When I was nine or ten years old, I watched a made-for-TV movie called Champions: A Love Story. It starred Jimmy McNichol and Joy LeDuc, and even though I have never seen any other performance by Joy LeDuc in the thirty-plus years since Champions: A Love Story, her name is forever etched in my memory because that movie marked me. It was the first time that I wept uncontrollably while watching TV. And honestly? I think I grieved that movie for a solid week. I just couldn’t get past it – it was too much sadness for my fourth grade heart to take.

(And listen. I have no idea why I was watching a made-for-TV movie when I was nine years old.)

(I also watched Dallas and Knots Landing.)

(All I can say is that I was the youngest child by ten years. My parents must have been exhausted.)

Anyway, I have always thought that Champions was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Well, that and the time Laura died on Knots Landing, which happened when I was in high school and somewhat more capable of dealing with TV tragedy. And even now, if you were to lock me away in a room and force me to watch an endless loop of Champions, Laura’s death scene, and Terms of Endearment, I’m pretty sure that I would cry until I fainted or at the very least hyperventilated in a most unflattering fashion.

But as of last night, we can add one more contender to the aforementioned list.

Because last night? The fourth episode of Downton Abbey season three looked Champions: A Love Story straight in the eyes, motioned for it to come a little closer, then pointed its finger and said, “Have a seat, amateurs. And watch THIS, Joy LeDuc.”

Oh, people.



I should’ve known, really, as soon as the doctor said that Sybil was doing great and everything looked normal and her body was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN. But it wasn’t until the two doctors got into a shouting match – with Lord and Lady Grantham taking different sides – when the part of my brain that has seen way too much episodic television started to think, Oh. I fear that this is not going to end well.

And that scene? With Tom bawling his eyes out on one side of the bed while Lady Grantham begged her baby girl to live? BRUTAL. All I could do was just shake my head and cry. Because who’s kinder than Sybil? Who’s more gentle and more loving than she is? I can’t remember what Mrs. Hughes’ exact words were, but she said something along the lines of “She was the sweetest spirit of anyone in this house.” AND SHE WAS, Y’ALL.

(Yes, I know that she’s fictional character. But just indulge me because clearly I’m having a bit of a moment.)

So anyway. I just needed to share in my TV sufferings a little bit this morning. Because no kidding: my feet had barely hit the floor this morning when I thought about what happened in last night’s episode, and I pretty much wanted to crawl right back between my covers.

And though it wasn’t at all intentional, I just realized that I’m wearing lots of black today.

Have mercy.

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  1. I actually started fast forwarding at one point because I couldn’t take it. And it was right before bed and I couldn’t sleep so I got up and started watching YouTube videos of bloopers from the show Friends to get my happy back on. And I’m still sad.

    When Lady Cora said she needed to write a letter to Dr. Clarkson to apologize for their behavior because His Lordship and Sir Phillip disagreed……. I couldn’t breathe. And also when Lady Violet sobbed as she walked through…. UGGGHHHHHH


    The only thing I will take solace in this morning is the memory of Cam from Modern Family walking through Disney Land and calling Toon Town “ToonTon”

  2. Good Morning from Zurich — I love your blog and love reading your take on life. I’ve commented a few times. I have to tell you, I bought Downton Abbey Season 3 here in Switzerland at the end of November. I intended to watch it leisurely to enjoy every moment, but basically consumed it as fast as I could.

    I’ve been waiting lo these many weeks for this episode to show in the States. Thank you for summing up how much it affected me. Dear Sybil did not pass gently into the night – her family was fighting for her. Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) was every mom, talking to her baby and telling her how she’d care for them. For both of them. Oh I could just cry typing it out.

    And Maggie Smith put more into a weary, grieving walk across the room than any other actress out there, I’d wager.

    An exhausting, intense, and top notch episode, in my humble opinion.

    thanks for blogging —

  3. I just noticed I’m wearing lots of black today, too. Not a coincidence, you’re right. I had the same thing hit me when I got in the shower this morning, a wave of sadness all over again. The scene with Cora telling her goodbye about did me in–her telling Cybil they’ll take care of Tom and the baby…..oh my. Granny and Carson’s exchange when she got to the house and then her walk across the foyer, goodness gracious me. The whole thing was just too much! Mrs. Hughes was right, there was no sweeter spirit in that house! Whoever is writing Granny’s lines needs an Emmy STAT. She could not be any more perfect, in both good times and bad.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one attached to these fictional characters! It will take a while to get over this one, I’m afraid.

  4. I watched all of Season 3 online a few weeks ago and this episode just KILLED me. A couple of days later I was still so sad, much to the bewilderment of my husband. I have always thought a woman dying in childbirth was way high up on the tragedy scale and apparently, in my mind, that applies to fictional women as well. The only thing that finally got me out of my mini-funk was when I read that the actress who plays Sybil didn’t sign on to do the next season of Downton Abbey. For some reason, it made me feel a lot better about the situation knowing that the writers were left with little choice and had to write her off somehow. They didn’t just kill her off for the drama of it.

  5. Oh my it just hurt me to my core.
    Sobbed I tell you, SOBBED.

    Still sad today.

    Keep saying it’s fictional. .. y et that’s not making it any better!

  6. And what is it with the men being such weaklings? Lord Grantham’s prideful mismanagement and carelessness is getting on my nerves.

  7. I had seen a spoiler and knew what was going to happen, but I still bawled my eyes out.
    One scene the got me was when Mary and Ethel were by her bedside having their last moment together as three sisters.

    I can’t even think about it now without getting tears in my eyes.


    My husband was working on his laptop while I watched. And started yelling at the tv. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? YOU CANNOT KILL SYBIL! I think I’m just so used to shows like Parenthood that bring the character to the brink of doom, but nothing ever really happens.

    How is Mary so awful? How can she stand next to her dead sister and have her living sister say that she hopes maybe they can get along now, and she just says, “I doubt it.” The bigger question, is why do I like Mary? And the Dowager was perfection when she talked to Carson. Perfection when she talked to Lord Grantham. But I am so worried. I’m afraid Mary and Matthew are headed for some rocky times. And I wonder if Lord & Lady Grantham won’t be right behind them.

    • I agree with you about Mary being so awful, and yet I can’t figure out why I like her? The “I doubt it” line was just horrible. And the way she treats her husband, just horrible! But I don’t dislike her. What is wrong with me??

  9. As a pregnant girl, i just want to say that I THANK YOU for posting this. I have this episode on my DVR but due to some FB posts by friends, I’ve been afraid to watch it. I gladly read your spoilers to prepare me for what I’m going to see. Thank you!!

  10. It did me in. I cried and had mt tshirt up under my eyes because I couldn’t stop crying. The scene of Tom and Lady Grantham begging her to live and not leave them, well now I’m teary eyed thinking about it.

  11. I was so stunned I was speechless. I was afraid she or the baby would die, but when she had the baby and both seemed fine I was so relieved – and then we were blindsided! Great acting last night – Cora at her finest – Mrs. Hughes – Lady Violet.

    I recently lost a 19 year old niece and so related to Cora at the bedside. My sister was very much like that after Lindsay died, even to being so stoic and brave when she said good-bye.

    I loved when Mary said (and I’m not quoting – my memory isn’t that good) – the only person who thought we both were good has died.

    It was wonderful and horrible and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  12. The minute Sybil said her head hurt and her feet were swollen, I got a bad feeling, but I didn’t think she would die!!!! I cried my eyes out.

  13. I knew something tragic was going to happen this season, but I was so not prepared for this. The scene with Tom & Cora begging her to stay? Heartbreaking. But what really set me to sobbing was when she finally stilled and everyone knew she was gone, and THEN the baby let out a gentle cry. I. lost. it. Had myself a great big cry-yourself-ugly meltdown. Even my husband teared up. Doesn’t matter what the rest of the season brings, it simply cannot be worse than that!

  14. Everyone always says what a great actress Maggie Smith is and I agree, but when she walked across the foyer with her back to the camera and you could feel the weight of her grief – just amazing.

  15. What a shocking episode. I loved Sybil for the way she loved, such a sweet spirit indeed. I had dvr’d it and watched it after I had done some sewing. I replayed the scene over again because I guess I thought I could change the outcome? Mercy. I was undone. Still am. Now I don’t know what to expect… that’s probably why I love this show.

    The movie that made me cry when I was really young was Born Free. I read the book Sunshine and watched the movie. Cried like a baby for both. The google says the movie was released in 1973. I was only 10. Mercy.

  16. Thank you for this post…I’m not alone. Weep with those who weep…thank you, Jesus! How could they?! I just kept yelling…How could they?!

  17. I figured out it was coming and I hit the big ol’ fast forward button on the DVR. (I was about half an hour behind everyone else.) I watched it happen at warp speed and still bawled my eyes out.

    Woke up this morning hating Julian Fellowes with a white hot hatred so clearly I’m handling it all very well.

  18. I accidentally saw a spoiler on FB RIGHT before I settled in to watch it, and it helped some. I still cried, but at least I knew it was coming. What killed me is that it just kept going and going, first her death and then everyone sitting around her body waiting for the funeral home or whatever. Way to ruin my night, Downton! All (fictitious) grief aside, I think it will make for an interesting storyline now with Tom and baby..will he stay and cause trouble in the house as he tries to conform/not conform to the aristocracy or (more likely) will he do what he wants and cause much drama and consternation with the Crawleys on how he is raising the baby in a Catholic mechanic shop or whathaveyou. I’ll still watch you, Downton, but be warned! I quit watching E.R. after they killed Carter’s baby, so…don’t do this again.

  19. I’ve been reading (and enjoying) your blog for over 4 years, and what prompts me to leave my first comment? Downton, of course! I’m still in mourning over the death of a fictional character. Clearly we need to form some sort of support group.

    Not really hating on Julian Fellowes, though. I thought the actress who played Sybil wanted to leave.

    • Oh, how sweet to find solace here. Reading of the depths of pain and suffering similar to what I experienced is really such an encouragement. Not ‘misery loves company’ kind of encouragement, but well, realizing that an intelligent, well-respected woman, and dozens of her readers were also plummeted to the depths of despair by a tv program, so perhaps I don’t need to seek professional help kind of encouragement.
      Thanks for helping me feel normal…

  20. Judy in MI says:

    I’m trying ever so hard to like DA (I don’t mind a good spoiler…I hate surprises so glad to know what I’m in for…which would explain why I’m in the midst of Season 4 of Bones, but I’ve skimmed through several episodes and watched the season finales for 5, 6, and 7. Don’t be like me.) because it seems to be all. the. rage. It’s kind of in the same category as Friday Night Lights. I want to like it, but I just can’t…yet.

    With the exception of Brian’s Song, which about did me in, Very Good Friends, with Melissa Sue Anderson and Katy Kurtzman, was one of the saddest movies I ever watched….in the day. That was 1977 so what were you….3? I wish I could say I was 4, but I’d be lying. Sad, sad movie. Alligator tears sad. You are welcome.

  21. Oh my goodness…you could have heard a pin drop in my living room last night. The last scene of Tom holding the baby? I couldn’t handle it…so tragic.

  22. It really doesn’t feel like a fictional character died. It was way too real. Seriously, I would not have been shocked if flags were at half mast today. (Too much? No. We’re talking about Sybil.)

    I was so upset last night and could not go to bed and you know what happens at midnight? Downton Abbry starts again and I actually watched it again. What is wrong with me?!

  23. IT. WAS. AWFUL. My daughter heard me sobbing in my bedroom. I immediately paged my BFF in DC to tell her it was a devastating episode– but didn’t give anything away as she watches it the day after on her laptop…. it just about killed me not to be able to talk to her about the show!!!!

  24. I haven’t cried that hard about something on tv in a long long time. I never saw the signs until she was really gone. It was one of the best, worst, saddest moments on tv that I have seen in a while. It was so unexected!

  25. I cried when I watched it. I cried when I woke up & remembered what happened. I cried when I called my sister to talk about what happened…So very sad~~
    And if Lady Mary was apprehensive about having a baby, I think she is probably terrified about the idea after watching her sister die after giving birth!!
    Love this show!

  26. I’ve read ahead (really mad at myself for that, by the way), so I knew what was coming. I STILL cried. I think I need to watch it again to really process it. Oh my word.

  27. Oh so sad. What’s the rule about how long proper people are supposed to dress in mourning clothes? And you know what… reading all these comments, I’m wondering why I’m so upset about this and not REAL yuck. Where is my heart? You know?

  28. For lack of a better way to say it, I am glad it affected you so deeply because it hit me so hard, too. I was thinking I was a little “cray-cray” as my kids will say because I had gotten so attached to these characters. The scene where Lady Grantham is in the bedroom saying good-bye to “my baby and my beauty”- wrenched my heart. And when the grandmother was crossing the hall after speaking with the butler, I almost lost it. Everyone’s look of horror and grief was so believable. This cast is made up of phenomenal actors.

  29. Oh, girl. “Have mercy” is right.

    I wrote about that episode today as well. I have a feeling it’s on a lot of our minds today.

  30. Oh, and did you ever see Where the Red Fern Grows??

  31. We pre-ordered the DVD of Season 3, and yesterday – no joke – collectively cheered when we got an email saying that the shipping process had begun. We knew that Sybil would die in this season thanks to some spoilers, but it made the process no easier. Through the whole episode we kept reassuring one another that, while we knew she was going, it wouldn’t be this one …it couldn’t be this one – because they would NOT LEAVE THAT BABY WITHOUT HER MOMMA!

    Alas, our den was fraught with tears last night; and when the episode ended we all sighed heavily. We knew it was coming, but it was still so hard to watch. We began discussing why…here are our findings:

    –This was so ugly. When Lavinia died, it was sad. We know she suffered, but the angles and lighting made it all poetic and quiet in a sense. (It didn’t hurt that we knew that her death re-opened up the will-they-won’t-they for Mary/Matthew) In contrast, Sybil’s death was loud. She was sweating and hurting, and hitting, and convulsing. They were pushing and pulling on her and yelling at her to live. And when she finally went, there was not an overhead shot of her lying perfectly still in a beautiful bed with well-coiffed hair. There was a close-up of her blue face, frozen in contorted misery. The sheets were messed up, and instead of holding her hand, they were grasping her gown trying to hold onto her. Ugh.

    –This was all so unnecessary. There was the mother’s intuition, the hometown doctor’s diagnosis, and the new guy’s belligerent and unrelenting pride that should have all been clues. GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!

    –They were all there and helpless. Everyone was in the room, watching…and they were completely helpless. They shouted, and argued, but ultimately were able to do nothing. At one point, even as I knew it would happen, I yelled out, “Why aren’t they doing anything? Can’t they at least do SOMETHING?” And the servants – they had all stayed up to hear the good news. And THOMAS! Now listen, I do NOT have a soft spot in my heart for Thomas because he is THE WORST…but MY WORD. His emotions were crippling.

    I think I’m suffering some sort of post-trauma-repression because I have been able to carry on with my day as though the sun has no stopped shining. And I even had the crazy notion to watch it again tonight in case I missed something through my mascara-burned eyes last night. Having read your post and all the comments, I think I will find something different for this evening.

  32. I was also saddened beyond comprehension at the loss of our dear, sweet Sybil. But…I SPOILED it for my friend and fellow Downton obsessed friend last week! I was googling stuff about the show b/c I am a late joiner. I just started watching Season One over Christmas. Therefore I did not know that Sybil was still alive and well. I assumed she died sometime in Season 2, which I didn’t start watching till this past weekend. I am in grad school with my friend and last week before class began I said, “Oh, it’s so sad that Sybil died!” I knew immediately from my friend’s horrified expression that event did NOT occur in season 2! I felt awful and felt even worse last night b/c I am sure it wasn’t the same for her knowing the “truth”. Sad, sad, day!

  33. Can I just say hubby and I ALWAYS watch this together, but last night he had a meeting and gave me his blessing to go ahead and watch it alone. Not. a. good. idea. I have a little 2 month old and was just so very sad knowing Sybil wouldn’t know her baby.
    And WHY would she leave the show? Does she think she’s too good for it? :) She was my favorite character.

    • I think it had more to do with not knowing how big Downton Abbey was going to get. Negotiations for contracts are done MONTHS before filming starts for the already contracted season. It’s very likely that 1.5-2 years ago (we in the USA are seeing DA nearly 5 months after series 3 started airing in the UK and you must figure in 6+ months of filming and post-production prior to that), the actress had no clue what Downton would become. I will miss her too. She was tied with the Dowager Countess for my favorite.

  34. TRAGIC I tell you. It was a big o ugly cry here. When Granny stumbled I thought I would just die of sorrow. My daughter is on a mission trip in Guatemala with her dad and I might have spent the money to call internationally to tell her she isn’t going to believe the tragedy that awaits her viewing!

  35. Sophie-
    I’m ashamed to admit I have yet to jump on the Downtown bandwagon (I plan to at some point), but I must say I loved your comments regarding your choice of t.v. viewing in the late ’70s/early ’80s. We watched all of those, and yes, my Mama dropped me off at the theatre to see Terms of Endearment (when I was a 5th grader). My favorite, though, was watching the entire Roots miniseries…at the tender age of SIX!!! Definitely a third child!

  36. I was bawling under the covers long after the episode ended. So sad.

  37. My. thoughts. exactly.

    Sybil was my favorite character, next to William in Season 1, and well… we know what happened to him. I should not get attached to any more characters, or else there won’t be a show left!

    I had the same experience in my childhood with a made-for-TV movie called ‘Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story’. It was based on the true story of a college basketball player who collapsed and died on the court. Mercy, did the grief ensue! My older brother still will not let me live that one down as he watched the movie with me that night and witnessed the meltdown. (That was, of course, when we were not watching ‘Miami Vice’ on Friday nights at the tender ages of 6 and 8… think my parents were tired, too?)

    Thanks for a place to commiserate, Sophie. Adore your writing!

  38. Oh! I remember that!! I cried, too!!! Though I had put it as far from my memory as possible. I do not like sad. At all. No no no. And I really had a crush on Jimmy McNickol. Haven’t thought of that movie in so long. Still haven’t watched Downton Abbey all the way through…though I had heard from someone in Britain that this would happen. Why? Why? What were the writers thinking? Maybe like Hope from Days of our Lives, she will somehow be found alive?? You never know!

  39. Amen, sister. I suspected it early on, too, but I kept thinking, “Naw. The writer’s wouldn’t do that. They know I’ve had the crappiest month ever. They wouldn’t stomp on my emotional heartstrings like that.”

    Remember last season when it seemed like Matthew had broken his back and OH YAY! It was only a bruise? Or remember when they thought their dead cousin from the Titanic was indeed actually still alive but OH YAY! Just an imposter. Or remember when we thought for sure Cora was dying of the flu but OH YAY! She made it through the night?

    I kept thinking that maybe they were going to give us an OH YAY! That maybe they’d leave sweet Sybil in a coma and then next week OH YAY! She came out of it. When she finally took her last breath…well, I must confess I spit out a few four letter words and threw my shoe.

    Then I went to my bedroom and curled up with a PEOPLE maazine so I could get lost in the happy fake world of the very people who love to drag my emotions through the fire…

    I might be a little bitter still.

  40. Lookit, I couldn’t take it. Couldn’t take it! I knew it was coming, as I’m pretty sure most anyone did, but what got me was that baby crying right after she died. Gasp! When my younger daughter was 3 days old, I ran to the ER with high blood pressure. Sure, I was never not going to make it, but in my postpartum insanity all I could imagine was some terrible scenario where I was a goner and my sweet little baby would cry, cry, cry through the night for her long lost mother. Let’s be honest: Ever since Shelby fell out in her kitchen and that spaghetti started boiling over and Baby Jackson was sitting on the floor crying….well, we moms have never be right in the head since. Stupid movies and television. (I can’t wait for next week!!!! Eeeee!!!)

  41. I am with you. I actually cried, and I never cry at TV shows. I even blogged about it myself today! That’s how affected I was. :) I can’t believe they actually killed her off – I agree with Kelli, I thought it would be one of those OH YAY! things where she’d be okay in the end. Sigh.

    Hey, if this were “Dallas” – she might come back next season, and this season would have all been a dream!! I think I’ll write to Julian Fellowes and see what he thinks.

  42. I actually kept rewinding last night, hoping for a different outcome. It was watching Tom and Cora and their utter agony that killed me. Sheesh ~ tearing up again typing this.

    I was still so bothered this morning that I actually calculated how old A FICTIONAL baby would be {94, by my calculation} and was sad all over again thinking of how that FICTIONAL baby would have lived all 94 years without her mother. Not weird at all. : )

    I recorded “The Batchelor” as an antidote. PBS called and they want their membership card back.

  43. I need a Downton Abby support group. I watched seasons 1&2 very quickly on DVD so I can’t take this week at a time stuff. I have googled and looked up all the spoilers.
    (Thank you Britain’s Daily Mail) I feel like a mean kid with a secret I’m not supposed to tell but REALLY want to….there’s more of the tears to come. Why would anyone want to leave this show?!
    P.S. I always read the end of books first also. Don’t like shockers-can’t take it!
    That being said, I cried for a beautiful new Mama of 24 years of age and especially her Mother.

  44. Champions. Oh my word. I loved that almost as much as I loved American Anthem. (Because gymnastics is slightly above ice-skating in my book).

    Sybil. I can’t even.

    • I always thought I was the only person on the earth who remembered Champions: A love Story. So happy to know I’m not the only one it made an impression on.
      I could not stop crying Sunday night. My husband just kept looking over at me as I sobbed and used half a box of tissues. Cora’s face looking at her baby just killed me. Felt the same way as when Sally Field yelled after burying Shelby. Their grief just jumped off the screen.

  45. I haven’t watched since partway thru season2 but reading all the reviews has just undone me. I have cried just reading about Maggie Smith’s performance and Tom crying at the bedside.
    I was telling my husband about it and he was teasing me for being a little too invested in fictional characters of a show I don’t even watch anymore and I said “Yes, but I just had a baby 10 days ago, and she died from eclampsia with her husband begging her not to leave him. It hits a little close to home!” and he replied “Oh. Yeah. Yup, I’m going to need you to stop talking about it now. Seriously.” It gets to people just that much!

  46. Did anyone else yell “DON’T YOU DARE KILL HER IN THIS ONE, TOO” when Maggie Smith was making her walk to the drawing room? I mean, sheesh. I can only take so much.

    And thanks for the big “spoiler alert” title, BooMama. I couldn’t watch until last night, and your title was big enough to take up the whole line in my Google Reader, so I didn’t even see any of the post when I was reading stuff yesterday :) You better believe this was my first stop on the blogosphere this morning!

  47. I was SO angry at the doctors who were JUST STANDING THERE! I mean, I realize by that point there was nothing they could do but would it have pained them to at least put on a show of trying to save her for the family? That was just brutal. I really felt like yesterday should’ve been an national day of mourning. We were late to get on the Downton Abbey train as in we watched Seasons 1 & 2 right before this season started and I get it now. It’s amazing how this show gets in your head and you think of these people as REAL people, no matter that it was set 90 years ago or that it is in a foreign land in a lifestyle that most of us can’t even fathom living somehow they make it work and make us get so emotionally invested in it that we wear black and have a hard time getting out of bed the morning after an episode like that. Well done, Downton Abbey, well done. Except I may never forgive you for killing off sweet Sybil. RIP Sybil. :)

    • I am glad you said that about the doctors! I was screaming for them to do something. They could have at least pretended to revive her! And I am still not over last week’s episode when baby Charlie’s mother gave him up. Heart wrenching.

  48. I kept reminding myself, “These are not real people. It’s a TV show!!!” But I cried anyway — and my sweet husband, who sat down with me halfway through? Well, he cried too. That’s why I love him.

    When I was a kid, I remember sobbing for Mary Ingalls when she lost her sight. Now, I sometimes watch Little House on the Prairie reruns with my kids — but some of the topics are NOT okay for kids. (Like the one where the girl is attacked in the woods and gets pregnant, Albert tries to help her escape from her mean father by saying he’s the baby’s father?? And the one where townspeople are dying of an epidemic, and you’re even rooting for the Olsen family to live?) And the movie Ice Castles, which I saw a rerun of while babysitting . . . tears.

  49. Let me know when you hear about the funeral arrangements. ;)

  50. Oh my word. I was bawling…then realizing it is all fiction…then I bawled some more and emailed my MIL about how crappy that was. SO RUDE. I am mad at Lord Grantham…he has no uterus and therefore should have had NO OPINON! Whew….and then next weekened is the superbowl….I might not watch Downton …I’ll show them…who am I kidding I’ll be glued to the tv

  51. I totally wore black on Monday – by accident – but maybe it was my sub-conscious taking over…it was the first time in a very long time that I was totally involved in a show — blanket pulled up to my eyes – sobbing and crying along with everyone else. I love the show – I love the characters and I fear I will cry like that again if the series ever ends. So happy to know I am not alone!!

  52. Gosh, I just wasn’t very upset by it…I mean I guess I wasn’t surprised. I don’t know…what is wrong with me? I am a cryer, I cry at the stinkin tissue commercials for heaven’s sake, but not this. It just didn’t reach me.

    I just sat and watched Hachi with my five year old. She made me. I warned her, “Mama’s gonna do the ugly cry if we watch that baby, I really don’t want to watch that.” And yet, she forced me.

    She caught me, tears streaming down my face, trying to hold it together when that poor old dog died. And then she burst into tears. Now THAT movie reached me somewhere deep.

  53. Just saw a great quote for a bumper sticker


  54. Dearest BooMama–

    Thank you for acknowledging CHAMPIONS: A LOVE STORY! Oh my…I LOVED that movie when I was young and, like you, wept my eyes out. (And developed the biggest crush on Jimmy McNichol…)

    The power of story and beloved characters. Awesome.


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