Miss Mississippi 2013 Viewing Party

Before we get started, here’s my standard viewing party call to order:

We’ll share our thoughts / observations / reactions in the comments. This is all in good fun, so let’s please be mindful that somebody’s mama or cousin or great-aunt Ethel could stop by and read what we say. In other words: let’s do our level best not to say anything hurtful. These girls are young and singing / dancing / performing their hearts out. Plus, if any one of them showed up at a pool or beach where I happened to be spending the day, I would cover myself with a blanket and run screaming for the indoors. These girls are darlin’.

As far as watching the pageant goes, there are a few options. If you’re in Mississippi, you can watch on WLBT. If you’re like me and in another state, you can watch on the Miss Mississippi pro app, or you can watch the WLBT live feed on your computer or iPad. Here’s the link to the WLBT live feed.

And I know that nobody cares, but I’m gonna watch the pageant on my iPad (via WLBT) and use the computer for blog stuff. I feel good about this decision.

So. With all that being said, let’s enjoy the show. I’ll update this post throughout the pageant, and we’ll visit in the comments. It’ll be big fun. See y’all at 8 central!


Okay – here we go – hopefully.

I still haven’t completely recovered from last year’s unfortunate technical difficulties.

For the record, there are few words that bring me as much joy as “the Miss Mississippi dancers.”


I believe we have a slightly different runway situation. It wraps around instead of going out into the center of the auditorium. Very fancy.


Big points to anyone with the name “Emma Kate.” For entirely personal reasons, of course (a different Emma Kate was my roommate at State).


Alex won’t watch with me, but every time he hears one of the girls say “Mississippi State University,” he does a little “raise the roof” motion. HOME TRAINING. :-)

I have had to switch to watching the WLBT live feed on my computer, by the way – because for some reason the pageant is delayed on my iPad, and I can’t stand not to be caught up with everybody else.


Do y’all think we could take a class to learn how to say our names in that very unique, pageant-y tone?


We have an emcee who is expecting a baby in five weeks? This speaks to great levels of pageant commitment.


Top 10:

Miss Mississippi State University
Miss Leaf River Valley
Miss Heartland
Miss Southern Heartland
Miss North Central
Miss University
Miss Historic South
Miss West Central
Miss University of Southern Mississippi
Miss Amory Railroad Festival

State, Ole Miss, and USM are all in the top 10 – that hasn’t happened in forever! And Miss West Central is a Chi Omega at State, so HOOTIE HOOT to her. :-)


I am going to have to go watch on our big computer. Flipping back and forth on the laptop isn’t working for me. It’s all about gametime adjustments, people.


If someone asked me to wear that silver jumpsuit, I’d have to drop out.


Evening Gown –

Jasmine Murray is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Remember when she was on “American Idol”?

It seems like they’re giving a lot of time to each girl in her gown.

And my word – I have never seen such a mermaid skirt. FIT AND FLARE, MY FRIENDS.

Those first three gowns were WOW, for sure.

Was Miss Univ.’s shoe caught in her train? I had a hard time telling.

How do y’all feel about the wrap-around runway?


Y’all, those silver jumpsuits may be the worst looking costumes I’ve ever seen.

YAY, Challie Ray!!!! She looks phenomenal.


Okay. Talent is next. I am AFLUTTER about the possibilities.


I always appreciate it when somebody crouches down a little bit before they go for a big note.

Miss Leaf River Valley is DANCING!!!!! And that was impressive – loved it. Very pretty.

OH. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. This reminds me of a time in the 80s when one of the contestants was playing the marimba (no kidding) and the orchestra’s sheet music was out of whack and she had to finish without accompaniment. VERY DRAMATIC.

Jessica on the piano was just as cute as she could be.

I so appreciate the use of stage terms during the pageant – “strike the piano” – reminds me of Waiting for Guffman.



I give the first half of talent to Miss Leaf River Valley (lyrical dance) or Miss Southern Heartland (piano). What did y’all think?


Ole Miss girls bring it with the opera. Does anybody remember Missy Hurdle from the late 80s / early 90s?

If that whole princess thing had been a possibility when I was a little girl, I would have worried my mama to death until she let me participate.

All righty – the feed has quit working on my end of things.

FEED IS WORKING – but what were the last two talents? I’m heartbroken that I’ve apparently missed a fiddler.



As far as I’m concerned, they all look like a million bucks. There is no amount of money that would make me get up on a stage in a two-piece so that the spectacle of it all could be televised. The end.


Next up is the on-stage interview. And from what I understand, we’ll be able to vote on the app. Or something along the lines. But I’ll go ahead and say that I am a smidge skeptical about incorporating technology into the festivitie. There have been some glitches tonight, after all.



Top 5:

Miss West Central – Laura Lee Lewis
Miss University of Southern Mississippi – Hannah Roberts
Miss Amory Railroad Festival – Chelsea Rick
Miss University – Caroline Connerly
Miss Leaf River Valley – Jordin Johnson


All righty. Time for the final results. I’m as confused about who it will be as I have ever been.

4th Runner-up – Miss University (I’m surprised by that – I thought she would finish higher)
3rd Runner-up – Miss Leaf River Valeey
2nd Runner-up – Miss West Central
1st Runner-up – Miss University of Southern Mississippi
Miss Mississippi 2013 – Miss Amory Railroad Festival

Thanks, y’all, for making the pageant so much fun! We’ll do this again in January September (!) when it’s time for Miss America!

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  1. Oh…I love a good pageant!…I’ve got my Diet Coke, Popcorn, & Stitchery ready for the festivities.
    Thanks for hosting,

  2. Yes! My favorite annual BooMama event! Can’t wait!

  3. Ready to go!

  4. I have AppleTV so I’m streaming it from the app to my TV. Such big pageant goodness!

  5. Love the go-go boots!

  6. Kicky white go-go boots!

  7. It’s already everything I hoped it would be and more.

  8. I am so excited! If it’s as good as the Miss Texas Pageant last week, we’re in for a great night!

  9. A lot of pretty girls with good Southern names.

  10. joining in for the first time :) looking forward to the fun! they’re all adorable doing their choreography in those cute boots & headbands!

  11. I am not a fan of the hands on the hips during their introductions.

  12. LOTS of Bulldogs in this pageant! Sound the cowbells!

  13. I love how they tell something about themselves instead of saying, “I’m Jane Doe, Miss Austin, the live music capital of the world.”

  14. Such fun and groovy dancing!

  15. A solo dance from last year’s winner? Good for her!

  16. The opening outfits are all kinds of darlin’!

  17. So fun! thanks for hosting us, Sophie!

  18. Anyone else wait for the top ten to pick your fave? I just can’t pick beforehand.

  19. When I was 5 weeks from having a baby I was in no mood to wear anything but yoga pants, much less a ballgown. Bless her.

  20. I love their swaying behind the hosts. And they get major props for remembering all that choreography!

  21. Do I remember Shelby Corn from last year? Are there any others you remember?

    • Shelby Corn, Jasmine Murray, and several others – will have to research. :-)

      • Shelby 3rd year I think. Jessica Terrell, former Miss Miss State 3rd year, I think.
        CHelsea Ricks is on her last year of eligibility..I think this is #5 for her.

        FYI JOrdin Johnson is a Meridian girl…PRECIOUS

  22. Ooh, they have to finish the dance when they just lost? How sad!

  23. I have to say, I would not be able to smile and dance when I found out that I was out of the competition. Those girls are strong, I tell you!

  24. I am so glad for Laura Lee Lewis! She was disfigured as a child and just had jaw surgery a few years ago. I heard she sings so beautiful! Love Shelby Corn too!

  25. I may be a tad bit excited about evening wear coming up!

  26. Oh yes…love those Miss Mississippi Dancers!

  27. My livestream just clarified and I am beyond happy! :)

  28. JustBetty says:

    All atwitter. Can hardly believe there is a WLBT live feed. [Even though I lost it during ‘this quick commercial break’.]
    This means Yankees can watch with me, y’all! Atwitter I tell ya.

  29. Susan berry says:

    We are having our party with popcorn, girls of all ages and two men! We are feeling for the expectant hostess!!

  30. JustBetty says:

    Okay, iPad for live feed. Computer to follow BooMama. Laptop for fellow party-participant comments.
    Standing by with iPhone …. just in case.
    I need a snack tray.

  31. Those outfits are only for those with perfect bodies!! Loving this 70’s theme!

  32. I wonder how one becomes a Miss Mississippi dancer?

  33. I love their dresses, but I want to give both of these first two girls a slip!

  34. Wow! Love Breanne’s dress – looks great on her!

  35. Breanne’s dress looks so couture! Very lovely!

  36. JustBetty says:

    Can we give the *passionate* pianists a little hand-clap?

  37. The scalloped edging on Jessica’s dress was GORGEOUS!

  38. These girls have perfect bodies. So, apparently silver, iridescent, bell bottom jump suits just don’t look good on anyone!!

  39. Hey Soph… Jordin graduated high school from Clarkdale where I graduated! SOOOO excited for her, and her talent is AMAZEBALLS! ;)

  40. Wow. What’s with the side-slits on these dresses?

    • Shelby Corn’s slid-slitless dress was such a breath of fresh air after several very high slits. The one on the black dress wasn’t too bad though.

      • That should be side-slitless. I misspelled my made up word!

      • But as much as I appreciate the no slit, I thought her dress was very matronly for a young woman.

        Miss MSU, Miss Southern Miss and the gal with the blue mermaid dress were my top three.

  41. Hard to believe Laura was ever disfigured – she is gorgeous!

  42. Unless something unexpected happens, my top 3 gowns were..well..the first 3 :)

  43. I think we just had a shoe/dress malfunction.

  44. Hannah’s dress is so sophisticated – it’s stunning!

  45. JustBetty says:

    Miss Amory RR rocked the shiny. She could totally be a Mississippi Dancer.

  46. Oh…Chelsea’s dress is … shiney…

  47. The runway is interesting. I don’t dislike it, but it is awkward for the judges to have to turn around. I did love the close up views they gave us as they were entering the runway.

  48. To know that you have no chance of winning and to still put all of your energy and happy face into group numbers is commendable.

  49. My favorites were Jordin, Breane, and Shelby

  50. Sorry, I’m just a little jumpsuit obsessed. I would hate to think of what someone with an ounce of fat on their body would look like in one of those silver, bell bottom numbers!!

    • I thought they weren’t the most flattering on these size 00 girls, so even a size 4 would look pudgy! Anything that fits that close to the crotch (hate that word, but I can’t find a good synonym!) is never attractive.

  51. Breanne, Jessica, and Shelby for me :)

  52. Love that you’re doing a viewing party!! Chelsea (Miss Amory Railroad Festival) is my sister-in-law! Oh, and she was a Chi-O at Millsaps!

  53. My Mama would be appalled that some those girls in white dresses forgot to wear a slip. I mean with all those lights shining on them I thought we might have a Princess Diana scandal on our hands.

  54. This Meridian gal is rooting for Jordin!….oh my…and the shoe & dress got tangled.

  55. aww yeah, TALENT!

  56. Laurie Kennard says:

    Jordin Johnson is from Meridian, from out in our Clarkdale community and is a precious girl. She just made Top 10 and won talent prelim and scholarship for academics. She is representing Miss Leaf River.

    • Hey Lottie Collum!! this Viewing party cracks me up….Jordin IS a doll…

      • Laurie Kennard says:

        Hey Kristy….She was a cheerleader with Caroline and her little sisters are cheerleaders with her too. Sweet, sweet family. She is smart too.

  57. JustBetty says:

    The talent portion just makes me nervous.
    I may or may not have just warmed up a corn dog to take the edge off.

  58. Precious that they have their own little princesses!

  59. Girl is DANCING it out! Woo!!

  60. Talent is not rockin’ my world yet. But Jordin DANCED!

  61. Wish Jasmine had selected a different song. She sang very well, but it didn’t showcase her talent. The second gal the acro-dancer was just lovely and even darlin’ (shout out to Martha!).

    • Third gal sold her song and is really cute, but I question the song selection.

      • One can only say “I’m Evil” so many times before someone starts believing it. Maybe “I’m a winner” would have been a better choice.

  62. Why are we waiting for a computer to boot up? Can’t the girl just play the piano?

    • Plain piano is not enough anymore. Must have a recorded background orchestra.

  63. Ok, girl has backup. Now I get the computer boot wait. :)

  64. The girl playing the piano is DARLIN’!

  65. JustBetty says:

    Oh my. The technical difficulty just forced these sweet announcers from pageant- to telethon-mode. Nice save.

  66. Oh Miss Southern Heartland was great! I never made it past a year of piano lessons ;)

  67. Things have gotten waaay advanced in the competitions these days. They use to just play the piano and now they play to a soundtrack. Wish this was around when I won the talent for Jr Miss back in 1999 for Clarke County!!

    • Laurie Kennard says:

      For Jr Miss Nationals 2 weeks ago, they were not allowed to use any type of accompaniment…there were some very talented young ladies that played with a level of difficulty that has not been topped tonight.

  68. Not only did Jessica play beautifully, but she FLIPPED that train when you stood up. You go, girl!

  69. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    My 11 year old daughter just got inspired for next year’s piano. The first viewing party with my sweet girl. She is loving this!

  70. Loved the dance to Thuderstruck! That was good!

  71. JustBetty says:

    …and nary a tap.
    : /

  72. Pianist in yellow dress: superb! And playing along with a soundtrack is not easy timing wise. So far she’s my pick for talent.

  73. Agree with you, Sophie – Leaf River Valley or Southern Heartland for first half of talent. Jordin rocked that dance and Jessica played that funky music and FLIPPED THE TRAIN!

  74. My husband just asked was it over yet so he could come to bed. *** I have our bed as my viewing quarters! Ha! *** Sorry honey… we’ve got a ways to go!

  75. WOW! I think I have a new talent winner! I’m not an opera fan, but Caroline Connerly was AMAZING!

  76. As a classically trained vocalist I would not encourage a young woman to sing in a foreign language at a pageant.

  77. To already have the title of “Miss Historic South” is pretty fly!

  78. Alright! The Help! love the dancing

  79. JustBetty says:

    [ insert operatic Hotty Toddy here ]

  80. Laura Lee is precious singing…and that blue sparkly dress! Reminds me of the Mandrell Sisters! Woo glory!

  81. JustBetty says:

    Are these talent portions super-short this year?

  82. OK, Laura Lee just may be the one to beat. She flat out sung that song!

  83. Awesome! A fiddlin Miss Mississippi contestant

    • I hope she wins! The possibilities of next years pageant with a bluegrass theme are so exciting!

  84. Maternity evening gown fashion has come a long way!! There is not a giant bow on her belly or anything.

  85. Awesome! A fiddlin Miss Mississippi contestant – and yes, I say fiddle, not violin, lol

  86. JustBetty says:

    Noooooooo! The feed quit and I missed a fiddler?

  87. I lost the feed :(

  88. Bummer! I lost the feed. Anyone else?

    • Ok…I’m back…Sophie’s party must have overwhelmed the TV station’s server. Ha!

  89. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    I think Miss Amory RR Festival is at the top.

  90. I lost the feed, too – I’m heartbroken.

  91. Lost the feed here, too.

  92. it’s back!

  93. Marilyn says:

    I missed the fiddler and whoever was last.

  94. Ahhhh! I’m watching the live feed on WLBT and it never came back from the last commercial brake. I missed the fiddler! I reloaded the page and it wouldn’t come back! I just downloaded the app to hopefully watch on my phone and that very second the feed came back. Whew.

  95. Oh my…swimwear already! Time is flying!

  96. JustBetty says:

    I’ve moved my iPad to the horizontal view position and don’t cha know – it IS more slimming!

  97. I’m so relieved they aren’t making them do the half-circle part of the stage in swimwear

  98. I’m not sure if it is the music choice, but these girls have some attitude in their strut!

  99. Poor Breanne…the closed captioning keeps saying “Brie and Ponder”

  100. I really miss the one piece “pageant only” swimsuit. I think I just saw a string on one of these bikinis… my how times have changed.