Our Wild & Crazy Spring Break

When we were packing for the beach late last Saturday, the weekly forecast looked divine: sunny, low 70s, only one day with a chance of showers. But Sunday, something weather-related shifted, and the forecast changed: cloudy, mid-60s, only one day with consistent sun. It was going to be chilly. And maybe even a little bit dreary.

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Late Sunday afternoon, after we’d unpacked and unloaded and started the process of unwinding just a little bit, A. and I walked down to the beach to see exactly how long we could stick our toes in the Gulf without lapsing into hypothermia. The boy declared that the water wasn’t that cold if you just took some time to get used to it, but as best I could tell, there wasn’t a chance that I’d be able to get used to it before my toes turned blue. That is why I opted to perch myself on the edge of a beach chair while A. stood on the edge of the shore and tried to convince himself that the water was totally warm.

Monday and Tuesday we managed to find some pockets of sunshine that made it comfortable to hang out on the beach and chase the waves for a little while. D. had to drive back to Birmingham for work stuff on Tuesday afternoon, and since I had a touch of a headache (just a touch), A. and I enjoyed a perfectly adequate frozen pizza for supper before we fired up our respective electronic book devices and read and read and read and read and read. It was 62 and cloudy on Wednesday – not exactly beach weather – so we stayed inside all day and watched movies and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. I haven’t done anything like that in forever, but I highly recommend it.

Thursday we drove to Mississippi so that the little guy (who turned ten a couple of weeks ago – can you believe that?!?!) could play golf with my daddy, but then it rained and stormed and rained some more, so we ended up just hanging out with our people for a couple of days and eating way too much fried chicken. We also continued the week’s trend of acting like somebody was paying us the big bucks to sleep upwards of 9 hours a night. Because if I remember any one thing about Spring Break ’13, it will be that we took our sleep all kinds of seriously.


We drove home late Friday afternoon, and we have had the easiest, calmest weekend. Granted, A. has a horrible cold (he’s not running a lick of fever, but between his husky voice and his incessant cough, he sounds a little bit like a cross between Wolfman Jack and Hazel) and I’m trying to pretend that I don’t have a sinus infection, but all three of us have enjoyed being at home and reacquainting ourselves with Chuy’s and soaking up these last couple of days when we are not beholden to alarms and schedules and whathaveyou.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to finish catching up on Revenge before the day is done. And that reminds me: does anyone else feel like they do a whole lot of whispering on that show? Because earlier today I was trying to watch for a few minutes while I was cooking lunch, and I honest-to-goodness said, “Oh my word – SPEAK UP” right to the TV – just like the characters could hear me. It just seems like the dialog is very covert and secretive and hushed, and before I know it I’ve cranked the volume up to stun and still might benefit from the use of closed captioning.

As you can tell, I’m a bit consumed by non-issues at the moment. If you stick around long enough, I’m sure to tell you about the horrible misfortune that befell me when the Walgreens did not have a single bottle of Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos nail polish yesterday.

(I’m kidding, by the way.)

(And also: I just re-read this post to proof it, and oh my goodness, I’m just as sorry as I can be about all the boring.)

(Seriously. It’s just a hair shy of saying something like, “And then I cooked some peas.”)

(I will try to do better.)

(But I still think the Revenge people need to speak up.)

(You can always count on me to address society’s most important issues.)

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  1. Your spring break sounds blissful! Ours was much more chaotic this time around and full of disappointment for our Little Man (who is 6 and half years old). Promised trips to the Museum of Play in Rochester, New York and then to the LEGOland Discovery Centre in Toronto had to be scrapped. He was such a trooper though and just loved on his cousins and appreciated all the eating out. :) So glad you had a great time despite the weather (you had me at “sleep”) and we’re praying the colds clear themselves up right soon.

  2. I’m a faithful reader, sometimes commenter. Since you have brought me much joy and laughter over the years, I thought I’d try and return the favor:


    Your welcome.


  3. Emily Massey says:

    You crack me up. xoxoxoxo Emily

  4. Well, despite the bummer that the weather was not warm and sunny during y’alls beach trip, sometimes there is nothing better than the permission to sleep and relax and read read read read without feeling the need to go participate outside!

    And out of all the many vegetables, green peas are the ones I despise. Your post was much better than cooking green peas :) Leaps and bounds.

  5. I loved your post. So happy y’all could relax and read. And sleep! Sounds great!

  6. What you call “the boring” is why I come back here time after time to read your blog. You have a way with words that makes everything sound fun! Glad you enjoyed your spring break. Mine is this week and we got 5 inches of snow today! Maybe that will make for some days to read and read and read…

  7. Merri Jo says:

    Your week sounds like a well-deserved and much-needed real break from the busy-ness of everyday life…So fun to spend time like that with your son!
    And, if you’re boring, you are the most delightfully funny kind of boring that I have ever encountered!! Good to have you back!

  8. I call my 10 y.o. students “ten”-agers, and they love it! Get ready…the teen years are just around the corner.

  9. Even if you cooked the peas, I found it quite enjoyable. And I SO tell the tv to speak up. I will come clean here and admit I watch Downton Abbey with the close captioned, as I cant for the life of me understand one of the characters. It’s ok, call me mawmaw. ;)

  10. I am with you on Revenge. I love the show but I have the volume cranked up. My husband wants to know if I am DEAF!!! HaHa!!

    Can’t wait for your book. I have mine preordered.

  11. I echo the sentiments of other commenters! (a) you flat crack me up, (b) your “boring” is SOOO much fun to read, and (c) I can’t wait for your book to come out! Love ya, girl!

  12. YES about Revenge. The dynamics (or maybe they do this on purpose??) are horrible. And then, when we’ve jacked up the volume loud enough to wake all of New England, there comes some explosion that wakes up the Eastern Seaboard! Jeepers crow… I would like to know where you buy the sorts of kidlets that will sleep beyond 5:45 am. And, also, what is A reading lately? Because my own soon-to-be-10 year old guy is lacking for some reading material. Maybe a post about his latest favorites sometime in the future…like, maybe next week? Too pushy?

  13. Julie Reynolds says:

    Just stopped by to say, you are NEVER boring. It always makes me smile to see your post in my inbox. And btw, i totally agree about revenge, and do you watch scandal? Oh girl but its good!

  14. AMEN on the whispering tv shows. Ugh! My roommate in college and I used to laugh at Felicity and how they either whispered or yelled. There was no regular talking on that show.

  15. lisaann says:

    I think your trip sounded fabulous! I was in Nicaragua on a missions trip with over 500 Nicaraguan children all asking for various things in there native language of Spanish for 6 days straight and i don’t know Spanish!! Sitting in front of the TV for hours when i got back was just what the Dr ordered!!

  16. We must’ve been camping in FL when y’all were at the beach! We had to go to Walmart and get a space heater for our tent. Brrrrrr…..

    Also, I love that A plays golf! I grew up playing golf and played in college. It warms my heart when kids play. They will be able to forever =)

  17. We’re getting a Chuy’s, and my husband just couldn’t imagine why I was so excited about it when I’d never even been to one before. I told him it came with a really great endorsement *yours*! You were so right about the milkshakes at Zaxby’s that I have absolute faith in your ability to pick a winning TexMex.

  18. In eight years you have NEVER written a boring post. You always make me laugh out loud.

    “the Walgreens” and “whathaveyou” did it for me this time. :)