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I had only been married a year or two, I think, when Oprah started doing a segment called “Remembering Your Spirit” at the end of her shows. I actually have pretty vivid memories of that particular season of “Oprah” because we’d just bought our first house, and whenever I’d sit in my very own living room and watch an episode of “Oprah” on my very own television set, I felt a little bit like I thought grown-ups were supposed to feel. Granted, a lot of the “Remembering Your Spirit” stuff struck me as kind of New Age-y, but every once in awhile there would be an idea or a story that would strike a chord with me.

One afternoon Oprah used that last segment of the show to talk about the importance of creating a “personal space” in your home, and she featured a woman who carved out a space for reading in the corner of her bedroom. There was a beautiful chair, a pretty lamp, a few favorite books, a good candle, and a blanket. It was nothing fancy, but the woman alluded to the fact that after the push and pull of a busy day, that little space had become her sanctuary, a place where she could wind down and read and recharge.

When the show was over that day, I thought something along the lines of Well, that sounds very fancy. Even still, I’d think about that little space when I’d rearrange a room or shop for a new piece of furniture. At the time, though, I just didn’t see a need for a place in my house where I could sit and read and journal and drink my coffee. I wasn’t exactly in a routine with my quiet time back then, and if I wanted to read, I’d just pile up in the bed and read. Or pile up on the couch and read. Or pile up in the guest room and read.

It was a simpler time.

Once I became a mama, though, I started to identify with that need for a “space” – just one little area of our house that I could claim as my own. I tried making an office area in our bonus room, but the chair up there was really uncomfortable, and I had to turn my back on the room in order to sit there (a terrible idea when there’s a toddler running around). Once we moved in this house, I tried the office thing again, thinking it would be a great place for reading and devotion times – but I realized that I didn’t like being confined to a desk. I moved a chair into the room off of our kitchen, but it was really low and kind of awkward for coffee drinking and Bible study. I finally piled all my books and Bibles on the breakfast room table, and I’d just shove it all in a chair when I was finished.

Sometime last spring, though, I started sitting on the little gold sofa in the room off of our kitchen when I’d do my Bible study homework. I bought the sofa at an estate sale in my hometown, and it’s probably my favorite piece of furniture in our house, mainly because it makes me feel connected to the place where I grew up. Eventually I started sitting there in the mornings – in those sacred 30 minutes when I am the only one who’s awake – and I found a little table that’s just big enough for a stack of books and a cup of coffee. I sit there most Saturday mornings, too, when I have the luxury of extra time to read or study or catch up on various Interweb shenanigans, and I sit there late at night, when everybody else is asleep and I want to get a little writing done.

I haven’t really thought about it very much, but early yesterday morning, when I made my way to my corner of that sofa (with coffee in hand, of course), it dawned on me that that little spot is my sanctuary.

I didn’t plan it that way, but oh, do I ever love it. Even when I’m greeted by a Nerf hatchet that someone forgot to put away.

What’s your favorite place in your house?

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  1. I think I love the nerf hatchet the best. It reminded me of my little space. Sometimes it gets invaded by little people because they love it too :D

  2. Mary Feagley says:

    This so captures exactly what I feel about my space…same place, by the way! Must be something about that corner!

  3. My husband bought me a large oversized chair and ottoman for Mother’s Day a few year’s back. I had to rearrange my furniture several times to make it work, but that is my favorite place. When I was much younger I thought only rich people could have a sitting area in their bedroom. This isn’t really a sitting “area”, more like a corner, but it makes me feel a little special – and that my hubby was thoughtful enough to get it for me makes it even more special!

  4. My recliner in our sun room is the perfect spot with the added bonus of watching birds gather at the feeders. (Sunrises too if one desires to be out of bed at that hour) If it is too cold to be comfy there then I pick any piece of furniture closest to the wood burning stove!

  5. I had to chuckle at your descriptions of all the spots that DIDN’T work because I could so relate. I have a spot at the end of our couch in the living room. Table at just the right height for my coffee cup. Blanket. Footrest. Light on the left so I don’t get a shadow on my journal when I write. Wide armrest for my bible. I sometimes think about God waiting there for me in the morning.

  6. My favorite place is on the sofa in our living room. It’s cozy and quiet (when the kids aren’t home or sleeping). I think these places are sacred. Especially if you are hearing from and talking to God there. :) Holy ground indeed.

    Sidenote: If you have a hatchet laying around, a nerf one is the one I would want. :)

  7. I have a chair and a half with a big ottoman in my family room situated next to the fireplace(essential in the frozen tundra). It will suffice for now. My dream bedroom has a sitting area incorporated into it with a fireplace and coffee station (why not if I’m dreaming).

  8. My kitchen not only because I spend so many hours a day in it- cleaning and fixing meals- but also because we recently got new flooring and painted the cabinets. Bliss!

  9. NERF hatchet!! Also, the corner of any my couch, tucked up with a blanket and pillow is one of my favorite places.

  10. After the cute pillows, the nerf hatchet was the next thing I noticed. I find nerf bullets everywhere in my house! I am so thankful for my son. Really, I am.
    I have a red couch. :)

  11. Julie Reynolds says:

    Actually the end of our dining room table is my spot for quiet time and Bible Study, I’ve tried other places in the house but this just seems to be the spot I always come back to. When my kids were little, the bathroom was my sanctuary because I could lock the door!

  12. I have a little nook in our office ~ I love it when I don’t start massaging until mid morning & I can come home for an hour by myself when I take the kids to school. It makes me feel refreshed & renewed!
    I really think those pillows are fabulous!

  13. Ha…I wondered if the Nerf hatchet was yours. LOL. I don’t have a sanctuary…though, Lord knows, with three kids I could use one. :)

  14. I remember the days of having my own space. Oh how I miss it some days! My favorite space used to be our office/ spare bedroom because I could go in there, shut the door and just relax and unwind. Heck, I didn’t even have to shut the door most times unless I wanted to keep the dogs out. Then 2 1/2 years ago my amazingly patient and kind hubby and I let my aunt and her 2 boys (now 11 and 15) move in. Now the only room we don’t share is our bedroom and that is so full of clutter and all the extra stuff that won’t fit anywhere else that sometimes I can’t even relax enough to sleep. It’s well worth it though. And I figure 7 more years and the youngest will be off to college and we can have that office back ;)

    • Christy, your generosity and your attitude have blessed me today! May the Lord richly bless you and your husband more than you could ask or imagine!


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