The Sweetest Girl

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to a member of our little family.

We’re not really sure how old Ally was – she found us about fourteen years ago when she decided that our street looked like a fine place to stop and rest awhile – so we always pretended like she was an ageless angel dog. She was gentle, patient, loyal, funny (oh yes ma’am was she ever), and as sweet as she could be.

My husband would tell you that she’s one of the best friends he’s ever had.

And our little guy would tell you the exact same thing.

Ally loved chasing a laser pointer, treeing cats (but only in her sleep), curling up on a Costco dog bed, waiting to see what might fall from the kitchen table, riding to school with Alex, indulging in an occasional plain McDonald’s cheeseburger, and sleeping in our foyer so that she could keep an eye on the whole house. She also cultivated an impressive appreciation for white bread.

She was the best dog. And from the time she found us until the time she left us, she brought us so much joy.

We will miss her like crazy.

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  1. Such a sweet face. I’m so sorry for your loss. Our pets leave us too soon.

  2. I’m so sorry.

  3. Oh, no. I’m sorry. That’s one of the most painful things ever.

  4. Glenda Motes says:

    Thinking of you. Letting go of our furbabies is so very hard.

  5. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  6. So sorry to hear. Our pets are important members of our families and I understand your sense of loss. Hugs to you…

  7. oh dear, so so very sorry. We lost our wonderful lab of 13 years about 1 1/2 years ago and only a month ago were we ready to bring another bundle of fur to our house. Those pets are such wonderful best friends to have and such a great sorrow to lose.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are like family, and as was said above, they leave us all too soon. God bless you as you mourn this dear doggy.

  9. I’m so sorry. I have two dogs and a cat and they are definitely like family. It’s hard to lose them, but they bring so much joy while they’re here.

  10. I’m so sorry!! Our dog is 11 and we are already dreading the day she passes. She’s been the best. Just like Ally.

  11. So, so sorry for your loss! All dogs go to heaven xoxo

  12. I am so sorry for your truly terrible loss. (And I really, really mean that.) Our sweet lab Cosmo has many of Ally’s same fine talents, and as his days pass by I continue to fool myself into believing that he’ll be with us in his current good (but aging) health forever. If anything ever happens to convince me otherwise, I’m going to be LAID FLAT for more than a day or two. :(

    But just think how happy and spry she is today where there’s no limit of food, water and balls to chase!

  13. Oh, Sophie. I am so sorry. I loved when you posted pictures and stories about Ally, loved to hear about another family who loves their pup like my husband and I love ours. I’m so glad y’all have many, many sweet and funny memories of her. Saying a little prayer for y’all today and as you get used to her spot being empty.

  14. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and know how heartbreaking it can be. Praying for comfort, especially for your little guy.

  15. Sophie, I am so terribly sorry. We had to say goodbye to our darling Duke last year, and miss him still … our pet are important members of the family. I wish you all peace and happiness in the memories of the good life you gave your sweet Ally.

  16. Lisa Lundy says:

    I’m so sorry. We had to say goodbye to our “Allie” this summer and it was really hard. So hard on my 4-year-old daughter that I listed it on her kindergarten application in response to the question, “What difficult situation has your child faced?” It really was the most difficult situation she’s faced in her life. Hope your good memories bring you all smiles in your sadness!

  17. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to them. Their lives never seem long enough, no matter how old they live to be in dog years. Love that y’all thought of her as your ageless angel dog. It is my belief that because our God is so awesome and loves us all so much, they will all be right there waiting for us with wagging tails when arrive at heaven’s gates.

  18. Oh, my heart aches for you. I am so terribly sorry. There is nothing in this life so perfect as the love of a dog!

  19. Nelson's Mama says:

    “You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us”. Robert Louis Stevenson

  20. So very sorry about your loss :( I had to put my 12 year old dog down in July. Hardest thing ever :(

  21. I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to such a great little buddy. What a cutie.

  22. I’m so sorry, Sophie. I love you.

  23. Jennifer S says:

    Makes me cry remembering our Selah – it’s been 5 years and I still miss her.

  24. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a sweet friend!

  25. Sophie, I’m crying as I write this. I relate so much to your family’s love for this sweet angel dog. We also had a sweet angel who left us a few months ago. I still miss her and catch myself looking for her in her favorite spots in the house. God bless all our little fur children for the love they share with us and the many smiles they bring. God bless.

  26. so sorry. we have an aging dog & I dread the day we face this.

  27. I am so sorry for your loss! *trying hard to swallow away the lump in my throat after reading your sad post*

    Gonna hug my furbaby extra tight today, in honor of your sweet one.

    Hugs from Texas,

    • This made me cry! We have an ‘angel dog’ that showed up 7 years ago. Something special about the dogs who choose us! So sweet! My sympathy to your little family. I seriously will say a prayer for y’all.

  28. Oh, so very sorry. Losing a pet is so hard…dogs fill a place inside a home that nothing else seems to fill. Thinking of you and your boys today.

  29. Melanie M says:

    So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.

  30. Such a sweet post about your precious Ally. Sorry for y’alls loss… but the best news is y’all will see her again one day! =)

  31. So very sorry… just watched the video you posted about how much Ally loved to ride in the truck taking your son to school. You can hear the joy in his voice. I think the way we treat our pets says a lot about our true character. xoxo

  32. Oh gosh, I was sad reading the news. I am so sorry. She sounded precious.

  33. Just look at those sweet little puppy ears….such a sweet girl. I’ll bet she was a great snuggler, too. I can tell that she was well-loved. My sincere condolences to your family.

  34. This makes me want to cry…….right here at work!!! I’m so sorry for your loss!!

  35. So sorry for your loss. There is nothing like the love and companionship of a dog!

  36. So sorry for your family’s loss.
    Crying and remembering all my old loves that have passed.

  37. I am so sorry, Sophie. There is nothing that rounds out a family quite like a beloved pet that is the object of everyone’s affections. I am so sorry for all of you.

  38. Oh, Sophie! I am so sorry. Pets are an important part of the family and leave a hole when they are gone. I hope your fond memories of all those great years make this time a little easier.

  39. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. We lost our dear boxer, Gator, (yep named after that wonderful SEC team and my alma mater) in January of 2012. We now live in another house, in another state and I still look for him everywhere! Just remember our pets are patiently waiting for us at the “Rainbow Bridge.” That poem brought me great comfort when our Gator left us. We know we will see him again, as you will see your beloved Ally. Hugs!!

  40. We lost one of our dogs, Precious, last week. So sorry. Truly my husband’s best friend. My constant companion.

  41. pets are important members of the family, even when you are aggravated with their messes and promise never to have another, we always love them and miss them dearly. I think it helps us to teach our kids compassion and empathy. Sorry for your family’s loss of your beloved pet.

  42. I am so very, very sorry. I have a lump the size of a rock in my throat right now. All of us who love our furry family members can relate, although we don’t know your exact pain. Just know that many are praying for you and and hoping the ache will ease soon.

  43. I’m so sorry… I had to say goodbye to my cat, Zoe on Tuesday. I know how you are feeling.

  44. I’m so, so sorry. Sending prayers up now.

  45. I’m so, so sorry for you all. I know how that hurts. I’ve no doubt you gave her the best 14 years of her life. Hugs to all of you.

  46. Oh, Sophie, I am so sorry for all y’all. Love and hugs from Houston.

  47. Oh, Boo Mama Family, my whole heart hurts for you. We love our beasts because they are part of our family, and because they’re the parts of our family that we either chose or chose us, they’re the ones we like the best, too. And the hole left never quite goes away. But if we get REALLY lucky, another furry beast chooses us, and finds a spot in your family and in your heart that you never knew about. But that’s a thought for later. Right now, y’all hurt, and I hurt for you. But there is a newly-warm Costco bed and the tantalizing aroma of plain McDonald’s cheeseburger in the air in heaven right now. (Cooper likes his with mustard and pickles, Cody likes his with ketchup and pickles. No onions because my word the vapors, and Cody discovered in a very painful but funny way that he does not like mustard.)

  48. I’m so sorry. We lost our 12 year old dog a few weeks ago and it’s still really hard to think of her without crying. They snuggle themselves right into our hearts and bring so much love and joy to our families. I hope your sweet memories will bring you comfort.

  49. I am sorry! We had to have our 11 year old family dog put down yesterday and it was so sad. We got HoneyPot when our boys were 6, 3, & I was expecting our 3rd. Now, we have five and our oldest is 16…so we have a lot of memories with her! It was a very sad day at our house as I am sure it was at yours :(.

  50. Hugs, Sophie. To your whole family.

  51. Awww…my heart aches and breaks for you all. It is so very hard to say goodbye to a furry family member. There is never a good time for them to leave us, and it is hard to imagine life without them. Alex has never known life without Ally – and you’ve never known life without her with him. She brought laughter, joy, and a grand ability to glorify God by being a dog – and that is a grace and a blessing that people without animals do not always understand. You were her best friend – you probably rescued each other ;-) – and you have done well by loving her and making her life whole. I know she made yours so.

  52. So sorry and thinking of you and your dear family….

  53. I am so sorry! I really am! We have lost two dogs, and both deaths were absolutely heartbreaking. They are both buried not far from our kitchen window. They each have their own grave marker inscribed with the very same words: “The best dog ever”. Because each of them were. I am sad just thinking about their passing….
    We still have three dogs!

  54. I’m so sorry for your loss. Our 10 y.o. black lab, Jet, died Tuesday. He was the sweetest dog. My son got him as a Christmas puppy when he was in the 1st grade. He’s a Jr. in high school now and is so sad his buddy his gone.
    Mike Huckabee’s recent tribute to his dog, also a black lab named Jet, reads in part: “Please don’t tell me “He was just a dog.” You might be “just a person, “ but Jet was my best friend and was there for me when everyone else had given up on me…Some people doubt that dogs go to heaven, but I don’t have any doubts. If heaven is a place of the best, then Jet will be there. When I make it, I won’t be surprised to see him there. I just hope he isn’t surprised to see me there.”

  55. So sorry, Sophie. My heart breaks for all of you. Grieve in your own way for as long as you need to – don’t let ANYone tell you to “just get over it.” You’re in my prayers.

  56. Amanda M. says:

    Oh, she is precious. My prayers and love go out to your family.

  57. Oh, sweet Sophie, I’m soooo sorry. My heart breaks for your A. We lost our beloved Mikey-man last March, and it was AW-FUL (still is!), but my Andrew grieved the hardest. We will pray for all of you tonight. ;( <3

  58. So sorry for you& your family’s loss, Sophie. I will be praying for you all.

  59. Oh, Sophie, I am so very sorry about your sweet girl. I remember weeping as much for how profoundly my sons and husband would miss our Higgins, as I did for the loss I felt myself.
    It is so heartening to be loved unconditionally by a dog– it’s why it hurts so when we lose them.

  60. So sorry to hear this… We lost a very dear dog a few years ago, and I know just how you are feeling. I still miss our Yoyo to this day. Pets really do become part of the family.

  61. Amy in Italy says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, but am convinced that animals who bring so much joy die the happiest, knowing they are so loved and have done their loving so well.

  62. What a lovely old girl…so very sorry.

  63. “Dogs’ lives are too short. It’s their only fault, really.” Variously attributed to Mark Twain and “unknown,” but completely true.

    I haven’t really worked out my theology of dogs, but it is nice to think of Ally resting on a cloud bed somewhere.

  64. I’m so very sorry for your loss. If you haven’t already, you might like to find the book Dog Heaven. It was great comfort to us when we our Murphy lost his fight with cancer a few years ago. You’ll want to read it to yourself a few times before you try to read it with your boy!

  65. I’m so, so sorry. It hurts my heart to even read about her, she sounds like such a sweet and precious blessing to your family. Our pets truly are part of the family, and I hope thoe happy memories will soon overwhelm the sad days for you all. Prayers for comfort for you all, especially Alex- it is hard to be the Momma and see your child grieve this loss.

  66. We lost our sweet Buddy (an American/English Bulldog) on Wednesday. He was 13 years old and he had been our dog for 12 of those years. He was my eldest daughters “little girl” dog. She grew up going on adventures with him, playing in the yard with him, riding horses with him always by her side, taking walks, riding in the back of our (and her) pick-up truck….all the things a little girl and her dog do, they did. We miss him so much!! We know exactly how you are feeling!

  67. Oh Boomama, I can’t hardly stand it. So, so sorry for your family. Such a loss. Praying!

  68. Sophie and family – I am so, so sorry for your loss. Ally looks like she was quite the gal. I know she will be sorely missed.

  69. Oh, Sophie, I’m so sorry about the loss of your precious buddy. They really are members of our families, aren’t they?

  70. So, sorry. It is hard to say good-bye.

  71. Blessed Mom says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My 17 year old little dog who had been my friend since he was a puppy died on Dec 8. I still miss him a lot and cry often. I pray that your wonderful memories will help you get through this time.

  72. Upside Brown says:

    HARDEST thing ever. I’m still not over losing my Sadie Love last March.
    I hope she and Ally have found each other in Heaven already. They’ll be great friends.

    xxoo to you all.

  73. Oh my word. You have hurt my soul. I do love dogs, and I miss every one I ever had. Those pictures just made me go out in the yard and hug my Blossom and Honey. I am so sorry for you all.

  74. Jeannette says:

    My cat Sam passed away on October 14th, 2012. I had had him over 15 years. We had games we played together. While I made the bed, unloaded the groceries and while I brushed my teeth. He was a real joy in my life. My other cat Kate has taken over his spot in my life. She insists on resting on my chest, holding my hand while I recline in my bed during computer time. She now has top priority in being groomed.

  75. I am so sorry for all of you, Sophie. Bless her sweet heart. I am sure she knew how much she was loved.

    Monday will mark a year since we said goodbye to an almost seventeen-year-old Zeus, and I’m still not quite over it. It’s just plain old HARD.

  76. So sorry for your loss, Sophie. Those sweet pups work their way into our hearts in a big way. It’s never easy to say goodbye. Thinking of you tonight.

  77. Oh Sophie, I am sorry for the loss of your sweet girl.

  78. I’m sorry, too, about the loss. What sweet memories you will have. Bless you all.

  79. This made me cry! I am so sorry for your loss. Our dog found us 7 years ago. I think there is something mighty special about the dogs who choose us. I will say a prayer for your family. Especially for your little boy. The picture of him laying on the floor with sweet Ally is so sweet.

  80. soooo heartbrokenly sorry for your loss! i legitimately had to take a day off work the last time my family dog passed away… they are irreplaceable and i hope you are finding comfort!

  81. So very sorry! That has to be one of the hardest things ever. Many hugs to you all…

  82. My condolences! They are wonderful, those ageless angel dogs. Wishing you peace in the knowledge that you gave her a wonderful, wonderful life. Lucky dog, and lucky you.

  83. Whenever you would talk about her, I got the sense that she was ‘elderly’ and I usually had a little pang of sad for when she would leave (so strange considering I’ve never met you guys) but I guess that’s because loss is such a major theme in my current season of life. My heart just breaks for you all because I know how much our animals become family. God cares about these things and He will comfort all of you. Praying blessings on you guys!

  84. I’m so sorry for your loss, Boomama. Love and prayers to you and your family. I know this is a hard time.

  85. If I read everything on the internet, I don’t know that I will ever enjoy a story more than I enjoyed reading your description of Alex’s attempt to disciple her. It’s obvious that she was a much loved member of your family. I’m sorry for your loss.

  86. I am soooo sorry for your loss! Ally is waiting for you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge now. Prayers and hugs!

  87. Just returned from two weeks without internet to see this sad news. We’re so sorry you lost your sweet girl. I ‘m certain your family was the best blessing ever for her.

  88. Just catching up, and oh my heart… such sad news. Hugs to you all. The loss of a pet is so difficult. xoxo