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Here’s a collection of stuff I’ve loved reading / looking at / pinning / etc. and so on and so forth.

The Day I Went To A Brothel by Debra Parker – If your heart has been craving some words that are full of grace and conviction and hope, here they are.

one thing we’re waiting for (and why it’s time to stop) by Emily Freeman – There’s such a gentleness to Emily’s writing, and I especially love the way she handles our tendency to compare and feel left out.

– One my struggles with politics and some of our current social issues is that more often than not it seems like no one ever takes time to listen – really, deeply listen – to the other side. Plus, I get tired (just being honest) of hearing what and who people are against as opposed to what and who they’re for. It seems like somewhere along the way we’ve gotten so consumed with our agendas that we’ve decided that it’s no longer necessary to be kind – and we’ve forgotten that we can love people even if we disagree with them.

(I’m totally talking to myself in that last sentence, by the way.)

(Maybe that’s one reason the tone of some of our national discussions makes me so crazy – because I see parts of myself that I CANNOT STAND.)

Last night on Facebook my friend Jennifer linked to an article about a gay activist’s unexpected friendship with Dan Cathy, the COO of Chick-fil-A. And y’all? I cried when I read it. Can’t stop thinking about it, in fact.

– Because I am very academic and fancy, I wrote a post about this season of The Bachelor over at Ree’s blog (and listen, it was my great joy to spend some time focusing on The Bachelor after the emotional trauma of Downton Abbey on Sunday night). Anyway, if you have some amaaaaaazing thoughts about this group of amaaaaaaazing girls, feel free to chime in.

Ten grown men have been playing a game of tag for 23 years, and IT. SOUNDS. AWESOME. And mildly terrifying. But mostly awesome. (via)

Melanie’s book, the very, very funny Sparkly Green Earrings, releases next Friday. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that. :-)

– Sometimes I act like I’ve forgotten this (available on Etsy):

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

It’s good to remember.

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  1. Sorry to burst the Chick-fil-A bubble, but the Dan Cathy article reminds me of the saying, “I’m not racist, I have black friends!” Chick-fil-A may have stopped supporting the most blatant LGBT hate groups, but it still supports them (and Cathy never claimed to stop supporting the hate groups himself directly). It sounds like Cathy’s business and reputation was taking a hit from his bigotry and he’s tried to absolve himself by going to a football game with a gay man (whose husband *wasn’t* invited), but while he believes that LGBT people don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else, he is still a bigot.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Etsy print. I just went through Believing God this past summer, and it was at a pivotal season in my life. That phrase has stuck with me more than anything else from that study. I bet I recite it to myself once a week. Bonus – that green is my favorite color! A fun find for me!

  3. That tag game sounds like a total blast! I have a serious urge to start this with my girlfriends. Then we’d have a reason to see each other more regularly!

  4. I’m back. I wanted to tell you that I so deeply agree with your statement that we don’t really listen to each other anymore. And I really like the thought process of thinking about what it is we are for instead of what we are against.

  5. Favorite line from the Cathy article … “We could stand together in our difference and in our respect.” Good stuff.

  6. Love, LOVE Emily’s post!! And you are so right — that game of tag that’s lasted 23 years — so. awesome!

  7. Thanks for these links! I just found your blog through the Pioneer Woman, and so far I am really enjoying it. I love your writing style and humor! It’s good inspiration for my own blog… i am now a subscriber!

  8. I wish I lived closer! You seem totally like kind of person I’d love to sit and eat fried chicken with and solve the worlds issues lol! :)

    Loved the game of tag! :)

  9. Great post. Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Read the “Tag” article!

    How fun is that? (apart from the wife’s knee injury suffered when the man leapt out of the Honda Accord trunk and tagged her husband)

    Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Love your political revelation. It’s so true and I’m so happy you’re saying that because so many of us forget Paul’s admonition to do everything without arguing or complaining. Well, I know more Christians that argue over politics than anything else and they are not speaking out of love. That has to stop. We should be known for what we are for, as you said, not what we are against. And now, i’m going to read the Chick-Fil-A article so I can do some crying too :).

  12. I, too, cried when I read the Cathy article but probably with a different perspective.

    Our son is gay. Sometimes my heart hurts so, so much when I think about what my son has struggled with as he as walked through his life. And what he will struggle with in the future. I do not know what the Lord thinks about this – I know what the Bible says, and what I always believed, but I cannot presume to know the Lord’s thoughts. Initially I struggled with how…how to love without condoning, how to learn to accept this new reality in my life. But I’ve come to the conclusion there is no ‘right’ way.

    All I can do is love. Love like Jesus loves.

    And that is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

  13. YES! So much unkindness on so many fronts. May we all learn to be kind and respectful to one another, no matter how we may agree or disagree.

  14. Thanks for sharing the article about reaching across the chasm between LGBT people and Christian people. Like the reader above, we have a family member who is gay, and this example of people seeking understanding — and seeing the person behind the category (on both sides) was healing and hopeful. Our relative’s partner has been wounded so deeply by Christians that he stays away from family gatherings (for over 5 years now), even though he hasn’t even met us. For every Dan Cathy, there are so many more people with trite bumper stickers, bullies in schools, or signs that say “God hates f*gs.” None of those things reflect the love of Christ, who sat down for meals with those that respectable Pharisees avoided. God desires every person to know him . . . including our family member and his partner — and who is going to reach them if we’re all busy calling them sinners and leaving it at that?

    • My son’s partner has told us that he has never seen unconditional love as we’ve shown him – and that we are changing his views on Christianity. And *that* is healing.

  15. Lynnette R says:

    1) Would love to know which “hate groups” supported by Chick-fil-a that Rae is referring to.
    2) In my 50 years of living I have NEVER seen a “God hates f*gs” bumper sticker. I’m sure they exist but I’m equally sure they are rare. I would also go out on a limb and guess that most Christians (including myself who believes the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin and do not support gay marriage) would be offended and embarrassed if a Christian we knew were to drive around in a vehicle with that slapped on the bumper.
    Life is a process. Love is a process.

  16. I,too, like Jody and Nancy above have a family member who is practicing homosexuality-my brother. It has been a gut wrenching situation since I disagree with his lifestyle choice and believe that it is unbiblical. However, I love and cherish my brother with all my heart and have had the opportunity to spend time with him and his partner, who I like too…..I agree with Jody that it is a struggle to know how to love without condoning…..right now we are in a dilemma about whether to let our young kids – who are old enough to be impressionable but too young to understand-be around my brother and his partner together as a couple…..of course there are all sorts of different schools of thought on this and I have heard them all and can see it both ways….but the bottom line is to love him as Jesus loves him as Jody pointed out.
    Thank you Sophie for sharing this article-it has given me much to think and pray about.

  17. Lynnette R says:

    I didn’t say that those bumper stickers don’t exist. I actually said I am sure they do. My point was that they are rare. Extremely rare. I think the fact that you had to play the Westboro Baptist Church card to try to prove your point actually reinforced my point. And pretty much took you out of the game.
    And calling a group that supports/promotes Biblical/Traditional marriage a hate group doesn’t make them a hate group. It does however make you a name caller.

  18. Hey y’all – I’m going to close the comments on this post tomorrow (Sunday, February 3rd) at 5pm central time. The whole reason I posted the HuffPo article is because it shows the impact of extending grace and kindness to people when we disagree with them. But sometimes blog comments can be a tricky place for a back-and-forth discussion, especially when people are on opposite sides of an issue. It’s hard to interpret tone, and words that weren’t intended to be confrontational can come across that way.

    I’m so thankful that people feel like they can share their hearts and their viewpoints here. However, I’m not able to monitor my blog comments all day, and normally that’s not an issue because comments are typically full of peace and love and sunshine. I apologize that I didn’t anticipate that comments on this post might take a different turn, but my inability to monitor comments means that I’m also not able to moderate discussions that might get heated (plus, I’m not interested in having a blog where discussions get heated…I would never, ever sleep). :-)

    Given all of that, I think it’s wise to set a deadline on these comments and then close the discussion here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions –

    I’m grateful for y’all!