Well, right now I’m watching game #10 of the College World Series, and I’m fascinated that there’s a player for the University of North Carolina named Skye Bolt. FASCINATED. I’m also really excited for him because clearly he is destined for an unstoppable career in meteorology once he completes his studies in Chapel Hill. I mean, I’d watch severe weather updates with Skye Bolt all the livelong day. And Skye Bolt with tomorrow morning’s forecast? YES MA’AM. BELIEVE I WILL.

All righty. Here are a few links I’ve been wanting to pass along.

This post of Ann’s took my breath away. It also made me want to go back to Uganda RIGHT NOW. Or at the very least next week.

– I mentioned this on Twitter last week, but it is my deep and heartfelt belief that this song is going to be this fall’s college football anthem. CUE THE MONTAGE.

– Y’all know that I love my Bulldogs, and this year’s baseball team has been especially fun to watch. They have a huge College World Series game Friday at 2:00; if they win, they’ll be one of the final two teams and play in next week’s three-game National Championship series. This ESPN article really gets to the heart of the team’s personality – I got such a kick out of it.

– Speaking of the Bulldogs (HELLO, TRANSITION)…I have a book signing this Saturday at Book Mart in Starkville, Mississippi. It’s from 10am-12pm. Sister will be there with me, so that will make it extra fun. And if the Bulldogs win on Friday, I imagine that we will ring some cowbells. (Edited to add: I just saw that the book is only $9.49 at Amazon right now, which is almost 40% off of the regular price – and not much more than what it’s selling for in Sam’s. Just FYI if you enjoy a sale.)

– Don’t forget to check out the latest posts by the Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua. Whether you’re sponsoring a child, thinking about sponsoring a child, or wondering if child sponsorship actually works, you’ll be encouraged by what you read.

– A couple of days ago I read that Stephen Colbert’s mother passed away. Today I watched a video of his beautiful tribute to her life, and I can’t stop thinking about it. You may need a tissue or nine.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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  1. stephen colbert has made me a blubbering mess!

  2. Amy E Patton says:

    Well, I finally finished, and you just don’t know, you couldn’t begin to know how very blessed I was/am. Thank you. Thank up so very, very much. Amy

  3. Lori Bratcher says:

    Nothing sweeter than a boy who loves his mom. No matter how old they get, there is just something special about the relationship between a man and his mother! God Bless you Stephen and may you hold tightly to those sweet, sweet memories of your mama!!!

  4. Karen Ward says:

    The Fall Out Boy song was used for the NHL play offs!! Thought you might want to know.

  5. Megan G says:

    In my hometown, the girl who does the weather is legitimately named Sunny Merriweather. Merriweather is her married last name and if that ain’t a match from the Lord I don’t know what is!

  6. You have such a good heart. I love that you love your baseball games and your TEAM. I especially love that you felt the need to post Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mom. Sweet of you to pass this touching story on to us. I enjoyed your talk with Melanie yesterday and felt like I was right there with you as you two chatted.

  7. The school superintendent in a nearby district is named Rainey Knight. She is retiring this year. I bet she could try her hand at prognosticating. She sure has the name for it.

  8. Debra D, says:

    Ironic names make me happy, too! We have an anesthesiologist around here by the name of Dr. Comfort…and an OB/GYN named Dr. Pillow.

  9. The NHL used the Fall Out Boy song all throughout these playoffs (that just finished with my Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup!). It’s a perfect song to use for any sporting montage (although, perhaps not so much the golf).

  10. I agree about the Fall Out Boy song. My oldest son is a studious kid who likes making and administering tests for fun. He has a whole Algebra curriculum set up for his younger brother this summer (God bless them both, especially the younger one). At age 10 he started a reading business where he would come to your house and read to your kids for fun. Making Power Points on things of interest is also a major hobby. All this to say, he likes order and well reasoned thinking and no risks and order and studying and order. And when he first heard this song his statement to me was, “Mom, this song makes me feel like I want to stand up and flip all the tables over.” So I have no doubt that this will be associated with football in the fall. And we will be flipping some tables at our house, after we safely put away the computer and textbooks, of course.