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This past weekend I spent some time working on my Thanksgiving menu and grocery list. There’s a part of me that knows the planning and the list-making should probably feel like a chore, but OH MY WORD I ADORE IT. I mean, it’s fun to plan the menu and all, but making the Thanksgiving grocery list is one of the great joys in my life. I type it and categorize it and arrange it by aisle and basically fall just a hair shy of including charts and footnotes. I even give myself mini-deadlines for certain categories so that I don’t wind up buying two grocery carts of food the week of Thanksgiving.

(I know. The crazy is a lot to take in.)

(Especially that whole “mini-deadlines” thing.)

(But somehow my admittedly CUCKOO GONE CUCKOO INSANE grocery shopping habits keep me calm and easy-breezy during a fairly hectic time of year.)

Anyway, when I was making our menu and trying to think of some easy appetizers that I could basically just assemble and serve while we have family here next week, I remembered one of my all-time favorites. And it occurred to me that I’ve never mentioned it here.

Get ready. Because if you have not tried this particular delicacy, I am about to change your whole life.

Oh. Now listen.

Buy yourself a jar. Pour about half of it over a block of cream cheese. Set out a bowl of Wheat Thins (or whatever cracker you prefer). Then sit back and watch your guests LOSE THEIR DADGUM MINDS over your wondrous appetizer creation.

Seriously. I don’t know what it is, but it’s one of those flavor combinations that works on every single level. It’s sweet and salty and crunchy and creamy and I have to quit talking about it or I’ll have to make some right now and I’M NOT SHARING, EITHER.

So. If you’d like to use this most delicious concoction on a block of cream cheese over the holidays, here’s all the info.

The website: dr-petes.com.

The stores that sell the Dr. Pete’s products: state-by-state store listing.

Now go forth and share cream cheese with praline mustard glaze with all the people you love.

Or, you know, just make a snack for yourself.

There’s nary a morsel of cream cheese-related judgment here.

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  1. You had me at “block of cream cheese.”

    Also, mini deadlines for your shopping list? Now I have a goal to strive for. I have a long way to go considering that I pretty much walk into the store and think “hmm what in the world should I buy?” but you gotta start somewhere!

  2. Oh, Boo Mama,
    Your posts just delight me. I, too, am a Mississippi girl, and no one appreciates your humor like one of your own kind! I’ve been reading your blog for several years, and I feel like I know your precious family. My favorite posts are those you write about Martha, though I do love it when you recommend products, recipes, etc. I have just ordered the Dr. Pete’s and can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Thanks for brightening my days with your blog. I am eagerly awaiting your book!!!

  3. Oh glory, glory, there’s a location in the tiny town of Carthage, MO where I live! I never expected that. I guess I better go get some.

  4. 1. All I had to do is read “Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze” and T’s eyes got all wide and so did his mouth.
    2. Cream cheese stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon is a Monk staple during holiday season. And sausage balls.
    3. I like to group groceries on the belt at checkout the way I think they should bag them. Even though I know they’ll do just fine without my assistance.
    4. Happy early Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Of course I live in Oregon where there seems to be one location, at the beach, that sells this glaze. So I’ll either have to order it or maybe try to find a recipe for something similar. Cause I need a good appetizer! Love your blog so much!

  6. I have some Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze in my fridge right now! Opened and hardly used because I did not know about this cream cheese option. Will be trying that right away!

  7. Your state-by-state store listing got me! There was my town as clear as day and low-and-behold it’s right down the flipping street!!! I am buying it tomorrow and I’ll probably have to taste test it (so I guess I should buy 2).

  8. I’ll have to give it a shot. Of course there was nothing ever as good to me as Pick-a-Peppa sauce over a block of cream cheese that I first had over at Chox’s house in high school!

  9. This is our first T-giving with both kids coming to our home from theirs … Lord, it makes my heart happy to know that everyone will be here in the SAME place for a couple of days.

    John has been saying he wants to change things up this year food-wise, so I place me an order for both the Praline sauce as well as their Chipolte Grilling Sauce.

    I think I will use the Chipolte on the turkeybird this year.

    After I enjoy me some CreamCheesePralineMustard goodness.

    As always, I am in your debt.

  10. I don’t share either! Not too long ago, I got a Chick-Fil-A meal to split with my youngest daughter and she asked for a fry first thing and then told me,”I think you’re going to eat all the fries.” I’ve gained a reputation…

  11. Well, alrighty-then. Thanks for the link listing the vendors. I guess I’m off to The Brooks Collection in Collierville after school or The Fresh Market on my way home tomorrow for some Dr. Pete’s. If either of those two places were open at this unspeakable hour, I might be tempted to sneak out for some right now.

  12. Oh dear. Dr. Pete’s going to have to share pantry shelf space with my annual two bottles of Captain Rodney’s (Thankin you, original Diptacular, for singlehandedly making me a popular chaplain’s wife.) Cheers!

  13. Amy in Italy says:

    Thank you, dear BooMama for giving me and Sister something to giggle over together, even while being an ocean+a continent away. Enjoy your lists!

  14. I second that recommendation. My mother has served this delicacy way up here in Norwegian Minnesota – and it never last long on the snack table. Yum, Yum. Thanks for telling us where to buy it! Boo Mama makes this midwestern mama laugh all the time. Thanks for bringing us into your life!

  15. An advantage of being back in the South after years in the Midwest is that I can buy jalapeno jelly at the grocery store to make my favorite appetizer! Personally, I like the little bit of spice in the jalapeno jelly as compared to the Pete’s.

    Really, who doesn’t have a grocery list spreadsheet organized by aisle? I thought that was normal. ;) At some point many years ago when we were newly married my husband was sitting next to me on the couch and leaned over and said: “Are you making a spreadsheet of all our meals for the next two weeks?” The cat was officially out of the bag on my crazy. My motto is: I’m going to spreadsheet my way to the top!

  16. I have to make an admission right here in this sacred place: I’m not a mustard fan. But the Hubster? He would love this stuff, so I’ll probably seek it out. But please set the record straight:

    Is it PRAH – line or PRAY-leen?

    • In my neck of the woods – Mississippi (and I’ve heard the folks in New Orleans, where they make a mean praline)- we say PRAH-leen

  17. it’s official-we can totally be friends! dr. pete’s on cream cheese is a staple at my family’s holiday table, tailgating or just a random Saturday. :-) we call it crack on a plate!
    from one Mississippi girl to another- thanks for letting other peeps know the glorious secret that is dr. pete’s!
    happy wednesday!

  18. The year you talked about using a clip board for your list took my holiday grocery shopping to a new level. A colored sharpie and a non- fat latte and I am in holiday heaven.

  19. Teresa Stout says:

    Oh, how I love it when you recommend products. Anytime something new shows up at my house, my husband says, “Musta got this from BooMama.”
    Have already located where I can purchase this latest treasure.
    Also, thanks for the pen recommendation. I am a pen freak!

    Love, love, love your blog. I, too, can hardly wait for the book.

  20. You are not alone in your grocery store craziness! I also love making out the list and I also split it into two weeks of shopping. Let the crazies unite!

  21. Right after I told my hubs I needed to get my eating under control, I sent him this link. Willpower is gone at the moment so its a good thing I don’t have some of that in front of me or I’d be head first in it. Also I think its hilarious that Goldbro Jewelry Stores carry this. Do we have those around still?

  22. I’ve had a jar of that on my shelf for almost a year and have not had a CLUE what to do with it! (Impulse buy :)

    I shall try this! Any other suggestions for it?

  23. I have never tried, now even heard of this glaze before, but had to add that one of my favorite appetizer is hot pepper jelly poured over cream cheese and served with crackers. Have you ever tried this? I always thought the sound of it wasn’t overly appetizing, but oh.my.word. it is delicious! I could eat the entire thing all by myself :)

  24. Oh yes ma’am!! Dr. Pete’s over cream cheese (always on Wheat Thins) was a staple for my southern Mama (Mississippi!), who served at all our get-togethers. It truly is THE best DADGUM : ) appetizer/snack. Thanks for reminding me. Adding it to our grocery list for next week! Happy Thanksgiving, Boo!

  25. I too love the list making and the menu planning. I would like to have full-time job just being a list maker for people’s holiday (or regular even) meals. :)

  26. I’m going to head to Fresh Market to pick some up. I wish Alabaster had a cool store around here to buy stuff like that from!

  27. Sounds good! Does anybody know if it’s good on maybe a pork roast?

  28. Well, I won’t be able to try this at THANKSGIVING, but I will by Christmas (umm, no Dr. Pete’s in Germany). And don’t we all need an EASY appetizer amidst all the bit-more-complicated ones?

    I’m wildly curious, wishing I could follow you around while you shop because THAT would be a fun semi-reality show :).


  29. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    So, I clicked on your link of state-by-state vendors of Dr. Pete’s, thinking that there probably weren’t any listed way out here in the Pacific NW. I scrolled down to Oregon (since we’re 5 minutes from the border), and low and behold, there was ONE store listed….and it just happened to be in the town that my husband would be driving to on Saturday for a middle school ministry leaders’ retreat!! (Two hours away from where we live!) I called the store to make sure they still carried it, and they said they did, and they were even demo-ing (is that a word??) it in the store that day. (I may have actually squealed and clapped my hands after I ended that call.) Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of 4 jars of Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze, and it is taking every single bit of willpower in me not to break open a jar before Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for the recommendation, and I’ll be thinking of you next Thursday!! :)

  30. Just wanted to follow up and say that I ordered Dr. Pete’s from their website on Tuesday and received my 4 jars on Friday! Woo hoo!! And it’s DELICIOUS! Planning to take it to the Grove next Saturday for the Egg Bowl. Thanks for the recommendation, Boo Mama. It’s SOOOOO good!!!

  31. I ordered my Dr. Pete’s this morning! I couldn’t find it at Jungle Jim’s in Cincy….must have been sold out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  32. Try it on a pork tenderloin! It’s SO GOOD!


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