Only A Click Away

Well, I am just as tickled as I can be because a little while ago I checked to see what was on the DVR when I was folding clothes – and lo and behold, there is a new season of Project Runway.

I had no idea it was time for a new season, but I’m so excited to watch. I’ve only seen about the first 15 minutes so far, but that was long enough to find out that the accessory wall is now sponsored by Belk. Or the Belks, I should say. And that made me smile.

Anyway, I don’t have anything new for here today, but I do have a post up over at the Barnes & Noble blog. It’s about the South and summertime. As you might imagine, I have a thing or two to say about air conditioning.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. This Mississippi gal says “AMEN” to Project Runway & your post about Southern Summers!

  2. Love your post at B&N! Too true. I live in Houston and we just do NOT do anything outside in the summer, except run from the AC’d house to the AC’d car to the AC’d store.

  3. Your post was just perfect. And, listen, I am just crazy about the picture of you! So pretty, Sophie! :)

  4. My daughter and I were very excited about Project Runway – looks like it’ll be a great season!

    Love your article about the summer! My favorite quote about the South and summer was by Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes concerning the 1984 Democrat Convention in New Orleans –
    “Why? New Orleans in August is like being in Hell – but with humidity and
    mosquitoes.” So, true!

  5. HA! I did the same thing last night, and I’m ashamed to say how long I stayed up to watch both the ‘meet the designers’ episode and the first challenge . . .let’s just say I may need some caffeine this morning. And seeing the wall from Belk made me giggle-do those New Yorkers even know what that is??

  6. I forgot about Project Runway until I saw it on the DVR too. And the Belk accessory wall? Awesome!! Then that one guy with the short shorts or bathing suit or whatever that was supposed to be accessorised his model with the entire wall. NO, JUST NO! And the judges never mentioned that the poor girl’s vajayjay was hanging out. I mean, I guess if you need a little black box over your nether regions, too many bracelets or even that crazy boa around her neck are not really the big issue!

  7. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I’m so thrilled to see a Birmingham designer this year and my heart was happy about the Belk accessory wall too!! I loved he way Tim Gunn introduced it!!! Could NOT get over the fact that the judges didn’t mention how short the swimsuit was on that poor model !!!! Bless her and her strings trying to cover up!!!

  8. As a lifelong South Georgia girl, your summer article cracked me up! All of it….SO TRUE!

  9. Thanks for the heads up!! My cable company switched providers and we lost all of our series recording DVR lineup. Moment of silence. So now I have to be reminded when shoes are coming on so I can re-program my series recordings. I missed most of design star because of it and would have missed Project Runway if you hadn’t mentioned it! Going online to watch the first episode to get caught up!!

  10. Loved the B&N post! Despite serious misgivings, I once went to Disneyworld in July (my daughter’s dance company was performing at the park). I thought I had died and gone to Hades. Good grief, I HOPE that one eventually becomes acclimated to that weather at some point, because I pretty much just wanted to lash out irrationally the whole time.

    Someday, I do want to visit your neck of the woods. Anytime but summer.

  11. B&N has a blog! Oh my! Can not wait to read your post over there!

  12. Hey!

    I actually found you from barnes and nobles. It’s so cool that you got featured there!



  14. Yes! Summer in Houston is so hot. Who would have guessed?