The Big Boo Cast, Episode 24

Before I do anything else, I want to make sure to mention that there’s a group of Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua right now. And when you get a chance, be sure to read this post of Edie’s. She must have been exhausted – utterly overwhelmed – when she wrote it, but it’s a beautiful reminder of how child sponsorship through Compassion changes lives.


On to (much) more trivial matters.

Melanie and I decided this morning that we were going to record a podcast. There was no particular reason – we would never dream of creating anything resembling a plan or a schedule – but it just seemed like a good idea. You may decide otherwise after you listen to it, but hey! Two podcasts in one year! We are on a roll!

As usual, we talk about everything and nothing: what to cook for supper, the College World Series (GO BULLDOGS), the wonders of coconut oil, the NSA scandal (well, kinda), technology and banking (well, kinda), and movies / TV shows we probably had no business watching when we were children.

You can click here to listen. Or here. Or, as always, you can subscribe on iTunes if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Please do enjoy.

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  1. Y’all are a hoot! Enjoyed the podcast so much. And I have added limes to my grocery list…

  2. A suggestion for a light dinner. I made shrimp tacos (cooked shrimp in the skillet with some taco seasoning) and I topped the tacos with the southwestern salad recipe you had on your blog a while back. YUMMY

  3. I need to come do chair massage for you girls after your podcast. I cannot tell you the entertainment it brings me!
    I read if you put cloves inside a cut open lime & set them outside it keeps flies away.
    Totally random thought for this Thursday. I’ll let you know if it works :)

  4. I would pay money just to hear you two say, “Cocoa butter.” Bliss!

  5. I just love y’all. That was one big laugh-fest!!

  6. JennyJoT says:

    Don’t know when I’m going to be able to listen to the podcast, but could you recap your thoughts (or at least a few of them) on coconut oil? I’d heard some stuff about using it for treatment of dementia (VERY concerned about my sweet mama right now), and just wondered what you know about THAT!

  7. Kathleen Russell says:


    I listened to your podcast and was half-listening to the pickle conversation when I heard it change to Omaha and CWS. I live in Omaha, and you are more than welcome to call and chat about any CWS information you might want – been going to games since I was a child. I am 46 years old : ) You might want to check flights into KC (only 3 hours away) or DesMoines (2 hours away) since they might be cheaper and you wouldn’t have that ‘long’ bus drive. It is a lot of fun! And no pressure, but you might reconsider . Please contact me at if you want. Take care, Kathleen

  8. Missy K says:

    Well, just THANK YOU. It will be so nice to have you and Melanie (sort of) in my kitchen. :-)

  9. I enjoyed this so much! Thanks!

  10. anotherlisa says:

    Please make it a priority to get to Omaha; if not this year, then next time MSU is there. Your young man will remember it forever, and you may fall in love and make it a tradition.
    The 1st year Rice qualified to go, we had to go support our boys. And it was so much fun! The commenter above is right. We found Omaha to be a great place, with the zoo on an off day and cool evening games. A scout for one of the pro teams even gave us his tickets one evening as we walked to the field. He stayed in the restaurant and discussed prospects, while my 3 girls and I had the best seats on the field!
    This town of Omaha loves baseball, and they come out to cheer the underdogs and welcome everyone. We have been several times and have made some wonderful friends. My youngest had her 1st hamburger there, and still says no others compare! The atmosphere is relaxed and yet exciting, with the double elimination brackets. If you’ve planned to be there a few days, hotels etc are understanding when some teams go home and others stretch out their stay. Everyone knows the process and just goes with the flow. Bleacher seats, under the covered pavilion, all are fun places to watch and tickets are pretty easy to get. We drive from Houston and it’s almost painless, but we like road trips :) almost as much as baseball.
    Hope your boys of summer do well, and get to Omaha, soon!

  11. I listed to your podcast last night up here in Canada and laughed out loud many times. I could listen to the two of you every week..thanks for the entertainment (and accents!).