Bacon: The Giveaway

Thankfully – blessedly – our house no longer smells like charred tomatoes. Since I was out of town this past weekend, I don’t know when exactly the stench lifted, but I was very relieved that the smell of singed meatballs didn’t knock me over when I walked in the back door this afternoon. That was some serious cause for praise.

I spent the weekend in Atlanta with Melanie, by the way. We planned our trip a sweet forever ago, and oh, was it ever timely and fun and wonderful and refreshing and etc. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make it into my 2013 Top 5 Favorites. Delightful all the way around.


Before I forget, here’s the winner of the last giveaway.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-02at102714PM_zpsca248643.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-02at103653PM_zpsb6e3e2d1.png

Congratulations, Jody! I’ll send you an email in just a little bit.

As for this last giveaway – well, I hardly know where to begin. Because in so many ways it is the culmination of all my bloggy hopes and dreams. Perhaps I should explain.

This giveaway has three parts. The first part of the giveaway is my book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, which officially releases on Tuesday and that is all fine and good but TRUST ME not nearly as special as the rest of the giveaway.

The second part of this giveaway is a staple in almost every Southern cook’s kitchen. I for one couldn’t live without mine – it is the best all-purpose pan under the sun.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-02at104413PM_zps2afcbff0.png

(It’s a 12-inch cast iron skillet.)

(If you’ve never used one, you need to understand that it’ll change your whole life.)

(And your cornbread will never be the same.)

The third part of this giveaway is almost too good to be true. It is more, in fact, than I ever dreamed. But apparently, if you write a book that has the phrase “fifteen pounds of bacon” in the subtitle, there are wonderful people out there who will step right up to the plate and offer to give away – GET READY – fifteen pounds of bacon.

You read that correctly.


 photo IMG_2259-1_zps96a6c158.jpg

Somebody give the Lord a handclap of praise.

The bacon is courtesy of Petit Jean Meats, an Arkansas company that makes, among other things, incredibly delicious bacon (I recently found out that their bacon is the official bacon of the Dallas Cowboys, AS WELL IT SHOULD BE). Petit Jean Meats sent me a whole bunch of bacon after my friend Stephanie (we actually went to high school together) told them about my book title, and no kidding: the day all that bacon showed up at our front door may have been the happiest moment in all my years of blogging. Their peppered bacon has become the hands-down favorite in this house, and I am so excited to be able to share it with y’all. Because, well, BACON.


SO. If you’d like to enter to win a very fancy prize that consists of my book (which, compared to bacon, you know, WHATEVER), a 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillet, and FIFTEEN POUNDS-O-BACON, just leave a comment on this post. If you’d like, you can also sign up for the Petit Jean Meats email newsletter or like their Facebook page, and if you do either of those things, come back here and leave an additional comment for a second entry (you can just say “PJM social media” or something like that in your second entry).

I’ll close comments on this post tomorrow night, and I’ll select a winner using

Hope y’all have a great week – it’s been so much fun doing these giveaways with you!

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll announce the winner in a couple of days!

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  1. Your book, a cast iron skillet AND some bacon! What a cool giveaway!

  2. BACON. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (would also like the book and skillet, but wow… BACON.)

  3. Ginny Scarbrough says:

    What an exciting giveaway! Thanks putting this together!

  4. What can I say?!? Bacon!

  5. 15 pounds of bacon!!!! Sweet mercy! I just did a toe-touch in my mind while laying on the sofa. Can’t wait to read your book. It’s on the way from Amazon. Woohoo.

  6. I feel like I have to say I need to win this cast iron skillet. I can’t believe that I don’t have one, but it’s a staple in my Mama’s kitchen. I know I would use one constantly if I were to have one! And having bought your book, I would love to win it to give to my big sister.

  7. Honestly Petit Jean peppered bacon is the BEST! A friend gives me a box of Petit Jean meats every Christmas. And an iron skillet? Are you kidding me, the bestest thing ever!

  8. Vanessa says:

    Oh, yes. I have recently started cooking with my grandma’s cast iron skillet, and it is perfection. Best giveaway ever!

  9. Misty L says:

    I love bacon!!! We tend to eat Paleo which involves a lot of bacon- hoping to win! Pjm social media :)

  10. Pam Means says:

    I wanna win!!!

  11. Julie G says:

    Yum! Bacon!

  12. I can’t wait to read your book & the bacon giveaway has just made my husband to be your newest fan!

  13. If I won 15 pounds of bacon…I would be wife of the year…my husband would be heaven :)

  14. Oh my goodness, my daughter would die if 15 pounds of bacon showed up at our doorstep! She loves her some bacon :)

  15. Pjm social media

  16. I cannot wait to get your book this week! Being a Mississippi girl myself, and now living in Alabama, I relate to a lot of your stories. I enjoy reading your blog, especially during MSU football season. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous blog and giveaway!

  17. Ginger Woods says:

    Oh how I love me some bacon……. especially thick bacon with brown sugar baked on it in the oven overnight. Oh my goodness! The best Saturday morning breakfast while watching the Rifleman and Rawhide! :)

  18. Bacon and Books! What a great give away!

  19. Cindy Smith says:

    As much as I’d love to win the book, it sure would be fun to try to explain to my husband why bacon showed up at our door.

  20. Rebekah Owens says:

    We’d take that bacon down at our house!

  21. Stephanie C says:

    Awesome – sign me up =)

  22. This may well be the most perfect giveaway ever. EVER!!

  23. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, BACON!!! BACON + BOOK= Perfection!! Can I fry it in the skillet? The bacon, of course. Not the book.

  24. Awesome giveaway! I’d love to have that cast iron skillet!

  25. Christi says:

    Whoa! Love it!

  26. And ok. I liked PJ Meats facebook page because really, what’s not to like? They have BACON.

  27. Tiffany says:

    Yes please!

  28. Love love love bacon!!

  29. Wow!! What a great give away!! My husband will love us both forever and I can barely wait to read your book! As for the cast iron skillet I miss mine so much and just haven’t replaced it!!

  30. Okay, stuff just got serious. Your book, a cast iron skillet and bacon? It’s a Southern gal’s trifecta!

  31. Liked the social media of bacon!! :-)

  32. And another comment for “liking” the PJM site on FB. They’re actually not that far from me. :-)

  33. CAST IRON SKILLET??!!! Oh yes, ma’am :)

  34. Cindy R. says:

    Can’t wait to read your book. Also, what a great give away…bacon…yum!!

  35. Timmarie says:


  36. First entry: I want want want want to read your book. NOW! Lord hae mercy, I am DYING to read it!!! (No pun intended. Seriously).

    I am SOOOO excited for you and this book.

    And proud.

  37. Second one (heehee):

    FB Like. Yep, I did!

  38. Last time you hear from hear- this time.

    Newsletter. You does not read about bacon. Seriously!

  39. The book – yeah! Not being from the South, I have to admit, I’ve ruined not one, but two cast iron pans. I’d really like to make a go at another and would appreciate specific instructions on washing it (or not) correctly. That 15 pounds of bacon would come in might handy on your next camping trip (the last, we went through 10+ pounds). The kids lined up next to the camp stove like we were handing out candy!

  40. Lisa B says:

    WHOO to the HOO!!! :)

  41. True love is sharing your last piece of bacon. :)

  42. The book is the best part of this giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win!

  43. Sarah N. says:

    Well that is a combo made in heaven! What a fun giveaway!

  44. Ashley says:

    How wonderful!

  45. Paige Rob says:

    Just ask Alex how much Lucy, Ella, and I love bacon!!!! Mmmmmmmm, the dear Lord has an unlimited supply of it in store for me in the mansion He’s preparing on my behalf.
    Plus, I’m telling everyone they have to read your book so having an extra one to gift is the icing on the cake.

  46. Ashley says:

    Sounds like the perfect prize package to me!

  47. O Happy Day! Bacon and your book? Yes please! Skillet? I guess it’s worth a try…it must be a southern thing! :)

  48. Anne G says:

    I love my cast iron skillet!

  49. Eva C. says:

    Go BooMama! Can’t wait to check out the book! (and OF COURSE the bacon!)

  50. Just started reading your blog, love it! Almost as my love of bacon! :)

  51. Amy in Italy says:

    The yin/yang of pork. Thanks Sophie!

  52. Wonder how long that bacon would last at my house if I don’t share?

  53. Book, bacon and a new cast iron skillet – Wow

  54. Do I think it’s coincidence that the release of your book happened to land on my husband’s birthday? No. And do I also think its a coincidence that I already pre-purchased said book as a present for my husband’s most awesome wife? I think not.

    I would also like to add that while listening to y’all’s last Big Boocast, I may or may not have been hollering out “Melon! Melon!” when the discussion of Cindy Crawford’s face stuff came up. However, I would have much more enjoyed it if, in fact, it HAD have been essence of cabbage.

  55. Angela R says:

    Now this is a give-a-way that is “right up my alley.” Would so love to win each of these.

  56. Missy K says:

    You are awesome. Even better than bacon. But I’d surely love to win your book and some bacon, too!

  57. MemawNM says:

    Best giveaway ever!

  58. I do not have a cast iron skillet and i have no idea why! would love one!

  59. Marilyn says:

    Best. Giveaway. Ever!

  60. Johanna says:

    Best set of prizes ever!

  61. Wow! My husband and teenage boys would love this!

  62. Oh my golly, all I can say is YUM!!!

  63. Julie P. says:

    Would enjoy all 3 things! Thanks and congrats on your book!

  64. Love the pan – it’d be a beauty for frying up some bacon! I cannot wait for your book release tomorrow!

  65. Zuda Gay Pease says:

    I am speechless! This has to be the best giveaway ever!

  66. Rebecca says:

    I love cast iron skillets! They’re the best.

  67. Michelle says:

    There’s nothing like fried chicken, or fried corn, or fried okra, or corn bread from a cast iron skillet. :-)

  68. Mandy S says:

    Bacon and eggs breakfast every Sunday morning with the family before church. There are only four of us and we eat a pound of bacon every week. Imagine fifteen weeks of bacon ready and waiting! The excitement might be more than I could handle! :-)

  69. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    YUM! So excited about your book, Sophie!! Can’t wait!!!

  70. Everything’s better with bacon!

  71. Laura Knapp says:

    A bacon give-away? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Sign me up! :)

  72. Jana Domyslawski says:

    I’m so excited to read your book, I hope I win! And, the pan and bacon are icing on the cake!!

  73. My husband is an Arkansas boy, so we know about PJM! Thanks! Can’t wait to read the rest of your book!

  74. Christi Mahan says:

    Thanks so much for signing my book at LPL Live this weekend!

  75. What a perfect giveaway! A little bit of everything!

  76. PJM on Facebook. Yum!

  77. Brooke Shipley says:

    Craving bacon!!!

  78. Being from AR we love Petit Jean bacon!!! Congrats on your book!!

  79. Carol S in Florida says:

    This may be the best giveaway I’ve ever entered, and I’m really looking forward to the book!

  80. What a fun giveaway!

  81. PJM social media : )

  82. Donna Dear says:

    I can never have to much bacon!! It would be perfect to win today because it is my daughters 12th bday and she loves bacon too. I cannot wait to get your book tomorrow.

  83. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to win anything more in my life! I heart Bacon and I’ve been so excited to read your book!

  84. I still want the book. I have a 6 inch cast iron skillet, so I would love the bigger one. And bacon….nothing else to say. Pick me!

  85. We love our cast iron set, which we received as a wedding gift from my husband’s parents, and use it all the time. I think my husband might die if I win all that bacon, not because of the almost guaranteed clogging of his retries, but also because somehow it makes it’s way into almost every recipe/meal that we cook.

  86. Jennifer says:

    MMMMM…… Bacon!

  87. Amy Barno says:

    Cant wait to read your book!

  88. I would win Mom-Of-The-Year at my house if 15 pounds of bacon showed up on our doorstep!! We can fly through some bacon at our house.

  89. My oldest is home from college … 15 pounds of bacon would be put to good use in this house.

  90. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  91. Yeah, OK, if 15 pounds of bacon showed up on my doorstep, my son would declare it THE BEST DAY EVER!

  92. Arrie Lugar says:

    I haven’t tried this bacon, but if its good enough for the Cowboys it’s good enough for me!

  93. Fun!

  94. nlynch says:

    Perfect combo!!!!

  95. Oh gads…my two favorite things …bacon and a book. DH can use the pan!

  96. I’m 27 years old and I’ve only just discovered I like bacon. Take pity on me.

  97. Such a great giveaway! If I win, I plan to give it to my Mom. Probably will keep the book for myself though!

  98. Southern heaven!

  99. I never pass up a chance to win bacon! Awesome and thanks for the opportunity!

  100. “Somebody give the Lord a handclap of praise.” Hysterical … So looking forward to reading your book :)