The Cabinets, The Plague, The Etc.

It was the end of last week, I guess, when I started to feel a little sniffle-y. Nothing major. I just assumed it was allergies and went on about my business, mainly because I had no time to be sick and couldn’t be bothered to entertain notions of colds and sinus infections and whatnot.

So Saturday I spent most of the day finishing our kitchen cabinets (which, for the record, I started painting approximately four months ago). I initially started painting them an apple green color, but about three cabinet doors into the process, I knew that the apple green was going to be a mistake.

That’s the previous color on the left. So the apple green offered a bit of contrast. Which is sort of like saying that neon pink is a tiny bit more bold than beige.

After a considerable amount of time on the Pinterest, I decided that I really wanted more of a gray-blue color on my cabinet doors. I picked a Benjamin Moore color called Wythe Blue, and I knew the second that I put it on the doors that it was perfect. Exactly what I was looking and hoping for.

The problem, of course, was that I only got a little ways into the re-painting process when I had to go to Nashville for a few days, and after that trip I totally lost my mojo. Which is why my cabinets looked like this for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Klassy, don’t you think?

The absence of hardware was super-convenient, too.

It was one of those things that I completely quit noticing after the first couple of weeks, so I know that all our repair people – and we have had more than our fair share lately – must have wondered what in the world I was going for in terms of my vision for our kitchen. Finally, though, I started painting again a couple of weekends ago, and I really am so happy with how it turned out. Especially since we bought some new hardware this time around.

(The flash sort of blew out the color on that last picture, but you get the idea about the hardware and all that.)

In a way I’m glad that I lived with the kitchen looking like a kindergarten craft room for a few months. Because now, of course, I think it’s the biggest improvement ever.

And just ignore that yellow vase on top of the refrigerator, by the way. It doesn’t really go there, but I didn’t know what to do with it, so I left it there, only now I’m regretting that decision.


After watching the most exciting Saturday night ever in the history of college football (seriously, Baylor – that was something else), I woke up Sunday morning and noticed that I seemed to be on the road to a full-blown head cold, but I tried not to think about it because we had some friends coming in town. I have been threatening to cook a big ole Southern supper for my friend Heather for about five years, and the timing finally worked out for her and her kids to drive over and spend the night. We started off with cream cheese smothered in the praline mustard sauce that I mentioned last week, then moved to country fried steak and gravy, cheese grits, butterbeans, cabbage, and rolls, then finished with homemade chocolate pie. It was one of those meals where I should have put up a sign that said, “WARNING: In addition to carbs, we will also be eating carbs,” but we survived. It was so much fun.

But around 3 this morning I knew that the head cold was going to be something more along the lines of a severe bronchial ailment, mainly because I woke up with cough that grabbed a hold of my lungs and screamed “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!!!!” while it continued to chain-smoke Marlboro Reds. By mid-morning it had simmered down a little bit, and that was very fortunate because Heather cooked breakfast and OH, IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Strangely enough we didn’t eat a lot of breakfast tacos when I was growing up in Mississippi, and I don’t really do a whole lot of cooking with chorizo sausage. But oh my goodness – those breakfast tacos were a revelation. So simple and tasty and hearty and good.

Heather and her crew headed back home early this afternoon, and not too long after they left, I was smack-dab in the middle of a coughing fit when D looked at me and said, “I think it might do you some good to go ahead and get in the bed.” So that is exactly what I did. Well, technically I got on the couch, but I have been here for about four hours now, and I think I’ll probably spend tomorrow here, too. I have some medicine, I have some Mentholatum, and I have the cutest box of Kleenex that you ever did see.

So see? I’ll be totally fine.

Plus, I have episodes of Scandal and Revenge on the DVR. I’M IN BUSINESS.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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  1. Just watched Scandal from 3 weeks ago! Oh my word! Soooo good!

  2. As the Mom of two Baylor grads, for whom the words “winning” and “football” were rarely spoken in the same sentence during their years in Waco, let me just say that Saturday night was almost as fun, exciting, and blessed as watching RG3 win the Heisman last year!

    Feel better, Sophie!

  3. Oh heavens. I have also just started some plague-ish condition. Thankfully my DVR is loaded and ready to go for me tomorrow.
    Your kitchen looks amazing! I love the new color & the hardware.

  4. My goodness, I love you.
    You can wield that keyboard around like there’s no tomorrow and the words? about do me in every time. :)
    The kitchen looks Stellar. Yes, capitalized. Pinterest — lovely invention :)
    And if you came to the farm? Knocked on the front door? I couldn’t open it. Large extension ladder sitting now in the entranceway for oh, the last three weeks. The painter went AWOL. (Though he does keep calling). Really, though, when you’re an introvert and no one can get in your front door, this really isn’t a problem ;)

    The kitchen here is next. Will you come help? I can make bacon :)

    You get feeling better, gorgeous.
    You are loved.

  5. First off…I. LOVE. THE. CABS!!!!!!! They absolutely ROCK! Great call! Secondly – Saturday was a CRAZY day of college football-so fun. Third – all that southern cooking sounds fab – love me some chicken fried steak! and last but not least, feel better soon girl! MWAH!
    Amy in Austin, TX

  6. Jabber Jaws says:

    Bless yer heart! My 15 year old is down for the count too. Poor thing has been shimmying her skinny hiney off for Annie auditions. Well, girlie gave it her all, got in my car and barked like a herd of scary dogs! Off to doc in the box and she has pneumonia! Of course, she’s more upset about how her audition as Grace went. I think it is safe to say that she’s probably blessed if she is unamed orphan 2. Blast. She was so ready but sick is sick! Anyway, feel better and if you need a new show, I love Parenthood!

  7. Cabinets are super cute.

    Feel Better!!

  8. Love the cabinets. Did you paint them with rollers or brushes? I have forty-eleven cabinets in my kitchen that need a face lift. I’m petrified of painting them myself.

    And I hope you feel better soon. I tried Zicam for the first time this past weekend, and lo and behold, those babies worked for me. I think I’ll invest in some stock.

  9. What a great feeling to get that job done! And to have it turn out so well! I hope you feel better soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  10. Feel better soon!
    The cabinets look great!

  11. I took the praline mustard sauce and cream cheese to my bible study last night and it was a hit! They behaved exactly as you said they would, asking “What is this?” and then losing their minds at how tasty it was. Thanks for the tip! Keep the dip tips coming! Oh, and I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Yikes! So sorry you’re sick. Think I’m about to be right there with you, my friend. Trying to stick out these last couple of days of school then it’s to my mama’s house for dressing, football, and sweet sleep! The kitchen looks fab!!

    Hope you’re on the upswing soon and that y’all have a great holiday. We’ll talk next week about your little “project”! :)


  13. Feel better sweet Sophie!

  14. Julie in Michigan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I hope you are feeling better soon!!

  15. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!!! :)

  16. I have the same thing, Sophie. I’m on day 5. I think I’m getting better, then KA-BAM! I hope we’re both feeling a lot better really soon.

  17. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving . . . <3

  18. Those cabinets are all sorts of lovely!!

    And ‘Kindergarten craft room” made me snort my drink up my nose. Thanks. ;)

    (also – I found that stuff in your post at the Winn Dixie, not Publix *blushing* feel free to pass that along…)

  19. Wythe blue is one of the most beautiful colors ever! Just the teeniest bit jealous tonight. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and feel better very soon!

  20. Would LOVE that chocolate pie! Please post!

  21. Your cabinets look perfect! Gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving, Boomama!

  22. This will make you feel MUCH better:

    As an Air Force veteran I can tell you this made me feel great!

  23. Happiest Thanksgiving to you! Your cabinets look WONDERFUL!