Miss Mississippi 2013 Viewing Party

Before we get started, here’s my standard viewing party call to order:

We’ll share our thoughts / observations / reactions in the comments. This is all in good fun, so let’s please be mindful that somebody’s mama or cousin or great-aunt Ethel could stop by and read what we say. In other words: let’s do our level best not to say anything hurtful. These girls are young and singing / dancing / performing their hearts out. Plus, if any one of them showed up at a pool or beach where I happened to be spending the day, I would cover myself with a blanket and run screaming for the indoors. These girls are darlin’.

As far as watching the pageant goes, there are a few options. If you’re in Mississippi, you can watch on WLBT. If you’re like me and in another state, you can watch on the Miss Mississippi pro app, or you can watch the WLBT live feed on your computer or iPad. Here’s the link to the WLBT live feed.

And I know that nobody cares, but I’m gonna watch the pageant on my iPad (via WLBT) and use the computer for blog stuff. I feel good about this decision.

So. With all that being said, let’s enjoy the show. I’ll update this post throughout the pageant, and we’ll visit in the comments. It’ll be big fun. See y’all at 8 central!


Okay – here we go – hopefully.

I still haven’t completely recovered from last year’s unfortunate technical difficulties.

For the record, there are few words that bring me as much joy as “the Miss Mississippi dancers.”


I believe we have a slightly different runway situation. It wraps around instead of going out into the center of the auditorium. Very fancy.


Big points to anyone with the name “Emma Kate.” For entirely personal reasons, of course (a different Emma Kate was my roommate at State).


Alex won’t watch with me, but every time he hears one of the girls say “Mississippi State University,” he does a little “raise the roof” motion. HOME TRAINING. :-)

I have had to switch to watching the WLBT live feed on my computer, by the way – because for some reason the pageant is delayed on my iPad, and I can’t stand not to be caught up with everybody else.


Do y’all think we could take a class to learn how to say our names in that very unique, pageant-y tone?


We have an emcee who is expecting a baby in five weeks? This speaks to great levels of pageant commitment.


Top 10:

Miss Mississippi State University
Miss Leaf River Valley
Miss Heartland
Miss Southern Heartland
Miss North Central
Miss University
Miss Historic South
Miss West Central
Miss University of Southern Mississippi
Miss Amory Railroad Festival

State, Ole Miss, and USM are all in the top 10 – that hasn’t happened in forever! And Miss West Central is a Chi Omega at State, so HOOTIE HOOT to her. :-)


I am going to have to go watch on our big computer. Flipping back and forth on the laptop isn’t working for me. It’s all about gametime adjustments, people.


If someone asked me to wear that silver jumpsuit, I’d have to drop out.


Evening Gown –

Jasmine Murray is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Remember when she was on “American Idol”?

It seems like they’re giving a lot of time to each girl in her gown.

And my word – I have never seen such a mermaid skirt. FIT AND FLARE, MY FRIENDS.

Those first three gowns were WOW, for sure.

Was Miss Univ.’s shoe caught in her train? I had a hard time telling.

How do y’all feel about the wrap-around runway?


Y’all, those silver jumpsuits may be the worst looking costumes I’ve ever seen.

YAY, Challie Ray!!!! She looks phenomenal.


Okay. Talent is next. I am AFLUTTER about the possibilities.


I always appreciate it when somebody crouches down a little bit before they go for a big note.

Miss Leaf River Valley is DANCING!!!!! And that was impressive – loved it. Very pretty.

OH. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. This reminds me of a time in the 80s when one of the contestants was playing the marimba (no kidding) and the orchestra’s sheet music was out of whack and she had to finish without accompaniment. VERY DRAMATIC.

Jessica on the piano was just as cute as she could be.

I so appreciate the use of stage terms during the pageant – “strike the piano” – reminds me of Waiting for Guffman.



I give the first half of talent to Miss Leaf River Valley (lyrical dance) or Miss Southern Heartland (piano). What did y’all think?


Ole Miss girls bring it with the opera. Does anybody remember Missy Hurdle from the late 80s / early 90s?

If that whole princess thing had been a possibility when I was a little girl, I would have worried my mama to death until she let me participate.

All righty – the feed has quit working on my end of things.

FEED IS WORKING – but what were the last two talents? I’m heartbroken that I’ve apparently missed a fiddler.



As far as I’m concerned, they all look like a million bucks. There is no amount of money that would make me get up on a stage in a two-piece so that the spectacle of it all could be televised. The end.


Next up is the on-stage interview. And from what I understand, we’ll be able to vote on the app. Or something along the lines. But I’ll go ahead and say that I am a smidge skeptical about incorporating technology into the festivitie. There have been some glitches tonight, after all.



Top 5:

Miss West Central – Laura Lee Lewis
Miss University of Southern Mississippi – Hannah Roberts
Miss Amory Railroad Festival – Chelsea Rick
Miss University – Caroline Connerly
Miss Leaf River Valley – Jordin Johnson


All righty. Time for the final results. I’m as confused about who it will be as I have ever been.

4th Runner-up – Miss University (I’m surprised by that – I thought she would finish higher)
3rd Runner-up – Miss Leaf River Valeey
2nd Runner-up – Miss West Central
1st Runner-up – Miss University of Southern Mississippi
Miss Mississippi 2013 – Miss Amory Railroad Festival

Thanks, y’all, for making the pageant so much fun! We’ll do this again in January September (!) when it’s time for Miss America!

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  1. John & Judy says:

    J&J representin’…(This don’t make me gay, does it?)

  2. Lynn L. says:

    Okay, my husband is rolling with laughter at this Bon jovi character.

  3. O, how I miss 80’s big hair and neon…NOT

  4. BRING ON THE 80S!!

  5. I cannot believe how many dances these girls had to learn! How long did they have to learn them?

  6. I never lived in MS, but I lived in Jackson, TN so I wasn’t far from the state line. Lots of road trips down to MS and I am missing it tonight!

  7. John & Judy says:

    That was baaad….

  8. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank you that I never I mean ever had to wear a bikini on stage and walk in high heels in from of people. Amen

    • Thankful for that very thing in my own world right now! I don’t know why I have ever worn a bathing suit of any kind in public EVER! :D

  9. I’m leaning toward Jordin for the win.

  10. What adorable kids!!

  11. Why did this just become a KidsBop commercial?

  12. these kiddos are killing me with the cute…and the music is giving me major flashbacks..I “might” know all the words…

  13. What are they making these poor kids wear?!? Those pants are so bad!

  14. I knew Hammertime would have to make an entrance, lol

  15. Ok i am, officially in a time warp vortex

  16. Kristy Mississippi says:

    Pretty sure there are some future Miss MS contestants in this Kid group…. love watching those expressions! PRiceless

  17. Marilyn says:

    This has been really fun, but I’m on eastern time and must get some sleep. Hope to read all the comments tomorrow. Please post who wins!!

  18. Kristy Mississippi says:

    Aaaaannnndddd……here we go….top 5

  19. I am SO GLAD they are wearing “real” clothes instead of gowns for interview!

  20. John & Judy says:

    oops…”never wrong to racially discriminate”…we know what you meant, honey…

  21. Did she say, “It’s never wrong to racially discriminate…”? I know of course that’s not what she meant, but what a terrible mistake!

  22. the q&a makes me more anxious than watching the kids dance…

  23. “readier”

  24. Kristy Mississippi says:

    YAAYYYYY Jordin!

  25. Chelsea gave a good answer, I thought – she answered the question with a definitive yes or no answer!

  26. Since I didn’t see the last two talents and I think both those girls are in top five, it’s hard to make a prediction.l However, based on what I did see, I am going with Laura Lee for the win.

    • Kristy Mississippi says:

      Hannah and Chelsea both had strong talents (last 2), so I say its a toss up…Very beautiful, talented group of women.

  27. Susan berry says:

    Where is Miss MSU? I wanted her!

  28. Kristy Mississippi says:

    WHo is it gonna be, folks??? Could it be Chelsea’s year?? Lots of snaffoos on those questions.

    • I’m still going to stick with Jordin…but I don’t have a very good track record with my selections

  29. I’m not multi-tasking well. Did the fiddler make it to top 5?

  30. John & Judy says:

    I have to admit, this is actually better than I thought it would be…Interesting that they’re lip syncing all of this. I guess its better than the alternative.

  31. JustBetty says:

    Interesting song choice.

  32. John & Judy says:

    Is this the one that has been in the pageant multiple times?

    • Kristy Mississippi says:

      yes…this was her last year of eligibility is what I was told…She has been in either 4 or 5 times…Brilliant girl. Millsaps Graduate. Sweet girl, too.

  33. Wow! That was a surprise.

  34. I really hoped it would be Jordin or Laura – but I think Chelsea will represent us well in Miss America!

  35. Thanks, Sophie!

  36. What was Chelsea’s talent???

  37. JustBetty says:

    Thanks for throwing the party, Sophie! [I’ll do the dishes.]

  38. This has been fun once again! They moved Miss America up. It’s in September and back in Atlantic City! Poor Miss America 2013 only gets to reign for 9 months. See you all then! Thanks for hosting Sophie! This has been a delight!

  39. Sophie, Miss America is in September this year. They’ve moved back to Atlantic City

  40. Kristy Mississippi says:

    FUN FUN Sophie!! Enjoyed all the comments!!

  41. Thanks for hosting, Sophie. I didn’t get to watch Mi ss Texas last week so I was glad to get to watch your pageant.

  42. Laurie Kennard says:

    Enjoyed your party, Soph. You are a fabulous hostess.

  43. Dear Boo Mama – generally, I’m not a pageant person and I’m from a Podunk town in North Carolina, so I have no stake in this discussion whatsoever, but reading your recap has tickled me to no end! Your excitement and appreciation of pageants, college sports, the Stein Marts and kicky new dip recipes have kept me reading your blog now for over 3 years. Thanks for keeping us entertained!

  44. Oh. My. Word.
    I did not watch but I just checked in on your blog and nearly fell out of my chair. The play by play after the fact is absolutely hilarious. I’ve had great fun running through the pageant with you imagining you dealing with all of the technical drama. Thanks for the fun! Enjoy your blog and podcasts with Mel.