Wednesday Brought The Thunder

This post is going to be super-fast because my computer battery is almost dead and I’m at my parents’ house and there’s a ten year-old asleep in the room where my power cord is, but I just wanted to thank y’all so much for your sweet comments and emails and general words-o-encouragement about the book being released and all the accompanying hubbub.

(Is “hubbub” spelled like that?)

(I don’t think I’ve ever typed it before.)

(And in the irony department, I feel like I’m making a hubbub about “hubbub.”)

Tuesday turned out to be a really good day – once I got past my initial nervousness and texted Melanie the most neurotic series of sentences you have ever seen in your life. At one point I wrote something along the lines of, “THIS HAS ALL BEEN A TERRIBLE MISTAKE,” and then I fell sideways on a chaise lounge and rested my hand on my forehead and grabbed a nearby container of smelling salts since I was feeling very faint.

Listen. It was a very dramatic 30-35 minutes. But I don’t always handle New Life Events very well.

That afternoon my Bible study friends hosted a little get-together to celebrate the book, and by that point I was so wound up that I TALKED FOR MANY MINUTES IN A ROW WITHOUT STOPPING AND ALSO I WAS VERY LOUD BECAUSE I WAS VERY RELIEVED TO BE AROUND SOME PEOPLE.

Please let me show you this cake.


Isn’t that adorable?

Eventually I will make some sort of collage something-or-other with my pictures from the shindig, but there’s no time for that right now because, well, COMPUTER BATTERY IN THE RED. Just know that it was very fun and I am so grateful for friends who treat me like family and please remind me to tell you about these pretzel and M&M cookie-type things that could very well lead to my earthly demise.

Also, Tuesday night we ate supper at Chuy’s. I can’t imagine that even a single one of you is surprised.

This morning I took the little guy to VBS, and we had big plans to leave for Mississippi just as soon as I picked him up. But one thing led to another thing and another thing and another thing, and the bottom line is that it was almost 4:30 before we got on the road. I just couldn’t get my act together – I would fold a pair of jeans and then put my hairspray in a bag and then scrub the kitchen sink and then dig through a pile of socks and it just took me forever to get our stuff packed. I also took a brief nap about midway through the packing process because suddenly I was very tired and just needed to shut my eyes for a minute.

(My sleeping habits of late are a whole ‘nother post. But apparently I was operating on a significant sleep deficiency at the end of the school year, and OH, HAVE I EVER BEEN TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR IT.)

Anyway, it was a little cloudy when we pulled out of our driveway, but by the time we got to the interstate, it was starting to get really dark. And after we’d been on the road about 15 minutes, it started to rain with such force and fury that I wondered if I shouldn’t just turn around and go home. It eventually let up a little bit, and we kept moving, but somewhere around Tuscaloosa the bottom fell completely out of the sky and we ended up swimming to Mississippi.

I am kidding, of course. But OH, THE RAIN.

I ended up staying in the right lane with my hazards on for the next 30 or so miles, but after about the sixth round of torrential downpours, my nerves were shot. So I pulled off the interstate at a McDonald’s, parked the car, texted my husband, and said something along the lines of, “It is raining so loudly that you could not hear me if I called. So we are going to go in McDonald’s now. I think I have had enough of the weather.”

And do you know that we stayed in that McDonald’s for over an hour? Yes we did. We ate supper there, enjoyed the free wifi, refilled our drinks a couple of times, and basically could’ve camped out there all night if necessary because driving in all that rain was no longer an option for me. Mama’s nerves = DONE.

Finally, though, the worst of the rain passed us. D texted me and said it looked like we were free and clear from the storm system (that thing must have been GINORMOUS), and we bid farewell to our Mickey D’s haven. We made it to my parents’ house way later than we planned, but yay for not driving in, you know, A SQUALL.

(I’m not entirely sure that we experienced an actual squall.)

(But make no mistake. That weather was squall-ish.)

But wait! There’s a silver lining! When we were almost to my parents’ house, we caught the tail-end of the most gorgeous sunset. I even pulled off the road (again) and stopped the car (again) because LOOK AT THIS, MY WORD.



I’d say that all worked out.

Happy Thursday, y’all.

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  1. Sophie, I picked up your book Tuesday and began to read it on a flight home to Texas. (and by the way, your book saved me from a very strange man sitting next to me on the plane who, as long as I wasn’t looking at your book, asked me very strange and uncomfortable questions. Therefore, I spent the entire flight looking at your book to curb the amount of discomfort I was feeling from this situation- and for that, I am deeply indebted to you). But oh my word, I soaked up each chapter and had every reader’s great and hoped-for crisis: do I keep reading because it’s all so good and I want to keep soaking it all in, or do I stop so it will last longer and not be over so soon? That is the crisis that thrills me as a reader! My favorite chapter so far has been the story of your mother’s toot in front of your hubby- that had me laughing so hard on the plane I went into the silent laughter and couldn’t breathe. It was a great literary moment :) Thank you so much for your stories and sharing your family with us. Even though my family is different from yours, your book caused me to reflect on all of the beauty my family and former years have held, and it has made me grateful. Your book has been a ray of sunshine, and I am holding off reading the last few chapters so it will last a little longer, and I don’t have to say goodbye to Martha, Chox, Alex, and your Momma yet- they really are quite lovely :) Thank you for writing and sharing your gift with us- I am very grateful :) Encore, encore!

  2. God is so good … for giving us safe travels and beautiful sunsets. AND for giving us the gift of your writing! My Thursday is off to a great start. Thank you for the laughter!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with pictures of sunsets. Yes, the pictures are beautiful, but they are never even as close to as beautiful as they are in real life. This might mean I’m slightly neurotic about things like this, but oh, well.

  4. I’m amazed with a computer battery IN THE RED you were able to write this post. Your fingers are lightning, which likely can be accounted for by the squall (you had a need, a need for speed!).

    THANKful you made it safe and sound and were compensated with a spectacular sunset. Worth the price of admission :).

    (SO happy you had a good day celebrating & eating cake with friends–AND WHAT A PERFECT CAKE IT WAS!!)

  5. I received your book in the mail yesterday and immediately started reading! I was only on page 23 when I realized that I had laughed loudly on the deck waking my dog up from a nap! Also, I had already wiped away a few tears and I was only on page 23! Thank you! I simply love it! Sonja in Indiana

  6. Ha ha ha ha!! Love laughing outloud at your posts. Also? Hatey hate driving in torrential rain – I feel your pain, but am thankful that you were rescued by the ever faithful McDonalds. :)

  7. Rebecca says:

    I too, am in the proverbial press on and read or stall quandary! I L-0-V-E your book and am waiting for both my daughter and best friend to receive their copies. Otherwise they will know all the great parts because I am DYING TO SHARE and even have quoted and texted several parts to aforementioned ladies! Thank you for writing this book, it truly is a breath of the freshest, sweetest air! Enjoy your time at home!

  8. I was at a LifeWay store on Saturday thinking that I wouldn’t be able to find your book because I thought I had read that it came out on Tuesday, but THERE IT WAS! Glory to God! Let me just tell you that while reading it at the pool, I cried so many tears and laughed hysterically so many times that I’m quite sure the lifeguards were looking out for me more than for the kids in the pool. I am Texas gal living in Virginia (found you through Big Mama!) and I cannot tell you how many times I have looked to the heavens missing my Texas grandmom since reading your book. She always talked about the Wal-Mart’s and the SteinMart’s. And she was the queen of the 3/4 sleeved jacket. I desperately miss sitting with her while watching her “stories” (As the World Turns), going to Wesley Methodist Church and trying to beat the Baptists to the Luby’s Cafeteria and putting the hurt on some pound cake. Your book is a blessing. Thank you!

  9. Thank goodness you had the good sense to pull over. I think I might have just stopped dead in the middle of the road and wept. That cake is darling!

    And so far, one of my very most favorite lines in your book is on page 29 where you are talking about Stein Mart and how you like to “satisfy both sides of your gene pool at exactly the same time.” LOVE that (and, me too!!!)

  10. BooMama, I am headed to town (45-minute drive) to run errands this morning, including a stop at B&N for your book, and if it doesn’t happen to be there (because SOLD OUT, of course!) then I’m driving another 10 minutes to Lifeway in hopes it will be there. I’M SO EXCITED!!!
    And then I hope to have the strength to hold onto that book and not read it for another week until we are on vacation, because that has been my plan ever since you first announced the release date. :-)
    Love the cake and the sunset! Have a fun visit!

  11. I plan to read your book this weekend. I’m from MS, also, and am convinced we are related. Our families sound so much alike. I just returned from a 4-day visit. It is so good to go “home”. Bless you and yours and thank you so much for writing the book!

  12. Charman says:

    I bought the book yesterday afternoon; I finished it ten minutes ago. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. I, too, am a Mississippi girl living in Alabama who treasures her family’s stories. Thanks for sharing yours. I have read your blog for several years now and have gotten so much joy from it. The book was just as good as I expected it to be. It is one of those books that I regret I can only read “for the first time” once. (There is no higher literary praise I can offer, by the way.) However, I do anticipate multiple re-readings and know that I will find fresh joy with each reading because you write about the things most dear to me. In fact, I want to go home and see my mama and daddy so badly right now I can hardly stand it. I am so thankful that I “followed you home” via that link from a comment on the LPM blog several years ago. God bless you!

  13. That cake is absolutely beautiful! How special to celebrate such an incredible event with amazing friends. Glad to you made it to Mississippi safely!

  14. I despise driving in the rain too! I’m near sighted and usually refuse to wear my glasses when driving – they make me swimmy headed (and that couldn’t be good when driving!). But I was a good girl yesterday and put them on when I couldn’t see the car in front of me through the rain. We were coming south on I75 from Atlanta to our home in middle Georgia when it hit us. Thankfully we made it home safe and sound! Glad you had a safe trip too :)

  15. I am looking forward to reading your book as well as eating at Chuy’s (one is coming to a big city near me soon!)

  16. You write the funniest things even when you need your battery charged!! Glad little man and you made it safely. Enjoy your visit!

  17. Kari Browder says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your book…such a delight! Thanks for sharing your family and your heart with us. Tell Martha she’s just precious!

  18. Samantha says:

    I started your book a few nights ago and I am so enthralled!

    As a Jewish woman from New York, I come from a SLIGHTLY different place than the places and people in your book. :-) But even so, I am finding it so easy to relate to, so engaging, and just so wonderful! The South is SO different from anything I know and I am just loving reading your descriptions of things we all do so differently.

    I honestly don’t think many bloggers are able to write books that have more depth than their blogs–blogs often don’t translate well into book form. However, you were able to make the transition and produce a book that doesn’t feel shallow or like something is missing. I am looking forward to getting in bed tonight to read more!

    I will write you a glowing review on Amazon when I finish, but I wanted to take a moment to write you a personal note. It is a wonderful book and I hope you sell many, many copies!

    And as my people say, Mazel Tov!!! :-)

  19. Brittany says:

    You are absolutely hilarious! I am reading your book and can’t put it down. It is truly a gem. I am from the great state of Tennessee and I feel like I am reading much about my own life and relatives in your book! Although my husband and I currently do not reside in the south, we receive phone calls and e-mails from all of our crazy southern relatives updating us on the latest small town gossip. It is always nice to read something from someone else born and raised to say “ya’ll.” I hope you eventually write a second book!

  20. Is it me and my old eyes or is everyone having trouble reading the light colored blue font on your webpage? I can barely see it. Help!

  21. Sophie, I have been reading your book and enjoying it so much. Your family stories are hilarious and heart warming. I spent many Summers with my grandparents and found so much of my grandparents in your stories. They lived on a farm in my very early years and then moved when things got difficult. Precious years to reflect on. Thank you for taking me back. I spoke Wednesday at a church function and gave a copy of your book as a door prize. I am also giving one as a girl friend birthday. So you can see I truly enjoyed the book. Thanks