Well, this has been a delightful weekend.

Friday afternoon I went to see The Great Gatsby with some friends, and since I love the book a whole bunch (it’s borderline unhealthy, really), it was fun to see a new adaptation of it. I wish that the pacing had been a little faster, though I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was great, and the sets were oh-so-beautiful. I also wish that the theatre had been a LOT cooler because it’s bad enough watching a movie about the 20s when they’re burning slap up and putting blocks of ice in front of oscillating fans, but it’s a whole ‘nother level of frustration to be watching people burn slap up while wondering if the air in the theatre WILL EVER CIRCULATE AGAIN.

I’m happy to report that we all survived the heatwave. But make no mistake: the thermostat at our local theatre is on my Summer 2013 Watch List.

D and I went out Friday night for a Real-Live Fancy Dinner, something that we rarely do because we’re just not fancy restaurant people. But about a year and a half ago, some friends of ours gave us a gift certificate to a great place here in Birmingham, an lo, eighteen months later, we finally got around to using it. The food was absolutely delicious, and we had a really good time, but it’s just not very often than we eat in a place that doesn’t have TVs.

We have very refined tastes.

Saturday I went to a wedding while the fellas ran some errands, and it was a fine way to spend a pretty May afternoon. My friend Alison did the flowers at the church and the reception, and they were gorgeous.


 photo photocopy-6_zpsa6873b48.jpg

She is so talented.

After I got home, I cooked some supper, and after the young’un was in bed, I took it upon myself to get caught up on Scandal (OH, I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS) and watch Kristen Wiig host SNL. I fell asleep about fifteen minutes into SNL (obviously, I love the night life / I’ve got to boogie), so while I don’t really have a strong sense about whether or not SNL was funny, I do know that I was rested as all get out when I got out of bed this morning.


We had a really sweet service at church, and right after the sermon started, Alex passed me a couple of different notes.

 photo photocopy2-3_zps394e3fbc.jpg

Listen. That first note was mighty sweet in light of an ongoing conversation / discussion we’ve been having about worship, but the second note just cracked me up. HEAVEN FORBID a child would have to eat at Chuy’s two days in a row. That would be terrible.

(We did end up going to Village Tavern, though.)

(The brunch option was oh-so-appealing.)

(But next week I plan to have a deeply meaningful reunion with deluxe tomatillo sauce.)

This afternoon I was fairly worthless but in the most enjoyable ways: I took a nap, hung out with my people, kept up with the State / Ole Miss baseball game, read a little bit, took another nap, heated some leftovers, read a little more, watched The Help, and now I’m typing this post with the Survivor finale on in the background. There were probably lots of things that I could have done, but it surely has been nice to throw all of that stuff on the back burner and just relax.

Even if those two naps mean that I will probably fall asleep around 3:53 Monday morning.

But that’s okay. I have Mad Men and a couple of new books to carry me through.

Hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend, too!

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  1. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Your day sounds like all kinds of delightful! I’ve already decided that I’m claiming next Sunday as my *real* Mother’s Day, since I spent the better part of my day helping/supervising my 3rd grader as she worked on her Native American poster board and oral report. (Cue stabbing of the eyeballs with the toothpick and duct tape spears that she was crafting…..) We did get to end the day with dinner out with my parents, which was some sweet family time.

    Loved the note on the church bulletin about A. singing…..a Mother’s Day present, indeed. One of my ‘gifts’ came in the middle of the sermon today when my firstborn (12 years old, and only boy) rested his head on my shoulder and slipped his hand in mine. I know the days of PDA like that are quickly fading, so I treasured those moments, for sure!

    Will be waiting to hear those ‘Scandal’ thoughts of yours!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. I love the sweet notes from your son!! He is definitely learning the fine art of communicating in church without getting busted. Love it! :) The singing one is absolutely precious. I love even more that that sweet note is part of an ongoing conversation between mother and son, and that he chose to give that to you as a Mother’s Day gift. Priceless.

    I wish I could tell you how many of your posts I have emailed to my best friend because so many things you write about remind me of her. Today, she’ll be getting an email because of your Gatsby-ness. A big group of us are all going for her birthday in a few weeks. She read the book once in high school, and then as an English & History major in college, she was required to read it 3 more times in college. Who knows how many times she read it for fun beyond that… I have some serious homework to do before her 34th birthday in 2 weeks. As in re-read a book that I haven’t read since high school in an attempt to be able to part of some sort of intelligent conversation after the movie beyond Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair or the great font they use for the title. Maybe you’d be willing to send me some Cliff Notes to help in that area?! :)

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!!

  3. Sophie!
    Gal, I’m addicted to SCANDAL! I would love to hear your insights and thoughts on it. I knew I hit an all time TV high when I am now reading blogs of people who speculate what might happen!

    Do tell sister! Cant wait to have your baby of a book in my hands next month!

    Still loving Sophie’s corn! Had it 4x in the last 7 days!

  4. So, I am anxiously awaiting your thoughts on Scandal!!! :)

  5. KimberlyOKC says:

    Curious how A’s room is coming along? Did you decide for sure on a sports theme? Were you able to find some curtains that you like?

  6. Cyrus Beene: good guy or bad guy?

  7. Just last night we started watching the 1974 version of Great Gatsby with Robert Redford. And it was the sweatiest movie I think I’ve ever seen! I realize that air conditioning was not the thing back in the day, but seriously.

    Robert Redford ought not to be sweaty. He’s too handsome to be human, especially the 1974 version.

  8. The sweetest Mother’s Day words …. ‘I sang’. I raised two boys and I’m not for sure they every sang in church.

  9. that is great that you had a great weekend good for you

  10. carrie says:

    i need to get right to the point here, I NEED YOU TO DISCUSS YOUR SCANDAL THOUGHTS! i can’t even contain myself about it. talk about unhealthy.

    but, that is a sweet note from your boy. and i’m thrilled you got all the naps. and yay for dinner out with TVs. i’m going on faith on that last point though~i wouldn’t really know first had or anything.

    and also, did Martha get a jacket for mother’s day? i so hope so. or did you carry her to the steinmarts just to shop around? she’s precious.

  11. Please tell your son he is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love everything about your blog but the notes he passes you in church are the best! :) He just cracks me up!

  12. New books? Care to share what you’ve been reading lately? I’m in a chick lit slump.