An Assortment, If You Will

Nothing in this post is going to be connected. I feel like I should warn you about that from the get-go. But I just can’t. Because this week has already been four months long, and my brain is all a-jumbled (pretty sure that’s not even a word), and I couldn’t tell a story in sequential order right now if somebody paid me large sums of cash money and offered me free fried chicken.

– I’m watching American Idol while I’m typing this, and when Ryan announced that Kree was singing “All Cried Out,” I thought he was talking about this song.

Listen. I was a child of the 70s and 80s. It stands to reason that “Apology not accepted / Add me to the broken hearts you’ve collected” would come to mind.

Powerful lyrics. I think we can all agree on that.

– I’ve mentioned before that I like to cook a hot breakfast in the mornings. It’s something that my mama always did, and for whatever reason, it’s something I enjoy doing (unlike laundry or unloading the dishwasher or cleaning out closets). So I think it speaks to my level of STICK A FORK IN ME that today I bought a four-pack of blueberry muffins in the grocery store bakery, and all I’m saying is that BREAKFAST IS SERVED for the rest of the week.

– As far as snacks go, I’m in a banana with peanut butter phase right now. And I’ll take some Bing cherries for a back-up. Even though I don’t like cherry-flavored anything (pie, candy, beverage, lipgloss, you name it). I just happen to adore Bing cherries. In the words of Peter Cetera and Chicago, it’s a paradox. Full of contradiction. How I got from there to here, it defies a logical explanation.

– Earlier today Dave Barnes linked to a video that has made me laugh all day long. It’s a parody of 80s church music. And while yes, that’s a very specific parody, the combination of Amy Grant music and some say-weet synthesizers (along with very dramatic vocals) has tickled me to no end. The last 20 seconds are brilliance.

– Speaking of Amy Grant, her new album is a DELIGHT. It’s for sale in all sorts of places (iTunes, for instance), and there’s one particular song with James Taylor that makes me weepy every time I listen to it.

(Oh, look! Another YouTube video! Sometimes the Internet makes life so very easy.)

– Before I forget, let me say this: thank you so much for your incredible response to the sale at Nations Outfitters. Y’all are awesome.

– Tonight we had Bible study on my friend Mary Jo’s screened in porch, and her flowers were so gorgeous that I had to grab my phone and take a few pictures. So, so pretty.

 photo IMG_2209_zpsc80f6819.jpg

Yes. I am 109. And apparently I would like to start a garden club.

Happy Thursday, y’all.

p.s. I’m just starting to get bits and pieces of weather news on Twitter, but North Texas folks, you’re in our prayers.

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  1. Totally with you on the cherry thing! Hate anything cherry flavored and don’t even get me started on maraschino cherries… but I can eat my weight in fresh bing cherries!!! Yum!

  2. The transition from traditional hymns to contemporary music was certainly an awkward growth period for Christian music.

  3. Well I just about spit my bacon sandwich out laughing. And I think we all know that could’ve turned traumatic. Because do you know what food is okay to pick right up off the dirty floor and eat should you drop it? I don’t think I need to answer that. You know! However, spewed across a computer monitor? Not so sure.
    Listen, I woke up all kinds of cranky this morning. So I put some bacon in the oven just like you taught me.
    And then I read this post. AND OH MY AWESOMENESS at the 80s worship video. I’m glad the Lord has a sense of humor. Because if laughing is irreverent, well then, I’m in big trouble. DEE-lightfully hilarious!!! And it made me realize the 80s were just in a category like no other to include, well you know. You posted it.
    Also, although I have not been watching AI this season, I would’ve been right there with you on waiting for those awesome lyrics roll to All Cried Out. Who knew there’s another song with that title? Not me.
    And finally, I’m 109 too. Only you’d never let me in your garden club because my landscape has been a nightmare in progress for a year plus. I’m in the land of the barren ground here. Surely it’s all a huge lesson from the Lord that will culminate eventually. And perhaps, I don’t know, PLANTS might wanna live here again. The houseplants cry when they see me. But those pics–BEAUTIFUL!!! I need a rescue mission to beautify my home with some plant life. I’ll make bacon in return.

  4. PS

    My mom cooks hot breakfast all the time. Always has. It’s not in me to do this on a regular basis. It makes me love you more. ;) Reminds me of my mama. I love the hot breakfast. Only I mostly make it at night. Unless you call the pan of bacon I shoved in the oven this morning a hot breakfast. Then today I totally rocked the breakfast.

    • Oh look, I’m still here. Because I just had to add that I do indeed have some leftover tropical smoothie that I made yesterday morning and put in a mason jar in the fridge. I mean, that counts for something, right? Maybe it’s a little progression and I need to just own it.

  5. Coffee spewing moment at the last 20 seconds of the 80’s hits video. Seriously. There was choking and sputtering involved. My kids thought I had lost my mind.

  6. I had been contemplating doing some yard work tomorrow and would have come to my senses that shopping for Spanx to wear under a beautiful new dress I have that I almost fit in was a better idea. BUT THEN you posted the pics of that beautiful yard. So when people ask what I was thinking when I wear that new dress, I am totally blaming you! :)

  7. MemeGRL says:

    That All Cried Out video is about the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. I think I wore that pink dress (with a longer skirt) as a bridesmaid. But that was breathtaking, really. Thank you.

  8. Mary Helen Griffis says:

    I hooted at your flower pictures ( they were lovely) Mother’s Day I randomly took pictures of my little flower area on my patio…..because I wanted to. I said to myself, ” I’m turning into my mama Mac” ( my wonderful 90 yr old grandmother who always took pics of any bush , tree, or flower that caught her fancy). My BFF of 41 years away last November and she always told me “you need to take MORE pictures. They’re memories for you and your people.” So, I’m in your garden club… more project for you to put on the burner! We should wonder more at God’s creation and be blessed for it……

  9. Either you must stop mentioning fried chicken, or I must start reading your blog at lunch time! Looking forward to watching the Amy Grant Medley, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, as will the fried chicken. My folks are trying to sleep! Amy

  10. If I was ever invited to sing on American Idol, “All Cried Out” would totally be my show number.

  11. Angela says:

    The ‘All Cried Out’ video just made my whole day!