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Well, it has been a jam-packed few days around here, so I’m going to resort to the list format. Honestly, between book stuff and college baseball (the ‘Dogs are in a rain delay right now), I’m not sure that I possess the ability to compose paragraphs. Unrelated sentences it is!

– The winner of last week’s giveaway for the cast iron skillet, a book, and All The Bacon is comment #487.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 8.51.28 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 9.20.04 PM

Congratulations, Lori M. – I’ll send you an email later tonight!

– I had a book signing in my hometown late last week, and when I wasn’t fighting back tears at the sight of a teacher from junior high or a friend from grad school or a buddy of Papaw Davis’, I had such a good time. I was especially happy to see my cousin Benji’s sweet girls – they are growing up so fast.


– It was my last post, I think, when I mentioned how much I’d been sleeping lately, and I apparently I spoke way too soon because the sleep, it has been oh-so-elusive the last four or five nights. FINGERS CROSSED that I turn a corner with the insomnia over the next couple of days because, well, I’M PUNCHY.

– There was another book signing in Jackson, MS this past Friday, and I got so tickled when I saw the sign outside of the bookstore.


I just never dreamed that I’d see my name and “$1 Domestic Beers!” on the same sign. It sort of made me feel like I should end my time at the bookstore by sitting on top of a piano and singing a medley of love songs from the 80’s. Anita Baker, anyone?

– State’s baseball game has now been postponed until tomorrow at 3. Quite frankly I don’t know if my nerves can take much more on the Road to Omaha.

– I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, but this bag by Scout is the very best road trip / beach bag I have ever used. Mine was a gift from Emma Kate, and it is one of my favorite things. The outside pockets are genius.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.30.39 PM

I realize that the bag has nothing to do with anything that I’ve mentioned today, but I love it a little more with every trip I take. It’s a keeper.

– This week is going to be like finals week for me; I have four articles to finish, and I’m going to try to stay away from the Internet until I am all done…otherwise I’ll wind up in some sort of YouTube vortex where I watch the opening numbers from old Miss America pageants over and over again. Then I’ll move on to the theme songs from 70’s sitcoms. And then it’ll be 4 in the afternoon and I’ll be wondering why I’m not finished with anything.

– I have a book signing here in Birmingham this Saturday, June 15th at the Brookwood Mall Books A Million. It’s at 3pm, and I’d love to see some of y’all there (she says, awkwardly). :-)

– Finally, thanks so much for your very kind emails and comments and tweets and etc. over the last week or so. There’s just no way to express how much your sweet words of encouragement have meant to me. I am oh-so-grateful.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. JoEllen says:

    I really enjoyed your book this weekend and have already recommended it to friends! Thank you for sharing your humor, your love for your family, and reminding us of our Saviour’s love for us!
    I look forward every weekday morning to reading your blog-on the weekends I miss you! :)
    Take care and get some rest!

  2. I received my book from Amazon and it made my Friday. I’ve started reading it and for some reason I just want to read a chapter at a time to savor all the words, emotions, humor so the book will last longer and then on the other hand I want to read it straight though. I’m filling in for my church receptionist the next few day and I’m going to take it with me and casually just lay it on the corner of the desk so I can share about it with others.
    You looked so lovely in the picture.

  3. Whitney says:

    I’m still crossing my fingers for an Indiana book signing date!
    BTW, love the dress!!!

  4. Found my copy of your book at the Barnes & Noble this past week, and it’s packed up and saved for vacation reading, which begins this coming Friday! Woohoo!
    I LOVE your dress!!!

  5. Kuliejellogg says:

    You look so pretty!

  6. After searching up & down 30-A to no avail & my local Target, I caved and drove to Barnes & Noble. Sold OUT! I gave up & let them order it. Now stalking my mailman! :)

  7. Olivia Bagwell says:

    I just started your book and reading your blog and i’m so sad i missed you in jackson this weekend! you are a hoot! i found out about you/your book from melanie’s blog and sent my mom in law to get your book friday and they were sold out but they got another shipment in! yay! thanks for sharing YOU! best wishes?? is that what you say?? ha :)

  8. Maria McLeod says:

    Oh Sophie! I read your book this weekend and I just can’t tell you how much this Mississippi girl enjoyed it! I really feel like we might come from the same bloodline and if my Nanny were still alive (God bless her) and knew even one of your grandparents we probably would find out we are. Ha! In a kind-hearted, God-fearing, family-loving way, you managed to cover all those great Southern topics that our family stories usually center around. I mean, seriously, bacon and “toots?” It just doesn’t get any better than that! The Lord is using you Sophie! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Oh, how I would love to make the short hike from my college dorm room in Beeson Woods at Samford University down the street to Brookwood Mall for your book signing this Saturday! Alas, it is no longer 1990 so I don’t live there any more. I am reveling in your book–the cover beauty alone is going to make me happy for the rest of June. I may have to frame it and hang it in my kitchen.

    PS your piano comment will have me singing “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah AAAAHHH caught up in the Rapture of you…” for the rest of the day. #loveyourdress

  10. I was so excited to get your book in the mail on Wednesday (Go Amazon!) that I immediately started reading it. The chapter on your Mamaw’s passing had me doing the ugly cry…it took me straight back to my MaMa’s passing when I was 21-all the emotions of the time were there, just like it was yesterday (and it was 24 years worth of yesterdays). There are just some things you never recover from. Anyway, I’m trying to read slowly in order to savor it…having grown up in Georgia, it’s almost like our families are the same! I hope there’s a book #2 in your future!

  11. KimberlyOKC says:

    Can’t wait to get your book in the mail. I’ve ordered it. I’m gonna devour it and then send probably a long comment about all the things I loved!!! IT’S GONNA BE MY FAV PART OF MY WEEK, I JUST KNOW IT!!! Congrats, gurl!!!

  12. I’ve gotta say, especially since your comment about the $1 Domestic Beer, that it tickled me to see advertisements for spiced rum along the side of your page!

  13. I love that Scout bag too! We just got back from the beach and it was perfect!

  14. You look so cute in that dress! Also, I am very sad that I didn’t win the book/15 lbs. of bacon combo set. I was so sure I would win. I’m not sure about the $1 beer in a bookstore – not against it, but I would have never thought of it. Do they sell beer at Starbuck’s now? Even if they do, wouldn’t it be some sort of third world country beer from which part of the profits would be allocated to provide clean water to a village? You’ve given me a lot to consider this morning.

  15. Ginger Woods says:

    I am enjoying your book so much. With each chapter, I soak it all in and then reflect on my own life. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I just recently started reading/following your blog and decided to buy your book to read on our vacation last week. It’s the first book I bought on my new Kindle (Martha and I have Some Things in common!). Let me tell you that I was the source of much ‘entertainment’ for many people around the pool and on the beach as there were times when I had to put my Kindle down and just sit and laugh out loud- much of the time when I was alone. I thoroughly embarrassed my teenage daughter by laughing and sniffling in public and my husband wouldn’t let me read it in bed at night because I made too much noise doing said laughing and sniffling. However, when our 5 hour trip to the beach turned into 11 hours due to things that happen in South America that don’t happen in the USA, your book helped while away those extra hours as I took full advantage of having a captive audience and read them my favorite chapters. Can I just say that I loved your book?

  17. anotherlisa says:

    oh, my word, the tears.
    your book is powerful and sweet. my mom’s sister just went to glory in january, and so many, many memories were evoked. reading your prose is a gift for which i have to thank you. my oldest daughter asked if i devoured your book, and i had to say “no, i’m savoring. too much going on, to wolf it down. i don’t want to miss a word.”
    your talent and sweet spirit and sense of humor and hard work have culminated in a beautiful book that entertained, inspired, and helped me to remember my southern roots.
    bless you, sophie. and thank you to your sweet family, who’ve loved and supported you on this journey.
    PLEASE don’t stop writing. do it on your schedule, as the Lord leads, but please continue.

  18. anotherlisa says:

    ps – i ordered copies for all my cousins!
    what a great way you’ve given for us to re-connect and stay in touch.
    thank you, again!

  19. Darn it. I won’t be back in Birmingham until Sunday. Was hoping I would be able to catch one of your book signings while I’m there.

  20. I read your book in one day. It was so entertaining, warm and funny that I couldn’t stop! I just felt like I knew your family and friends personally. I’m really hoping you have a lot more stories to tell.

  21. Finals for you or one of your kiddos? Oh, how I love school! Do tell more! Amy

  22. Your book is WAY better than any $1 Domestic Beer. And your hair!!! It looks amazing!! Hang in there – hopefully that road to Omaha is paved with a few more ZZZ’s.

  23. That bag looks awesome! I always carry a Lands End tote, but that one looks waterproof, so that’s a plus. As soon as I finish my book club book, I’m jumping in to A Little Salty with both feet!

    Also, best blog title ever.

  24. Oh, Sophie, I finished the book in one sitting and loved-loved-loved every word! We went to see my mother the next day and I took it to her. She, too, read it all at once and is passing it around her circle of friends. Brownsville doesn’t have a bookstore, but you may be invited to a Review Club…or six! (In a town like Brownsvile, that’s some high praise right there! Haha!) I do hope there’s a Memphis signing in your future!

  25. dawn - houston tx says:

    The book is devine!! I was so happy to go in to my barnes and noble and buy it. I wish i didn’t have these three jobs, or i would totally be finished with it!! And on another note….Ohhhhh mmmmmmmm geeeeee the bulldawgs. Are you kiddin me with that game? It almost killed me dead right there. And that throw to first in the 9th…and then the slip sliddin around, well i nearly lost my mind…..BUT HERE WE GO TO OMAHA….and thats the really good news. So happy. and so was my son Addam. Remember I wrote you about him when he was the little 3rd grader that sent the power point to (then) Coach Jacke Sherrill. And then because Mississippi State is so awesome they sent my little boy a box of all things mississippi state. So he is a fan for life!! And the game….oh well, WORLD SERIES!!!

  26. Wishing you sweet sleep so you can really enjoy (and be present for) all these wonderful activities on your list. Take notes and keep a journal to help you remember during those crazy sleep deprived moments. YOu go girl!!

  27. Hey girl! LOVED the sign! Oh my — that’s so funny. And also, I am SO SAD that I’m missing you at the booksigning. I’ll be in ‘on the road again’ — it’s where I stay these days when I’m not ‘sailing’ (look I just managed to get a Willie Nelson and Christopher Cross reference into one sentence).
    Miss the snot outta you! And when your life calms down and my does the same we’ll connect — of course that may be when we end up in some retirement home.