Los Links (And March Madness Bracket Info)

– March Madness is upon us again – which means that it’s time for our annual NCAA Tournament Challenge group. If you’d like to join, just click on over and join the BooMama group. We’d love to have you (but please don’t mock me – I am TERRIBLE at the whole bracket thing). As always, there will be a prize for the person who has the winningest bracket at the end of the tourney. WE’RE SO OFFICIAL-ESQUE.

– Emma Kate always finds the cutest tote bags, and this past fall she gave me one of these Scout bags for my birthday.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-19at85923AM_zps17f00d5f.png

I can’t even tell you how handy it is. We’re at the beach this week, and it’s been so nice to have separate compartments for sunscreen, lip stuff, phone, headphones, etc. This morning I even though about using one of those pockets to carry a packet of hand warmers (it’s a little chilly down here today).

– Last week I was surprised to read that Google Reader is going away in July. And by that I mean that Google is phasing out the service, not that Google Reader will be spending a couple of weeks in Tahiti.

Anyway, since Google Reader is something that I use every single day, I immediately started looking for a feed reader replacement. And this past Saturday morning, I switched to feedly. It took all of about two seconds to set up my new account, and it was as seamless as you would hope these kinds of things would be. This post has some helpful information if you’re considering making the switch.

– There’s a Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, and in addition to making cars, the workers there have a gospel choir.

Yep. A gospel choir.

This post by Jen Hatmaker has made me think. And think. And think. By the way, there aren’t many people who can write about tricky topics with as much grace as Jen can. I appreciate that so much.

– Matthew Crawley now has dark hair. My whole world is turned upside down.

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  1. Switched to feedly today. Feel all flustered by it.

    That’s the plant where my big bad driving machine was built. That’s exactly how I feel when I drive in it, too.

  2. Jen Hatmaker makes me think too, and her posts keep popping up in my head all day. Thanks for the feedly info. I will need to check it out!

  3. Joined your group, doubt I would do good. I tend to cheer for Memphis and SEC teams except Ole Miss.

  4. Thanks for the feedly suggestion. I am in Google Reader mourning mode. I also joined your March Madness group. I’m an Arizona fan, but don’t have great hopes for this tourney. My bracket is a bit of guesswork. I am hoping I did it right. :)

  5. Cynthia Stuckey says:

    Not just dark hair, he has a STACHE and a sole patch!!!!! Perish the thought of what the Dowager would say.

  6. I don’t think I want to live in a world where Matthew Crawley’s hair is dark.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Love that bag, Feedly and Jen Hatmaker. And I’m sure I would love “brackets” if I knew what they were. : )

  8. Bracket is filled out and submitted; GO GATORS!!!!

    Jen’s blog post was thought provoking and gracious, I continue to ponder it, as I do her book, 7. Angie Smith’s most recent post about making life a crises resounded too. (Sorry I don’t know how to link).

  9. Merri Jo says:

    Your beach bag is adorable–of course I giggled at your hand warmer reference. Are you in Destn! My parents are snowbirds there (18 yrs) & my mom mentioned it was nippy when we talked the other day. Here in Chicgoland we will awaken to 12 degrees(!) for tomorrow’s vernal equinox, yeah –cold is relative.
    Love Jen’s posts….
    Dan Stevens looks like Edgar Allan Poe–yikes!

  10. i’m so sad about google reader. i did set up feedly but its still not the same.

  11. Something about feedly scared me off; I’m not sure what it was. But I migrated over to Bloglines and am fairly happy with it. I guess the only feature I may miss is the “star”. It was just a way to kind of bookmark posts I would want to go back to (like a recipe or book suggestion) without actually having to bookmark them.

  12. He looks a bit like Matthew’s evil twin! ;)

  13. Oh my gosh, I know…. Matthew Crawley with dark hair, what is this world coming too!!!!!!!!! I’m so going to miss him on Downton!!!!

  14. Better yet, they need to bring him back as his twin!!!!!!!!! :)

  15. Just joined your bracket group! Can you give out a prize for losingest bracket? Pretty sure I can ROCK THAT! :) Also, I love Bloglovin’ for blog readin’. It allows the reader to actually see the blog and it give the blogger actual views. Haven’t tried feedly yet. Maybe soon.

  16. I am in it to win it!! Of course I am a football wife and know NOTHING about basketball. I pretty much pick names I like and go with the seeding. Go Louisville!

  17. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    I just love that cute EK she always has a precious bag to go with that smile of hers. Basketball-ugh it was a tough season proud of my Dawgs for the hard work despite the tough year. Don’t know who to cheer for. DS picked Kansas and says that is who we will cheer for. I converted to Feedly last night-no time & easy! (I like it better -shhh!) Off to find that bag EK gave you.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Ew, it’s like we had blonde Elvis and we ended up with Chandler on that season of “Friends” when Matthew Perry had that pill problem. And don’t get me started about his creepy mustache. sigh…

  19. Oh how I wish you had left that last sentence out.

    Oh. How. I. Wish.

    I’d rather be on a Carnival cruise than have seen that.

  20. Call me crazy, but I don’t know what google reader or feedly is/does. Why do I need either of these? I’m serious. I have no idea.

  21. Amanda M. says:

    I love Jen Hatmaker. I read that post of hers. Again. And again and again. Probably like 4 times that day she wrote it.
    I am so very much in the mourning of the Google reader. I am going to check out the feedly you mentioned. Thank you. :-)

  22. Thanks for the link to the Nissan Gospel Choir! Things like that help me remember that there are good things happening in the world (but they just don’t make the news).