And Also: Happy Flag Day, Finland!

For almost a year now, I’ve known that June 4, 2013 would be the day when this little book made its official debut.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.44.29 AM

And honestly, I’ve been thinking off and on all day about all the Heartfelt Sentiments I hoped to express in this post. I mean, I’ve carried this book around in my head and my heart for the last two years, and now some people may read it, and just thinking about the process of it all – not to mention how supportive my family has been – left me very reflective and weepy for most of the afternoon. Combine that weepiness with the fact that I am mildly terrified, and the end result is sort of a paranoid sentimentality that leads to a very tenderhearted series of unrelated thoughts. That’s why I actually sat in my car during Alex’s golf lesson this afternoon and tried to force my brain into organizational mode and figure out how to best communicate my feelings about June 4, 2013.

But then, for whatever reason, I decided to look at the Google and see if June 4th is any sort of holiday.

This is exactly the kind of thing I do when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, by the way. I actively pursue diversion, and once I find it, I embrace it with my whole heart.


And seriously, I really do get that jumping on the Google wasn’t the most logical course of action considering that I was hoping to Say Meaningful Things. But I feel like everything has been book, book, and more book lately, and I finally reached a point where I thought, Surely I can find some other reason why June 4th might be a significant date in my life.

And y’all, I could not have anticipated what all the Googling was going to teach me.

For starters, June 4th is Embarrassing Ailments Day. As someone who has suffered for most of her life with embarrassingly small ear canals as well as unusually high arches in both feet, I cannot tell you how much peace and comfort I find in knowing that there is an entire day devoted to the recognition and dare I say CELEBRATION of a host of little-known but occasionally shame-inducing ailments. I’m not sure who decided that this day should be A Thing, but well played, whoever you are.

On top of that, June 4th is Applesauce Cake Day. In the South we don’t make a whole lot of applesauce cakes, though I do remember one time when my friend Jonna made a cake and used applesauce instead of butter to cut down on the fat content (I was certain that she was a culinary genius, not to mention more disciplined than I’d ever thought about being), but if you are a fan of Applesauce Cake, Tuesday is your day. Maybe you can cook some pork chops and watch that Brady Bunch episode and then sample a variety of applesauce options. Before you eat your applesauce cake, of course.

But here’s THE BEST PART.

June 4th is also Frost Your Hair Day.


I mean, do you have any idea how many frosting kits I have purchased over the course of the last 25 years? (Well, not counting the last four years when I really have tried to avoid the home hair coloring.)


Hey, lady. Today we’re gonna celebrate YOU.

For a split second I really did wonder if I should commemorate the book release by sliding on one of those highlighting caps and giving my roots a little bit of a touch-up. After all, Frost Your Hair Day only rolls across the calendar once a year, and I’d hate to dishonor the date, especially when I don’t have another hair appointment for about three weeks and my roots are starting to be a source of embarrassment.

(Which works out well considering that it is in fact Embarrassing Ailments Day.)

(Though I don’t know if a failure to frost really qualifies as an ailment.)

(But considering that I count my high arches as an ailment, YES, ROOTS, YOU FALL INSIDE THE AILMENT BUBBLE.)

So, see? I LEARNED SOME THINGS today. And while I guess I’ve managed to sidestep a randomly arranged series of heartfelt sentiments, I do want y’all to know that I am deeply grateful for all of you, and I have been incredibly humbled and blessed by your encouragement. A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet may be the only book I ever write, but for whatever it’s worth, it comes straight from the center of my heart. I am so thankful that I got to share some of my family’s stories, and I hope that you’ll see your own family – whether it’s the family you were born into or the family you’ve chosen – as you flip through the pages.

And more than anything else, let’s all please remember to give June 4th the honor that it’s due and devote some quality time to our ailments, our applesauce cakes, and frosting our hair.

If you’re feeling especially kicky, you might even celebrate all three.

But by all means, pace yourself. I just read that June 5th is Fly A Kite Day.

You certainly don’t want to overdo it.


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  1. Oh, BooMama! You are a funny, funny girl, and I can’t wait to read your book. Only 30 more minutes until June 4!

    I really think we are sisters even more now because I too have freakishly tall arches (any and all Clarks shoes are dead to me) and also have donned one too many home frosting caps. My husband would actually rather me pay mucho dinero to have my hair done at the salon than to deal with the consequences and repercussions that happen when my hair color gets messed up and I try to fix it myself.

  2. I’m delighted that my copy is waiting for me on my Kindle. Congratulations to you and blessings in this journey.

  3. I love this post! Not only is it sweet and funny, but very informative as well. I need my roots done and blond is my color. I just might go ahead and frost. :)
    I can’t wait to read your book. God bless you:). Oh, and I don’t think for one moment this will be the only book you ever write. God blessed you with a beautiful gift and there are wonderful things ahead for you!

  4. Congratulations, sweet friend. There was never a doubt in my mind that there was a book in you, and that it would fight its way out to be published someday. Well done, Sophie….well done. :-)

  5. Sophie, your book, which I ordered in March, just this minute downloaded to my Kindle. I am fixin’ to crawl into bed and read for at least the next hour. Congratulations, friend; writing a book is a huge accomplishment!

  6. Remember the nagging about podcasts? Oh…the nagging for more books written by you is sure to be my next thing…nagging in LOVE, I say!

    No, really, praying that God will continue to pour in, so you will pour right out. ‘Cause, you BLESS. You certainly do! And you challenge me, too…I think you may not know that. But you do!

    Much love!

    And will hold off all naggings until at least September.

  7. Congratulations on the official birth day of your book. Praying for you today and for the impact your book will have on the masses. Will be watching for your book to go on sale soon so I can afford to add it to my collection of books by bloggers who made it big. So exciting!

  8. Amy on Italy says:

    Congratulations on those embarassing canals, arches and roots of yours. Will celebrate vicariously by ordering your book on The Kindle today! Thank you for all the fun you bring into my world!

  9. I went to the local Barnes and Noble store today just to ask them if they would have your book in the store tomorrow before I have to catch a plane to fly out of town. I so wanted to enjoy it on my plane ride. I was delighted when the worker man informed me it was already on the shelf- and I grabbed the last one on the new releases shelf! It will make my flight :) Thanks for writing and can’t wait to open the pages… (And Happy Hungarian National Unity Day as well.) :)

  10. Shannon says:

    It’s already June 4th here in Japan and I’m sitting in the middle of a shopping mall food court in Tokyo reading your book on my kindle and wiping away tears and trying not to laugh out loud all at the same time!! Thank you for writing this book and for writing your blog and for being one of the voices that keep me connected to my southern roots!

  11. Congratulations, Sophie! It’s fun to watch dreams come true. Can’t wait to read your work!

  12. The book is fabulous! Congratulations on this very special day! You (and Finland’s flag) deserve to celebrate!

  13. Congratulations! Now you need to link with Emily Freeman at the end of the month for the What I Learned in June linky. Seriously.

  14. Laurie says:

    Congratulations, Sophie! My copy is on it’s way. I can’t wait to read it!

  15. Christy says:

    Oh I am with you on the diversion thing! I am supposed to be writing a paper for Grad school right now and instead I am reading here because it is far more interesting and entertaining than writing about the scientific method from a Christian worldview. Can’t wait to read your book!

  16. Allison says:

    Congratulations Sophie! Can’t wait to read the book!

  17. Congratulations on your book Sophie! So excited for you and can’t wait to read it!

  18. Sweetheart you are such a treasure…and I am so glad I have stumbled (via Melanie) into your crazy world. You and I could be long lost cousins…except Im in TX and you’re…well somewhere else. :) Thank you for following the Lord and your heart and letting the rest of us into it.
    Bless your heart…now off to buy the book before my sweet tea gets too weak from melting ice.

  19. I can’t wait to go open my Kindle and start reading! I have enjoyed your blog for years, and have always felt like you were the kind of person that would fit right into the brand of crazy we have in my family. Reading your thoughts is like having a conversation with my sister or cousin. Thank you for your honesty, humor and for showing your faith in so many ways….

  20. I am SO excited to read this! I made the grievous error of buying Melanie’s book on Amazon, which meant I didn’t receive it until several days after it released. Fortunately, I learned from the error of my ways. So after work today, I’m heading over to Barnes and Noble to buy it and Hello Dolly! on DVD. (Those things are not related, but I’m an oversharer.)

    Also, it would make my month if you would add an Atlanta book signing!

  21. Salty, but sweet congratulations to you! I am so happy for you!

  22. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. Its funny to be so happy for someone I’ve never met but I am. Happy Day!

  23. Carynn says:

    Sending you hugs, congrats, and wishes for a wonderful frost your hair day!

  24. What a special, fantastic, overwhelming day for you! Congratulations on all this day stands for, and the journey you’ve been on to get here. Sometimes life hands us emotions that are just flat out too big to put into words. Sometimes not being able to put it into words communicates just how big and wide and deep those feelings really are. Wishing you a day filled with joyful celebration and much happy remembering of the last 2 years. And if an applesauce cake or a little frosting of the hair also occurs, so be it! :)

  25. i’m lovin your book! i’m going to give a copy to Nanette Roach Slover when my Amazon copy gets here…you’re precious!!

  26. I’m so happy for you Sophie! I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! Are you doing any signings in NC? You are one of the first bloggers I ever started reading and will always be one of my favorites :). Have a great day!

  27. I am so excited and happy for you, BooMama! It is going to be hard, but my plan is to save your book to read while on vacation later in June.
    And what do you mean, this may be the only book you ever write?! I’m betting NOT! :-)
    Congratulations and ENJOY the day of your 1st book release!!!

  28. The Amazon informed me that my copy should be sitting on my doorstep this very day. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! And, HELLO, Applesauce Cake Day? Yes please! Now, off to find someone who actually makes that…

    Soak up this release day, Sophie. God made it JUST FOR YOU!!!

  29. Megan G says:

    I found a copy of your book Friday night at the Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS. And I am so glad I did! It was fabulous and everything I knew it would be. I may have even teared up reading it in the bath tub last night. So thankful for you sharing your stories, and making me remember and laugh at my own! Congratulations on your book!! I am telling everyone I know to buy it.

  30. Aunt Annie says:

    Congratulations! You make me happy.

  31. Laura C says:

    Congratulations Sophie!!! I’m so excited for you! Thank you so much for spreading JOY to all of us day after day.

  32. So thrilled and happy for you and for all of us who get to enjoy this absolutely delicious book – perhaps while getting our roots frosted. Much love to you and the book,

  33. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I am so excited to read your book!!! Congrats and thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us! Much love to you! ! !

  34. Kristen says:

    We are celebrating with you! This is an exciting day for sure. From one high-arched girl to another, I am so proud of you!

  35. Congratulations, Sophie! I’m so very happy for you, and I can’t wait to read it for myself!

    I hope your June 4 is full of all manner of delightful :)

  36. Congratulations, Sophie! I hope you can sit back and enjoy your day today. You’ve earned it!

    I think I’ll spend my day celebrating my strange ailment of not making any earwax. (I know!)

  37. Brookles says:

    Congratulations Sophie! Can’t wait to read it You make the world a better place and I’m so thankful I found you and Mel…..Enjoy your special day.

  38. I too have high arches– we’re a misunderstood bunch that’s for sure!

  39. Nancy D says:

    Praying for you today that you will feel and know with absolute certainty how much you’re loved by people you don’t even know. Somehow I’ve managed to make it to, um, over 40, and have never colored my hair and I don’t take any medication for any chronic ailments, so you are IT today and the reason I will celebrate. I spent Memorial Day sitting on my front porch reading your book. I was on the last chapter when my husband came outside and caught me boo hooing. I DID see my family, and how it was much like yours, and also how it was so different — but yet I wanted it to be like yours. The whole table metaphor was what did me in. Love, love, love. Also, I need to tell you that I actually know someone named Ouida. And, my grandmother’s names: Serepta and Itier. They were both from south Jaw-jer. May this be one of your best days ever!

  40. So happy for you, Sophie! Can’t WAIT to get a copy. Reading your blog every day is a total delight and I know your book will not disappoint. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

  41. kuliejellogg says:

    June 4, 2013 is special for another great reason – my son Zeke is celebrating his golden birthday today – 4 years old on the 4th! We’re having a great time. We started with his breakfast of choice (blue pancakes), have donned our spiffy new “4” shirt, and are now off to Dollar Tree to pick out a birthday balloon. Yea for us, and yea for you!

  42. Mariposa says:

    Sophie – you book is the best. I have been following your blog for some time and was looking forward to your book. I was lucky enough to get it yesterday and I read most of it last night. I laughed out loud and cried at times, IT IS JUST THE BEST. I am going to get three more for my sisters and mom. Conrgats!! Your heart for your family and the Lord is so evident in your story telling.

  43. Traci C says:

    This is why I love you!!! You are the best & I promise we would be real life friends!!! :) Congratulations and many Blessings!! And in the words of Ramona….. Kadooze to you! :)

  44. I didn’t know Barnes and Noble wasn’t supposed to have it out last week but I am so glad they did. I actually bought it thinking my Mom may enjoy some light reading in the hospital recovering. She sent it home with me after the first chapter. She said she wanted to finish the library book I had gotten her first. Well, I brought it home and started it that night. After the first tears, I saw why my Mom sent it home with me. I told her she just needed to get past page 9 and the belly laughs start coming. It has brought me some much needed giggles. (and tears, although short-lived)

  45. Amazon is bringing my copy this very day and I am so excited I can barely stand it!

  46. I’m just so tickled for you!

    Praying that you can enjoy-dare I say-even savor the day and all your hard work and all the people that got you here.

  47. Renetta says:

    Well, BooMama, I read about you on Big Mama’s page, but was just too busy last week gettin’ my roots done to check out your site. Now I’m all in. Headed out this p.m. to run errands and book store is first on the list for your book and Big Mama’s “earrings” tome. Now as to that bacon give away – yes, bacon is a food group, isn’t it? AND what self-respecting Southern girl doesn’t have a cast iron skillet? Mine is about 50 yrs. old and wellllll seasoned. Hmmm. Maybe I need some cornbread right now? Blessings today!

  48. I can’t wait for my Amazon pre-order to arrive. Congratulations on doing something most of us only fantasize about (write a book that is, just to be clear). Looking forward to reading what I know will be a great book.

  49. votemom says:

    june 4th is also my 30th anniversary. all in all – a day to celebrate. have to wait until the 6th to get my hair did tho.

  50. I preordered your book and am just waiting for it to arrive since I live in a small town in rural Illinois and there are no book stores close to me. Congratulations on being published and enjoy your “book release day”.

  51. And this is why we love you! Cannot WAIT for your book to come in the mail. Congratulations! I might have to eat some Popeye’s chicken in your honor. I’ll pretend it’s Popeye’s chicken day. We southerners would just love that, wouldn’t we?

  52. I’m so proud! I’ve followed you for many years–and love your heart. So, bless your heart, you made it–and survived. High five. xoxo

  53. This may be my favorite blog post to date. Don’t foresee it ever getting beat either. Pure delightfulness.

    And BRAVO on your book. I wish I knew a “Howard” (think Designing Women episode) so I could give you a box of applause that you could open and hear your standing ovation over and over and over and over…..You certainly deserve it.

  54. I am so excited for you, and so very proud of you! I cannot wait to read it!!

  55. So excited that my book was delivered today!

    Also, my fav part of this post was that it was filed under the ‘Rambling’ tag.

    You are awesome. Thanks for sharing a little piece of Sophie with us!

  56. I feel like one of my good friends has done something fabulous. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment! I am sooo looking forward to reading your book (and trying to explain to my husband what I’m laughing at). Of course, he’ll never understand. :-)

  57. this reminds me of the movie The Help, when their book comes out and the maids see people all over town reading it. quite a day for you.

  58. Brenda says:

    My copy was waiting on the porch when I got home today! So excited!

  59. Love you!

    Also, have I told you about my bunions?! They are actin’ up somethin’ fierce!

  60. 6/4/13, today is also the day my x mother in law finally made out the checks for the high school graduates she’s been worried about doing for WEEKS! She is 91 and sometimes things are hard for her…yea Boodles!
    Happy Book Release day!

  61. Jeanie says:

    Hooray! If your book had come out in two more days, it would have been on my daughter’s 45th birthday.

  62. Hey Boo Mama! This morning I cleaned my entire house knowing that the reward I had promised myself was to download your book as soon as my kids were asleep. I got myself a big bowl of sliced pickles and a diet root beer and read till my one year old woke up. I think I got about to sissy’s b-day party. I’m loving it. This has been such a fun last few days because I also discovered the Big Boo podcast so I’ve kinda been living in a big boo world lately. One thing that tickled me right away was when you told about your cousin “Tom Alex” and that it was pronounced “ellec” I kid you not, I have lived near a tiny town named Alex for nearly all of my life and sure enough, it’s pronounced “ellec”. Anyway, happy book release day!

  63. I think June 4th should forever be called Sophie Hudson Book Day.

    I am so so so happy for you!! I’ve been reading your blog for years and like to pretend I know you and talk to my husband about “my friend Sophie”. My (by which I mean YOUR) book came today and I cannot wait to start it!


  64. andrea says:

    waiting for ups man to deliver my book i preordered from amazon! gonna be a good night of reading round here!!!

    congratulations boomama:)

  65. Jennifer says:

    I saw in my mail today that 20 years ago this very month of June, the Vaughns opened the first Popeyes Chicken in Meridian, MS. These dates/events coinciding? Absolutely not fate, my friend.

  66. Jenny R says:

    I’m a brand new reader of your dandy blog, and now a happy owner of your book, which was waiting on my doorstep from amazon when I arrived home after work today! You have already made me laugh out loud several times this week, and it’s only Tuesday. :) Today I am celebrating “Last Day of School For This Tired Lady” day on June 4, and tomorrow my baby will turn 20–maybe I’ll see if he wants to go fly a kite! He can fly the kite and I will drink coffee and enjoy your book! Congrats from Minnesota.

  67. Just got mine in the mail today! Can’t wait to read it…but I’m going to because I imagine it will make my five hour plane ride next week pass REALLY quickly. :)

  68. Jill Ann says:

    June 4th is also my birthday! I had pre-ordered your book and spent most of the day just the way I wanted…. in my pj’s laughing out-loud and shedding a few tears as I devoured your book. Your family stories are so similar to my own except mine have a Texas twist. It was worth the wait. Loved it!

  69. Perfect. AbSoLutely.


  70. Congratulations on your book!! I can not wait to read it!!! I love your blog!

  71. I think this was the perfect Boomama post for today. :) Your book was a delight to find in my mailbox and I’m looking forward to diving in!

  72. Got my Amazon notice today that my pre-order is On. The. Way!
    Can’t wait.

  73. I’m so excited for you! And I totally cannot wait to read the book :)

  74. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #361 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #15 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Christian Living
    #33 in Books > Parenting & Relationships
    #79 in Books > Religion & Spirituality

  75. BooMama, I am so proud of you! You are such a blessing! It sounds like you handle stress about as well as I do :) I can’t wait to read your book! BTW, June 5 is my only daughter’s 30th birthday. I just may throw a kite in her gift bag, too!

  76. I just ordered my copy from Amazon and I can’t wait to get started! Congratulations!

  77. Jenny Moon says:

    I downloaded the book yesterday and almost couldn’t put it down. You are truly a talented writer!!!!!! I have never laughed so hard in all my life. You book brought back so many memories of my mother and her sisters and it sure made me miss all of them!!!!!!!

    Great job!!!!!!!!!! and Welcome to Alabama :)

    Jenny Moon

  78. Bless You. I was going to wait for the weekend to start reading but I just couldn’t. At midnight I was sending my daughter a message. I said, You have to read this book! It is all about our family, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I am ordering several copies to give friends.

  79. My book arrived YESTERDAY!!! I’m trying to save it for the beach in a couple of weeks but it is sitting here CALLING MY NAME!!!! I will probably knock it out by tomorrow! Can’t wait! Congrats!!!!!!!!

  80. I didn’t se a book signing in South Dakota! If u want to have one in Sioux Falls, my home is available! I have a nice mini-kitchen and built-in shelves in my basement. Upscale! Haha! Sioux Falls needs a little boomama love:). Be a stow away in Beth Moore’s suitcase when she’s here in August:). Love ur blog!

    Xoxo, Mary Ellen

  81. Sofie, I am SO happy for you, and I was yesterday too! I just realized what today’s date was so I came over here to your place as fast as I could, Happy Belated Book Release Day!!! May you have many more! and I mean that, selfishly, because I want to read everything you write. I’d even read your grocery lists.

    love you!

  82. Christy says:

    UPS delivered my preordered book around 5:00 p.m. yesterday and I promptly settled in on my porch swing with your book, a cup of coffee and Hershey Kisses (my sweet tea & bacon:). When I finished around 10 I was sad. JUST SO SAD that I was done. It was a delightful read and I look forward to #2-whatever it’s about.

  83. Hi my dear Sophie! I have been in Thailand for the past two weeks, so I missed all the goings on here. Your new blog design is wonderful! I absolutely LOVE IT! Also, can not wait to pick up Salty. It is sitting on my IPad just waiting for me to be awake enough to read it… my body is so confused with the whole 12 hour time difference between Bangkok and Chicago. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and glad I am back and able to catch up. Amy

  84. Just finished the book. I LOVED IT! Congrats.

  85. Jackie Ingram says:

    Sophie, I read the entire book in one evening ( as long as you count lights-out at 12:30 am evening)! Your stories were so spot on with many of my own. My Momma navigates her Kindle pretty well, but I’m hoping she doesn’t (or maybe hoping she DOES) recognize the similarities between herself and your sweet mother-in-law when i suggest she purchase your book. I howled at the shirt-animal relocation and immediately felt your mother’s horror that your Daddy should seek biscuit building 101 outside of her kitchen. On top of all that, I have been considering applying or the 4H ag extension agent position that has opened up in a neighboring county. Like I said, spot on.

  86. Sophie, your book IS wonderful! I was laughing, crying, smiling, and nodding from beginning to end! I’m going out tomorrow to buy more copies for my daughters and sister! A real treat and a testimony to the strength and JOY of faith and family. I hope you are writing your second book, even now! Congratulations on a job well done.

  87. So excited for you!!! June 4th is a fabulous day for all the reasons you listed PLUS it’s my birthday :) You rock! Have a fabulous book release!!!

  88. Hey, June 4 is also my wedding anniversary! So I’d say it’s a good day for launching successful ventures! :)

    So happy for you, and I can’t wait to read it. It’s on my summer list, and I’m super excited about it.

  89. Just discovered you through a link on Nesting Place and so glad I did. I can tell I’m gonna like it around here – your honesty is refreshing and I applaud it! Can’t wait to take a peek at your book – such a fun time!

  90. Dear Sophie,
    I just learned of your newly published book through the Nesting Place, so I “took a look” at and wanted to let you know that I think it is absolutely charming. I will, indeed, order a copy this weekend.
    Congratulations on a job well-done! I hope you had a great release day for the book.
    Blessings on you,

  91. Nanette s says:

    I just found your blog!!! Love that you are willing to share your humor, your love, your craziness, your special southern living…..I guess what I’m saying is I love what I have read! Super excited that you released your book “just for me on my birthday” wink, wink. I knew I had another birthday present coming! I have added your book to my summer reading list. I have a feeling it will make it to the top when I receive it. Have a wonderful summer!

  92. Hey, Sophie, so glad I got to hug you at the Beth Moore conference and I’m so proud of you and happy for you with your new book. Such a fantastic thing to happen to you and Melanie! Who would have thought all those years ago? Hugs and love!

  93. So happy for you, and can’t wait to read your book!! :) Aloha, and God bless—


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