trends and then hang on to them way too long (hello, trouser jeans) (and hello to you, too, sixteen different toile patterns in my last house), I figure that the chevrons and I will have a long and happy life together.

As far as the bird fabrics go, I realize that we’re having a bit of a “put a bird on it” moment in this country, but the birds have a special meaning to me (no, seriously – they really do have a special meaning), and I would tell you the whole entire bird-related story if I weren’t just a wee bit afraid that you’d think I was WAY OFF THE DEEP END CUCKOO.


Anyway. I like the new pillows. Yay, pillows!

Wednesday was BU-SY (or BIZZY, if you prefer) – work, laundry, supper, Bible study, etc. and so on and so forth – but when I got home from Bible study and started to straighten up the kitchen a little bit, I turned on the TV to see if there was a show on the DVR to keep me company.


Now listen. I get that it wasn’t the season premiere. It was more like a highlights show. But it was new (NEW!), and that means that the season premiere is on its way. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve missed seeing Victoria Grayson stand on that fake balcony and stare out at the fake ocean while Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke stands on her fake front porch and watches the footage from a Grayson Manor hidden camera on her phone.

It is beyond delightful.

This morning I got to do something that I have never, ever done before: I picked out a book cover for my book. Sweet Lisa Jackson (who works at Tyndale and takes such good care of Melanie and me) brought me the cover proofs at dotMOM last Friday, and of the three options she showed me, I loved every single one of them. By yesterday, though, I was really starting to favor one of them over the other two, so today I emailed Lisa and made it official. They’re going to do a little more tweaking and whathaveyou, but I am excited. Except for the part where people might read it and I will feel very vulnerable and want to hide and block out the world and watch all five seasons of Friday Night Lights again.

Sometimes I struggle with courage. I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on that or not.

All righty. I have bored you for long enough. And now I need to get the little guy in bed and watch The Dan Mullen Show and then read the October issue of Southern Living because it has pumpkins and mums on the cover, and if I need anything in my life right now, it’s pumpkins and mums.

And 65 degree temperatures.

And a little bit more sleep wouldn’t hurt.

*I heard that there might be a bacon shortage next year.

*Granted, the article I read was about Europe.

*But still, I panicked.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I wrote a post about Designing Women over at Ree’s blog. I know that some of you were barely born when it was on in the late 80s / early 90s, but I thought I’d pass along the link just in case you feel inclined to read it. Happy weekend, y’all!

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  1. You had me at bacon, but I stuck around for the rest because you’re delightful. Can’t wait to read what is sure to be a wonderful book. Bless you!

  2. I love your pillows and your blog. I can’t wait to read your book. I know it is going to put a big smile on my face. Reading your blog helps people like me step out and pursue their dreams. I also love the way you tie in your faith and love for God. :)

  3. We’re all going to LOVE your book, because after all these years of reading you and your blog, we have come to love YOU. I almost jumped off my couch with great excitement when I read about your book cover- except that might have resulted in an unfortunate accident- but I am truthfully SO excited to read your book when it comes out- more of the wonderful Sophie we’ve all come to love here at BooMama- go get ’em girl!

  4. I may or may not be makin’ bacon hoardin’ plans as we/I type.

    My only consolation will be that I can read your book whilst missing bacon.

    (I’m not British. I just like to type whilst.)

    Love you, Dear BooMama!

  5. Every time I have seen a news link regarding the bacon shortage I have thought of you!
    On my way shortly to the Walmarts to stock up!

  6. I can’t wait to see (and read!) your book! Congratulations on another milestone.

  7. Love the chevron pillows!! They really brighten your couch up.

    I am a Revenge fiend myself and cannot WAIT until Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! That last part was said in my best wrestling (or raslin’ depending on where you’re from) announcer voice.

  8. I am so, so excited for your new book. I’ve never been so proud of someone I’ve never met in my life! Actually, that’s not true, but it’s just a personal habit of mine to get sucked into the lives of people I don’t, technically, know. But, you are da bomb! I can’t wait to read your book. Congrats on being awesome!

  9. toile is out??? oh darn!

  10. The bacon shortage caused a brief bit of anxiety in me. My inside conversation went something like this, ” It will be OK. You don’t really need bacon… it is not really healthy. BUT what about Pork tenderloin???!!! It is my go to meal when I can’t figure out what to fix for dinner. Is it all pork products or just bacon?? Ham. I like ham… and sausage.. what about sausage??” A little inner tormoil resided in me.

  11. Our babysitter just decided on Mississippi State for college (she wants to be a vet) and it made me email her your blog address immediately!
    Love the pillows! Your back porch looks relaxing & delightful through the windows in the picture!

  12. Revenge! YES! I did a Hulu catch up and fell flat out in LOVE with this show. It has that tacky 1980s Dynasty feel to it!
    Congrats on the book cover — that is a sweet time. Even more sweet when you love the cover. (Sometimes I wish I’d picked the one that looked like the girls were having cocktails and cigarettes in a Italian bistro… oh at the fun emails I would’ve gotten!)
    Enjoy you pillows … and BACON SHORTAGE?!! I’m off to fill the freezer.

  13. Loved your DW post on PW! And I am actively in bacon hoarding mode. My people love the cured meats food group. Especially extra thick cut. And I can not wait for your book!

  14. Oh! Trouser jeans are out of style? That’s not good.

  15. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Love your pillows! ! I’m freezing some bacon just in case!

  16. Your pillows are perfectly adorable! Once again without warning you used a hilarious segue, “And in other riveting news” that made me laugh until I snorted! Snort #2 occurred while reading about the bacon shortage! If I have to make a choice between ladylike decorum and reading your blog, I’ll choose your blog EVERYTIME! I can only imagine guffaws and snorts and even a chortle or two when I get to read your entire book! You, dear lady, are priceless!!

    *I still can’t think about FNL without getting that ‘homesick lump in my throat’. I have never before gotten teary over the end of a tv series—I was in a melancholy funk for weeks!
    I loved Designing Women!

  17. Ah! Designing Women! I want to be Julia Sugarbaker when I grow up. I have a student in my room named Georgia, and I call he Miss Georgia, for whatever strange reason, and that always makes me think of “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” episode. It’s may all-time favorite. Running a close second is the episode where Julia runs for city council. I’ll be on YouTube for the next few hours watching DW clips, than you very much!

  18. Loved Designing Women!! Also, we saw the bacon story on the news. Shortage and higher prices. My mom actually text me the bad news too. She also has text me asking a) if I’ve seen the commercial about the sundae with bacon on it? and b) if I’ve seen the commercial with the guy marrying bacon. Because both of those make her think of me. I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed…