It Was Time

One of the odd things about having a blog is that I very rarely read it. I mean, I read the posts as I write them, but as a general rule I don’t click over to my blog just to see what’s going on. I know what’s going on. Because, well, I lived it.

That’s why I was a little shocked about six or seven months ago when I actually looked at the front page of my blog and realized that I’d had the same blog design for the better part of five years. Now I happened to love that particular design, so that was a bonus, but five years is a long time to go without making any significant changes. Every once in awhile it’s good to shake things up and move them around and put a little pep in your bloggy step. So I decided that finding someone to do redesign was an excellent idea.

And then I didn’t do one thing about it for another couple of months.

Eventually, though, I emailed my friend Karla. Karla and I met through blogging about six years ago, and I thought she’d be a great person to tackle the redesign because 1) she’s really great at what she does and 2) she is totally willing to work with crazy blogger people who don’t necessarily know correct design terms and occasionally say things like “I just want it to be a little more whimsical.” So we emailed and discussed and went through a couple of rounds of possible designs, but as soon as I saw this particular variation, that was it for me. I was crazy about the color and, yes, the whimsy – and I also loved that it’s simple. Lots of white space. Good, clean fonts. Easy to read.

(If you are reading this post on a feed reader, you are no doubt thinking, Everything looks pretty much the same to me.)

(But oh, it is very different around here. New and fresh and lo, even festive.)

So all that to say: thank you so much, Karla. You heard me loud and clear even when I didn’t know what I was saying. And I am mighty grateful.


There is something else that I need to mention. And I’m going to mention it quickly because I don’t want things to get too awkward.

My book’s official release date is exactly one week from tomorrow. I know that a few people have found it here and there and yon already, but in terms of your Internet booksellers and whathaveyou, June 4th is the official date.

So over the course of the next few days, we’re going to have some Happy Good Time Giveaways. That is not the official term (nor should it be), but the whole idea is that I’m going to give away some books and some Other Things. Southern things. Things like banjos and fried catfish and turnip greens.

Oh, I am totally kidding.

Although I could absolutely get on board with a banjo.

So just know that there are going to be some free things. And some fun things. And I should probably also mention that I do have some book signings scheduled (in Alabama and Mississippi), but I’m trying to keep all that info confined to my bloggy Facebook page so that I don’t get on your nerves. Because while I still haven’t gotten used to having a bloggy Facebook page and don’t really know how to use it, I do know that it makes my brain feel better to have a designated place for communicating that kind of stuff. Apparently my mind likes to compartmentalize meaningless information.

So. That’s the latest blog and book news. But it’s not the latest Bachelorette news, because OH YES MA’AM I’m about to sit down in front of the DVR and FIRE ‘ER UP. Depending on the level of cheesy that’s on display this season, we may have to link arms and support one another through some socially awkward reality television moments.

I for one am all for it.

P.S. Can we please take a moment to remember Jesse’s Book of Thoughts from Deanna’s Bachelorette season?

P.P.S. I think this next week will be much better if we do.

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  1. LOVED your podcast with Melanie! i didn’t think there was any way that icould listen to two people talk for THAT long without being able to get in on the conversation. So…while my two girls were playing after dinner, i was washing dishes and listening in on two friends chatting. When you talk you just sound like the people I know. As in, you do not have an accent at all.
    And your book is going to be the same way! I just know it and cannot wait to read it!

  2. Love the new look! Excited about your book…. :)

  3. Love this new blog look! I’m a creature of habit, but lately, the thought of change has been so appealing to me! I love the way your blog looks now!

  4. I LOVE IT. Karla is the best!!! It suits you so much, dear Sophie! Cheering you on with joy!

  5. Blog looks great! I love the white space; sometimes folks don’t realize how important that is.

    Listened to the podcast while organizing my pantry this afternoon. I didn’t get finished with the pantry so I really need y’all to do another one this week. And Sophie, while you were not studying the sciences I was not studying the mathematics.

    Watched most of the Bachelorette. Will not say anything and anxiously await your review.

  6. Merri Jo says:

    Your new header design is just darling! And the white page is so restful for the eyes of your readers! I have been looking forward to reading your book for so long; I pre-ordered it on B&N. you must be so excited!

  7. I basically LOVE beyond words what Karl has done.

    And let me say, first and foremost, I frankly adore, love, admire, wanttosnuggleupwithandwatchmovieswith, did I say ♥♥♥ Karla?

    Always have. She has done some things for me as well, and I love the way she listens.And is even patient with my, oh what is the term for it, OCDhavenoclueastowhatitisIwantindesigntermsthat designfolkcanunderstanditis.Always will.

    And then just “gets me”.

    She has done a very BoomamaThang here. Brilliantly.

    (And now that I am considering writing again, I feel that I need, musthave, cannotrejuvenatewithout a really good KickInThePantsBlawgyStyle from her. As Pooh says, “Think, Think, Think, Think,Think, Think

  8. It’s so pretty!!! No wonder you love it. Can’t wait to read your book!

  9. First of all, I love the new design. Very cute! Secondly, I have already pre-ordered your book. I cannot wait to read it! Thirdly, have you tried the new(ish) Zingz crackers from Cheez-It? I bought them last week (the queso fundido) and wolfed down a box all the while thinking “I wonder if Sophie knows about these?”

  10. Love the new look! Happy book release date coming soon. ;)

  11. Lori H says:

    Love the new blog design! Very fresh and easy to read. Good luck on the release of your book!

  12. Very nice redesign … and so exciting about the book! A big couple of day coming up for you … enjoy!

  13. Love your new blog look. It sort of smiles at you, doesn’t it? Whimsy is good. I can hardly wait to read your book and I’m a little jealous of those who have already found it. Happy for you, Sophie.

  14. Your new blog design is beautiful! I love the colors and design, and it reminds me very much of the cover of your book! (How cool is that? I just said “your book” and I was referring to a real, live, actual book that you have written and published. Ah-maz-ing!)

    And now I am noticing even the comment section is updated. And beautiful. Such a happy way to start my day.

  15. It’s beautiful :) Love the new look! (and the font in your comments box…goodness..I love a good font.)

  16. Meg Wood says:

    I love the new design! Also…don’t be so shy about your book! I am all kinds of proud of you!!! If you find it in your heart, please put book signing info on your blog, too! I promise it doesn’t get on our nerves! We wanna know! Get the word out! Woohoo!

  17. Melanie M says:

    Loving the new look! Can’t wait for the book release.

  18. Love the new look…..much whimsy!!!

  19. I love the new whimsy! It’s just perfect :)

    Also, I’m just SO EXCITED for you and the new book. What a fun kick-off for Summer ’13!

  20. Love the new look!

    And PLLLLEEEEEEEEEZ put your book-signing info on your blog. I don’t do Facebook. And if you come to Houston and I don’t get to say hi, I will be heartbroken!

  21. I love it! So fresh and pretty. It feels…air-conditioned. And I think every Southern girl has an appreciation for that ;)

  22. It looks lovely, Sophie! Glad to have the recommendation on Karla. I need to make a few changes on my blog, and I’d love to have someone local who can do it.

  23. Aunt Annie says:

    Your new design if very pretty. I have two books ordered!! I am excited.

  24. Margaret says:

    love the new look, just thought I had the wrong place the first time it came up. Looking forward to reading your book. Will I be able to get it on my Kindle?

  25. Oh it feels good over here. Nice choices =)

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design. So very you. And I say that like I know you personally. Getting there. I deactivated my FB account recently (just couldn’t handle it anymore) so if you could just list somewhere on your blog the dates for your book signings. I’ve already pre-ordered the book and I want it signed! And to finally meet my Bulldog buddy!

  27. Beautiful!!

  28. LOVE the new look! It is so you!!


  29. Great new look. And if you need help with a salty, savory, pork-inspired giveaway… give us a shout!

  30. LOVE the new design.

    Also. PLEASE may we talk about The Bachelorette. I don’t know what kind of guy Des said she wanted, but boy oh boy did she get a weird crew- and not a blonde or ginger to be found! So weird. Let’s discuss it.

    Love you! SOOOO excited about the release next week!

  31. i love the new look! Enjoyed the podcast with Big Mama! And I am looking forward to reading your book while on vacation in late June!!!

  32. Love the new digs, Boo!

  33. MJ @ 517 Creations says:

    Gorgeous new design! :)

  34. I love the your new design, and I cannot wait for your book release! Yay!!!

  35. Love the new look. If you don’t mind, please post your book signings on here too. I’m not on facebook. I’m a rebel like that.

  36. Looks wonderful-love love love it!!

    So excited for the book. . .might even be a wee bit giddy in anticipation for you. . .
    Bring your book signing to KC, I’ll be the first in line!

  37. Jennifer Bice says:

    Beautiful new blog design !

  38. lovely look. these older eyes could use a tad darker font though.

  39. So June 4th is my birthday….my 35th birthday. I’m panicking about it slightly if you must know. I will officially be in my mid-30’s. I’m not one of those people who embraces aging. I don’t really like it…at all. But I’m certain I’m going to like your book. Laughter will take the sting out of the day. I’m looking forward to that. :)

  40. amandamw says:

    Please come to Texas for a book signing!! Austin or Houston! Can we lure you with mexican food? :)

  41. I watched The Bachelorette last night, and yes, we’re going to be doing a lot of arm linking, because those boys were pathetic. Desiree’s soul mission will be to find the one normal person on the cast of boys- poor girl may leave empty handed if that’s what she has to choose from…. Although, the man that brought out his son melted my heart!

  42. This new design is so footloose and fancy-free – I love it! And, could I be any more excited about your book release? I think not. (And, truly, a new podcast with Big Mama, to boot? It’s just too much excitement for one week!!) ;)

  43. The whimsical look seems just like you!

  44. The new look is just perfect! Spring/Summer always seems like a good time to try a new style :) Can’t wait for the book to come out!!!

  45. The redesign is perfect. Love it!

  46. So excited to read your new book


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